Ecstas Online Chapter 6

Ecstas Online Chapter 6

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Ecstas Online Ch6 Exodia Exodus Pt3


page 1

p1b1 : Pervert!!!

p1b2 : Wait Forneus!! I can explain this!!

p1b3 : What the hell are you!! Eewww disgusting!!

p2b1 : Listen to meeeeeeeee!!!!

p3 sfx : *tremble* *tremble*

p4b1 : Don’t misunderstand, this appearance is to intimidate that human slave

p4b2a : Eeh…Hell-sama? what do you mean by that?

p4b2b : Forneus wants to know what Hell-sama is thinking


page 2

p1b1 : …If I use my normal form, the weak body of that human slave will be broken in no time

p2b1 : But If I use the same body as these humans

p2b2 : I can take my sweet time torturing and humiliating her…!!

p3b1 : I see! as expected of Hell-sama!!

p3b2 : You can say things that I could never imagine just like that!

p3b3 : Forneus is so moved!!

p4b1a : But Hell-sama, Forneus is a bit hurt now that you left Forneus alone and decided to have fun with a slave

p4b1b : Forneus is sad, You could have at least let me join in on the fun!!

p4b2 : Ah…no, cough cough, You will have your chance next time…


page 3

p1b1 : Hummm…Forneus will sit here and watch

p1b2 : Since Forneus has to make sure that slave won’t do anything rude to Hell-sama

p1 sfx : *boing*

p2b1a : Ah, please call anytime if you need Forneus

p2b1b : And Forneus will ask to be pampered too

p3b1 : She won’t get fooled, what to do?

p4 sfx : *glare*

p5b1 : That’s that huh…

p5b2 : I’ll get killed no matter whether I do perverted things or not…

p6b1 : If that’s so then let’s take the choice with better merit

p6 sfx : *tap*


page 4

p1 sfx : *pull*

p2b1 : Now slave! Beg at my feet!

p2b2 : And I’ll grant some pleasure to that vulgar body of yours

p3 sfx : *glare*

p4 sfx : *thump*

p5 sfx : *tap*

p6b1 : Please grant this vulgar body

p6b2 : Affection from demon king-sama


page 5

p1b1 : Aikawa-san must be super angry right now… At the moment, she is prostrating to an outsource worker that she always treated as trash

p1b2a : But…I’m not at fault here!

p1b2b : Aikawa-san is the one who said that I have to act like a demon king or our lives will be in danger!!

p1 sfx : *Ughhh*

p2b1 :, get on the bed!

p2b2 : …!

p2 sfx : *twitch*

p3 sfx : *rustle*

p4 sfx : *tense*


page 6

p1b1a : We both are on the bed right now but…

p1b1b : Then…what next…

p1b2 : Li…listen now…

p1 sfx : *thump*

p2b1a : Just finish this quickly…

p2b1b : whether it’s my chest…or my butt…

p2b2 : Just fondle me anywhere you want….

p3b1 : Is that really okay?!

p3b2a : There’s no way it’s okay!!

p3b2b : But to fool Forneus, we don’t have any other choice!!

p4b1 : No matter what a lowly brat like you does to me, it won’t count at all, so there’s no need to worry

p4b2 : Moreover, saving everyone’s lives is much more important…


page 7

p1b1a : Aikawa-san…she’s shaking so much…

p1b1b : She’s desperate too….

p1 sfx : *trembling*

p2 letters right : I have to give an earnest reply to her feelings…!!

p2 letters left : I’ll have to resolve myself!!

p3 letters right : And gather my courage!!

p3 letters left : Here I go…

p4 letters : I’ll touch it!!

p4 sfx : *shaking*

p5b1 : Ahh…

p5b2 : hnn…

p5 sfx left : *twitch*

p5 sfx right : *squeeze*

p6b1 : Uwooh, soft, soo soft!! This is the first time I’ve fondle a girl’s breast in my life!!

p6b2 : Well…technically speaking it’s not “real”, but still!!


page 8

p1b1 : Globe shaped VR controller is nothing compared to this!!

p1b2 : Fuu….Aa…ahnn

p1b3 : No…you’re fondling… too much

p1 sfx1 : *twitch*

p1 sfx2 : *fondle*

p2 letters : I never thought that the day would come when I can fondle Aikawa-san’s breasts…

p3 letters : And it’s getting harder…?!

p4 letters : I want to see it directly

p4 sfx : *slide*

p5 letters : I want to touch it directly

p5 sfx : *pull*

p6b1a : Noo…

p6b1b : Please….

p6b2 : Ughh… I feel super guilty right now…

p6 sfx : *trembling*


page 9

p1b1a : But, if I stop here…

p1b1b : Aikawa-san’s resolve will be wasted…

p1b2 : Hell-sama?

p2b1 : Why Hell-sama is the one pleasuring the slave?

p3b1 : Isn’t it usually the slave who pleasures Hell-sama?

p3b2 : Forneus finds it very weird

p4b1 : Ri…right, I just did it on a whim

p4b2 : Forneus…is she doubting me now?

p5 letters top : Now that I think about it, I feel like she was half heartedly following the others waving their hand after that speech

p5 letters bottom : And after seeing what I did, she might be getting more suspicious….

p6b1 : But that being said, I don’t have any experience in doing this kind of thing, and maybe neither does Aikawa-san…

p6b2 : …Slave! don’t make me do all the work!!


page 10

p1b1 : Take it off with your own two hands! show it to me yourself!!

p1b2 : Eh but…

p1 sfx : *twitch*

p2b1 : but…

p2b2 : …

p3 sfx : *pull*

p4 sfx : *excited*

p5b1 : Please…have a look…Demon king-sama…


page 11

p1b1 : At my vulgar body…

p1b2 : My…breasts…

p2 letters right : It’s out….!!

p2 letters left : These are Aikawa-san’s breasts…

p3 letters : Under that formal suit…

p4 letters : Who would have thought that there was such an indecent thing

p4b1 :  Ahhn

p4 sfx : *squeeze*


page 12

p1b1a : Ughh.. this is just too cruel…

p1b1b : Ahhnn, this is too much…

p1b2 : Kuuu..nn..nooo..Ahhnnn!!

p1 sfx1 : *fondle*

p1 sfx2 : *twitch*

p2b1a : Aahh… Aahnn… Hnnn!

p2b1b : No…You’re… too rough..Ahhnnn!!

p2 sfx1 : *twitch*

p2 sfx2 : *fondle*

p3b1 : Yo…you pitiful sex slave! now service me with your body!

p3b2 : But… I have no idea how to do that!!

p4b1a : Just so you know, I’ll make you lick my feet and beg for forgiveness if you miss the deadline!!

p4b1b : So If you don’t want to do that, then get it done before the deadline even if it kills you!!!

p4b2 : …

p5b1 : Is that so…then start with licking my feet!!

p5b2 : ….!?


page 13

p1b1 : You…

p1b2 : You better remember this….

p1 sfx : *Uggghh*

p2 sfx : *open*

p3 sfx : *lick*

p4b1a : It’s ticklish!! but it feels good!!

p4b1b : To see the mouth that scolded me numerous times is actually licking my feet now…to be honest, this is a bliss!!

p4b2 : Go up just like that…

p4 sfx : *lick*

p5 sfx : *slide*

p6 sfx : *slide*

p7b1 : …!?

p7 sfx : *bam*


page 14

p1 sfx : *grow bigger*

p2 sfx : *bam*

p3b1a : I can understand her feeling…

p3b2b : Or more like, this is super embarrassing…!!!

p3 sfx : *grow bigger*

p4b1 : But… somehow I get this pleasant feeling of being looked at with a face full of love by a spoiled pet

p4b2 : And this face…is no other than a face of a sex slave

p4 sfx : *suck* *lick*

p5b1 : Anyway, how is Forneus?

p6b1 : She looks like enjoying the show right now…

p6b2 : But something doesn’t feel right…

p7b1 : I need to push this one step further…

p7b2 : Slave! Now comfort my body with that breast of yours!


page 15

p1b1 : you command…

p1b2 : Demon king-sama…

p1 sfx : *squeeze*

p2b1 : Uwooh, This is the first time I’m seeing such a wonderful spectacle!!

p2b2 : Aahhh, now that I look closely, women’s breasts do have such a fine details…

p3b1 : I never knew th….!


page 16

p1b1 : What!? this feeling!!

p1b2 : This softness that pressed against my face!! how the hell I can I feel it through this helmet!?

p1 sfx : *Gyuuuu*

p2b1 : Uhh…

p2b2 : I won’t be able to marry now…

p2 sfx : *haah*

p3b1 : This…This is the legendary puff puff!!

*TLN : Go google “Japanese puff puff”

p3b2 : I first time…to be more romantic…sob sob..

letters on right : Still lack of impact!? Forneus gets more suspicious!!!

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