Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru Chapter 7

Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru Chapter 7

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Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru Chapter 7

*Some sfx were hard to translate so feel free to put any sounds that makes sense, btw my first translation so if there’s any critiques I’m happy to listen thx*


Page 1


P1b1 bold text: Wait…

P1b1: What do you mean change?

P1b2: We’re the ones managing this place!

P2b1: Like I said, that ends today

P2b2: Tomorrow onwards, I’ll be in charge

P3b1: Talking like I’m an object…

P3b2: Oh yeah, right, I’m an onsen


Page 2


P1b1a: Leticia-san, I heard you’re looking for some elixirs

P1b1b: If it entices you, I could spare a few

P1b2: You have some!?

P1b3: Recently, I had a chance to get my hands on it

P1b3 bold text: [Things useless to me anyways]

P2b1: Giving away such a valuable item…

P2b2a: Both the village and I have acknowledged this onsen’s achievements

Psb2b: Please accept it as a reward

P3b1a: Priestess-san, you’re investigating this onsen, yes?

P3b1b: Once a month, I can report to Laada’s branch about your development. How about it? P3b2 bold text: With…

P3b4: With that I can return to my journey, so I have no complaints…

P4b1: So, is everyone fine with that?

P4b2: …….

P5 right text: And so the Atami Onsen’s―

P5 left text: New manager is Gilliam-san


Page 3


Title: Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru

Bottom Text: Chapter 7 Pride as an Onsen


Page 4


P1 text: When I was young, I lost my family in a traffic accident

P2 text: As a child I got annoyed at strangers who were happy

P3 right text: At the time I felt like I needed to go somewhere, so for the first time alone I went to a winter onsen

P3 left text: It was a natural onsen in the mountains, kinda like me right now

P4 top text: That onsen gave a warm feeling to my cold heart

P4 bottom text: It was as if I was a given a strange power

P5 text: For a brief moment I wanted to become “something like that”

P6 top text: …is that why?

P6 bottom text: What was it I wanted to be at that time?


Page 5


P1: n/a

P2b1 sfx: fuaaa… *yawning*

P2b1: Today was boring too

P2b2: I’m heading home now

P2b2 bold text: Thanks for the hard work

P2 sfx: gasha gasha *metal armor rustling*

P3 sfx: kapooon *onsen/bath noise* (kinda like the noise it makes in a bath from putting something on the floor and the sound vibrating around the room, idk hard to explain)

P3 text: Two weeks later…

P4b1: With this, the Atami Onsen’s policy has changed

P4b2: The entrance fee is now 25 times the original amount, making it one silver

P5b1 top: As expected only a few customers came

P5b1 bottom: Because there were more wealthy people coming in, the amenities were treated better

P5b2: Because of Gilliam’s special item, problems like growth and mana savings were erased

P6b1: Through Gilliam’s proposal, Frey will continue to work for me

P6 bold text: A little worrying though

P6b2: As an onsen everything seems fine.

P6 text: I could commit to an easy life…that doesn’t sound bad

P7 text: But what’s this eery feeling in my heartー…?

P7 sfx: gata *something moving/shifting* (TL note: closer to a locked door being shaken)


Page 7


P1 sfx: Pon *head pop out from behind wall like a child*

P2b1: Chiichiku?

P2b2: Why over the wall…?

P2 sfx: soko soko *like a small child climbing up and down*

P3 sfx: ta ta ta *small light steps like a child*

P4 sfx: *head left to right to check surrounding*

P5 sfx: ta ta ta *small light steps like a child*

P6 sfx: su *leg moving forward*

P7b bold text: Haa… *excited ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

P7 big sfx: splash *going into water*

P7 small sfx: zoku zoku *chills down spine*

P7b1: As I thought, Atami’s inside is really warm


Page 8


P1b1: How are you doing Atami-san?

P1b2: I’m…doing fine, I guess…

P2b1: I can study how a person my age should

P2b2: Since Gilliam does most of the work in the village

P3 right text: Chiichiku…

P3b1: …The reason I can be the village chief at this age is thanks to my lineage

P4b1: There was once a dragon in the mountains who coexisted with Laigea.

P4b2: My family had the role of replenishing the dragon’s mana

P4b2: That’s Laigea’s chief, the Mainapott Family

P5b1 right: The dragon is no more, and when it comes to me I’m talentless in magic

P5b1 left: It’s a meaningless bloodline

P5b2 right: If having someone else take charge and makes everyone happy

P5b2 left: …then it’s all good


Page 9


P1b1 right: Gilliam is planning an exclusive residential and shopping areas for the wealthy in the village

P1b1 left: Apparently, she’s the aggressive type. There’s even rumors that she threatens and forces eviction without sympathy

P1b2 bold text: Ugh

P1b2: That’s what she’s up to?

P2 text: She’s saying, it’s in the name of developing the village…

P3b1 top: I’m sorry for ranting

P3b2 bottom: This part of me is really childish isn’t it

P3b2: I’ll be made fun of by that stupid elf.

P4b1: Ever since then, Letecia hasn’t visited this onsen

P4b2: She probably returned to her home village with the medicine of her journey

P5b1: I also haven’t seen Kumu-san.

P5b2: I wonder if she returned to her pilgrimage trip


Page 10


P1b1: It’s not just those girls

P1b2: Those brothers, Laigea’s shopping district wives

P1b3: Many families and regulars don’t come here anymore because of the high entrance fee

P2b1: Well, I better stop complaining and return to my studies

P2 sfx: Splash *getting out of water noise*

P2b2: There’s no mistake that there’s things that need to be done to Laigea once I’m an adult

P3 right text: Is it alright for me to just let her go like this?

P3 left text: But what am I, an onsen, supposed to do

P4 right text: No, that’s wrong

P4 left text: Because I am an onsen


Page 11


P1 text: Young ‘un!

P1 sfx: *appears with light*

P2: n/a


Page 12


P1b1 bold text: Wha…!!

P1b1 top: What is it!?

P1b2 bottom: Why did you come out!?

P1b3: I came out because you were ranting

P1 text: Why did I want to become an onsen?

P2b right: It’s not fair to suddenly come out

P2b left: Even though you never came out…

P3b1: You’re the one that didn’t come here

P3b2 bold text: Tha…

P3b2: That’s true but…

P3 text: Just like the onsen that saved my frozen heart

P4 text: I wanted to warm someone else’s heart


Page 13


P1b bold text: To be honest…

P1b: As punishment, a few days ago Gilliam banned me from entering the onsen

P2b1: Punishment?

P2b2 top: I feel like she’s trying to separate us

P2b2 bottom: It’s starting to sound suspicious

P3b: Now that I think about it, ever since king’s uproar something seemed off

P4b1 bold text: Well

P4b1: Anyways, Chiichiku looked troubled so I wanted to help

P4b2 top: Why? You still have the safety of your onsen and daily customers

P4b2 bottom: I think as an onsen establishment you’re well off

P5b: You know, an onsen exists to help others

P6b1: Warm and heal up wounded hearts and wash away negative feelings

P6b2: That is the purpose of the existence of onsens


Page 14


P1b1: You’ve realized it too that this situation is bugging you, don’t you?

P1b2: That’s not…

P2b1: ……

P2b2: You’re right

P3b1: If everyone is happy, it’s fine

P3b2: But if that’s not the case, I’d like to think what I can do

P4b1: Alright, I’ll help you out

P4b2: But…what are we going to do?

P5b1: Should we get a petition of who are dissatisfied with the management’s policy?

P5b2: Wait…before that


Page 15


P1,2,3: n/a

P4b: How is it? This is the village that my father made

P5b: so this is Laigea…

P5 text: Now that I think about it, it’s the first time I’ve left the mountain.

P5 sfx: Splash *water moving in a jar*

P6b1: He built this place so my late mother, who died when they got lost, won’t have any regrets

P6b2: She shoulders heavy thoughts, doesn’t she?


Page 16


P1,2: n/a

P3 sfx: knock knock *light knock on door*

P4 sfx: *door opening noise*

P4b1 bold text: Oh

P4b1: If it isn’t the village chief, what are you doing at a time like this?

P4b2: I said not to roam in the middle of the night…

P4b3: I’m sorry

P5b1: I needed to hand this to you

P5 sfx: Splash *water in jar noise*

P5b2: What’s this?

P5b3: It’s onsen water. When you wake up in the morning and wash your face with this, it works great on your beauty


Page 17


P1b: It’s a small gift for Gilliam who’s working hard in my place

P2b: I smell a pervert who’s using a criminal to his advantage but…

P3b1 bold text: Well

P3b1: This is Atami-san’s forte

P3b2: I don’t have any ulterior motive ok

P4 bold text: I’m a bit reluctant but…

P4b: But maybe we could discover something…

P5 right text: I can eavesdrop on Gilliam now

P5b1: Chief, you did this for me?

P5b2 right: Don’t over exert yourself

P5b2 left: I’ll be on my now, good night

P5 left text: And make sure she’s a trustworthy person

P6 sfx: slam (smol) *door shutting*


Page 18


P1b1: ……

P1b2: Haaa *sighing*

P2b1 top: What a shallow person

P2b1 bottom: Worrying about me? Worry about yourself first

P2b2: In the end she’s still a brat

P2b3: Woah, she’s already let loose

P3b right: But still she gave something good, especially since my skin has been rough lately

P3b left: I’ll eventually be chief so it’s best to keep my hygiene

P3 sfx: *setting jar on wood noise*

P4 sfx: Knock knock *light door knock*

P5b1: You’re late, come in

P5 sfx: *door opening noise*

P5b2: A visitor at this time of the day…?


Page 19


P1b: Frey!?

P2b1: How’s the situation with the arms shop?

P2b2: Yes, it’s just a matter of time

P2b3: I see, that’s good

P3b1: What about the National Research Organization? The one that wants to investigate the onsen

P3b2: We keep them quite with money

P3b3 bold text: Haaa *sigh*

P3b3 right: People who are gung-ho about work wouldn’t be happy

P3b3 left: If word got out that I was the one that sprayed the poison gas and increased the amount of monster nests, it’ll be a huge problem

P4b1: What!

P4b2: I was worried when the village became lively again because of that onsen

P4b3: I’m glad I made that brat carry more responsibility


Page 20


P1b1: I’m not the type to finish with just a village chief!

P1b2 right: First I’ll take over this village and redevelop, and eventually rebel against the capital and take over the country…

P1b2 left: This village will become the stepping stone to my dream

P2: n/a

P3b: Gilliam-sama, what is that!?

P4b1 right: The brat brought it over a bit ago

P4b1 left: What an idiot, for not noticing that the village is being taken over

P4b2 right: Um… Gilliam-sama

P4b2 left: That onsen has the power to transfer its vision though its water, it was also used during the goblin extermination……

P5b bold text: Wha!?

P5b: Does that mean our entire conversation is…

P5 sfx: slam (biggo) *door open*


Page 21


P1 sfx: bam *dramatic entrance*

P1b: I heard everything Gilliam

P2b: Chiichiku! You secretly listened

P2 text: There was no need for me to infiltrate!!

P3b1 right: Your evil deeds and plots will be reported to the villagers and the country’s officials

P3b1 left: With my authority as village chief, I hereby relieve you of your duty

P3b2: ……

P3 sfx: grit *teeth grind*

P4b1: Frey, dispose her!

P4b2: Are you sure?

P4b3 right: I’ll think about the scenario later!

P4b3 left: If we keep her alive all of it will be for nought!


Page 22


P1b1: Brat, I’ll tell you something nice

P1 sfx: slam (biggu) *armor embedding itself into the wood floor*

P1b2: She’s a former assassin that I bought as a slave

P2b1: She’s the one that lit the incense to attract other goblins

P2b2: She’s also the one that set the poison gas in the onsen

P3b: So it was an act all along, to have eyes off you

P4b: No, going easy are my true feelings. Standing out is tiring so I don’t like it

P5b1: !!

P5 sfx: *quick movement*


Page 23


P1 sfx: Blam *get wall punched betch*

P2 sfx: sprinkle sprinkle (? I’m not too sure) *small debris falling*

P2b: …fuu *breath out*

P3b: I’m glad I went in the onsen before hand


Page 24


P1b: Fufu, this is what happens when you’re too soft

P1 sfx: clack *heel noises*

P2b1: Well? You can see, can’t you?

P2 sfx: *pulls up by hair*

P2b2: Looks like you tried to play a trick to bring me down, but i guess it’s not going according to plan

P3 right text: It’s too far from the onsen and Laigea so the steam won’t reach. Is there a way I can save Chiichiku…

P3 left text: Damn it! I could’ve done something in human form

P4 text: No! I became a onsen to help others


Page 25


P1b: I need to save her! No! What’s an onsen that can’t save anyone!

P1 sfx: *water boiling*

P2b1: !?

P2 sfx: *jar opens*, *steam rushes out*

P2b2 top: Now!

P2b2 bottom: Body weakening steam!

P3b1: This is… the same as the goblin extermination…?

P3b2: What is this fog… my strength…

P3 sfx: *smoke/steam rising*

P4 sfx: glance *quick glance*


Page 26


P1 sfx: grab *grabs sheet*

P2 sfx: slam *fist down on Frey*

P2b: Taaaaa *martial art noise*

P3 sfx: *is unconscious*

P3b: Don’t take my father’s martial arts lightly

P4b: Nice Atami-san!

P5b1: So, we have the advantage now Gilliam

P5b2 bold text: Not…

P5b2: Not yet!

P5b3: I may not look like it but I’m still a magician… This much won’t…


Page 27


P1 sfx: grab *firm grab from behind*

P1b: !!

P2b: Hmmm…

P3b1: It looks like while I was gone

P3b2: things have gotten more interesting

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