Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 19

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 19

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


Sfx: Waaaah

Sfx: Chatter

Sfx: Murmur

H: Chapter 19

Sfx: Waaaah

Sfx: Chatter

Sfx: Murmur

Sfx: Waaaah

Sfx: Murmur

Sfx: Chatter

B1: So Gran Mattise is a livelier town than Cortea…

H: Look at all those people

B2: They are just gathering here to see His Highness
And of course…
BC: Not really

B3: To see you, the famous “Black Healer-sama”

SFx: Thump

B4: Eh?

H: This…

H: This is really making me nervous…


T: Gran Mattise Castle

B1: Welcome to our castle, Black Healer-sama!
You must be weary after your long trip!

Sfx: Fwip

B2: Thank you very much…

B3: I am the present family head here, Matthew Granmattise

Sfx: Shining smile

B4: What a bright royalty aura!

B5: But looks like I also improved my resistance against royal hot guys without knowing it, aren’t I amazing?

B6: I don’t even get flustered at this point blank range! Well, that’s because…


B1: I got accustomed by looking at “that” everyday!!

Sfx: Shine royally

B2: We are very glad Your Highness took the trouble to coming all the way here…
On behalf of all of the citizens of Gran Mattise, I would like to utter my gratefulness for the honor of having Your Highness’ presence here at Gran Mattise

Sfx: Bow

B3: Good work. I’m also glad to see you are in good health too
And let me introduce you, this girl beside me is Reene Kanzack, The Black Healer

B4: So milady is the famous Black Healer!!
I’m sure that both of you are very tired, but the citizens are already gathering, so…

B5: Very well

B6: ?

Sfx: Clack

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Sfx: Ooooooh!!

B1: Long live His Highness!!


B1: Long live His Highness, Leonhardt-sama!!

B2: It’s the Daughter of Gaia!!


Sfx: Shudder Shudder

B1: His Highness is so amazing!!
They are calling my name too!?

B2: It’s the Daughter of Gaia!!

B3: His Highness!!

B4: His Highneeeesss!!

B5: Black Healer!!

B6: I’m so sorry, but actually I’m not your Gaia’s child… However…

Sfx: Bow

Sfx: Uwoooooooh!!

B7: Thank god…
They accepted me so friendly here…

B8: …

B9: After finishing my greetings, then it’s my job next!

B10: Phew…


B1: Finally, I can take off that dress…
BC: So tired…

B2: But she won’t let me to undo this hairstyle though…

B3: The main purposes of the inspection this time are to show His Highness, Leon-sama’s power while as well as…

B4: Giving free healings to the normal citizens to grasp their sympathy for a bigger plan that I don’t know what it is yet…

B5: Let’s see, today is the normal checkup for the nobles, and tomorrow is the free one for the normal citizens…
But even though I have His Highness approval here with me, seeing nobles from an unknown area is scary…

H: Mmmh…

B6: What should I do if I ran into a frightening person there…


H: Or so I thought, but…

T: Emilia Lassen
Race: Rabbit Ear Tribe    Age: 144              Job: Lassen Company Representative
HP 825/2012
MP 1002/1580
Skill: Wind Blade – Karuku

Sfx: Tremble Tremble

B1: It’s…

B2: It’s here..!!


H: This is it!! A beast girl!! Rabbit ears!! This fantasy feel is what I’m talking about!!

H: That’s suuuper cute!!

Sfx: Hmph

H: Ah sorry!!

H: You are the cutest one in the world, Noel!!

B1: Black Healer-sama lives in Cortea so it must be rare to see a Demon Tribe* there, right?
BC: Come to think of it…

B2: I’m one of what they called Rabbit Ear Tribe

B3: Forgive me, your ears are so splendid that I ended up staring at them…
BC: Gasp!

B4: Could you tell me about your symptoms?
BC: Ahem!

B5: You see, I have literally no appetite these days… But when I have an empty stomach, I feel this dull pain in area around here

B6: Scan

Sfx: Bwoosh

H: Is it gastritis..?


B1: And I feel like I lost some weight nowadays too…
And so I came here because the Demon Tribes’ Healers have already given up on my sickness…

H: The Demon Tribes’ Healers gave up on her..? So it means that it is not a simple sickness like gastritis then..?

H: Aaah, I should have watched more hospital drama if I knew I would end up like this..! But I feel like I’ve heard those symptoms somewhere… Ah!!

T: Beware, it may lurk around!
Cancer’s dreadful terror!!

B2: Tumor Marker!

Sfx: Vooom

H: Two red specks… But because they are detected as tumors then it means that they are…

B3: Cancer!!


H: Thank God I wasn’t bent on thinking of it as just a simple gastritis and used “Rise Natural Recovery Ability” on her…

H: Because if I used that spell on her, then it would have also stimulated her cancer cells as well…

B1: Anesthetize

Sfx: Shine

B2: Tumor Removal

Sfx: Fwip

B3: !

B4: Incinerate

SFx: Bwoosh


B1: Scan
Heal. Rise Natural Recovery Ability
BC: Okay, good

B2: Lift Anesthesia

B3: You’ve finished it this quickly..?
BC: Wow…

B4: The pain in my stomach is gone and there’s not even a single discomfort left..!

Sfx: Lighten up

B5: I found a bad thing inside your body so I removed it out

B6: But there is chance that it will grow back…
If you feel tired all of a sudden, or if you experience another appetite loss, weight loss, or blood in your excrement…
Then it means that it’s already grew back, so feel free to come and I will heal it again…

B7: Yes please!

B8: To be honest…


B1: I thought that I will never be healed from this disease for the rest of my life…

B2: So thank you very much, Miss Healer-sama…

B3: I will definitely pay back this kindness of yours!
So please wait for it!

Sfx: Bow

B4: Well, I don’t think you will have to wait for that long though…

Sfx: Smile


B1: ?

B2: After that, I mingled with the local healers…

B3: Talking about hygiene and some disease prevention knowledge I got from Japan with them…
And learned how to treat patients from them too

B4: And then…

B5: Welcome back, Reene-sama!

H: Ugh…

H: Her smile is too bright…


B1: There will be a party tonight!
So let’s get you into a bath!!
BC: Now!

H: Let us clean you completely!

B2: I-I… I can do it myself!

Sfx: Bam!

H: Khukukuku…

Sfx: Grin

H: My first bath tub…

H: Since I left Japan!!

Sfx: Bam!


B1: And with this bubbly soap, no less!!
BC: Because the one for the middle class has no bubble at all…

Sfx: Deeply touched

B2: But well, I don’t have much time this time around so I can’t enjoy it for that long though…
BC: Let’s just enjoy a long bath later…

B3: It’s done!
BC: Okay!


B1: I look like a real princess if seen from afar!!
BC: Amazing!!
BC: Not that I don’t like the feeling though!


B1: A godly skill that made me look so different than the usual me…
Just how did they do it!?

Sfx: Phew…

B2: So ama…
BC: Gasp!

H: I should mind my words too now!

B3: How splendid of you, ohohohoho

Sfx: Awk

Sfx: Stiff…

Sfx: Giggle

B4: Reene-sama’s charm is your usual freedom of manners after all
BC: It’s okay

Sfx: Knock knock

B5: Yes

Sfx: Creak

B6: You look more beautiful than usual tonight, don’t you…


B1: Reene?

B2: Oh my goodness!!!

B3: So are you, Cyan-san… So beautiful…

Sfx: Dazed…

B4: How could you say beautiful to a man?
BC: Wha..!

B5: Wow, so beautiful… So pretty…

Sfx: Dreamy stare…

B6: I really wanna take some pics with my phone now…

Sfx: Sigh…


B1: Anyway, I will be your escort for tonight

Sfx: Wheeew!♪

B2: And Hugh and the others will also be there for guarding you…
So please don’t go too far from us

Sfx: Bow

Sfx: Fwip

B3: Well then, My Princess, let me lead you to the venue


B1: I bet His Highness, Leon-sama will be more amazing than usual tonight…

T: Waiting for His Highness

Sfx: All fidgety

Sfx: Murmur

Sfx: Flap


B1: The Prince, Literally!!
BC: Can’t believe I can see the real one!

Sfx: Cry

B2: Don’t you look perfect in that dress, Reene?
And the pearls on your black hair make yourself shine even prettier…
BC: Hoo…

B3: So close!!
Just what are you going to do if I die because of your Moe-ness overdose!?

B4: Well then, let’s go

B5: The Second Prince, The “Golden Wargod”, His Highness Leonhardt Von Düssel Phantesma- sama…
As well as The Daughter of Gaia, The Black Healer, Reene Kanzack-sama are here


Sfx: Clap Clap

Sfx: Chatter

Sfx: Clap Clap Clap

Sfx: Nervous

B1: Your Highness, please grant us some of your words!!

B2: Very well

Sfx: Gather


B1: Black Healer-sama

B2: Aren’t you…
BC: Ah!

B3: Forgive me for my late introductions…
My name is Emilia Lassen
BC: Thank you for your help back then

B4: Oh, I’m Reene Kanzack
BC: You can just call me Reene!

B5: Can you also call me with Milly then?
BC: Well then, Reene

B6: Gladly, Milly-san!

B7: How are you feeling now?

B8: I never felt this refreshed before!
Thanks to you, I’m able to attend this party without worry now, so please let me thank you personally!
BC: It’s great!

B9: I couldn’t let the person behind me to wait any longer, so let’s meet again later
BC: However…

Sfx: Nod


Sfx: Burned out

B1: Are you tired?

B2: I thought they will continue to greet me like that endlessly…
BC: Sigh…

Sfx: Waaaah

H: Healer-sama!

H: Reene-dono..!

B3: But the party has just started…
See, there’s another guest coming here to great you

H: There

B4: Yeah…

B5: Can I bother you for a minute?

B6: Milly-san!


B1: It’s my first time meeting a Gaia’s Child like you, you know?
I’d never known that you were this cute before…

Sfx: Blush

B2: You’re exaggerating…
Are there no Gaia’s Children born in the Demon Tribe’s world?

B3: You see, we, the Demon Tribe have much, much higher Mana than the Gaia’s Children…
And people who especially have higher Mana than normal between Human are called “The Gaia’s Children”

B4: Come to think of it, all the Demon Tribes I’ve seen had idiotic amounts of Mana…
BC: So not even The Gaia’s Children can rival them..?

B5: However, even in the Demon Tribe, Healers are really scarce…
Because rather than having 3 different elements, there are a lot of us that lean more towards attack magics…

H: Well, we Demon Tribes have high natural recovery rate, so we don’t really rely on the healers, so it’s not really a problem though…

B6: I actually come from a trade company called Lassen Company which handles the trade between the Demon World and the Human countries…
BC: By the way…

B7: And I heard about you when I travelling here for a job


B1: The Healers from the Demon Tribe couldn’t cure me in the end, so I bet everything on Gaia’s Child…
And after seeing your abilities, I’m sure that even in the Demon World, there aren’t any healers that can rival your healing power, Reene!

Sfx: Well, yeah…

B2: I mean, to be able to heal cancer in a fantasy world like this is just so overpowered, if I say so myself…

B3: That’s why, Reene…

Sfx: Touch

B4: If there’s something I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask me anything

B5: Because I want to do everything I can to help my life savior

B6: Milly-san…

H: Milly-san is from the Demon Tribe…

H: And a noble to boot…

H: Then maybe she knows something about…


B1: Do you know anything about the Warp elemental magic?

B2: I’m sure it is not a magic that a human can use, so why do you want to know about it?

B3: Because I want to be able to use it. Just what should I do to be able to acquire that magic?

B4: ..!
Warp elemental magic is a magic that only a handful of the High classed Demon Tribe members are permitted by Gaia to use it

B5: And so…
May I know your reason for wanting to acquire it?


B1: ..!

B2: It’s seems like it’s better to tell her the truth if I seriously want to hear about it, but…

B3: But then I have no choice but to reveal “where I want to return” to her too…

B4: I have planned to go to Cortea sometimes later, so…
You can tell me about it when that time comes

B5: Well then…

B6: Thank you very much

B7: Next time, introduce me to your familiar too, okay?

Sfx: Whisper

B8: Okay…

B9: And…
I might know someone who can help you with that matter, you know?


B1: !?

B2: So please tell me about it next time, okay?

B3: Farewell, Reene!

H: Could it be that Milly-san knows someone who can use Warp elemental magic..?

B4: Then maybe, a slight ray of hope is finally showing itself in front of me..!

Sfx: Uooooh!!

B5: What happened!?


B1: Looks like they invited a street performer here…
I will tell His Highness about this too, so let’s go see it together

Sfx: Hee…

Sfx: Humm Humm


B1: So you can use magic in this way too!
BC: Amazing!

B2: And as I thought, his elements are fire and…

T: MP 215/288
Skill: Explosion
Status: [Obedience Contract]

H: Whisper

B3: Explosion

Sfx: Blaaargh!!

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