Grimm & Gritty Chapter 1.2

Grimm & Gritty Chapter 1.2

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 1.2
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Page 1

P1b1: What?

P1b2: When did she change into her idol costume!?

P2b1: I’ve got this covered ❤

P2b2: Everyone, watch me, okay.

P2sfx: Roar

P3sfx: stomp stomp stomp

P3b1: Brrr

P4sfx: Snort

P5sfx: Whoosh


Page 2

P1sfx: Crack

P3sfx: Thump

P4b1: She’s st-strong!?

P4b2: That’s why she said that earlier.

P5b1: All that remains are… 1, 2 ……a lot, huh.

P5b2: I’ll have to put in some effort then.

P5sfx: whoosh


Page 3

P2sfx: stomp stomp

P3sfx: whoosh

P4sfx: swoosh

P5sfx: slash


Page 4

P1sfx: whoosh

P2b1: Wait… What?

P2b2: What the hell is happening?

P2b3: His body was reverted back to its original state.

P3b1: Whaaat!?

P3b2: What are you talking about?

P3b3: That girl can do it…

P4b1: She can release the effects of magic, that’s why.

P4sfx: whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh


Page 5:

P1text: And with this

P1text: It’s over!

P1sfx: Thump

P2b1: Alicia-chan.

P3b1: Look behind you!

P4sfx: snap


Page 6

P1sfx: kkrkksshh

P3b1: Heh.

P3b2: You took good care of my brethren, didn’t you?


Page 7

P1b1: …She’s not here!?

P1sfx: whoosh

P2b1: And back to you.

P3sfx: Bonk


Page 8

P1b1: That’s dangerous.

P1b2: What an overwhelming amount of power.

P2sfx: Jump

P3b1: You called them your brethren, didn’t you?

P3b2: You were the one…

P3b3: who turned everyone here into pigs, huh.

P3b4: Hmph.

P3b5: Well, it’s alright.

P4b1: I increased the mob sufficiently, so it’s all good.

P4sfx: march march march


Page 9

P1b1: You increased their numbers… You don’t mean…

P2b1: Ugh

P2sfx: crackle crackle

P2b2: That’s right, I did it like this.

P3b1: Oink

P3b2: ink ink

P3sfx: bwoom

P4b1: I’ll also turn you into a pig.

P4sfx: whoosh whoosh

P5b1: Be sure to let out a nice scream!!

P5text: AWAKEN

P5text: Three Hundred Pigs

(TL Note: Kanji reads ‘The Three Piglets’, most probably a reference to the three piglets from the story of where one constructed a house of straw, another of wood and another of stone)

P5sfx: rumble rumble


Page 10

P1b1: “Three Hundred Pigs”… so that’s why you turned people into pigs.

P1b2: The story isn’t about that!

P1b3: Quite a way to misinterpret it, don’t you think?!

P1sfx: grow grow

P2b1: Kukuku

P2b2: I don’t want to hear that from you, “Cinderella”.

P3b1: Oh! I didn’t know my “Cinderella” (Kanji reads: “Glass offense and defense”) was that well known.

P4b1: It suits Alicia-chan so, it’s alright.

P4sfx: clench

P4text: This isn’t the time to say that!

P5b1: Come together, my brethren.

P5sfx: whoosh

P6text: This is my

P6text: Ultimate move.

P6sfx: clink


Page 11:

Text: “Build the Builder”

(TL Note: Kanji reads ‘The 3 Pigs’, probably 3 pigs in 1)

Sfx: ba-ba-ba-ba-bam


Page 12

P1b1: What the-…… Gross.

P2b1: What’s that!?

P2b2: Humongous!

P3b1: Just because you’re big doesn’t mean

P3b2: you’re stronger.


Page 13:

P1b1: clench

P2b1: Agh

P2sfx: Bam

P3sfx: flomp

P4b1: Got you.


Page 14:

P1sfx: roar

P2text: Frankly speaking

P2b1: Wa!?

P2b2: Touya, don’t.


Page 15:

P1text: I don’t know what the hell is going on

P2text: This all might just turn out be a bad dream

P3text: But –

P4b1: Oooooo

P4b2: o

P4text: “Don’t let it end with you just watching from the sidelines”.


Page 16

P1Text: My heart screamed out.

P1sfx: BAM

P2sfx: stagger


Page 17:

P1b1: Now’s your chance,

P2b1: Alicia-chan.

P3b1: Nice assist.

P4b1: Touya!!

P4sfx: Clang


Page 18:

P1Text: Twelve Canceller


Page 19:

P1text: Finale

(TL Note: Kanji reads ‘Midnight Resonating Mirror’)

P1sfx: bam

P2sfx: bump

P2sfx: stagger

P3sfx: goon

P3sfx: thud thud thud


Page 20:

P1sfx: sst

P3b1: We did it.

P3b2: Yeah.

P3sfx: slap

P4b2: Who was the one behind this? It can’t be…

P4b3: Did they find out about this island…?


Page 21:

P1text: If that’s so…

P1text: I won’t be able to protect Touya by myself…!

P1handwritten: Hiiragi! Help me carry him.

P2sfx: slide slide


Page 22:

P1sfx: shatter

P2sfx: crackle crackle

P3b1: What!?

P3b2: Look!?


Page 23:

P1b1: Hi

P2sfx: ba-dump

P3text: Wh-

P3text: What… is happening…

P4b1: I came ❤

P4text: It’s not just

P4text: my body trembling…!


Page 24:

P1sfx: jump

P2b1: Today is the 5th anniversary of our last meeting.

P2sfx: step

P3text: Can’t move…!?

P3sfx: tremble tremble

P3b1: The sun is about to be engulfed.

P3b2: Sounds like a passage from a novel, doesn’t it?

P4b1: Don’t you think it’s a wonderful day?

P4b2: My adorable son.

P4b3: What? Your son?

P5b2: Oh, I see.

P5b3: Quite pitiful.

P6text: I’ll make you remember.

P6sfx: touch


Page 25:

P1sfx: slosh

P2sfx: zuzuzuzu


P3text: Wh-What is this?

P3text: Inside my head…

P3text: something is…

P3sfx: flip flip flip

P4b1: Touya!!

P4sfx: gugugu

P5b1: Seya!!

P5sfx: Fwoosh


Page 26:

P2b1: My little tomboy kitty,

P2b2: I’m impressed that you can move ❤

P2b2: But.

P3b1: Can you please stay put for a little while, please?

P3b2: Ughh

P3sfx: bachi

P4b1: Now,

P4b2: let us continue…

P4sfx: tremble tremble tremble


P5text: I’ll make you remember.


Page 27:

P6text: “Goodbye”


Page 28:


P2sfx: pulls out

P2b1: Do you perhaps remember,

P3b1: Your own story.

P3b2: Hah

P3b3: hah hah

P4b1: Well then, time for a morning greeting full of vigor.

P5b1: Come now, tell your father

P5b2: “Good Morning”.

P5sfx: tap

P5sfx: ba-dump


Page 29:

P1b1: UGAA

P1text: The abhorred being.

P1sfx: rip rip


P2text: The perfect flawless villain.

P3text: The enemy who shoulders all the sins.

P3sfx: crack rip rip

P4text: Touya…!

P4text2: This is Touya’s…!

P5text: Wake up,

P5text2: My son.


Page 30:

P1text: Man-Eater (Kanji reads: Extreme, Vicious)


P2b1: Because of you…

P2b2: You caused my sister to

P2sfx: jump


Page 31:

P1sfx: whoosh

P2sfx: burst bam

P3b1: I am not the one who will consume you.

P4b1: Gao

P4sfx: shaa

P4b1: That’s my beloved daughter’s role. Your sister’s role.

P5b1: UGAA


Page 32:

P1sfx: bam bam bam

P2b1: That girl has grown quite well in the last 5 years.

P3b1: Between that girl and you, I wonder which one of you is stronger…

P3b2: When only one of you remains after consuming the other…

P4text: My god

P4text2: will be completed.


Page 33:


P1sfx: drip drip

P2sfx: grab

P3b1: Stop it, Touya…

P3b2: Please… Just stop…!

P4b1: What you’re doing… is futile…!


Page 34:

P1b1: Heh

P1b2: They’re good children, aren’t they?

P1b3: If you consume them, you’ll surely become stronger.

P2sfx: grrrr

P4sfx: crack


Page 35:

P1b1: So I was found out, huh.

P1b2: Looks like this is it.

P3b1: Wait!

P3b2: Like I’ll let you run away!

P4b1: Sorry, but I’ll be taking my leave.

P4b2: Like I said before, it’s my darling daughter’s role to consume you.

P4sfx: flip flip flip


Page 36:

P1text: Farewell

P1text: My beloved son

P1sfx: shut

P1b1: I hope you won’t forget again.

P1b2: “Grim”,

P1b3: That’s my name.

P1sfx: shatter


Page 37:

P2sfx: whoosh

P2b1: U

P2b2: Ugh Ugh

P2b3: Uu

P3b1: Uwaahhhhh


Page 38:

P2b1: Finished preparing?

P2b2: …Yea.

P3b1: Let’s go, we don’t have time.

P3handwritten: Should I take my posters too…

P5b1: Hey… You’ll tell me everything, right?

P5b2: About our transformation…

P5b3: About that person… and Grim…


Page 39:

P1b1: About… what happened to my sister…

P3b1: You’re asking too many questions at once.

P3b2: These are all things that I should know.

P3b3: Oiii.


Page 40:

P1b1: The answer that I seek,

P1b2: It’s not on this island, right?

P2b1: Yes.

P2b2: If you want to know the answer,

P3b1: Come with us…!!

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