Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 43

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 43

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Page 1
p1 text After healing their wounds, the four heroes are at the table once again…!?
p2 b1 The MVP from the last wave
p3 b1 is undeniably her.
p4 b1 Yeah.
p4 b2 We were really saved by that.
p5 b1 I see…
Page 2
title Chapter 43: Maiden with Poor Luck
side text The unreliable Rishia is the MVP!?
Page 3
p1 b1 She’s called Rishia-chan, right? It’s such a shame that such a cute girl wears a squirrel costume all the time.
p1 b2 That set provides a goood stats boost after all.
p2 b1 Our hands were tied at that moment because it would have been careless to use magic or weapons in that situation.
p2 b2 Then, she advised us to launch a dud explosive barrel filled with Rucol’s fruit near Iwatani-sama… (first it was lucol’s fruit, if I’m right. So change it to lucol or put a TL note that the TL changed)
p3 b1 And because of that, we were able to successfully provide support.
p3 b2 You have good comrades, Kawasumi-sama.
p4 b1 Thank you for the compliment, Your Majesty.
p5 b1 But,
Page 4
p1 b1 You’re overestimating her a bit.
p1 b2 It was just a coincidence that she was there at that time.
p2 b1 It hasn’t been long since she joined my party and she makes me worry quite a lot.
p2 b2 I’m just glad of the miracle that she was of any use at all.
p4 b1 Oh, now I remember.
p5 b1 The people who were sleeping until yesterday in the island’s medical facility weren’t even able to make a miracle happen.
p5 b2 Wh-
Page 5
p1 b1 What did you just say!?
p1 b2 Says the cheater!!
p1 b3 Huh!? You’re bringing that up again!?
p1 b4 Heroes, please!!
p2 b1 The fact that there were other powers besides monsters in the last wave was a miscalculation…
p3 b1 Now that we know our opponent is a fellow human with intelligence,
p3 b2 we won’t be able to win if we only rely on our levels.
p4 b1 When we return to the castle, it might be a good idea to have all of you heroes undergo combat training.
Page 6
p3 sfx Hmph
p4 b1 If you have some other views on this matter, please…
p4 b2 No.
p5 b1 It really is a shame that we weren’t able to show the results of our level grinding.
Page 7
p1 b1 Well then, let’s search for an instructor in each of your field.
p1 b2 Thinking back, all of it was learnt though self-study.
p1 b3 That’ll help.
p2 b1 And so, until the preparations are complete,
p3 b1 please take your time and relax.
p5 b1 Did you see that, your majesty?
Page 8
p1 b1 Their disgruntled faces.
p2 b1 None of them want to put in any effort.
p3 b1 Why don’t you say it clearly to them?
p3 b2 That they’ll just lose even if they fought again!
p3 b3 Iwatani-sama…
p4 b1 At this moment it’ll most probably have the opposite effect.
p5 b1 If I start scolding them, they’ll just become even more stubborn.
p5 b2 Even more so if it’s in front of you, Iwatani-sama…
Page 9
p1 b1 The fact that they don’t admit their fault may be because they feel inferior to you.
p2 b1 And even more so,
p3 b1 if they don’t want to put in any effort unless given a reward, that is a problem in itself.
p4 b1 Damn.
p5 b1 Just how much do they intend to trouble others…
p6 text But, it’d be problematic unless they start being of any use.
p6 b1 First, they’ll receive training…
Page 10
p2 b1 Uwo.
p2 b2 Fue.
p3 b1 So-
p3 b2 So-
p3 b3 I’m sorry.
p4 b1 You’re-
Page 11
p1 b1 Fue!?
p1 b2 Shi-
p1 b3 Shield Hero-sama!?
p2 b1 Are you alright?
p2 b2 Just give me a second,
p2 b3 and I’ll clear the path…
p3 b1 You,
p3 b2 are they making you run errands again?
p4 b1 Th-That’s not it.
p4 b2 I went out to buy things for everyone.
Page 12
p1 b1 You’re carrying it till Itsuki’s room, right?
p1 b2 Should I help you?
p1 b3 I-I-I-
p1 b4 I can’t possibly ask you for that.
p2 b1 If you try carrying all these while wearing that, you’ll fall again?
p2 b2 Fu-
p2 b3 Fue.
p3 b1 Bu-
p3 b2 But-
p4 b1 Just hand it over!
p4 b2 Fuee.
p5 b1 Thank-
p5 b2 Thank you very much.
p6 text 1 I also had a very unpleasant experience but,
p6 text 2 how does she bear with being treated this way?
Page 13
p1 text If I remember correctly, wasn’t she in Itsuki’s debt?
p1 b1 Hey,
p2 b1 is Itsuki blackmailing you?
p2 b2 Feeeeeeee!?
p3 b1 What are you saying!?
p3 b2 Itsuki-sama isn’t that type of person!!
p3 b3 Well, that’s what anyone would think
p3 b4 if they looked at how you’re being treated.
p4 b1 This also must be some sort of fate.
p4 b2 Is it okay if I ask the circumstances behind it?
p5 b1 Even if you listen to the story of someone like me-
p5 b2 Haaaah.
p5 b3 Speak already!!!
Page 14
p1 b1 I-I may not look like it, but I’m from a noble lineage…
p1 b2 We-We were really poor though…
p2 text 1 We had a good relationship with our people
p2 text 2 and we lived a modest life.
p3 text 1 But, at a certain time, our people’s field started being ravaged by something and
p3 text 2 they were given bad terms in negotiations. Bad things were happening one after another.
p4 text 1 When we were in the midst of it, the neighboring town’s noble came and gave us a proposal.
p4 text 2 Our family would give it’s daughter to serve as collateral and in return, they would lend us money and bodyguards…
Page 15
p1 b1 I see.
p2 b1 All these things were done by the nobles from the neighboring town and
p2 b2 their objective was probably to gain control of your territory?
p2 b3 Fueee
p2 b4 That’s amazing, shield hero-sama.
p3 text Just the type of story that Itsuki likes.
p4 b1 Due to the wave, just living was becoming hard…
p4 b2 We were unable to save enough money…
p4 b3 I was also taken as collateral but,
p4 b4 I was locked away.
p5 text It was at that time.
Page 16
p1 text 1 It was at that time
p1 text 2 that Itsuki-sama saved me.
Page 17
p1 b1 I see.
p2 b1 After the corrupt nobles were punished, what happened?
p2 b2 If I recall correctly,
p2 b3 our family was entrusted with managing the neighboring town too.


Honestly speaking,
P3 b2 I don’t know much about what happened after that.
P4 b1 I was sent to Itsuki-sama’s side…
P5 b1 I-I thought I was good at magic.
P5 b2 But, Itsuki-sama was looking for vanguards for his party…
P5 b3 I’m clumsy and can’t get anything done correctly
P5 b4 but, even so, I-
Page 18
p1 b1 Rishia-san?
p2 b1 You finally arrived, huh? Where were you-
p3 b1 Do you have any business here, Naofumi-san?
p4 b1 U-Um-
p4 b2 Shield Hero-sama was-
p4 b3 Oi, Itsuki!
p5 b1 How long do you intend to make her wear that?
p5 b2 It is a hindrance in the hallway.
Page 19
p1 b1 Pay attention next time!
p2 sfx bow
p4 b1 Welcome back,
p4 b2 Naofumi-sama.
p5 b1 How did
p5 b2 the meeting go?
p5 b3 Same as always.
p6 b1 Frankly speaking,
p6 b2 it would be a good idea to think that the others hero will not be of any use.
Page 20
p1 b1 Same as always, huh.
p2 b1 I should soon
p3 b1 think of a new person to join our party.
p4 b1 A new person…
p5 b1 You’re right.
p5 b2 With just Fiiro and me, we’re already at our limit.
Page 21
p1 b1 What?
p1 b2 Should Firo say that?
p1 b3 Yea
p1 b4 a~~~
p2 b1 What’s the matter, Firo?
p3 b1 Master, the truth is~
p4 b1 Fitoria wants to talk to you.
p5 b1 Fitoria!?
p5 b2 You can communicate with Fitoria!?
p5 b3 Um,
p5 b4 This feather acts as an intermediary and grants me sight, is what she’s saying.
p6 b1 So she’s peeping.
p6 b2 And then,
Page 22
p1 b1 Sometimes people
p1 b2 come out from the fissure, is what she’s saying.
p2 b1 Has she met with Glass and Raruk!?
p2 b2 ‘I haven’t met with them but’ is what she’s saying.
p3 b1 So there exist other people too…
p4 b1 Do you know, Fitoria?
p4 b2 The true identity of Grass and co., what lies beyond the fissure?
Page 23
p1 b1 Ummmm
p2 b1 ‘I don’t know’ is what she’s saying.
p3 b1 ‘But, you know what,
p4 b1 After absorbing monsters,
p4 b2 the only weapons that can convert it into drops
p6 b1 are the weapons that the heroes wield.’
Page 24
p2 b1 Other heroes
p2 b2 besides the four of us?
p3 b1 ‘There exist other weapons besides the ones you four possess.
p4 b1 But those are also different from all of your weapons’ is what she’s saying
p5 b1 Different from…
p5 b2 this world?
Page 25
p1 text For the sake of the world.
p2 b1 The heroes from the other side of the fissure…
p3 b1 ‘If I meet them somewhere during the wave, I’ll defeat them’ is what she’s saying.
p3 b2 That sounds promising…
p4 b1 ‘That’s why regarding other heroes, be sure to-‘
p4 b2 Ah. Yes-Yes
p5 b1 I don’t plan to completely give up on them.
p5 b2 But it’s too much for me to want to do anything for them.
Page 26
p1 b1 Only after they’ve trained much more and become stronger.
p1 b2 And
p2 b1 preparing for the worst case,
p3 b1 I want them to be strong enough to evenly fight against people with Grass-level strength.
p3 b2 As expected, we’ll need new members in our party.
Page 27
p1 text 1 My trauma is resurfacing…
p2 text 1 Adding new members to the party
p2 text 2 means increasing the chance of being betrayed.
p3 text 1 I know
p3 text 2 that even in this world, there are people who can be trusted.
p4 text 1 But still,
p4 b1 In the last wave, a lot of adventurers from the island took part, but
p5 b1 searching for people who can be trusted and are also strong would be hard…
p5 b2 Adventurers who can be trusted, huh?
Page 28
p3 text I see.
Page 29
p1 text I trusted them, didn’t I?
p2 text If only they had becomes my comrades…
p4 b1 Hm?
p5 b1 That is-
Page 30
p1 b1 Wait. Motoyasu-sama!?
p1 b2 Sorry.
p1 b3 You don’t have to wait for me.
p2 b1 Hey, you over there!
p2 b2 You are Rishia-chan, aren’t you?
p3 b1 What are you doing here
p4 b1 in this dark?
p4 side text The reason for Rishia’s tears is… !?



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