Isekai ni Kita Mitai dakedo Ikanisureba Yoi no Darou Chapter 3

Isekai ni Kita Mitai dakedo Ikanisureba Yoi no Darou Chapter 3

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Athena13 TL

Isekai ni Kita Ch 3


page 2

p1 sfx : *chirps*

p1bx1 : pseudo sparrow

p2 sfx : *guu guu*

p3 sfx : *gu gu gu*

p4 sfx : *boing*


page 3

p1b1 : 30 seconds is my limit huh…

p1b1 small letters : uhhmmm

p1b2 : I just spent all day yesterday moving around, as expected, this won’t disappear that quickly

p1 small letter right : it’s bulged even more because of the backlash

p1 small letter middle : puni puni

p1 small letter left : I was hoping for a little improvement

p2b1 : I need to get used to this weaker metabolism

p2b2 : Akihiro-san

p2 sfx : *peek*

p3b1a : ah

p3b1b : hyaa

p3b2a : I will leave some clothes here

p3b2b : these are actually Rizu’s brother’s

p3b3 : th-thank you

p3 sfx : kyaaa


page 4

p1bx1a : … after all the things that have happened

p1bx1b : I ended up living a lazy life in the other world

p2b1 : breakfast is ready !

p3b1 : ooohh !

p3bx1 ribbon : Ast family breakfast

p3bx1 : Pseudo Rye Bread, White Sausage (from the market), Salted Cabbage


page 5

p1b1 : I will dig in then !

p1b2 : we still have extra bread

p1 small letters right : yaay

p1 small letters middle : looks German

p1 small letters left : please tell me if you want more

p2b1a : how about some soup ? although it’s from yesterday

p2b1b : after all you slept without having dinner last night

p2b2 : thank you !

p3b1 : thank you for letting me stay and eat here…

p3bx1 : it’s soup from boar meat and root vegetables

p4b1 : no need to hold back son <3

p4b2 : that’s right <3

p4b3 : you’re Liz’s husband and already a part of the family

p4 small letter right : gahahaaa

p4 sfx : *chomp*


page 6

p1b1 : so why don’t you start formally living here ?

p1b2 : ooo ! in that case I should prepare a room for the newlyweds !

p1b3 : …

p1b4a : wa-wait

p1b4b : father, mother, isn’t it a bit too early !

p1 sfx : *chomp* *chomp*

p2 sfx : *blush*

p3 sfx1 : *chomp* *chomp*

p3 sfx2 : *swallow*

p4 letters : oh crap ! (breakfast is delicious btw)


page 7

p1b1 : if I continue living here like this, our position as husband and wife will only get stronger

p1b2 : above all else, first, I need to be able to live independently in this world

p1 small bubble1 : honey <3

p1 small bubble2 : NO !

p1 small bubble3 : Lolicon ! NO !

p1 small bubble4 : NO WAY !

p1bx1 : 15 yr old

p1bx2 : 35 yr old

p2b1 : ah

p2b2 : excuse me

p3b1a : I am really thankful for your kindness, but being unemployed, I don’t think I’m qualified to marry…

p3b1b : in this world… I mean country, what is the fastest way to earn money ?

p4b1a : hmmm ah

p4b1b : in that case


page 8

p1bx1 : Adventurer Guild

p1 sfx : *tadaa*

p2b1 : if you want fast money then this is the place !

p2b2 : so it does exist huh…

p2 small letters : ooohhh


page 9

p1b1 : so then, we’re going to do our work too !

p1b2 : Ast-san, is your stomach okay ?

p1b3 : ah, I feel much better compared to yesterday

p1 smal letters : today will be setting traps and hunting

p2b1a : Akihiro-san, I’ll be going then

p2b1b : please don’t push yourself too hard

p2b2 : I’m just going to sneak a peek first so there is no reason to worry

p4 sfx : *wave* *wave*

p5 sfx : *wave* *wave*


page 10

p1 small letters : … now that she’s gone…

p2b1 : all right, let’s go

p2 sfx : hmph

p3 sfx : *creak*


page 11

p1b1 : oohhh

p1b2 : feels like Monh*n !

*TLN : monh*n = monster h*nter, a game

p1bx1 : Toruka village is a lively village, being the base of operation for adventurers

*TLN : he is in the same village as before, there was a typo in the previous release, kana actually is トルカ which literally reads “Toruka”

p2b1 : it really feels like some fantasy RPG … !

p2 sfx : *look around*

p3b1 : mister, is this your first time ?

p3b2 : ah, yes

p4b1 : welcome to the adventurer guild

p4 sfx : *smile*


page 12

p1b1 : first, will be your application

p1b2 : okay

p1b3 : then please fill in all the needed information

p1b4 : alright

p1b5 : this somehow

p1b6 : feels like Hello W*rk

* Hello W*rk = job searching service

p1 small letter bottom left : let’s see here, what kind of quest would you like ?

p1 bottom ribbon : my image of the guild’s staff

p2 small letter : hmmmm

p3 letters top : Akihiro

p3 letters bottom : Ast’s house

p4b1a : I will leave my address as that

p4b1b : … by the way

p4b2 : does she understand Japanese… ?

p4 smal letters : staare…

p5b1 : that looks perfect!

p5bx1 : letters that Akihiro writes are automatically translated and understood

p5b2 : that’s handy

p5b2 small letter on right side of the bubble  : hohoo


page 13

p1b1 : then for the last part, please poke your index finger with this needle

p1 small letters : just enough to get a drop

p2b1 : …thumbprint ?

p2 sfx : *poke*

p3b1 : excuse me

p3 sfx : *swish*

p4 sfx : *drip* *drip*

p5 small letters : oooh

p5 sfx : *fuaaaaa*


page 14

p1b1 : it suddenly went from Hello W*rk back to fantasy

p1b2a : here is your guild card

p1b2b : it will be used as your id card from now on

p2b1 : and also you will need this card to access the job information database, so please be careful not to lose it

p2b2 : wait, isn’t that too futuristic ?

p2 small letters : *chatter*

p3b1a : about this card reader machine, it is produced by The God of Magic and The God of Craftsmanship, so there is no need to be afraid of being tricked

p3b1b : and it runs by consuming the magical power around it

p3b2 : moreover it only consumes very small amounts of magical power and almost never malfunctions

p3 small letters : *a lot of chatter*

p3 small letters bottom left: Gods…? magic… ?


page 15

p1b1 : now, this card will be continuously sending a ping straight to your soul

p1b2 : ping…

p1b3 : that’s another word that does not fit this fantasy world

p1 small letters : PING or Packet INternet Groper is a command to check if you are connected to your partner’s host through the internet

p2b1a : in the case of your soul disconnecting, a death notification will be sent to this machine

p2b1b : it will also trigger a “last will” service that is provided for free, so please use this service

p2b2 : I will try to finish my job without using that service, thank you

p2 sfx : *smile*

p3b1a : each adventurer is assigned a rank depending on the jobs that he\she has done

p3b1b : your rank dictates the range of jobs that you can take

p3b2 : but to determine whether you can take a certain job or not, you may need to take a rank up exam

p3b3 : oohh adventurer ranking system

p3b4 : I’m here

p3 small letters right : finally, this kind of talk…

p3 small letters left : please try to understand


page 16

p1b1a : any request for adventurers that are submitted to the guild will be posted on the bulletin board at any time

p1b1b : this will end my explanation and your application

p1b1c : your trust will strengthen both of us

p1b2 : and please give your best !

p2b1a: haaaah

p2b1b : that took a while

p2 small letters : next person please !

p3b1 : putting that aside, I never thought that I would be an adventurer….

p3 small letters : hmmm

p4b1 : Akihiro the adventurer huh…

p4 small letters : fufu


page 17

p1b1 : this is Akihiro the adventurer

p1b2 : on my very first quest….!

p2bx1 : forest north of Toruka village

p2 sfx : *wind blowing*


page 18

p1 sfx : *rustle* *rustle*

p2 sfx : *pull*

p3 sfx : *tie*

p4bx1a : Akihiro the adventurer’s first quest

p4bx1b : Collecting Wias Grass, 800 waar per 5 bundles

p4bx2 : basically, picking grass

p5b1a : Although calling myself “Adventurer” is making me excited

p5b1b : but there’s no way I can just go kill monsters out of the blue

p5b1c : slow and steady

p5b2a : that’s the smart thing to do

p5b2b : that’s me

p5b3 : btw, wasn’t that place Hello W*rk after all ?

p5bx1 : Wias grass

p5 small letters top : oh


page 19

p1bx1 : “Wias Grass”, contains an anaesthetic property, increases regenerative ability, used by medics in the guild to make wound treatment medicine

p1b1a : yep

p1b1b : I’ve researched it beforehand

p1b2 : the second floor of the guild is used as a general store

p2bx1 : and I also already investigated the prices of things in the village

p2bx2a : Waranika Kingdom

p2bx2b : its currency is called “waar”

p2 small letters top : …or so I’ve heard

p2 small letters bottom from right to left :

– is it okay ?

– Father, before going to set traps is it okay to show him around the village ?

– is it ?

– hmmm, ok

– is it really okay ?

– is it ?

– is it ?

– I did say it’s okay, didn’t I ?

p3bx1 : Ast’s House

p3bx2a : Toruka village is a medium sized village that’s focused on farming and ranching

p3bx2b : the main street has the adventurer guild, general store, and restaurant in one row for convenience

p4bx1 : I also found an inn there that I can use as a temporary basecamp

p4bx2a : it costs me 5000 waar for a night plus dinner and breakfast

p4bx2b : basically if I can deliver 100 bundles of Wias grass today, then I can start living there

p5 small letters : So a couple will cost 10.000 waar right !!


page 20

p1 sfx1 : *rustle*

p1 sfx2 : *badump*

p2 small letters left : haah

p2 sfx : *chirp*

p3 letters right : the southern forest is protected by the God of Trees and Plants,  so you won’t find any large sized carnivorous beast or demon

p3 letters left : but that’s not the case for the northern forest…

p3 small letters : so please be careful

p4b1 : Demons…

p4b2 : as I thought, there are demons in this world after all, I tried to imagine what they look like

p4 small letters right : at least I can recognize them from afar

p4 small letters middle : guehehe

p4 small letters left : thank god I was transported to the southern forest


page 21

p1b1 : it also seems that in this world there’s actual Gods huh…

p1b2a : maybe it’s a good idea to visit the church after delivering these bundles

p1b2b : they might know something about why I was transported to this world

p1 sfx : *pull* *pull*

p2 sfx : *tie*

p3b1a : All right !! I’ve got 100 bundles here !!

p3b1b : that means 16.000 waar !

p4b1 : it went smoother than I thought !!

p4b2 : being an adventurer might actually not be that bad

p4 sfx : yep yep

p5b1a : well, since I brought a compass with me, I can go deeper into the woods

p5b1b : maybe it went so well because of this strange power

p5 all small boxes : Wias grass


page 22

p1b1 : it seems I can finish this without needing my spear

p1b2 : that’s it then, let’s get back and have lunch

p1 small letters : and here I am already having this one modified

p2 small letters from right to left :

– in case of emergency

– use this

– like this

p3 sfx : *rustle*

p4b1a : …

p4b1b : what’s that… ?

p5 sfx : *rustle*

p6b1 : gii


page 23

p1b1 : there it is !!

p1b2 : and right as I was wondering about it !!

p1bx1 : “Goblin”, small creatures without much strength but quite intelligent, usually armed and moving in a group, sometimes scouting alone

p2b1a : thankfully I hid myself before getting spotted

p2b1b : I can fight back but I don’t want to take any unnecessary risks

p2b2 : I hope it’ll just leave!!

p2 small letters : *sniff* *sniff*


page 24

p1b1 : but this tree…

p1b2 : uggh…

p1b3 : it’s so hard for me to hide myself…

p1 small letters : I have to flatten my stomach…

p2b1 : …

p3b1 : …!!!

p4b1 : gyagi !?

p4 small letters right : *boing*

p4 small letters left : *piku*


page 25

p1b1 : giii

p1b2 : gyaa

p1b3 : I knew 30 seconds is my limit !!

p1 sfx : *dash*

p2b1a : … I ran in the heat of the moment but

p2b1b : this is bad, the exit is in the other direction

p2b2 : worst case scenario, I might stumble upon a group of them

p3b1 : hah

p3b2 : hah

p3 sfx : *peek*

p4b1 : gi

p4b2 : giii

p4 sfx : *swish* *swish*

p4 small letters right : dammit…

p4 small letters left : he’s enjoying this too much!!

p5bx1 : stomach

p5b1 : hah

p5b2 : and I do look weak from my appearance I guess

p5 letters : since I ran away at first sight, he must think that I’m weaker than him

p6 letters : he’s underestimating me !?


page 26

p1 sfx : *slide*

p2b1 : this is my chance !!!

p2 sfx : *drop*

p3b1 : GI !?


page 27

p1b1a : just like yesterday…

p1b1b : Leg !!

p1 sfx : *chop*

p2b1 : Giii

p4b1 : sorry about this

p4 sfx : *chop*


page 28

p1 sfx : neh neh neeh

p2bx1 : Adventurer guild

p3b1a : Wias grass 100 bundles, the total is 16000 waar

p3b1b : this will be very helpful since we are running low on stock

p4b1a : and also this-

p4b1b : Goblin

p4b2a : it will be 2000 waar

p4b2b : so then, your card please


page 29

p1b1 : Goblins are

p1b2 : sooo freaking cheap !!

p2b1a : the process is finished

p2b1b : this time you don’t get any rank up

p2b2 : Goblin subjugation is normally a rank 9 quest, but since you’re still rank 10 it’s counted as a rank 10 quest

p3b1a : that wasn’t worth it…

p3b1b : and I don’t feel like bringing that goblin’s nose as a trophy of subjugation was worth it

p3b2 : it seems I’ll be stuck with pulling grass for a while…

p3bx1 : Adventurer (grass specialist)

p3 small letters bottom right : although that life risking quest is from a higher rank it seems

p3 small letters bottom left : and also I will definitely meet more goblins along the way

p3 sfx : *wobble* *wobble*

p4bx1 : this kind of hard labour…

p4bx2 : it doesn’t differ much from my previous world

p4 small letters top right : haah

p4 sfx : *clack*


page 30

p1b1 : welcome home Akihiro-san !

p2b1a : —-

p2b1b : I’m home


page 31

p1b1a : hooo

p1b1b : 18000 waar a day, that’s a lot

p1b2 : I see, Wias grass huh

p2b1a : since that forest is quite dangerous, people usually don’t take that job

p2b1b : you did well with 100 bundles in a day

p2b2 : medics in the guild must be delighted

p3b1 : that’s right

p3b2a : Liz did her best making dinner

p3b2b : to think that she hated cooking before meeting you Akihiro-san…

p4b3a : ahh

p4b3b : mother !!

p4 small letters : huhu

p5b1a : the meatballs are so soft and delicious

p5b1b : she’s really good at cooking

p5b2 : !


page 32

p1 letters : when was the last time I had such a warm dinner

p2bx1 : this world

p2bx2 : is not that bad after all

p3b1a : Akihiro just got used to living in this alternate world

p3b1b : but the biggest danger is yet to come

p3b2 : wait for the next chapter

p3b3 : NO !!

p3b4 : LOLICON ! NO !

p3 small bubble top : we are…

p3 small bubble bottom left : already husband and wife…

letters bottom right : slowly and steadily, into her husband !?

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