Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 2

Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 2

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Translation by jichanbachan

PR by Azurekite1




Top left white text: Confidence in her defense stat thanks to a thick layer of fat!

Bottom right white text: The stigma engraved in her thighs are the mark of the chosen priest!

Bottom left black text 1: I… It’s digging in…

Bottom left black text 2: Is something wrong?




Title: Dream

P1box1: Today we’re here to find a cursed sword

P1box2: It’s said to be found deep in this dungeon


P2floating1: Still, she’s pretty quiet today…


P3floating1: It’s almost like what happened before was all a lie


P4B1a: Could it be that it was…

P4B1b: A dream!?

P4B2: I had a dream like that because Alicia-san’s been reading diet books recently


P5B1: So that must be it!!


P6box1: Secretly eating a medicinal herb

P6box2: It wasn’t a dream




Title: Pitfall

P1B1: The lovely and refined Alicia-san that I fell in love with no long exists…



P2B1: Kyaa

P2box1: A pitfall

P2B2: Alicia-san!!


P4B1a: That was close

P4B1b: Quickly, start climbing…

P4B2: Ah… Um, are you okay?

P4B3: I’m fine, I can handle this much…


P5B1: Ah… maybe not…!!

P5B2: Ryan!!

P5box1: She was heavy




Title: That soft thing

P1B1a: Ouch…

P1B1b: To think that it would be so deep…

P1floatingtext: Heeey

P1box1: Underground 2F

P1B2: It doesn’t look like we can climb this… I guess we’ll have to walk until we meet up…


P2B1: Squish ♥


P3B1: Huh? Could this softness be…

P3B2: Alicia’s b…


P4B1: Squish

P4B2: Nnngh…

P4B3: Belly!?




Title: Seed

P1B1a: At any rate, we don’t know where to go…

P1B1b: I guess we’ll head that way for now…


P2B1: Look over there!! There are 2 treasure chests!!


P3B1: Great job Alicia


P4box1: Seed of Strength

P4box2: Raises attack power a little

P4B1: This is a pretty good item!


P5B1: An amazing seed over here as well…

P5B2: !?

P5B3: Even better than this one!?


P6package: Chia Seeds

P6box1: A super food that’s very popular among ladies in the capital

P6B1: Why are there diet goods here!!



Title: Chia Seed

P1B1: If I mix this and this


P2B1: Chia seed Ether complete!!

P2box1: Ether

P2box2: MP restoration item

P2B2: It looks horrible!!


P3B1a: A popular model mixes these with water and drinks it…

P3B1b: With this I can become slim too…

P3box1: A model popular in the capital

P3B2: You won’t lose weight just from drinking it…


P4B1: Then without further ado…


P5B1a: What?

P5B1b: I can’t drink it!? Why!!

P5box1: MP is full


P6floatingtext: I think I’m witnessing the biggest idiot of this century right now

P6B1: No way~~~




Title: Bats

P1B1: I guess I’ll drink it later…


P2B1: Kyaa

P2box1: Steel Bats


P3B1: I’ll leave that side to you!!

P3B2: Got it


P4B1: Easy enough… And Alicia-san is…


P5B1: Being attacked!!

P5B2: Ryan-san…


P6B1: Doesn’t this sort of look like a body blade!?

P6box1: Body Blade

P6B2: Can I leave you behind

P6B3: Nooo Wait for me~~




Title: Corpse

P1B1: Kya!


P2floating1: Bones…!?

P2box1: No response   It was just a corpse


P3B1a: The end of an adventurer…

P3B1b: Is tragic…


P4B1: How awful…

P4B2: Alicia-san…


P5B1a: Could it be they dieted too much

P5B1b: And starved… to death?

P5B2: They died from a monster

P5B3: So this is what your brain is like on a diet…



Title: Offering

P1B1: Let us mourn for them


P2B1: The Alicia-san that has an unnatural attachment to food gave an offering!!


P3B1: I guess she is a priest in the end…


P4package: Chia Seeds

P4B1: It’s diet food!!


P5B1: Let us leave


P6B1: But those were today’s snacks…

P6B2: She’s already regretting it…



PAGE 10:

Title: Spring

P1B1: I’m hungry~


P2B1: It’s a healing spring!!


P3B1: Are you really okay drinking that much?


P4B1a: It’s not a problem

P4B1b: Water has zero calories no matter how much I drink

P4B2: One part of your body is looking crazy though!!


P5box1: 1 hour later


P6B1a: I want to go to the toilet

P6B1b: But I’m too embarrassed to say anything…

P6B2: ?

P6B3: I messed up!!



PAGE 11:

Title: Cockatrice (1)

P1B1a: This isn’t good

P1B1b: Look over there


P2box1: Cockatrice

P2B1: We don’t want to be getting close to that


P3B1: Its breath turns living things to stone

P3B2: I’ve heard you get petrified even it touches or looks at you


P4B1: Petrifaction…?


P5B1a: If you chisel parts off after I get petrified

P5B1b: I’d lose weight really quickly

P5floatingtext: A great idea

P5B2: …

P5B3: All she thinks about is how to lose weight easily…



PAGE 12:

Title: Cockatrice (2)

P1B1: Sleep

P1box1: Sleep

P1box2: Magic that puts a target to sleep


P2B1: That’s perfect Alicia!!


P3B1: The bird part of a cockatrice is a chicken right…?

P3B2: Wait… Are you going to…


P4B1a: A strong ally in a diet

P4B1b: Let’s have chicken salad!!

P4B2: The only thing that’s in her head is food!!


P5B1a: Chicken Salad

P5B1b: Chicken Salad


P6floatingtext: Wait for me Chicken salad

P6box1: The cockatrice ran from Alicia’s appetite

P6B1: A super dangerous monster ran away from us…



PAGE 13:

Title: Guardian of the Sword

P1B1: We still can’t find the stairs


P2B1: This is…

P2B2: The cursed sword Lævateinn


P3B1: Taking treasure

P3B2: Unforgivable…!!


P4B1: Kill…

P4B2: A golem!?


P5B1a: I don’t think we’ll be able to beat it with the two of us

P5B1b: Let’s retreat!!

P5B2: Got it!!


P6B1: This way!!


P7B1: So slow!!


PAGE 14:

P1B1: I have a lot of luggage

P1package being carried: Chia Seed

P1box being carried: Smoothie

P1B2: The diet foods…

P1B3: How long have you been carrying all that!?


P2B1: Just throw everything away and let’s go!!

P2B2: No!!

P2B3: Seriously!?


P3B1: Please don’t be so selfish in a time like this!!

P3B2: That’s not it!!


P4B1: I really do want to defeat the demon king…

P4B2a: But I don’t want to get any fatter and cause everyone trouble…

P4B2b: That’s why I can’t throw these away!!



PAGE 15:

P1B1: Alicia…

P1floatingtext: To think there were such strong feelings behind her diet


P2B1: Then just run as fast as you can


P4B1: Uwah!!


P5B1: Crap… I need to use a healing item…

P5B2: Herbs… Herbs…


P6B1: They’ve all been eaten…


P7B1: I have a medicinal herb here…!!



PAGE 16:

P1B1: It’s half eaten!?

P1B2: I figured I would get fat if I ate all of it…

P1B3: Is there even any point restraining yourself there!?


P2B1: Please just hurry and use some healing magic!!

P2B2: Got it!!


P4B1: She’s out of breath from running and chanting!?


P5B1a: Hea-

P5B1b: Hea-

P5B2: Hurry with the healing…



PAGE 17:

P1floatingtext: Out of oxygen…

P1B1: Heat

P1box1: Heat

P1box2: A fire type offensive magic

P1B2: Why!!


P2B1: Woah!!


P6box1: The golem was defeated

P6B1: We defeated it…

P6B2: ……

P6B3: It was so weak…


P7B1a: It was accidental

P7B1b: But I’m glad we survived Alicia…



PAGE 18:

P1B1: Fuuu…

P1box1: The golem warm from Heat

P1B2: Why are you using the golem as a stone sauna!!


P2box1a: I joined in

P2box1b: And it was actually really nice

P2box2: Companion that came looking for them


P1B1: What the hell are you guys doing!!


Vertical text: Infrared rays for detox.

Bottom text: Next time -> Alicia’s equipment goes up a size!? The reason behind it is….!?