Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 4

Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 4

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Alicia’s Diet Quest

Chapter 4



Title: A second slime

P1box1: Alicia’s night-time diet sessions are still going

P1B1: I’m a little worried so I’ll take a look


P2floatingtext: There she is

P2B1: Alicia-sa…


P3B1: She’s doing the balance ball thing again!


P4B1: It was dangerous when she got sent flying last time

P4B2: But she hasn’t learnt a thing…


P5B1: You’ll get hurt again if you keep…


Side vertical text: This is not a balance ball, it is a slime.

Bottom text: Fantasy Diet Comedy!




P1B1: She’s eating it!!


P3B1: Hif hof hah huu hink (It’s not what you think)

P3B2: Take the slime out of your mouth first!




Title: Cooking

Small floating text: That’s my sword!!

Floating text 1: It acts as a balance ball.

Floating text 2: It becomes good diet food.

Floating text 3: Slimes are a chubby girl’s friend.





Title: The usual meal

P1B1: Really… you shouldn’t do that

P1B2: What do you plan to do if you eat something like that and get sick?


P2B1: I understand, next time I will cook it

P2B2: That’s not the problem!


P3B1: We’ve already stocked up on food for travel when we were in town

P3top box: Food for travel

P3box1: Bread

P3box2: Biscuits

P3box3: Jerky

P3box4: Cheese

P3B2: Please put up with those!


P4B1: Carbohydrates!!

P4box1: Bread

P4box2: Biscuit

P4B2: Too much sodium!!

P4box3: Jerky

P4box4: Cheese

P4B3: High in calories!!

P4B4: Seriously!?





Title: Magic

P1B1: And there is one other reason

P1B2: ?


P2B1: I learnt that slimes are great for diets

P2B2: What’s with that fishy information…


P3B1: I’ll prove it, so take a look over there

P3B2: Prove it?


P4B1: She’s started chanting some huge spell!


P5box1: Slime             30kcal              (per 100g)


P6B1: It’s low in calories

P6B2: What the hell is that magic!?





Title: Diet Magic

P1B1a: It’s diet magic

P1B1b: I’ve recently started learning it…

P1B2: You’re talking like it’s common knowledge but what the hell is it!?


P2B1: Basically it’s a diet-type spell

P2B2: I don’t get it


P3B1: And so for today, let’s go and catch some low calorie monsters that we can eat

P3B2: In that case, I’ll pass


P5B1: I mean, the monsters around here are super strong

P5B2: It’s impossible for us to catch any by ourselves





P1B1: That’s okay, I’ve thought of a plan

P1B2: I’m even more worried now


P2B1: Please take a look over there

P2box1: Cockatrice

P2box2: Level 50

P2B2: Isn’t that super strong!?


P3B1a: You know what level we are right?

P3B1b: I don’t think our magic would work on it

P3box1: Level 32

P3box2: Level 29

P3B2: Yah!


P4B1: …..

P4B2: It worked!?


P5B1: Just what sort of magic did you use for that…?

P5floatingtext: Awe… Awesome…


P6B1a: It’s another diet spell,

P6B1b: I made it feel really full for a little while

P6B2: That’s a spell!?





Title: Priorities

P1B1: How did you even learn a spell like that…


P2B1: A grimoire!

P2box1: Lose weight in 10 days                    Easy diet spells

P2B2: It sounds super fishy!!


P3B1: I bought this back when we were in town


P4B1: So expensive!!


P5B1: I’m surprised you were able to buy that after buying the size L clothes that fit you better


P6B1: Well I didn’t buy those clothes in the end…

P6floating text: Get your priorities straight…




Title: Illusion

P1B1: I’ve learnt a bunch of other diet spells as well, please take a look


P2B1: What sort of weird trick is it going to be…


P3B1: *slim*

P3B2: she became skinnier!!


P4B1: Amazing!!


P5sfx: Boing


P6B1: It’s illusion magic

P6B2: But I can only hold it for 3 seconds right now…

P6B3: She has no intention of losing weight…




PAGE 10:

Title: Cockatrice

P1B1: I cooked the cockatrice from earlier

P1floating text: Yay~♥

P1B2: Already!?


P2B1: Is that thing even low calorie in the first place?

P2B2a: What are you saying?

P2B2b: Chicken always has low calories


P3box1: Chicken meat 300kcal

P3box2: Snake meat 150kcal


P4B1: Snake…


P5B1a: It’s for my diet!

P5B1b: It’s for my diet!

P5B2: If you don’t want to eat it then don’t!!




PAGE 11:

Title: Tea

P1B1a: That’s right!

P1B1b: I’ll eat the chicken but with this!!


P2B1: What is that?


P3B1: Mandragora tea!!

P3B2: !?


P4B1: I dried the mandragora and boiled it to extract its essence

P4B2: If I drink this when I’m eating it should suppress my body’s absorption of fat


P5B1: With this I’ll be able to eat as much as I want!!




PAGE 12:

P1B1: Blegh…


P2B1: I just have to remove the taste!

P2B2: Meat


P3B1: To lose weight

P3B2: Tea


P4B1: Meat


P5B1: To suppress fat absorption!!

P5B2: So bitter


P6B1: Meat


P7small floating text: So tasty

P7floatingtext: So this is how Alicia-san continues to get fat…




PAGE 13:

Title: Favourite food

P1B1: Let’s continue looking for monsters to capture

P1B2: She still plans to eat…?


P2B1: With this I’ll attract some monsters…

P2B2: Is this another diet spell?


P3B1: It’s bait

P3box1: Fried chicken

P3box2: Pork cutlet

P3B2: Aren’t these just your favourite foods!?


P4B1: Th-Th-That’s not true!

P4B2a: My favourite food is uh

P4B2b: strawberries… Strawberries!!

P4B3: Looks like I was right…




PAGE 14:

Title: Parts to eat

P1B1a: Look, monsters have come

P1B1b: The bait worked perfectly


P2box1: Ogre

P2box2: Troll

P2box3: Behemoth

P2B1: It looks like it’s generally only the fat ones that are getting lured in


P3B1: Ah!


P4B1: There’s a low calorie enemy!! 26kcal!

P4B2: Let’s capture that one!!

P4B3: Seriously!?


P5box1: Skeleton Knight


P6B1: There’s nothing to eat!




PAGE 15:

Title: The strongest diet spell

P1B1a: Let’s keep up the pace

P1B1b: I’ll string up some more fried chicken

P1B2: How many does she have?!


P4B1: Hya!?

P4box1: Plant monster

P4B2: Alicia’s being strung up instead!!


P5B1: Don’t worry, I’ll cut…

P5floatingtext: No~ Save me~


P7box1: Toad

P7B1: She’s become the bait!!




PAGE 16:

P1B1: I need to do something quick…

P1B2: Wait, what’s that sound!?


P2box1: Rock bird

P2B1: !?


P3B1: She’s getting carried away!!

P3box1: Toad

P3box2: Alicia

P3box3: Rock bird

P3B2: And Alicia-san’s calories are so high!!


P4B1: Don’t look at my calories!!

P4B2: Worry more about being carried away!!


P5B1: If it’s come down to this…




PAGE 17:

P1B1: Uwah! So hot!


P2B1: What is this!? Alicia’s magic…!?

P2B2: But I’ve never seen magic like this before


P3B1: It’s… defeated!?


P4B1: Are you alright!?


P5B1a: The strongest spell I can do…

P5B1b: By hitting it with a 200 degree blast of hot air and herbs

P5water drops: Water

P5circle: Oil

P5plant: Herb

P5box: Hot air

P5B2a: I evaporate any moisture on the enemy’s skin and use the oil stored in the body of the enemy to create a situation where it fries itself…

P5B2b: Yes, this is…




PAGE 18:

P1B1a: Using diet magic

P1B1b: Toad and Rock bird deep-fryless fry

P1box1: Per person

P1B2: You were cooking it!?


P2B1: It’s great that it’s so tasty and has so little calories

P2floatingtext1: Alicia’s share

P2floatingtext2: Ryan’s share

P2B2: You’re eating so much of it though!?

P2box1: Alicia ate 5 people’s worth




PAGE 19:

Title: After dinner

P1B1: Thank you very much for today

P1B2a: I ate a lot of meat

P1B2b: So starting tomorrow I’ll try to limit my carbohydrates

P1B3: Glad to hear that


P2B1: And if we could hunt together again sometime

P2sfx: ehehe

P2B2: It would make me really happy


P3B1: That’s if you’re okay with it though


P4floatingtext1: Is she asking me out on a date..?

P4B1: ……..


P5B1: There’s no way I’d turn you down

P5B2: If it’s an invitation from Alicia-san then…




PAGE 20:

P1B1: And she’s gone!?

P1B1handwritten: Embarrassing!!


P2B1: Where did she…


P3B1: Dessert…

P3box1: Chocolate Slime 57kcal

P3B2: She’s eating again!!


Right vertical text: They taste sweet.  It turns out slimes are the enemy of a diet.

Bottom text: Next time -> The female knight with a small appetite! “I don’t get fat from eating” is the enemy of a fatty chubby