Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 1

Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 1

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PR by Azurekite1 ________________________________________________________________________


PAGE 1 floating text left of page:

Orange text: The enemy is calories! The goal is fat subjugation!!?

Red outlined text: New serialialisation “Alicia’s Diet Quest”!!


Brown scroll(title): Alicia’s secret

P1box1: My name is Ryan

P1box2: I’m a hero travelling the world with my companions to defeat the demon king


P2box1: Recently there’s a girl that I’ve been interested in


P3box1: One of my companions that travels with me, Alicia

P3box2: She’s a kind and lovely priest that has her act together


P4box1: Recently however, when everyone goes to sleep

P4box2: She’s been going somewhere every night


P5B1: What would a girl be doing by herself every night…

P5B2: It’d be dangerous if a monster appeared…




P2box1: Slime


P3B1a: !?

P3B1b: No… This is…

P3B2: A balance ball diet…




Pink border text: New serialisation! Fantasy Diet Comedy!

Black vertical text: Legendary weapons! Ultimate magic! Super strong monsters! Using anything available,

Red vertical text: I will lose weight.  Sometime this year!!!




Title: Slime

red text: Chapter 1 of a new serialisation!!

P1box1a: Balance ball diet

P1box1b: Shaping and building up the torso and inner muscles by laying on top of a large ball

P1box2: A diet method popular with the ladies in the capital


P2B1: No no no that’s wrong!!!

P2B2: That’s a slime!!


P3B1: It’s dangerous!!

P3B2a: It’s okay

P3B2b: They’re actually quite tame so it’s safe…


P4B1a: This one’s a bit naughty though!

P4B1b: With this I burn more calories and…

P4B1c: Wa!

P4B2: She’s so obviously being attacked!




P1B1: Kyaa!


P2B1: Alicia-san!!

P2B2: This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone be defeated by a slime…


P3B1: Quickly, this!!

P2box: Recovery Medicine

P3B2: N… No that’s not it…

P3B3: But your HP!


P4B1: This is my HP (Hunger Points)……


P4B2: What sort of gauge is that!?

vertical text on left: New series! The first four pages are in color!!




Title: Snack

P1B1: Are you just hungry? I have some bread that you could eat


P2B1: Sorry, but I’m abstaining from any carbohydrates!!

P2B2: Please don’t restrict your carbohydrate intake while travelling


P3B1:  It’s alright… I took some low calorie snacks from our luggage…

P3B2: Snacks…? I don’t remember buying anything like that…


P4box1: Medicinal herb (5k cal)


P4B1: Chomp

P4B2: It’s bitter…

P4B3: That’s a precious healing item!!!




Title: The performance of a balance ball

P1B1: I’ve fully recovered!!

P1B2: Your stomach is still rumbling though…


P2B1: This time for sure I’ll have you become


P3B1: My balance ball!!


P4box1: Alicia’s suprise attack deals 9999 damage to Slime A


P5box1: The Slime was defeated!


P6B1: Can we pretend that didn’t…




Title: Clothes

P1B1: You don’t need to lose weight in the first place Alicia

P1B2: Well the thing is…


P2B1: We’ve been welcomed at a whole bunch of villages recently and I’ve been eating too much at the banquets…

P2B2: That’s true…

P2B3: And because of that my clothes have started to feel tight…


P3B1: But it doesn’t really look that way

P3B2: You’re not fat at all


P4B1: Eh…

P4B2: I’m sure it’s just your imagination


P5B1: You’re very kind… Well

P5B2: I guess I’ll just consider it my imagination…


P6sfx: Tzzz… Plink Plink


P1B1: Maybe you should lose weight after all

P1B2: Huh!?




Title: Diet methods

P1B1: I’ll help out so you can lose weight properly!!

P1B2: Huh!?


P2B1: In ways other than lying on top of slimes

P2box1: Running

P2box2: Sit-ups

P2box3: Squats


P3floatingtext1: What? How else would you use slimes other than being on top of them…?

P3floatingtext2: Maybe… Slimes look sort of low-calorie so I need to eat them…!? ……Then I have no choice!!


P4box1: Sashimi

P4box2: Shabu shabu

P4box3: Ramen

P4B1: Let’s go with the ramen!!

P4B2: Huh!? What are you talking about!?



PAGE 10:

Title: Jogging

P1B1: For now

P1B2: Let’s run!!


P2B1: I’m bad at exercise…

P2B2: …..

P2B3: So unmotivated!!


P3B1: If you want to lose weight then run!!

P3B2: Uwaaa


P4B1: Am I done yet~?


P5B1a: Run more

P5B1b: More…

P5box1: The hero has been charmed!

P5B2: Ryan!?



PAGE 11:

Title: Dumbbell training

P1B1: Aren’t you looking at me strange!?

P1B2: It’s just your imagination

P1B3: I’ve gone and done it now!


P2B1: How about instead of running you focus on losing weight in one part?

P2B2: Something like dumbbell workouts…


P3B1a: What about my sword

P3B1b: You’ll gain some muscles with this

P3B2: Wow! Thank yo…


P4box1: Priests cannot equip this weapon


P5B1: I’m going to change jobs!!

P5B2: Alicia-san wait!!



PAGE 12:

text on the right: New series! Fantasy Diet Comedy [Alicia’s Diet Quest]!

Title: Job change

P1B1a: There are other things you can do

P1B1b: You don’t need to worry too much


P2B1: …She really changed jobs!!

P2box1: Dancer Level 1


P3B1: I figured I gain weight since I’m a support class and don’t move much…

P3B2: I’m bored…

P3B3: Then move!!


P4B1: And so I chose a job that moves a lot

P4B2: That’s your reason!?

P4B3: But…


P5B1a: This outfit’s too revealing and embarrassing

P5B1b: I can’t move!!

P5B2: So meaningless



PAGE 13:

Title: Dance

P1B1: I heard you can lose weight from showing a lot of skin

P1B2: Is that true?


P2B1: And I really want to see Alicia’s wonderful dancing

P2B2: Th- Then I guess I have to…

P2B3: So easy…


P3B1: All right, I’ll dance!!

P3B2: Yeah!!


P4box1: The shoes couldn’t support the dancer’s weight!

P4B1: Awww!!


PAGE 14:

Title: Sit-ups

P1B1: Nothing has really ended up working today

P1box1: Turned back


P2B1a: I guess it’s just like you said Ryan

P2B1b: I’ll go do sit-ups over there

P2B2: You can go back


P3B1: In the end I couldn’t help her…


P4B1: Should I hold your legs for you…?

P4B2: It’s okay


P5B1: There was this really good support here

P5B2: That’s the legendary sword!!



PAGE 15:

Title: Legendary Sword

P1B1a: So this is the rumoured legendary sword…

P1B1b: To think it would be in a place like this…

P1B2: With this we can defeat the demon king…!!


P3B1: You can’t!! I won’t be able to do sit-ups anymore!!

P3B2: What!?


P4B1: Please wait for 30 more

P4B2: Well… If it’s that many…


P5B1: I guess this is fine… Only the hero can pull it out…

P5B2: Alright


P6B1: One…


P7B1: Kya!

P7B2: It came out!!



PAGE 16:

Title: Treasure Box

P1B1: Where did that legendary sword go……

P1B2: Have you found it Alicia?


P2B1: She’s doing something again…

P2B2: What are you doing…?


P3B1: These are step-up exercises

P3box1: Step-ups

P3box2: Stepping up and down on a platform as aerobic exercise to burn fat

P3B2: Look for the sword!!


P4B1: I’ll ignore her…

P4B2: Kyaaa!!


P5B1: It was a mimic

P5B2: You idiot!

P5text: help me~



PAGE 17:

Title: Cure-all

P2B1: Thank you very much

P2B2: Please be careful


P4B1: All right! A rare item dropped!!

P4box1: All-Cure

P4box2: Fixes any abnormal status effects


P5B1: …Which means it can fix the abnormal status effect that is obesity…?

P5B2: It won’t



PAGE 18:

Title: Drain

P1B1a: Please look for the sword properly!!

P1B1b: We won’t be able to defeat the demon king!!

P1B2: Okay…


P3box1: A Dark Magician appeared!


P4box1: Pre-emptive strike!

P4box2: Drain

P4box3: HP is absorbed

P4B1: Uwa!


P5B1: Look out!!


P6B1: What are you doing!!


P7B1: Trying to drain my fat…

P7floatingtext: Aim around here

P7B2: That won’t happen!!



PAGE 19:

Title: Robe

P1B1a: Leave it to me

P1B1b: Ray!

P1B2: Gyaaaa


P2B1: N…Nothing less from Alicia…


P3B1: !?

P3B2: She’s looting the corpse!?


P4B1: This robe is thick and keeps the moisture in…


P5B1: I’ll use this for a robe sauna diet!!

P5B2: I’m amazed that you’d want to wear the clothes that thing wore


PAGE 20:

Title: Calorie

P1B1: I don’t mind as long as I lose weight

P1B2: That’s not a good idea!!


P2box1: Alicia was cursed

P2B1: Ah


P3B1: What? I can’t take it off!!

P3box1: Alicia is cursed

P3B2: It’s okay


P4B1: I have a potion that can release you from the curse

P4B2: I can’t

P4B3: What?


P5B1: Because these have lots of calories!!

P5B2: This isn’t the time to be saying something like that!!



PAGE 21:

Title: Status

P1B1: ughhh…

P1B2: How much does Alicia weigh anyway…?


P2B1a: Maybe I can see it with magic…

P2B1b: I can’t ask her directly after all……

P2B2: Search

P2box1: Search

P2box2: Be able to see a target’s abilities and weaknesses


P4box1: Alicia Priest

P4box2: Height 155cm

P4box3: Weakness Hunger

P4box4: Status Hungry

P4B1: I’m hungry…

P4B2: What’s with this information…


P5B1: What are you doing…

P5B2: No… This is…

P5box1: Weight 5       kg


P6B1: Forgive me Alicia-san!!



PAGE 22:

Title: Coffin

P1B1: Revive me…


P2B1: Ryan has no sensitivity looking at my weight…

P2B2: I can hear you…


P3B1a: But I went a bit too far…

P3B1b: He did help me with my diet…


P5B1: What!?


P6B1: This is great exercise!!

P6B2: Stoooop

P6box1: They say it took 30 minutes for Ryan to be revived


PAGE 23:

Title: Diet Food

P1box1: The next night


P2B1a: Yesterday’s weight loss didn’t go that well

P2B1b: I want her to succeed for sure today…

P2B2a: Hm?

P2B2b: Something smells good……


P3B1: She’s eating a ton out of a big-ass pot


P4B1: Um… Alicia? The diet…

P4B2: I’m doing it right now


P5B1: I’m eating these because I heard they were good for a diet


P6B1: Mandragora hotpot

P6B2: Gross!?



PAGE 24:

Title: Amount eaten

P1B1: Mandragoras raise your metabolism and have benefits for your skin!

P1B2: Huh


P2B1: But if you have this many wouldn’t the flavour be unbearable?


P3B1: Yes, but to get rid of the bitterness I put in plenty of meat, potatoes and spices so it’s delicious!

P3box1: Meat

P3box2: Potato

P3box3: Meat

P3box4: Potato

P3B2: What happened to limiting your carbohydrates…

P3B3: Is it really okay to eat that much…


P4B1: Mandragoras are low in calories so no matter how many I eat I won’t get fat!!

P4box1: Potato

P4box2: Potato

P4box3: Meat

P4box4: Potato

P4box5: That day, Ryan found out why Alicia couldn’t lose weight



PAGE 25:

Title: Willpower

P1B1: You shouldn’t eat this much

P1B2: I’m confiscating this

P1floatingtext: whaaat nooo…


P3B1: …… I understand

P3B2: I… have decided I will go all out to lose weight

P3B3: !?

P3B4: But…



P4B1a: Can we start tomorrow?

P4B1b: We can make this the last supper!!

P4B2: This person is hopeless!!



PAGE 26:

Title: Battle

P1B1: If you say things like that you’ll never lose weight

P1B2: Ugh… That’s true…


P2B1: Please do it proper…


P3box1: A troll appeared

P3B1: Uwah!


P4B1: Ryan… We must makes sure to kill those…

P4B2: !?

P4B3: Could it be… In the past did…


P5B1: I can’t stand that they can eat as much as they want!!

P5B2: It’s just jealousy!?


P6B1a: Please stop saying stupid things

P6B1b: And hurry up and cast some magic

P6B2: Okaaay


P7B1: …..

P7B2: What is this delay



PAGE 27:

P2B1: Thundahhh…

P2B2: Don’t try to exercise in battle!!


P3B1: S… Sorr…


P5B1: What!?

P5B2: So weak!?


P6B1: Phoenix Tail!!

P6box1: Phoenix Tail

P6box2: Resurrects fallen fighters


P7B1: Are you alright!?



PAGE 28:

P1B1: I lost weight from bleeding out!!

P1B2: *zip*


Vertical text: Her body fat percentage has increased


P2B1a: Yay~ The diet was a success!!

P2B1b: It hurt a bit though……


P3B1: What are you saying in a time like this!!

P3B2: I’m sorry~

P3box1: Even I got angry


Bottom text: Next time -> Alicia rebounds!!? Continues in October!!


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