Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 24

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 24

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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka ch 24


page 1

letters top left : Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch 24 Beastmen Visitors

p1bx1a : we made a building for visitors

p1bx1b : we expanded the south western area southward and built it there

p1bx2 : it is a one story house that as big as my house

p1 diagram

p2bx1a : since it is mainly to be used by guests we made it with an attractive interior

p2bx1b : even some of the interior parts look better than  the furnishings  inside my house

p2bx2 : but because of the usual buildings in our village, it looks like a pretty nice lodge house instead

p3bx1 : so, rather than calling it “guest house”

p3bx2 : we call it “lodge house”

p3bx3 : a suitable name is the best name

p4bx1:  by the way, we started calling the south western area

p4bx2a :the residential area

p4bx2b : while the area around my house was named the big tree area

p4 small letters : the villagers decided that


page 2

p1bx1 : next problem is the welcoming procedure

p1bx2 : it is not good for everyone to gather every single time a visitor comes

p1 small letters : kuaahh

p2bx1 : until now Gran Maria found and brought visitors to the village

p2bx2 : so she is automatically assigned as the guide….

p3bx1 : Also every time someone gets close to the village, everyone will gather because of Zabuton’s alarm

p3bx2 : so we decided on different signals for Zabuton

p4bx1a : if it is an emergency, Zabuton will use the usual alarm

p4bx1b : and for visitors, Zabuton will use the bell

p4bx2 : the bell was hand made by the elves

p5bx1a :the welcoming group consists of me, Ru, and Tia

p5bx1b : as the core people-

p5bx2 : plus some Lizardmen or Oni or high elves

p5 small letters right : it is too dangerous for only 3 people

p5 small letters middle : that’s right !

p5 small letters left : that’s certainly so !


page 3

p1bx1 : and I asked Flora to do the night watch

p1b1 : I think this is good enough for now ….?

p1b2 : well, it’s not like visitors will come right away

p1bx2 : and so I raised the “flag”

p2bx1a : we had visitors

p2bx1b : they were beastmen clad in armour

p2bx2 : 10 people in total

p2bx3 : it seems like they are experienced warriors

p3b1a : my name is Garf

p3b1b : we came from the Howling village from a mountainside western from here

p3b2 : we want to establish friendly relation with this village


page 4

p1b1a : thank you for coming

p1b1b : we who are from “Taiju Village”, welcome you

p1b2 : I will be guiding you to your lodging but….

p1 small letters : she sounds more highly than usual…

p2b1 : is this already everyone ?

p2b2 : yes, is there anything wrong ?

p3b1 : is that so….

p3b2 : then I will assume the others are hostile


page 5

p1bx1 : what does she mean by that ?

p1 sfx : *rustle*

p2 small letters right : grrr….

p2 small letters left : uuhhh….

p2 sfx : *rustle*

p3b1 : I apologize, it seems that some of us got separated…

p3b2a : that was dangerous

p3b2b : I think it ‘d be a good idea if you make sure that anyone is with you then before going inside the village

p4b1 : or did you plan to do something unwarranted inside the village ?

p4b2 : Be aware that even I have to be careful about someone in this village

p5b1 : …. I understand, I will not take any unwarranted action

p5b2 : I promise


page 6

p1bx1 : then we had a welcome party in the evening

p1bx2a : although we served less foods compared to Doraim’s visit

p1bx2b : we still ended up serving the wine despite my objection

p2b1 : I am sorry for the humble meals

p2b2a : excuse me for my ignorance but

p2b2b : what kind of place is Howling Village ?

p3b1a : the Elders said that Howling village was founded 1000 years ago

p3b1b : but actually, it seems like it was founded somewhere around 500 years ago

p3b2 :  it’s because those old people are proud of that story

p3 small letters : hic

p4bx1a : Howling Village has around 500 people

p4bx1b : which are more or less spreaded equally into 5 settlements

p4bx2 : this group of settlements is what is known as Howling village


page 7

p1bx1a : The majority of the villagers are beastmen

p1bx1b : with half of them being dog type

p1bx2a : they focus on mining and hunting, and make their living by trading with human villages close to their mountain

p1bx2b : but…

p1 small letters from right to left

these aren’t humble meals at all !

It tastes really good !

delicious !

kaah !

this wine tastes soo good

p2bx1a : lately there are some troubles with those human villages

p2bx1b : and because the trading stopped, they are having a hard time

p2bx2 : and so they’ve visited this village hoping they’d able to trade with us

p2 small letters : we know the location of this village from a notice from The Demon King

p3bx1 : I see, I understand the gist of it

p3b1a : if I stayed hidden, I won’t be able to taste these foods….

p3b1b : thank god I got caught

p4b1 : come to think of it, why were you guys hiding ?

p4b2 : well…

p5b1 : since this is the first time we’ve visited this village,  isn’t it normal to be cautious ?

p5b2 : if something were to happen, we’d need someone to report back to our village


page 8

p1bx1 :Their only aim in coming here is to trade

p1bx2 : in that case, the following question is what we can trade

p2bx1 : Howling village has all types of ores and goods manufactured from these ores

p2bx2 : I’m really interested in paints they’ve shown us

p2 small letters : paints made from grinding rocks that contain colour pigment

p3bx1 : as well as silver dinnerware

p3bx2 : since we mostly use my hand made dinnerware here, so we are interested in it

p4bx1a : or glass products

p4bx1b : they don’t have the transparent type but they have glass bottles in all kinds of sizes

p4bx2a : especially Ru and Flora are interested in them

p4bx2b : they will also fit well for storing medicines

p4 small letters : they’d fit as well for storing honeys

p5bx1a : and metal products

p5bx1b : it seems they have metal frying pans and pots

p5bx2a : up until now we use those that the maids made

p5bx2b : compared to the one made from stone, metallic cooking wares will make cooking way easier

p5 small letters : ….I want this


page 9

p1bx1a : the visitors from Howling Village wish to trade for food

p1bx1b : since they live deep within in the mountainside, gathering food is especially hard for them

p1bx2a : they also liked the fruits served in the welcome party

p1bx2b : so they lowered their head and asked for the fruits too

p1 small letters : and also wine please

p2bx1 : after we had a discussion, we decided to expand the fields

p2bx2 : and so the workload increased 4 times

p2 diagram

p3bx1a : as expected, tilling those fields by myself is simply too much

p3bx1b : but I am the only one who can use the Almighty Farming Tool, so it can’t be helped tho

p3bx2a : I did my best

p3bx2b : after all, limits are there to be broken

p3 sfx: *hoeing* *hoeing*


page 10

p1bx1 : the fields are so big that I need everyone’s help for taking care and harvesting them

p1bx2a : The high elves, the lizardmens

p1bx2b : and also Zabuton’s children helped me in working the fields

p2bx1a : by the way, 1/4 of the fields

p2bx1b : are used as a grape vineyard

p2bx2a : is this really okay ?

p2bx2b : … this is okay right ?

p2 small letters right : it is fine

p2 small letters middle : this is okay

p2 small letters left : I think this is okay

p3 diagram

p4bx1 : I also taught Flora how to make miso and soy sauce

p4bx2a : and we also built a specialized building for the fermentation

p4bx2b : right now she is still experimenting

p4 small letters right : hmmm… I understand the theory but….

p4 small letters middle : “trial and error” then….

p4 small letters left : a vampire thinking like a researcher….?

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