Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 3

Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 3

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Translation by jichanbachan

PR by azurekite1



P1box1a: Half a year ago

P1box1b: The demon king was revived and a surge of monsters flowed across the world

P1box2: The world was engulfed in fear


P2box1a: I, the hero’s descendant

P2box1b: Ryan Valenstein

P2box2a: Under orders from the king

P2box2b: Left for a journey to defeat the demon king and bring peace to the world


P3box1: And at a church I visited


P4B1a: Oh great hero

P4B1b: There is someone that I would like you to take on your journey

P4B2: Not only can this person use holy magic, but they can use offensive magic as well


P5B1a: Despite being the youngest she was chosen to be the priestess

P5B1b: She is a genius


Black text on bottom right corner of page: The girl who fights against the crisis that has spread across the world…





P1B1: I look forward to working with you

P1box1: However she is…


P2B1: Angel’s Feather

P2box1: Float item


P3B1: All right!! Now I can do as many push-ups as I want!!

P3floatingtext(next to P3B1): My body is light!!

P3B2: Is there even any point to those push-ups?

P3box1: A complete diet obsessed idiot




Top left floating text: Autumn is here! With it comes a crisis!

Middle right floating text: A fearsome foe! That is, “The appetite of autumn!”

Small floating text: Isn’t that too much…?


Boxes from top to bottom (not including calorie boxes):

B1: Meal while travelling (950kcal)

B2: Alicia’s special mushroom stew

B3: Biscuits with nuts

B4: Jerky

B5: Cheese




Title: Pots

P1box1: The hero’s party has arrived in the city of Midonia

P1box2a: Until the agreed time in the evening

P1box2b: It was decided that everyone was free to do as they liked


P2B1: Some time to myself for the first time in a while…

P2B2: I wonder what I should do


P3sfx: *Crash*  *clang*


P4B1a: Is there trouble nearby!?

P4B1b: As a hero I can’t just allow it


P5box1: It was just Alicia-san breaking a lot of pots




P1B1a: Wait Alicia-san

P1B1b: What are you doing?


P2B1: This is a pot breaking diet

P2B2: Good… I thought she had gone crazy


P3B1: I break pots like this and…


P4box1: Found a seed of strength


P5box1(cut off): Found a seed of strength

P6B1: I burn calories

P6box1: Seed of strength

P6box2: Seed of agility

P6B2: Pick up the items!!




Title: Church

P1B1: You’re eating the item you picked up straight away…

P1B1hand written text: What about your diet…

P1box1: Seed of strength


P2B1: Oh


P3B1: Why don’t we go and offer a prayer?


P5B1a: So you can do some priestess-like things after all…

P5B1b: I guess I’ll pray too…

P5B2: I wish for peace to return to the world as soon as possible…


P6B1: Almighty god…

P6B2: Alicia-san’s praying so earnestly…




P1B1: Please purge the fat from my body!!


P2B1: Save me from this merciless trial that is obesity!

P2B2: She’s ruined it!!


P3B1: Don’t ask for strange things from god!


P4box1: 400kcal of fat was purged from Alicia through the power of god

P4B1: Why!?




Title: Weapons Shop

P1B1: Well I’m off to the weapons shop, so


P2B1: I want to go too!


P3B1: There’s one weapon that I really want!


P4B1: I’ve been worried since she’s only been doing stupid things these days

P4B2: But I’m glad to see that she actually thinks about combat


P5B1: Wha…

P5box1: She wasn’t thinking about it at all




Title: Whip

P1B1: Uh… what is that?


P2B1: Please look at the way it wraps around…

P2B2: I’m thinking of using this to use in a pelvic adjustment diet

P2B3: Is that the weapon she wanted!?


P3B1: By putting on this pelvic adjustment belt and going about my daily life, my pelvis will return to its correct position and I’ll become slim

P3B2: It’s a dream of a diet product!!

P3B3: But that’s a whip


P4B1: So do you plan to look like that all the time now…?


P5B1: ……

P5B2: I guess that would be embarrassing…




Title: Clothes

P1B1: Isn’t it more important that you get some new clothes?

P1B2: You’re barely wearing them…


P2B1: W… Was it that noticeable?

P2B2: Why did you think it wouldn’t be noticeable?


P3B1: A proper fit would look better on you

P3floating text: Like this…

P3box1: Priestess clothes


P4box1: Size XXL


P5B1: I’m not that big

P5B2: S…Sorry

P5B2handwritten: I guess it wasn’t…

P5B3: Inconsiderate!!



PAGE 11:

P1B1: I’m wearing a size S right now!!

P1bottom floatingtext: Alicia

P1B2: Why force yourself to wear a size S…


P2B1: Then just wear a size M from the start


P3B1: I want to remain a size S woman

P3B2: You’re barely managing it…


P4B1: I guess it can’t be helped, I’ll wear a size M

P4B1handwritten: Geez


P5B1a: Huh? Wait…

P5B1b: It won’t fit?

P5B2: Wait…

P5B3: There’s still the XXL over here



PAGE 12:

Title: Staff

P1B1a: I’ll just ignore Alicia-san

P1B1b: Now for my own equipment


P2B1: What about this!?

P2B2: She keeps getting involved with me!!


P3B1: It’s a lightning staff

P3B2: Phew… She actually chose something decent

P3B3: That’s great!!


P4B1: I put this against my stomach…


P5B1: and do this

P5B2: It’s not decent at all!!



PAGE 13:

P1B1: There’s a diet product that’s sold at the capital

P1box1: Abtr⃝nic

P1B2a: By sending electric stimulation to the muscles, it shapes your abs

P1B2b: But I’ll use this instead!!

P1B3: It just looks like you’re getting hit with lightning attacks!!


P2B1: It hurts a little, but in a few minutes I’ll be ripped with abs!!

P2box1: Alicia’s Imagination

P2box2: Expectation

P2B2: I don’t think anyone’s hoping for that…


P3B1: ……

P3B2: Well, tell me once you’re done


P4B1: ……


P5B1: What do I do, I’m paralysed so I can’t speak or move…

P5box1: Abnormal status: Paralyzed

P5B2: Help

P5B3: Why is she just standing behind me?

P5B3handwritten text: Scary…



PAGE 14:

Title: Invitation

P1B1: Oh, it’s gone

P1B2a: She keeps standing behind me, and she keeps getting involved…

P1B2b: Maybe…


P2B1: She likes me!?

P2B2: The diet products were just an excuse

P2B3: I just wanted to look for equipment with you


P3B1: Wait wait wait, romance in a party with only 3 people…

P3B2: And defeating the demon king is more…


P4B1a: But

P4B1b: If it’s just a little…!!

P4B2: Alicia-san


P5B1: How about some lunch after this?

P6B1: I’m sorry

P6floatingtext: That’s a bit…



PAGE 15:

Title: Two people

P1B1: Guoblegh

P1box1: The hero has exhausted his strength

P1B2: Ryan-san!?


P2B1: I’m sorry!!

P2box1: Phoenix tail

P2floatingtext: I was rejected


P3B1: I’m in the middle of an apple diet

P3B2: So a meal is a bit…

P3B3: Apple… diet…?


P4B1: By eating apples for 3 days straight

P4B2: I detox unnecessary fat from my body

P4spiky bubble: lose weight

P4letters on forehead of weird bubble things: Fat


P5B1: So that’s what you meant

P5floating: Hahaha

P5B2a: That’s right

P5B2b: If you’re fine with apples would you like to eat with me?


PAGE 16:
P1B1: Isn’t she eating too much…?


P2B1a: More importantly

P2B1b: What do I ask…

P2B2a: Maybe… Is there anyone you’re interested in?

P2B2b: Wait, but that’s…


P3B1: That’s basically the same thing as saying I like her!!


P4B1a: He looks really worried about something…?

P4B1b: He’s gone all red, maybe there’s something he wants to ask me…

P4floating: Argh~ What do I do~

P4B2: Something he wants to ask but is hard to ask… could it be…


P5B1: He wants to ask about going on a diet!?

P5B2: I’m actually super fat under my armour…

P5floatingtext: It’s so hard to ask~



PAGE 17:

P1B1: Ryan-san…


P2B1: I feel the same as you (about wanting to diet)

P2B2: She… She confessed to me!?


P4B1a: To think there would be a diet friend so close by!!

P4B1b: I need to tell him about the best diet methods!!

P4B2a: The diet I’ve started where you just have to sleep!!

P4B2b: Avoid eating anything unnecessary and sleep early, breaking down 300kcal of fat!!


P5B1: Just leave it to me and come this way

P5B2: Where is she…


P6B1: Here

P6B2: !?



PAGE 18:

P1B1: A hotel right after confessing!?


P2B1: Wait Alicia

P2B2: Isn’t this all still too early!?


P3B1: The earlier the better

P3floatingtext: Into the room

P3B2: What!!


P4B1: I didn’t think Alicia would be such a loose person…..

P4B2: But if I’ve come this far so I’ll just have to do it!!


P5B1: I’m sure you could appreciate such an easy…


PAGE 19:

P1B1: Please take care of me…


P2B1: W-w-w-w-w-why are you…!?


P4B1: Abs!?



PAGE 20:

P1B1: Not a friend*…

*TL Note: Read “Fatty”


P2B1: You traitor!!

P2B2: What!?


P3B1: Alicia-san!?


P4box1a: After that,

P4box1b: Alicia ran all around the city

P4B1: Ryan-san you jerk~!!

P4box2: And lost 1kg


Vertical text: If you run, you will lose weight.

Bottom text: Next time -> Defeat low calorie monsters with some strong (?) magic!