Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 40

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 40

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


Sfx: Pant…

H: The next day after a fight occurred between the sisters. What happened to Nino and Itsuki after that..!?

H: Chapter 40 H: Chapter 39 Seven Goodbyes ②

B1: Miku

B2: Sorry for calling you on Sunday

B3: What happened with the other 4?
Just what happened to you guys after that incident occurred?

H: Grab the popular Comic Books Volume ④in the nearest store!

H: Haruba Negi


Sfx: Slap

T: Synopsys… In the preparation week before Final Exam, Fuutarou fired himself up to make the quintuplets get higher grades. However, a fight broke between Nino and Itsuki…

B1: Itsuki…

B2: Why did you suddenly…

B3: Uesugi-kun worked hard to make this workbook for us, you know…

B4: That’s why, we shouldn’t treat it like it’s a waste…


B1: Apologize

B2: To him

B3: You… Since when did you ally yourself with him..?

B4: I see now that you have been deceived by his sweet words, eh…
To think that you became this heated just from these scrap papers…

B5: They are not scrap papers

B6: Look at them

B7: Huh?

B8: Wait, Nino is right. I didn’t think it through

B9: Be quiet, Uesugi-kun

B10: Nino, he doesn’t have any printer or copy machine in his house…
Really, what a stupid guy…


B1: They are all handwritten!

B2: !

B3: So what…

B4: So we should work on this properly too!

B5: So that we won’t lose to Uesugi-kun!

B6: …

B7: We, you say..?

B8: Nino…

B9: Just accept him already…

B10: Fine…
Seems like all of you chose him rather than me, your own sister, huh…


B1: Fine then..! If you don’t like me that much, then I’ll leave this house!!

B2: !

B3: Calm down, Nino

B4: He’s right! No one will be happy with that decision!

B5: I’ve been thinking about it for a while
This house has been turning me rotten inside

B6: N-Nino..!

B7: You are going to make Mom sad
Let’s stop, okay?


B1: Won’t you stop that tragically attached Mom’s substitute act of yours?

B2: !

B3: Come on, don’t be hasty here, Nino

B4: Yeah, let’s talk about it calmly…

B5: Talk about it calmly?
I was not the one who started it, you know

B6: Don’t think that I can live together with that domestic violence meat bun monster over there!

B7: D-Dome..!

B8: Meat..!


B1: If you think that I’m such so much trouble, then I’ll leave this house!!

B2: Ah, really? Then be my guest!

B3: Come on! Why did things end up like this!?

B4: W-What should I do…

B5: After that, the situation calmed down, but…
They started fighting again after you went home…
And then, both of them left our house

B6: Wha..? B-B-Both of them..?

B7: Yeah. Ichika and Yotsuba did their best to persuade them, but…
Both of them got so obstinate and now they think that they’ll lose if they come back first

B8: Those damn idiots..!
So, where are the other two now?

B9: Both of them have business they can’t leave unattended for

B10: I think it’s work in Ichika’s case

B11: Why did it have to happen now… How should we study for the exam now…
Even though the five of you were just fine together yesterday…

B12: Yeah…


B1: It’s been a long time since I felt that this room is too big for me…

B2: Did this kind of fight happen often in the past too?

B3: We are sisters after all, it’s not that rare that we fight

B4: But… I think that this time is a little different than our fights in the past…

B5: Anyhow, let’s search for both Nino and Itsuki

B6: If it’s Nino, then I know 2 people who are really close friends with her. What about Itsuki?

B7: Itsuki… She never hangs out with anyone in class…

B8: Useless Fuutarou…


B1: I’m…
I’m so tired…

B2: Well, what do you expect from two unfit people..?

B3: I didn’t want to use this, but…

B4: It can’t be helped…

B5: ?

Sfx: Murmur Murmur Murmur

B5: Did anyone ever see someone with the same face as me?

B6: How convenient of being quintuplets!

B7: Oh my

B8: You have the same face with the girl in the same hotel that I stayed…

B9: We found Nino!!

Sfx: Rattle

B10: …


B1: Eh?

B2: W-W-Why are you guys here..?

Sfx: Peel

B3: I’m sure I locked the doo-…

B4: They opened it to me when I told them I forgot my key in my room

B5: Are they really okay with this kind of loose security!?

B6: Nino, about yesterday…

B7: Get out! I don’t know you, we are not sisters anymore!

Sfx: Grakk

B8: Ah!

B9: Hey hey, we already came this far, won’t you at least serve tea for us?

Sfx: Slide Slide Slide

B10: I refuse!


Sfx: Push Push Push

B1: Nino… What’s wrong with you?

B2: You should be the one who cherishes them the most

B3: Didn’t you say that you love that house?

B4: I told you to not to talk like you know everything about me, didn’t I..?
Even so because it’s you…

B5: Because it was your fault that everything went awry for us!


B1: You shouldn’t have come to our lives from the start!!

B2: Give it back! This is mine, you know!

SFx: Grab

B3: Ah

B4: That bracelet…

B5: That’s right…

B6: I wish we had Kintarou-kun as our home tutor instead of you

B7: Just where is he right now? Let me meet him

B8: !


B1: That’s…

B2: Something that I can’t do

B3: Oh, I see
Then get out

B4: Anything other than that! I’ll do anything!

B5: Excuse me

B6: But a dangerous person just trespassed my room

B7: !!

B8: Fuutarou, let’s retreat for now!

B9: Tch, can’t be helped!

Sfx: Clack


B1: We already found where Nino is, but…
We still haven’t found any clues on where Itsuki is…

B2: Let’s stop it for today
I bet that Itsuki is also staying on a luxurious hotel like Nino

B3: …
About that, actually…

B4: She forgot her wallet at home

B5: Are you serious..?

B6: Then it means that she hasn’t had any money on her since yesterday..?
Well she should be staying at someone’s house after all, right..?

B7: But if she didn’t…


Sfx: Zzzz

B1: …

B2: I’m sure she’s really starving right now…

B3: Welcome back!

B4: I’m home… Hmm? This smell..? Tonight is curry, huh…

B5: That’s right! We already ate before you

B6: Raiha

B7: Can you put a portion in a food container?

B8: Eh? Sure…
We made so much that we can spare some but, why?

B9: Well…
I’m just worried about someone

B10: Raiha-chan


B1: Can I have seconds?

Sfx: Clack

B2: So-…

B3: Sorry for intruding…


B1: Whoa!?

B2: What’s wrong, Onii-chan?

B3: Seems like…
My worries just got blown away…

B4: I’m sorry…
I even used the bath before you…

B5: So, what do you think about our large bath, Itsuki-chan?

B6: A-Ah, uhmm…
It’s a little sma-… I mean it’s so calming and relaxing

B7: Gahahaha! Right? Raiha, it’s our turn to get in!

B8: Okaay

Sfx: Sit


B1: …

B2: Uhmm…

B3: Why…

B4: …

B5: Yo-…
You can go first…

B6: Why are you here..!?
What’s with this uncomfortable feeling..?
I think I can relate with how Nino feels now…

B7: Onii-chan, can you put the futon out?

B8: Ah, let me do it!

B9: So you’re really going to stay the night after all… But can a rich princess like you sleep on a hard futon like ours, I wonder?

B10: I can!

B11: Geez, play good, Onii-chan
Tonight Dad is out for work after all…


B1: So let’s sleep together, the three of us!

B2: Things can’t keep going on like this…

B3: I have to say something…

B4: Are you still awake, Uesugi-kun?

Sfx: Whisper

B5: !
Yeah, I am

B6: I’m sorry for my abrupt visit today…
About yesterday too…
To tell you the truth…


B1: There’s something that I have to tell you

B2: Mmh…

B3: Phew…

H: To be Continued

B4: Today’s moon is really beautiful, don’t you think?

H: An invitation from Itsuki!
Will she tell him what’s inside her heart..?

B5: Will you accompany me for a little walk?Павелко Андрей Васильевичсмс отправить мтскак правильно рисовать брови


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