Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 28

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 28

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: I’m going to destroy this door to get out
Fall back a bit

B2: Ah, wait!

B3: See that?

H: Ichika and Fuutarou were locked up inside a warehouse.
What will happen during their night together..!?
(Note to pr and editor: That diagonal text)

H: The printed copies have already reached a total of 130.000!!
(Note to pr and editor: That text on upper left)

B4: Isn’t that a security sensor?
Aren’t we going to get in trouble if we break the door and the guards come flying in?

H: Chapter 28 The Legend that Binds Day 2 ④

B5: If that will save us, then why not?

B6: But if we did that, this field trip will be cancelled, you know?

B7: Furthermore… If Miku knew about this…

T: Synopsis… Field Trip second day. After the test of courage event ended, in the middle of the preparation for the last day’s bonfire, Ichika and Fuutarou were locked up in a warehouse, alone…

B8: I understand
Come and see if we can disable that

B9: Ahahaha, You’re joking right? I’m  not even 2m tall

B10: What are you talking about?


B1: I’ll carry you up

B2: Hurry up and ride my shoulders

B3: Calm down!

Sfx: Thump Thump

B4: I can’t let the sensor inside me go off either!

B5: B-But promise you won’t call me heavy..?


Sfx: Squeeze

B1: Hmm?

B2: W-What’s wrong..?

B3: This feeling…

B4: I think I have felt this before…

B5: Hey! You’re forbidden to enjoy how my thighs’ feel!!

B6: And you are too heavy… I can’t lift you up…

B7: Aah!! You said it!!


Sfx: Grit Grit

Sfx: Grit Grit

B1: We need a key to disable that security sensor…
Someone must be carrying that key

H: In the end, we were like this

B2: Uhmm, Sensei..?

B3: What are you doing with those things..?

Sfx: Grit Grit

B4: As you can see, I’m making a fire
It will be bad if we catch a cold at the last day right?

Sfx: Grit Grit

B5: You sure have idiotic ideas for someone so smart, Fuutarou-kun

B6: Rather than that, let’s talk about something fun since we don’t have any…

B7: I’m trying to concentrate here, so can we do that later?

Sfx: Shock

Sfx: Sulk


B1: You see, Itsuki-chan was really funny some time ago…

Sfx: Grit Grit

B2: What do you think she said when seeing those croquettes?

Sfx: Grit Grit

B3: All ignored…

B4: Onee-san is going to cry again, you know?

B5: So he hasn’t even asked why I cried…
Is it because he’s not even interested to me?

B6: Really, why did I even cry in the first place…


B1: I think I’m going to quit school

B2: Eh?

B3: Ahaha…

B4: You finally paid attention to me…

B5: Anyway…
What do you mean by quit?

B6: Well, it’s more like temporary absence I think

B7: You see, I got a role in a movie because of you, right?
And because of that, the job offers are slowly coming to my agency


B1: And I already took too many leave days to go to my job…

B2: The other student actors are also absent from their schools fully prepared to repeat their grade…
Or they just transfer to other schools that are more lenient about it…

B3: And you also know that my grades are hopeless after all

B4: So I don’t have any regrets left about school I guess

Sfx: Stop

H: And if I disappear, Miku will have…

B5: …

B6: Ah

B7: Sometimes you think about it…
And sometimes you don’t…

B8: It must be nice…
To find what you really want to do…

B9: Eh?


B1: Wait? What will happen to my wages if you quit school!?

B2: Will it be reduced by 20%!?

B3: …

B4: That’s really unexpected. I thought you’re going to be angry like this

Sfx: You fail as a human being!!

B5: So you really thought I’m a man like that?

B6: For what reason do you study, Fuutarou-kun?

B7: I’m really jealous of you, who has many options to choose from in your life

B8: ?

B9: Well, I bet there’s 90% chance you’re going to fail though

B10: Hey, why do you keep talking like that!

B11: But that’s also experience

B12: That will make you successful if you can make the best of it
Because everything is…

Sfx: Spark


B1: A challenge!!

B2: It started to burn!

B3: Eh!?

B4: Blow on it!
Don’t let it die!

B5: Fuuu!

B6: Fuuu!

Sfx: Crackle Crackle


B1: It’s ok

B2: ..?

B3: Eh..?

B4: The bonfire’s dance…
It’s ok to cancel your promise with me…

B5: …
I see…

B6: But in exchange…

B7: Let’s dance now


B1: Because tonight is the bonfire party just for the two of us

B2: Well, we don’t need to worry about others’ stare in here

B3: Yay!

B4: Ahahaha, You are that embarrassed to dance?
So you have a cute side after all

B5: O-Of course I am

B6: Okay, no problem with the sensor…


B1: I’ll probably be alright with thi…

B2: There’s even a legend that’s circulated between the students…
Even if I don’t mean it, we’ll still be seen like that

Sfx: Thump

B3: …
And what legend is that..?

B4: Ah, it’s just a silly story I heard from Yotsuba…

B5: If a boy and a girl dance at the bonfire…

B6: They will be bonded forever
And ever

B5: Does…
Does Miku…

B6: Does Miku know about that too?


B1: Yeah…
She was there too after all

Sfx: Sway

B2: Ichika?

B3: I…
I didn’t mean it like that…

B4: So for Miku…
This bonfire will be…

Sfx: Tap

B1: Ichika!!

(Note to editor: Double page with 15 please merge)

Sfx: Slide down

Sfx: Grab

Sfx: Thud

Sfx: Dust everywhere


B1: Phew…
I made it…

B2: Really…

B3: You are surprisingly clumsy, aren’t you?

Sfx: Beep

(Note to editor: Double page with 17 please merge)

Sfx: Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep


Sfx: Beep Beep Beep

B1: L-let me go!

B2: Damn!
Stop struggling!

Sfx: Beep Beep

B3: Wait, don’t tell me this sound is…

Sfx:  Beep Beep

B4: An impact detected
Please unlock the door within 30 second

Sfx: Beep

B5: Disregarding this warning will result guards to break inside

B6: !!


B1: This is bad!
Let’s run before someone finds us!

B2: Uh, yeah…

Sfx: Splash

B3: Uwah!
What now!?

B6: The sprinkler!
We need to put out the fire!

B7: Rather than that, we need to do something about the security sensor first!

B8: Something!?
I told you we don’t have the key here!

Sfx: Kachlak

B9: You mean this key?

B10: !

B11: Ah!!

B12: Thank yo…

B13: Ichika


B1: What are you doing in a place like this…

B2: Together with him?

H: Her love sensor goes wild!
Ichika is starting to be aware of her feelings for Fuutarou!
Only one day left until the bonfire!!

H: To be continued

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