Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 2

Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 2

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1 At the age of 16,
one day, I was playing a new RPG at my house after I had ditched class,
when a car suddenly crashed into my room.
Nothing out of the ordinary happened, I died instantly,
though it’s really a stupid way to die.
Emergency new: A horrible accident. One teenager was killed
The family of the victim… An emotional farewell…
Mr. Saeki Harunobu
And God said it was a mistake?
2 To make up for that, by his arrangement
I was taken to another world to rebuild my life.
To further compensate my loss,  God has given me the “Inspection Eyes of Another World”, “Inventory” and, above all,  the “Creation Summoning Magic” as privileges when I am reborn.
Creation Summoning Magic allows me to summon Magic Beasts that I drew into the Dark Book from my imagination. This is the kind of magic that only I can use through this entire world.
Even though I have such a supreme power, my new life is still not going well.
Born to the Hayel family in a  country that hates the black color, a black-haired and black-eyed child like myself is considered a child of the devil and tortured to death for seven years.
However, at the last minute, I used my summoning magic
to demolish that superstitious Hayel family. And I tell you, it’s totally worth it!
3 The reason why I was taken to Sylvia and Lilia’s house is that fighting  with the monster in the Caligula Forest has exhausted my strength and I was knocked unconscious.
Thanks to them, I was treated like a family member for the first time. This made me feel the warmness of having loved ones.
Also, these two people focused on the study of Alchemy all the time so I learned a lot from them.
Basic chemistry, practical uses of herbal medicines, how to move in a magic fight and finally cleaning, laundry, cooking… I learned everything.
My “Creation Summoning Magic” has also slightly improved.
Slice slice
Time passed, 5 years later… I am now 12 years old.
4 Okay, it’s done.
Now I am old enough.
To do something for them.
5 Actually, you don’t have to bother making money…
I cannot go on freeloading off you girls forever.
If this keeps up then I will never be able to take care of myself.
Tsuguna is a man now. And that kind of thinking is good.
If you can go to the town of Ryavel, you can probably get a job at the Adventurers Guild.
We have taught you everything that is necessary for your life.
…You possessed a super strong magic along with your black eyes and black hair-
To the Church of Seven Element, you are a despicable heretic,
so the outside world won’t be too pleasant for you.
Be strong and then come back to us, ok?
…That is everything I want to say.
I’m leaving now… Lilia, Sylvia.
 I will return to visit this place after a month. I will present you two with my stories so wait for me!
7 Stop crying, Sylvia.
B… But teacher…..
At Ryavel town, the power of the Church has spread very far.
Tsuguna would certainly learn many things from the realism of the Kingdom of Yusutilia which only looks at your talent regardless of your origin.
He is our proud brother. We must put our faith in him and wait for his return.
Y… Yes…
9 This is … The Adventurers Guild.
Let’s see, where is the reception…
10 Do you want to register as a member?
In order to earn some quick cash, becoming an adventurer is the only way, right?
I heard that 12 years old and above can join.
Do you know about the dangers that await you in this job?
Of course! No problem.
Although you are very young, it seems that you have a lot of confidence in your strength, eh.
That is due to the training of my masters, an Elf and a Half-Elf. They have taught me skillfully for 5 years.
Oh, I see!
11 Now, I will accept your registration,
however, we have a strength test for rookies.
Please sign here.
The test is to remove those that don’t have enough skill, right?
To be honest, yes. That’s right.
It’s Ok. That will be beneficial to both sides.
Thanks for your understanding.
With your permission, I’m going to process your papers. Please go outside and wait for a moment.
12 Phew
Hey Hey.
What kind of business do people from the fragile Snow Fox have here?
Did you expect to make ends meet by receiving the love from the nobles?
If that is the case then the Adventurers Guild is not the right place for you.
All you can find here are penniless people with a free spirit here, do you understand?
That pair of fox ears are so cute.
Can you try wiggle them around?
Ahahahahaha, you stupid jerk!!
13 A bunch of old men ganging up on a girl like that?
You guys should go to a mirror and see the kind of lewd faces you have right now.
What… This kid
14 Drinking right at the middle of the day
and you call yourself an adventurer?
Old man.
I really can’t stand kids that try to preach to adults on how to live their life.
Hey hey Ryuk, it’s just a kid. Don’t get too serious.
Shut up, all of you!
15 You’ve worked hard, Mr. Ryuk Dagras.
Excuse me.
This is your provisional ID for today. Bring it to the examination room.
Yutis! Give that back to me! This is not the place for a woman to step in!
16 Swallow
…Oh my, oh my…
Sorry for stepping in.
Ok, I will give it back to you.
Reach out
17 Bam
Ryuk! Are you OK?
Look like you have been drinking too much! Somebody get me a stretcher here.
Eh, what’s wrong?
My… My hand.
Are you hurt?
Crack crack crack
18 What is she doing anyway…?
Shaking shaking
That girl at the reception desk…
She used a skill to break the guy’s bones …
Activate “Inspection Eyes of Another World” …
This is…
Oh… Tsuguna.
Did you just see something interesting …?
Guild Master??
This girl is… scary!
19 Ring ring ring ring
To all adventurers that registered today, please move to the meeting room!
In 3 minutes, the briefing will begin.
Late arrivals will be eliminated from the entrance examination, please hurry!
Hey hey…
Looking back and forth
We have been waiting for so long.
I heard that the test is very awful…
this maybe a part of the test as well.
Gone already…
20 I am Kurous, the Guild’s deputy.
Today’s test is that each of you has to hunt more than 15 beasts.
As for the type of beast, they are just typical stuff that you can find in the usual Guild quests.
There are three types: Fair Wolves, Goblins and Whisp Woods.
Fif…fifteen, eh?
Did they make a mistake with the number…?
Phew phew
Thanks to that ruckus, I’m sweating all over now…
Poke poke
21 You are Tsuguna, right?
Thank you for back there! You are so brave.
Well if it isn’t  the girl from before…  It’s normal to help each other in troubled times.
Tearing up
That’s true! That’s true! We will definitely pass this exam together!
? I… I guess so
You can do this as a party or alone, anything you like. The deadline is 3 days from now. The test will end at the sunset of the last day.
So all of you, please follow quickly me into the forest for the test.
Whoa, did you hear that?
Without any preparation beforehand and two of us have to hunt  30 beasts?
Two of us? What is are you talking about…?
You said that we must help each other at troubled times, right?
So it means that you and I will form a party together, correct?
Wait! I want to go alone…
23 Oh sorry! I  haven’t introduced myself yet!
Hey… You have to listen to others when they are talking
I’m Soala Lemington, let’s get along.
Come on, Tsuguna… I want to pair with you… Please, I’m begging you…!
I really want to become an adventurer…
Really… Fine, I get it.
Just don’t get in my way, ok?
Yes! Thank you, Tsuguna!
24 Until the deadline, I will wait for your results at the edge of the forests.
That would be it. The hunt is on!
3 days 30 beasts… Better give it my best now!
Before dark, let’s try to catch all 30 beast ok?
Vew vew vew
25 Hyaaaaaaaa
Let’s make this easy and die already!
A Thrust of a Thousand Destructions!
Rumble rumble rumble
S… So good…!
Can even hit the beast hiding in the bushes…
26 Don’t just stand there!
Let’s finish them first and gather them later.
The time from now to sunset will decide if we are going to do this or not!
Next is the Fair Wolf 60 meters at 2 o’clock!
OK! I will keep them busy!
Ties of Heaven!
27 Woof
Vew vew vew
Got them!
28 Soala! That was a good move!
Next, 85 meters at 11 o’clock!
I can really feel that we can catch all 30 beasts before sunset!
29 So tired…
Shame… Just three more and we are finished.
Come on! Let’s eat some food.
How come your breathing is still normal..?
Fish or meat, which one do you like?
30 Inventory, open.
Drawer number 32.1,128!
What is this… What kind of person are you…?
Fry fry
Come on, dig in!
31 Thanks for the meal…
You really worked hard today. That was more than I expected.  I was surprised.
Tell you the truth, catching up with you alone used up most of my strength.
Oh yeah, the tool you got there, kind of strange, isn’t it?  This is the first time I have ever seen one.
Uhm yeah… The Magic Steel Gloves? My mother gave it to me as a gift
32 My mother was also an adventurer in the past.
I heard a lot of her adventures every night while growing up.
So I decided that someday I would be like my mother and become an adventurer.
So you came by yourself to Ryavel?
My friends told me that a Snow Fox coming to town can’t have a good result.
So many tried to stop me.
Only my mother supported me all the way.
Although she is the one who worries the most.
She handed me these Steel Gloves and sent me on my way.
What a good mother.
33 Yeah, I love her a lot!
It’s dark, you’re tired, right? I will watch the fire so you should go sleep first.
Uhm… thank you for today.
34 Yahoo
It’s been a long time, “God”.
35 So what’s up? Don’t tell you have killed me by mistake again.
And now you are here to send me to another world?
You really can hold a grudge. When you are reborn into this world, didn’t I give you a lot of privileges?
Most important of all is the “Creation Summoning Magic” that seems to be put into good use!
And the time I waited to use it nearly killed me… For 7 years my life hanged on the balance…
but I was satisfied with the Dark Book.
Of course! I worked very hard on that.
Today, I come here also to talk about the Dark Book.
Actually, besides your Dark Book, there are several others.
Each contains a powerful magic force that can shake a nation.
The Church of Seven Elements is trying to collect Dark Books and those can use them, like you.
What do you mean!?
So my Dark Book is not the only one around?
36 Umm… That would do for today.
Soon, the Church people around you will make their moves. The damage won’t be small.
Do you intend to die sleeping? I suggest that you prepare to face any attack with all your might right away!
Pinch pinch
About that…
Spit it out right from the beginning!
Don’t treat a generous God as me like that…
As long as you stay healthy, that is enough for me… You are my favorite child after all.
Screw this. Stop beating around the bush. What do you want me to do?
I will tell you that at our next meeting. Now just try not to die, ok?
Okay, see you later, Saeki Shina.
37 Tsuguna!
What are you doing!?
What’s wrong?
Nothing… I just had a conversation with a friend.
I was worried. Suddenly you start muttering something…
What is it?
Wait a minute, I hear a strange noise…
Bells… A lot of them…?
38 Kyaaaaaaaah
People that God mentioned…
What… What is it?
The fog is too thick.
Bring your gear and quickly head toward the edge of the forest. About the baggage, just leave it there.
To suddenly face strong enemies in this condition,
an energetic person that just wants to become an adventurer like you can’t do anything.
Run back quickly and join the others then wait for Kurous’s orders.
39 Wait a minute, Tsuguna!
You also hear screams right? There may be someone in trouble ahead!
We must hurry to go and save them!
Calm down and think, Soala.
Risking your life for a stranger is a stupid thing to do.
Stranger,what? We all joined the Guild!
But they despised your tribe!
40 That isn’t relevant here!
My mother said that an adventurer must help those in distress!
Seriously… This is annoying… A wrong mix of naïve of confidence.
Scratch scratch
I truly want to become an adventurer…
This is so frustrating!
Quick steps

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