Magi Craft Meister Chapter 7

Magi Craft Meister Chapter 7

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+Page 1

After submitting our taxes in Toka village, we headed back to Kaina village.

After the Golem attack, our number of escorts has increased but…..

I’ll count on you then.

We got it.

The “prophecy” has somewhat ended everyone’s fears.

Maybe it’s because “Gon” is here, but I don’t see any signs of attackers anymore.

I can’t retrieve any useful information from the other Golem,

and I still have to think of a way to deal with this problem in the future…..

But I already have tons of work to do on my hand right now.

First of all.

+Page 2

Welcome back, onii-chan!

I’m home!

So I made it back safely to Kaina Village.

+Page 3

It’s a good thing, but…


Onii-chan, are you okay…?

Are you worried about something?

Ah… It’s just that I can’t gather enough material to fix this Golem of mine….

+Page 4

Your Golem…. Do you mean Gon?


In order for him to be completely restored, I took some parts from the other Golem, but…..

This is so pretty.

That thing is called a Magi Crystal. Golems or Dolls need it to be able to operate fully.

Can’t we use it on this stove?

A Magi Crystal has a much higher purity than a normal magic stone, so it would be a huge waste to use it on normal objects like this….



I don’t quite get it, but I think I’ve seen something like this at the Death Mountain before.

Eh? Really?

+Page 5

All of my predecessor’s items seem to be extremely rare and of high quality though…..

I guess I should go and gather some more material…. Why don’t you take me there, Hanna?

Hooray! Leave it to me!

A gathering trip, huh…. Well, I guess there’s nothing to worry about….

Gon, why don’t you come along with us, too?

Onii-chan, wait a minute!


+Page 6

Gon…. Go!!


She was so scared of Gon when I first brought him back with me from that trip…..

What is that thing!?

A monster!? A Demon!?

A Hecatoncheires!?

It’s a Golem.

+Page 7

….Let’s try to stay quiet for now.


The stone in this area is somewhat similar to granite.

Let’s take a closer look around.

Ground search.

+Page 8

There’s definitely something here.

Gon, start digging.

Gon is so amazing!

+Page 9

There’s even magnetite ore mixed in with the white mica.

And Chalcopyrite too, huh….

Ooh! An earth-element Magi Crystal!

Have you found what you’ve been looking for?


I’ve found lots of useful stuff.

After that, I ordered the Golem to only bring back what’s necessary.

First of all, they need to be completely fixed.

And then I’ll proceed to upgrading them.

+Page 10

If all the windows in this village are made from white mica, then they will also reflect sunlight into the house.



Now I own another Golem and I call him Gen.

When I ran out of materials, I ran to the Death Mountain to gather some more.

Ah, speaking of materials, I still have to make some trolleys for the villagers.

And the transport design still needs some improvement….

Today I have to go and get some more materials….



+Page 11

Oi Jin!

…. Rock-san?

That was so careless of you to doze off in a dangerous place like this.

Huh….? Was I sleeping….?

This place is……


That’s right, I decided to go into the valley to get more materials…..

You seem really busy recently.

Did you even get enough sleep?

Well….. Of course I did.

You’re obviously lying.

+Page 12

You need to stay alert. What will happen if we get attacked?

I understand your situation, but….

Try not to exert yourself too much….


I understand that you’re worrying about me.

But…. I can’t stand the feeling of being unable to do anything…


Just a little more…. Then we will head back to the village.

And then what? You’ll just continue helping everyone, huh?

I don’t think it would be the same if something like that happened again…..

+Page 13

If I hadn’t suddenly thought of Water Jet and created such a strong object.

I would have witnessed Lithia-san getting killed in front of my very eyes.

If that really had happened…. I can’t even imagine how I would’ve felt….

Well, if something happened to that girl, I would be very sad too.


At that time, you and Falheight-sama were the only ones who could stand and fight.

Honestly, if I had been in your position, I would have died for sure.

+Page 14

I still have Maria and Kami-san.

The others have their own reasons to survive too.

No one wants to die, you know….

For some reason, you always manage to find a solution for everything, so you should be proud of yourself, kid.

You can achieve things that us normal people will never be able to do.


I understand!

+Page 15

By the way…. Why has one of Gon’s hands stop working?

Huh… What’s wrong with him?


My hand is broken.


What the….!?

I guess It’s because you’re always the one who does the heavy work, huh…

Where can I even find something with similar durability….?

Ah…? Maybe I’m just hallucinating, but I think I saw an Adamantine ore over there….



+Page 16

It’s the strongest metal in the world. Even if you can find it, the processing stage can still be tough work.

Even in places like the Capital, it’s extremely rare.

*I’m serious, even the raw ore is incredibly hard.

At least that’s what I heard from Roland.

Such a rare material like that…..

And I’m just casually running into it in this Death Mountain….?

People say you have to be extremely lucky to be able to find it.

With a treasure like this, let’s bring it back to the village first.

No way, when it comes to digging something this durable….

You can leave it to me!

Water Jet.

You’re cutting through the strongest metal in this world that easily!?


+Page 17

You’re exhausted….. you need to take a rest for now.



As I said, don’t push yourself too hard.

You have to worry about your health first!

I guess you’re right….

+Page 19


I’ve had enough sleep! And I have been eating well too!

Now I should gather all the material I need for my new inventions!

Let’s get back to work!

+Page 20

The transport’s features are still not enough.

The trolley just can’t do the trick, I need something more basic….

I’ll use blue copper to make the outer frame.

Rock-san said it’s rare…. But I still want to make the whole bone structure out of adamantine.

Because it will be a huge pain if the inner structure becomes distorted or misshapen…..

Then I’ll use natural rubber to tie it all together….

I’ll add a Mana driver and Ether converter too….

Control Core….

+Page 21

The knowledge of my predecessor is just incredible….

It can even simulate the body structure and movements of four-legged creatures.

And she achieves all of this without the help of the Internet….

I need to use this power more frequently.

So that I can help everybody!


+Page 22

Finally done!

+Page 23

A new toy, Horse-san!

I think it should be working perfectly now.

Oi, Hanna. That’s a little bit…..


I’ve already mounted, what’s the matter….?

+Page 24

….Am I not allowed to?

Well, I plan on giving this to you after I’ve finished testing it, so don’t worry.

Then how about tomorrow!?

Thank you so much! I promise to use it carefully!

Have you thought of a name for it yet?

Hmm- Its color is mixed between green and blue, so I’ll call it “Minto”!

Identity acquired: [Minto].


From now on, this girl will be your master.

+Page 25

Whoa!! Is this thing a Doll!?

Yeah, it’s somewhat similar to the Golems.

And it can move on its own.

That handle on the right…. It’s an accelerator so if you twist it, it will move you forward.

And if you want to turn left or right, simply turn the handles towards the direction you want.

When you want it to stop, release the handle and squeeze this bar over here.

It might be a little confusing at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Uhm… Okay.

An hour later.

+Page 26

Now….. Can’t you just try to move a little bit slower?

I’ll go and show it to everyone!

Be careful.

+Page 27

Hah, I finally did it!


Now if I want to give this to everyone, how many do I need to build….?


So you’re out hunting for deer again, huh?

Well, there’s so many of them around here.

And Gen also gave me a hand too.

You can leave it to me.

+Page 28

Uncle Maria!

Oi, Hanna.

What’re you doing running all the way here….?

And what are you riding on?

It’s my golem horse “Minto”!

Oooh… Golem….

It’s the same kind as Gon and Gen too!

So I guess that kid created another weird thing, huh…..

+Page 29

I guess it’s him alright…..

I almost forgot, we have some deer meat over here.

Why don’t we have a feast?

That’s a great idea!

Hanna, what’s Jin doing right now?

I think he’s creating more of Horse-san.

I see…..

Then let’s not disturb him for now.

Stay here and wait a bit.

After we come back, we’ll prepare the food together.

+Page 30

All done.

[Koma] activate!

Ah… It’s already nighttime….

Gaaah, I’m so hungry.

It’s just like last time all over again….


+Page 31

Something smells delicious….

What is it?


Oi, here comes our guy!

You’re late! We’ve already started, you know!

+Page 32

Everyone all gathered here to thank you for all you’ve done for this village.


You heard her. What do ya think? …..Feeling quite good, aren’t ya?

Uwaa, Barbara-san, are you drinking!?

As someone who always tries their best, you deserve some appreciation, don’t you think?

Chief… It’s not that…. I just…..


Go ahead and eat all you want today.

You can take a moment to relax, you know!

Here you go!

+Page 33

You’re also a part of….

This big family too.

+Page 34


Let’s go!



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