Jui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai Chapter 13

Jui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai Chapter 13

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Jui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai Ch 13



Page 1


P1 right: Find the ghoul pathogen deep inside the cave—!!

P1 left L1: Title

L2: Karte 13: Deep Inside the Ancient Cave—


Page 2


P1 sfx: *crunch crunch* (za za)

P2: n/a

P3a: So the advance team was you two

P3b: Any abnormalities ?


Page 3


P1b1: There are rats, bats, and slimes

P1b2: There wasn’t anything major

P1b3: Member of the Slave Knight Order

P2a: I knew it, there’s no hydra

P2b: What a relief !

P2 sfx: *laugh?* (kara kara)

P3b1a: I did bring antibodies just in case

P3b1b: So if you come in contact with anything just tell me

P3b2: Yes sir

P4b1a: The advance team is scary since your lives are usually on the line

P4b1b: But since His Holiness can heal us I want to get injured !

P4b2a: Nora…

P4b2b: Well we demihumans do have a lot of tasks that put our body on the line


Page 4


P1b1: We do have a higher sense and physical strength compared to humans

P1b2: I see…

P2: It’s like an online game

P3a: Guren is a knight [meat shield / defense]

P3b: Chrys is also a knight [A universal type who’s skillful and can use magic]

P3c: Liz is a knight but in reality she’s an assassin

P3d: Rai is a thief

P3e: Nora is a hunter


Page 5


P1 right: Chloe is…

P1 mid: A priest but

P1 left: Probably a [Pun Pri]*
*TLN: pun pri = punching priest

P2 right: She has a gauntlet

P2 left: She punches using that…

P3, 4: n/a

P5: Don’t judge a book by its cover I guess

P6: We’re gonna go deeper from here


Page 6


P1a: Uwah, that’s deep…

P1b: That’s scary…

P2b1: That’s nothing

P2 sfx: *laugh* (kara kara)

P2b2: I have confidence that I’m gonna die… there’s at least 10 meters (TL note: 10m = 32.8ft)

P2b3: We’ll go first and hand you a rope

P3, 4: n/a

P5: Fuu


Page 7


P1b1: Liz, are there monsters even around here ?

P1 sfx: *walking* (teku teku)

P1b2a: Maybe slimes, blood-sucking bats, and skeletons

P1b2b: They’re weak enough that even civilians can do something about them

P1b2c: No need to worry

P2b1: Hmm…

P2b2: Then how do you think Joseph got infected and turned into a ghoul ?

P3b1: Who knows

P3 sfx: *stop* (pita)

P3b2: Whoops

P4: Speak of the devil, it’s a slime


Page 8


P1 sfx: *lightbulb* (piin)

P1: …Ah

P2b1: Something the matter, Kazami-sama ?

P2b2: …I was thinking

P3a: Other than being attacked by monsters

P3b: Maybe the slimes ate the carcass of a ghoul bat

P3 sfx: *slime noises?* (juru juru)

P4b1: And if you took that mucus in the face

P4b2: You could still get infected

P5a: That does seem plausible

P5b: Except since they’re weaklings compared to us—


Page 9


P1 sfx1: *throw* (byun)

P1 sfx2: *smack* (bishii)

P2: As you can see, they are no threat to us

P2 sfx: *splat* (beshaa)

P3b1a: But there are possibilities of what His Holiness has said

P3b1b: We’ll handle slimes with a ranged attack

P3b2: Yeah, thanks

P4b1: Once we defeat them

P4b2: I’ll disinfect it with the lime


Page 10


P1: Innermost part

P2b1: We’ve come to a dead end

P2b2a: Looks like it

P2b2b: Both the smell and noise has stopped here

P3b1: Are there any other entrances ? Or a different path

P3b2: There weren’t any when we searched it before

P4b1: Hmm…

P4b2a: I completely thought that the sword that Joseph picked up

P4b2b: Was something you find everywhere inside the cave

P4 text: Like a treasure inside a dragon’s cave


Page 11


P1: I don’t see a single sword

P1 sfx: *look around* (kyoro kyoro)

P2: Then does that mean Joseph picked up the sword from somewhere else…?

P3b1a:The only path was the canceled underground water service

P3b1b: Hypothetically, even if there was another hole in contact with the surface

P3b1c:The ground adjacent to it would have likely collapsed

P3b2: But we haven’t heard anything like that

P4b1a: Well

P4b1b: Let’s leave the case about the sword for later

P4b2a: As a measure against ghouls

P4b2b: It’ll be enough if we kill or seal the rats and bats while disinfecting the area


Page 12


P1: So for now I’ll just scatter the slaked lime

P1 sfx: *itching to do something* (uzu uzu)

P2 sfx: *up in your face* (zui)

P2b1: Kazami-sama !

P2b2: I’ll do the dirty work !

P3b1: I can be of use if it’s just scattering

P3 sfx: *takes away* (ba)

P3b2: Ah

P4 sfx: *scatter* (bwa)


Page 13


P1 sfx1: *scattered* (bowaaaa)

P1b1: Bwah, Chloe ! Too much !

P1 sfx2: *cough cough* (goho goho)

P1b2: This is a smoke screen !

P2 sfx1: *smoky* (mowa)

P2 sfx2: *smoke lifts* (fuwa)

P3: Nn…?

P4 sfx1: *stands up* (suku)

P4: What’s wrong Shingo ?

P4 sfx2: *cough cough* (goho goho)

P5b1: It’s just a little bit but…

P5b2: Isn’t there wind coming from here ?

P6: Fumu…


Page 14


P1 sfx1: *take out* (chaki)

P1 sfx2: *swing* (hyu)

P2 sfx: *crack?* (ga)

P3b1a: It was hidden by stacking rocks

P3b1b: Did you make that scatter because you knew this ?

P3b2: There’s no way

P3 sfx: *crumble* (gara)

P4: Then it’s my job from here on out

P4 sfx: *lick* (pero)


Page 15


P1 sfx: *light up* (pou)

P2 sfx: *crack crack crack* (bishi bishi bishi)

P3 sfx: *crumble crumble* (kara kara)

P4b1a: A hidden room…

P4b1b: Are gold and silver treasure waiting for me ?

P4b2a: …Nope

P4b2b: Unfortunately it’s just some rusted junk

P4b2c: And an extra large garbage


Page 16


P1: n/a


Page 17


P1: n/a


Page 18


P1: n/a

P2b1a: H… huh…

P2b1b: A huge snake ?

P2 sfx1: *scared* (awa awa awa)

P2 sfx2: *shaking* (gaku gaku)

P2b2: Tha… that’s not a snake !

P3b1: A dragon that resides in a cave and specializes in water and poison breaths…

P3b2: That is… the hydra !


Page 19


P1b1: It looks like it left one head and let the others drown in the water…

P1b2: Although… it seems like it’s still breathing…

P2b1: It’s probably still alive since it’s not reeking any odor

P2b2: It’s not attacking for some reason though

P3b1: Maybe it’s barely alive so it doesn’t notice us

P3b2: It feels like it’s self-digesting and trying to maintain the minimum since it can’t get any nutrition…

P4b1: B, but can it live close to a hundred years without any food…?

P4b2: There is a possibility


Page 20


P1a: Animals have the function of digesting themselves by maintaining minimum nutrition called autophagy

P1b: Serpents are climate-controlled animals so it doesn’t need to regulate temperature

P1c: That saves energy and are tolerant to fasting

P1 text: Like hibernation

P2a: Since the body is big it probably had some storage

P2b: Perhaps it caught a robber who wondered in occasionally to add to it

P3b1: But why did it not come out of the cave for over a hundred years~?

P3b2: Indeed the food is more abundant on the outside

P4b1: This is just my imagination but…

P4b2: I think there’s some relationship to the story about Doni’s ancestor pouring oil into the cave and setting fire to it


Page 21


P1b1: What do you mean ?

P1b2a: I didn’t hear any stories about hydras being strong against fire

P1b2b: It probably didn’t have a choice and had to go deeper with the oil being poured in

P2b1: Even if you have tough scales

P2b2a: If the brain gets done by toxic gases such as carbon monoxide in the smoke, the body won’t be able to work well

P2b2b: It must’ve been difficult to get food properly and it turned out like this

P3: ……


Page 22


P1b1: Kazami-sama…

P1 sfx1: *glance* (chira)

P1 sfx2: *restless* (sowa sowa)

P1b2: How should we deal with it…?

P2b1: It is the cause of ghoulification

P2 text: Hmm

P2b2: Although it’s weakened, I want to somehow handle it

P3b1: It sprays water and poison if you get close to it right…?

P3b2: I haven’t actually seen it but that’s how it’s been told

P4b1: If you encounter a boss in a game, it’s a promise to fight it

P4 text right: Dragon’s attack !!

P4 text left: The hero took damage !!

P4 text bottom: I’m a main character but I have the body of a side character so I’d die in one hit so…

P4b2a: I wonder if there’s an easy way to defeat it

P4b2b: Like trapping it…


Page 23


P1 sfx: *drip* (pochan)

P2 sfx: *drip* (pota..)

P3b1: —…

P3b2: I’ve got it !


Page 24


P1: —…How about blowing it up ?

P2b1: H…

P2b2: Huh ?


Right text: Will Kazami’s idea work on the hydra… let’s see next time !!


To be countinued

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