Yankee Wa Isekai De Seirei Ni Aisaremasu. Chapter 10

Yankee Wa Isekai De Seirei Ni Aisaremasu. Chapter 10

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P1b1 mean panel 1 bubble 1 (khung 1 thoại 1)
P1bb1 mean panel 1 bubbleless 1 (khung 1 thoại nằm ngoài ô thoại 1)


Page 1:

P1b1a: first off…

P1b1b: we need to confirm each other capabilities

P1b1c: Gusu-kou

P2b1: ah ok!

P2b2a: I can use fire magic

P2b2b: my weapon is a staff, and my skill is “fire wielding”

P3b1a: and

P3b1b: I’ve contracted with one spirit!!

P4b1: next, pea grain-

Page 2:
p1b1a: …my skill is “controlling ice”

P1b1b: my number of contracted spirits is one

P3b1: what can you do with ice magic?

P4b1: Ooh cool

P4b2: I don’t use any weapon

P6b1: *ker-thump*

Page 3:
p1b1: Zero-san, are you ok!?

P1b2a: sorry

P1b2b: my hand slipped

P3b1a: you little bitch

P3b1b: you clearly aimed it at me!!

P4b1: next! Kusoama!

P4bb1: …why do I have to do this right now…

P4b2a: I’m a princess knight who can wield “lightning magic”
p4b2b: as you can see, I have this sword made from pure mithril

Page 4:
p1b1a: by the way, this armor is also made out of mithril

P1b1b: they are truly fitting for the chosen one right?

P1b2a: also my name is not Kusoama

P1b2b: call me that again and I’ll kill you

P2b1: ah yes you’re amazing

P3b1a: I’m sure that no matter how hard you try, you will never get your hands

P3b1b: on a piece of mithril weapon or armor right?

P3b1c: Aren’t you jealous?

P3b1d: hmm?

P3b2: actually my iron pipe is made of mithril

P4b1: see

P4b2: what?

Page 5:
p2b1: hey!!

P2b2: *bonk*

P2b3: *bonk*

P2b4: *bonk*

P3b1a: it’s the real deal…it’s really made of mithril…

P3b1b: on the contrary, it’s even better than any of mine…

Page 6:
p1b1a: you! How did you get your hands

P1b1b: on something like this!!

P1b2: it’s probably stolen goods

P1b3: shut up you shitty maid!!

P2b1a: I got my weapon and armor from an old man whom I saved

P2b1b: can’t you at least trust me a little…?

P3b1: is that true, Grace?

P3b2: it’s the truth

P4b1a: ok, I trust you

P4b1b: if Grace says so then it must be the truth

P4b2: kuh…

Page 7:
p1b1: oh

P2b1a: thank you, is everything ok?

P2b1b: how did it go?

P3b1: earlier

P4b1a: I came up with an idea after remembering that “no one besides me”

P4b1b: can see the chibis

P4bb1: I’ll be depending on you guys~

P4b2a: to let the chibis go on a reconnaissance mission!

P4b2b: …

Page 8:
p1b1a: victory goes to the one who makes the first move…with an understanding of the enemy’s condition

P1b1b: you can take advantage of their weak point!!

P1b2: it’s perfect!!

P2bb1: he’s…talking to himself

P2b1a: Ze…

P2b1b: Zero-san?

P3b1a: huh? Ah sorry

P3b1b: I have some information for you

P4b1a: it seems there is only one way into the cave

P4b1b: the tunnel is linear and not very deep, but with about fifteen lizardmen

P5b1: wait a minute

Page 9:
p1b1a: how did you obtain this knowledge?

P1b1b: this is Grace-sama’s important quest

P1b1c: how can we trust baseless information like that?

P2b1a: ah…well

P2b1b: after I got back here, I talked to a few villagers

P3b1a: there’s no way anyone would talk with you

P3b1b: it’s a lie right?

P3b2a: I didn’t even see you approach anyone else

P3b2b: it must be a lie

P4b1a: it’s…

P4b1b: his skill!!

Page 10:
p1b1a: yes it’s Zero-san’s skill!!

P1b1b: god has gifted him with the ability to gather information!!
p1b1c: back when we were on our trip

P1b1d: it saved us many times

P2b1: right! Zero-san

P2b2a: oh?

P2b2b: yeah! That’s right

P2b2c: it’s my skill!

P2b3: nice save Gusu-kou!!

P3b1: is that true, Grace?

P3b2: it’s the truth

P4b1a: ok, I trust you

P4b1b: if Grace says so then it must be the truth

P4b2: kuh…

P5b1a: it’s quite vexing but

P5b1b: thanks goodness she’s just an idiot

Page 11:
p1b1a: how should I put this?

P1b1b: you may not trust me but I don’t want anyone to get hurt

P2b1a: even though I’m like this

P2b1b: I ‘m still worried about you

P3b1: Ama-kou

P4b1: Lilly

Page 12:
p1b1a: why!!

P1b1b: what about me? Why only those two!?

P2b1a: that does give a friendlier vibe

P2b1b: …it’s not bad at all

P2bb1(text on top of the arrow-chữ trên mũi tên): an airhead

P3b1a: Zero-san, that’s just too…

P3b1b: much…

Page 13:

P1b1a: thank you for backing me up

P1b1b: Gusu-kou

P2b1a: ~

P2b1b: umm…

P3b1: I don’t like the name “Gusu-kou”!!

P3b2: that’s right! You better call me “Amaris-sama”

P4b1a: shut up! You blockhead sisters!!

P4b1b: we need to quickly come up with a plan for the night assault!

Page 14:
p2b1a: So these are lizardmen…

P2b1b(small text-chữ nhỏ): they look like some sort of lizard bekemon(*)

(*)TLN: I guess the author was trying to avoid using “pokemon”

P3b1a: you

P3b1b: don’t even know what a lizardman looks like?

P3b2: well

P4b1a: oh the bonfire died down and they’re heading back in

P4b1b: the plan will start after they’re asleep

P5b1a: hey, Gusu-kou

P5b1b: it’s almost time to…

Page 15:
p1b1a: you’re so cruel Zero-san

P1b1b: I was having a nice dream

P1b2: I won’t forget this…

P2b1: shut up, just how stupid can you be to sleep right when we need to prepare for the assault!

P3b1a: oh?

P3b1b: are they asleep yet?

P3b1c: good

P3bb1(on top of the arrows-trên các mũi tên): on scouting duty

P4bb1: he’s talking to himself again

P4bb2: it’s fine

Page 16:
p1b1: plan 1

P1b2: at the cave’s entrance, we’ll create a large puddle with pea grain’s ice magic and Gusu-kou’s fire magic to lure the enemies out

P1b3: I need to do this silently-

P2b1: plan 2

P2b2a: if the lizardmen come into contact with the water

P2b2b: I just need to use lightning magic on the puddle right?

P3b1a: listen here

P3b1b: you all better be careful and not step into the puddle

Page 17:

P1b1: plan 3

P1b2a: the remaining ones will be taken care of by me and Ama-kou!!

P1b2b: it’s perfect!

P2b1: pea grain and Gusu-kou just need to shoot magic when the lizardmen get close to the puddle

P3b1a: then wouldn’t the efficient way to gather up all the enemies

P3b1b: is for Lilly to make an ice wall on one side

P3bb1(on the right-bên phải): ice wall

P3bb2(on top of the black ones-trên đầu 2 con màu đen): cave

P3bb3(on the right of the black ones-bên phải 2 con màu đen): enemies

P3bb4(text on the puddle-chữ trên vũng nước): under influence of electric shock and various other magic attacks

P3bb5(text in the circle-chữ trong vòng tròn): water

P3bb6(text on the one furthest to the right-chữ trên con sát bên phải): Lilly

P3bb7(text on the one furthest to the bottom-chữ trên con ở dưới cùng): Grace

P3bb8(text on the one holding a sword-chữ trên con cầm kiếm): Ama

P3bb9(text on the one holding a pipe-chữ trên con cầm ống nc): Zero

P3bb10(text on the left-chữ bên trái): melee team

Page 18:
p1b1a: that way we can focus on fighting the enemies

P1b1b: while the other two will remain at a safe distance

P2b1: huh? What’s wrong?

P3b1: didn’t think you could come up with something decent

P3b2: I’ll kill you

P4b1: the preparations are done

Page 19:
p2b1: good!!

Page 20:

P1b1: time to start our plan!

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