Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa – Taitei Cheat Chapter 11

Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa, Taitei Cheat Chapter 11

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Page Order Line
1 1 Everyone! Thanks for waiting!
2 Chapter 11: Dangerous Gluttony Bug
3 Without further ado, let’s begin the Sticky Rice Cake Challenge
4 Today, our queen eater  -Airu’s challenger is this young boy!
5 Ready…
6 Hang on a second!
2 Volumn 2 will be on sale on April 25th
3 1 There’s still one more challenger slot, isn’t there?
2 I’ll join
3 He is…
4 Didn’t he just lose the sausage battle a while ago?
5 His name is Berg
6 He’s always competing with her since they were kids until now even when he’s the Elf Knights’ Commander
7 It’s okay, let him through
8 Because of our queen’s approval, this will be a three men battle!!
sfx Screaming and shouting
4 1 GO!!
sfx Chomp
sfx Chomp Chomp
2 Keep eating Kyousai-sama!!
sfx Lick lick
3 I have to inform…
4 Kyousai!
5 1 That she’s hiding a gluttony bug between her breasts
2 She’s cheating!!
3 But how should I…
4 !
5 That’s it!!
6 1 It’s rice… Rice! Rice!!!
2 It’s good… So good… Rice from another universe!!
3 I can eat this forever…
4 Ugh…
5 … Come to think of it… Isn’t it really hard for one person to finish everything?
6 They taste exactly the same so eating all of it is going to be a little tough…
7 1 If I use my imagination magic, I can simply teleport everything into my belly but…
2 That’s cheating!!
3 Moreover, I’ve been a Japanese – a man from an agricultural country…
4 This victory is definitely mine!!
5 Kyousai-sama he looks a little off…
6 Is he ok…
8 1 !!
2 Urgh…
3 I won’t… lose anymore…
4 Do you want to give up too?
5 Urgggh…
6 Leave me alone Airu!
7 I will definitely… win…
8 Win…
9 I must win…
10 … ?
11 It doesn’t matter but don’t throw up okay?
9 1 Ubububu…
2 I’m about to throw up…!
3 Nooo… I mustn’t lose here…
sfx floating floating
4 Hm?
5 Aruno…
6 …What’s he doing?
10 1 To Kyousai
That girl is cheating! She has a gluttony insect between her breasts!
2 Gluttony insect?
3 The heck is that?
4 Analysis…
11 sfx Boing!!
1 It’s huge!!
2 … No no no!!
3 It’s not the time to think with my dick
4 Between her boobs… Is there anything between her boobs?
5 ?
6 God dammit the fact that I can only see through clothes is so irritating!!
sfx Staring
12 1 Why did Kyousai-sama stop eating and keep staring at…
2 I know that her breasts are huge but…
3 Dammit…
4 What the heck is in there between her boobs?
5 Aruno…
sfx Point point
6 Well there’s only one way left… Should I believe that kid…
7 !
sfx Suddenly
8 Ooohh The young boy has given up!
9 He suddenly stands up and stands in front of Airu
10 Is he going to dogeza or something?
13 1 Mm?
2 !!
sfx Boing boing!!
14 1 Pervert What are you doing!!
sfx Whining
sfx Peew!!
2 !!
sfx Squeaak
sfx Chomp chomp chomp
15 1 Waaaahhh It’s the gluttony bug!!
2 Ruuuun!!
3 Hoho
4 So this little shit is the gluttony bug…
16 1 Gu gu gu
2 The gluttony bug is one of the worst pests and is strictly prohibited!
3 Just one of this is enough to consume a whole city!
4 … I see…
5 I did encounter it before and it certainly has some powerful attacks…
6 Even with my given power, it’s still really hard to restrain it…
7 Please stop!
8 It doesn’t do anything!
9 It doesn’t?
10 To protect your own status you even used this dangerous pest and you say it’s fine to do that?
11 ……
17 1 That kid is Kuu-chan
2 I’ve been raising it since it was a baby. It’s a very important partner of mine!
3 But it needs a lot of food so
4 So I secretly hid it and I only brought it to food fights
5 Even if you say so it’s still a pest…
6 It’s best to just squeeze it into pieces!!
7 Please stop
8 Kyousai-sama!!
18 1 Please wait!!
19 1 I, Berg the Elf Knights’ Commander, will take full responsibility for this city’s safety!
2 On my behalf I beg of you to return that bug to the girl…
3 Berg!
4 Why would you go that far for me……
5 ……
6 If something happens, you’d better take full responsibility for it Berg
7 I will…
20 1 Hm
2 Here
3 You are clumsy but I don’t dislike a man like you
sfx Pii Pii
4 Everyone hear me out!!
5 This man here and I will guarantee this town’s safety
6 Can we even believe guys like you and Berg?
7 And who the heck are you?
8 Me?
9 Who am I… That’s right
10 Kyousai-sama
sfx Noisily
21 1 I am the King Eater!!
22 1 King Eater?
2 What’s that?
sfx Noisily
3 King Eater! I’ll count on you then!!
4 He even showed the true Airu
5 It’s true that he looks quite interesting
6 I agree
7 Good enough King Eater!
8 Keep entertaining us from now on!!
23 1 Well… what now King Eater?
2 Mm?
3 What’s what?
4 Airu has been exposed but we still have our match to settle!
24 1 As you wish!!
25 1 Berg and King Eater are up against each other one on one! Who will emerge victorious!?
2 Kyou-sama!
3 King Eater! Keep eating!
4 !
5 What’s that?
27 1 Dragon race!
2 Why is the dragon race here?
3 Dragon race?
4 You foolish human
5 Our Dark Dragon King has passed away!!
6 Dark Dragon King?
7 I heard that they say he’s immortal?
8 Here’s one of your lowlife’s spear that took our King’s life!
28 1 Not too long back a spear flew toward us
2 And pierced through our King’s chest while he was resting!
3 …… Kyousai-sama That thing is…
4 ?
5 ……
6 Are you kidding me?
29 1 You people broke the peace treaty that has been between us for thousands of years!!
2 There’s one of you who has taken our King’s life!!
3 We won’t show any tolerance to anyone who is hiding or going against us!!
30 1 You human scums, it’s time for war!!

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