Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 33

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 33

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B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
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T: Textbox
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B4: A dream about when I first met you that day…

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H: Haruba Negi
Chapter 33 Encounter at Hospital Visit

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H: ¶Continuing from the colored pages¶

H: 12th place

B1: Sorry, but seems like you are in the last place today!

T: Aries
Romance luck    30 points
Health luck         -100 points
Monetary luck   -500 points

B2: You who are an Aries!

B3: However, there is a high chance of meeting your friends!
So if you are lying in your bed because of a cold right now, make sure you take precautions for that, okay?

B4: Certainly…

H: Fuutarou who passed out at the field trip is now resting at the hospital…

B5: If this is not the worst luck, then I don’t know what to call this

T: Synopsys… The quintuplets tried to apply the “charm” their mother taught them by holding Fuutarou’s hands, who was out cold because of bad health. However, they did it at the exact same time when the bonfire’s “Binding Legend” happened…


T: Examination room

B1: Seems like your fever hasn’t left yet…
I’ll have you stay here for a little bit longer then

B2: But I have to go back to my school as soon as possible…

B3: It’s seems you are forgetting things, Uesugi-kun…

B4: Just who do you think is the one who got his sickness worse because he didn’t go to the hospital till the field trip ended?

B5: Uhh, me..? Sorry, but my memories are a bit hazy near the end…

B6: I feel that those five were with me at that time…

B7: Was that a dream..?

B8: Or maybe they were really worried about me?
Nah, that’s impossible

Sfx: Fwip


Sfx: Grab!!

B1: Why don’t you call your girlfriend to visit you if you feel that lonely, huh!?

B2: I don’t have one

B3: Yeah, I figured

B4: But don’t worry! Because when I was a student like you, I also did nothing but study like crazy to become a doctor!

B5: And thanks to that, I never had a girlfriend in my life! But my dream to be a doctor is realized! So I got that going for me, which is nice!

B6: …

B7: It’s a super rare chance to be hospitalized in that kind of room, so just enjoy it leisurely!

B8: Waah–

Sfx: Beep

B9: Someone’s coming, huh…

Sfx: Step Step Step

Sfx: Rattle


B1-2: Pant…

B3: Nino…

B4: There’s no one here, right..?

B5: W-What are you doing here!? It’s my room, you know?

B6: What’s the problem? I mean, who do you think paid this room for you?

B7: I know, but this is just too much…
The nurses even gossiped that I’m the head doctor’s illegitimate child or something

B8: It can’t be helped!
It was because those girls won’t stop worrying as if you were to die that time


B1: I bet it’s not even you, but your father who paid all of this, right?

B2: That’s right! In other words, it’s the same as us being the ones who paid for it!

B3: Uwaaah… So haughty rich princesses really exist in this world…

B4: But you know…
I never thought that YOU will visit me while I’m sick like this…

B5: Err…
Yeah, I guess…

B6: Wait, this is not the time to leisurely chat with you

B7: Remember
Don’t say a word about me being here

B8: ?

Sfx: Rattle


B1; Uesugi-san!

B2: Did Nino come here?

B3: Hey, haven’t seen you since the field trip

B4: How do you feel?

B5: Thank God you’re still alive! I’m so relieved!

B6: Even you girls came…

B7: Geez, no one even asked you to come visit me…

Sfx: Ping

B8: Hmm?

B9: I smell Nino’s scent here!

B10: Does she really stink that much?
Poor girl…

B11: It’s perfume, you idiot..!


B1: We really thought you’re not going to make it, you know?
Your fever was as high as the peak of summer at that time

Sfx: Sniff Sniff

B2: I’m so glad you’ve recovered

B3: If you ever feel lonely, call me
I’ll come and nurse you anytime

B4: Thanks
But I like being alone

SFx: Smack

B5: Ugh…

B6: Hey, do you really understand that I’m sick?

B7: Well, you reap what you sow

B8: Oh, and here, the printouts while you were absent
They gave it to me before, so I’m glad I can pass it to you now

B9: Hee…


B1: So you’re still going to school, huh…

B2: …

B3: Hmph…
So that’s all your resolve amounted to, after all…

B4: ?

B5: Geez, you’re being mean to me again!

B6: I thought that school is really boring and I can just quit anytime I wanted to, but…

B7: I want it to stay like this, for just a little bit longer…

B8: Because I’m reluctant to leave you now…

B9: No venture, no gain…

B10: Even though you’re unsociable…
Slow on uptakes…
And just mean to me…


B1: Geez, why did you have to be the one I fell for??

B2: Was there something you hate in your meal..?

B3: Ah, no, I just don’t have any appetite

B4: I could make it for you if you had just asked though…

B5: ..!!

SFx: Rumble rumble

B6: Are you okay?

B7: Yeah, just a little stomachache after remembering something, don’t mind me
And I will eat that later

B8: I see…


B1: Then here, open wide

B2: I can eat it myself, you know?

B3: !

B4: You have to eat if you want to get better, you know?


B1: Err…

B2: As you can see, I only have one mouth here…

Sfx: Pfft

SFx: Giggle Giggle

B3: The hell is this?

B4: Ah!
I found Nino!

B5: Are you a dog!?

B6: Come on, let’s go

B7: L-Let me go!

B8: Then excuse us too…

B9: I hope you get better soon, Fuutarou

B10: …

B11: Huh?


B1: What’s this..?

B2: Why do I feel a bit better now..?

B3: Oh, you seem in a better shape than this morning, don’t you?
You can leave this hospital tomorrow if you keep this up!

B4: Heck, you can even go to school at this rate!

B5: I see…

B6: However, there is a high chance of meeting your friends!

T: Aries

B7: Are you anxious because you’re lagging behind in your studies?
I heard you’re the top in your grade though
So I don’t think it will affect you too much

B8: Yeah, you’re right…
I probably won’t meet any difficulties in my studies…


B1: However, I’m more worried about 5 stupid girls that I have to teach after all

B2: I see…
Then your examination ends he…

B3: S-Stop pushing me!

B4: ?

B5: Nino! You can’t raise your voice in the hospital!

B6: But I can’t help it!
It’s really scary!

B7: Those girls are still here..?

B8: I guess I’ll just thank them for visiting me…

B9: But if you keep being scared over an injection, there’s no way you’ll be able to put on earrings, you know?

B10: But but…

Sfx: Twitch

B11: Hmm?

B12: Ah, Uesugi-san!

B13: Just… Just why did you come here in the first place..?


B1: Huh, why..?
For our immunization

B2: We always do it every year around this time

B3: But Nino and Itsuki just ran and left us behind, can you believe it?

B4: I just don’t like the pain!

B5: Well, I don’t like it either, but thanks to that, we were also able to visit Uesugi-san along the way, weren’t we?

B6: You ungrateful bitches!!

B7: !

B8: Uesugi-kun…
Please don’t raise your voice in the hos…


B1: Isn’t it good enough? We visited your room after all

B2: Yeah right!! That was just because my room is “along the way”, right!?

B3: O-O-Of course we were also worried about you, Fuutarou-kun…

B4: That’s right! And I swear it’s not something we just remembered when we arrived!

B5: Can’t you be more obvious, Yotsuba?

B6: You ungrateful bastard!!

B7: !!


B1: Come on, Uesugi-kun! Sick people must rest on their bed!

B2: Eh?

Sfx: Push

B3: Uesugi-kun

B4: Do your best from now on too…

B5: …


B1: That doctor…
Where did I see him before..?

B2: Feels like it was ages ago…
But also feels that it was strongly engraved inside my memories…

B3: I will become…

B4: Everyone’s example…

B5: Right, it was…

B6: Uesugi Fuutarou-kun

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B1: Bye bye

Sfx: Get up

B2: ..!!
Why did I dream about that tim…


B1: Ah!


B1: Sigh…
So it’s just you, Itsuki…

B2: Don’t surprise me like that

Sfx: Thump Thump

B3: That’s what I should be saying..!

B4: Oh right, Yotsuba and the others were looking for you…

B5: Ahahaha…
I don’t know what are you talking about

H: To be continued

B6: To be honest… I came here to ask for something…

B7: Please tell me…

B8: The reason why you studied this much…

H: And it’s going to be revealed now, the starting point of Uesugi Fuutarou…

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