Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 27

Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 27

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Page Order Line
1 1 Parquenia Meadows・Ancient Ruin
2 Is that the “Sealed Ruin” over there…
3(title) The first danger approaches
4 It looks like a Greek temple
4.5 Don’t they call it Parquenia?
2 1 The atmosphere is more peaceful than
2 I thought it would be
3 Ah, in the past
4 the surface of this place was a nice spot for sightseeing
5 Regarding this ruin
6 I have friends who did an academic research project on it
7 Hm…
8 According to Brantark-san, just a short time ago
9 nobles also sent their archeology students to this ruin and they were here just recently so as it’s a safe place.
3 1 However…
2 There was a student which
3 for some reason right after he touched a stone
4 a hidden path appeared which seemed to lead into an underground path.
5 And after that
6 This ruin has been heavily guarded, as you can see
4 1 Because of the discovery of this underground route
2 Adventurer guild immediately
3 assigned 2 parties with 11 adventurers to do a “Searching quest”
4 Well..
5 They didn’t return, did they?
6 No, they didn’t.
7 No one returned
8 If they had, the priesthood wouldn’t have sent us this request, would they?
5 1 So
2 Based on the first failure
3 For the second attempt, they used high rank parties
4 3 groups with 14 people each were assigned but
5 Eve…
6 Even them too…
7 …… ……
8 …… ……
9 Not a single person returned after that…
6 1 Those adventurers that haven’t returned were
2 the most outstanding, proudest warriors of the guild at the time
3 The only reason
4 As to why such such a large number of people went in but didn’t return
5 Is probably because there’s a high chance that a demon is here
6 !!
7 1 In short
2 At least
3 There’s a hatched “dragon” in there
4 Normally to kill a dragon
5 we just need one intermediate level mage but
6 Most of members who got in there were as strong as they were supposed to be but
7 So this time, we have a high priest
8 along with Miss Elise
9 And together with Louise-chan
10 are 3 people capable of using magic
8 1 It’s so splendid that
2 In only one party, each of these three has magical power superior to that of an intermediate mage
3 In… In short
4 We are supposed to be the only party left that is capable of dealing with this dragon, am I right
5 Besides that
6 Together with Brantark-san, we have 4 people who can use magic
7 Well if they think like that then victory is inevitable I guess
8 Furthermore with such a name as “Dragon Busters” it’s easy to understand why
8.5 AHaHa
9 1 The first job of “Dragon Busters” is exterminating a dragon, sounds about right…
2 So
3 For now let’s go in, shall we?
4 If anything goes wrong in here then we’ll just run away
5 That’s the king’s order
6 !!
7 Here you are It’s inside there
8 Please be careful
10 1 It’s quite gloomy but
2 I can still see everything around me
3 The wall is glowing slightly
4 …… ……
5 …… ……
11 1 …… ……
2 Um
3 There’re no traps
4 and not even a monster
5 Bell
6 Can your “Detect” spell sense anything?
7 No… Absolutely nothing
8 Not even a low rank monster
9 Hey, be thorough with it
10 Yes Of course I am
11 !
12 Before this
13 There’s something that looks like a large chamber
12 1 Woah…!
13 1 It’s so spacious
2 But
3 There’s nothing here?
4 Ah…
5 There’s something over there
6 I can’t see it, really…
7 Louise’s eyes are good, aren’t they?
14 1 Hmm
2 There’s only one path so let’s go see
3 !!
15 1 What is that
2 Is that an artifact?
4 Wendelin-sama
5 It’s a very big metal statue, isn’t it!
6 Um, it’s marvelous
7 We have gone quite a distance but
8 Not a single trap
9 Umm?
16 1 What are these splotches that are scattered all around?
2 Dark clumps…
3 as though
4 it roasted…
5 No way…!?
6 Hey you guys
7 All of you step back
8 Eh…?

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