Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 5

Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 5

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Alicia’s Diet Quest

Chapter 5



Title: Practice

P1box1a: Sarah

P1box1b: Her job is “Knight”, and she’s a strong and reliable companion

P1box2: One day, Sarah said to me

P1B1: Do some sword practice with me once in a while


P2B1a: Sarah has a strong attack power and is proficient in sword skills

P2B1b: She’s on equal footing as me, no maybe even higher…

P2B2: Can I win…?

P2B3: Let’s start


P3B1: So quick!!

P3B2: Nothing less from Sarah!!


P4B1: Each swing is so…


Left vertical text: New character! She doesn’t look fat though…?

Bottom text: Fantasy Diet Comedy




P1B1: Weak!!


P3B1: Phew… That made for good practice

P3floatingtext: Thanks

P3B2: What part of that was good!?





Top text: Tankoubon on sale from 9th of January!!

Title: Preparing for a fight

Smallfloatingtext: I’m tired from walking…

Floatingtext1: The female knight that has nothing to do with a diet!

Floatingtext2: Gently stroking the enemy with the tip of her sword,barely grazing evil with each slash!

Bottom left text: The reason for her weakness is?




Title: Sarah’s Activities

P1B1: Well, I will continue training by myself

P1B2: What was all that meant to be just now…


P2B1: Well… I guess I’ll go to sleep too…

P2B2: Alicia-san’s fallen asleep at a place like that…


P3B1: You shouldn’t sleep in such a…


P4B1a: So this is it…

P4B1b: zero calorie curry and rice…

P4B2floatingtext: You’ll never get fat from eating it

P4B3: She’s having a dream that’s way too convenient!!

P4floatingtext: Seriously…


P5B1: It’s very like her I suppose…


P6B1: Something actually smells like curry!?


P7B1: From Alicia-san’s dream… No, that can’t be it…

P7B2: But then where…?




P2B1: It was Sarah!

P2box1: Extra large curry with rice    897kcal

P2B2: What happened to training!?


P3B1: Uh… I thought you were training…

P3B2: Why the curry…


P4B1: Heh, I guess I have no choice now that I’ve been found out…


P5B1: I am undergoing training by the name of “Anti-diet”!!

P5B2: Some unfamiliar words have popped up!!




Title: Current strength

P1B1a: An anti-diet is… where you try to get fat

P1B1a handwritten: It’s the opposite of a diet

P1B1b: To get stronger

P1B2: But that has nothing to do with getting stronger!?


P2B1: But it does…

P2B2: You see, I’ve always been quite a light eater…


P3B1: I stealthily swap Alicia’s meal for mine when I can’t eat any more

P3right floatingtext: It’d be a waste to not eat it

P3B2: Is that why Alicia got fat!?


P4B1: Anything I have left over I put in Alicia’s mouth when she’s asleep

P4floatingtext1: It’d be a shame to let it go to waste

P4B2: You’re just getting rid of your leftovers!!


P5B1: And fighting day after day…


P6B1: With this lifestyle I’ve lost 10kg…

P6B2: Alicia probably gained 10kg!!


P7diagrams(clockwise from top): Attack                    Agility              Magic              Luck            Defence

P7B1a: I lost my strength

P7B1b: And my combat ability is a tenth of what it was

P7box1: 3 months ago

P7box2: Now

P7B2: Seriously!?




Title: The ability of a sword skill

P1B2: If you’re that weak you won’t be able to fight…


P2B1: Woah, a slime

P2B1handwritten: Scared me

P2B2: What!?


P3B1: Hmph, don’t underestimate me

P3B2: Even without physical strength


P4B1: I still have my sword skills!!

P4B2: Wind slash

P4B3: It does look super strong!!


P5floating1: Phew…

P5B1: 0 Damage

P5B2: That’s amazing in its own right




Title: Effort

P1B1: I am making an effort to get fatter


P2B1a: To get rid of the abnormal status of “Overly thin”

P2B1b: I tried drinking a Cure-all

P2B2: Your thought process is the same as Alicia-san’s!!


P3B1a: And I have a food that I really enjoy

P3B1b: I eat it every day to get more calories

P3B2: That’s a good idea


P4B1: Medicinal herb

P4B2: That’s super low calorie!!


P5B1: I eat at least 10 a day

P5floatingtext1: I like the taste

P5B2: Our party goes through way too many herbs!!




Title: Job change

P1B1: I’ve even thought of changing jobs to get fatter

P1B2: To what!?


P2B1: A dark magician


P3B1a: Then I’ll learn to use drain

P3B1b: And if I absorb Alicia’s fat it’ll be a win for both of us right?

P3floating text1: I’m fatter

P3floating text2: I lost weight~

P3B2: Again, drain can’t absorb fat…


P4B1: But I ran into a problem

P4B2: ?


P5B1: I fall asleep trying to read any grimoires*…

*Note: Read “Complicated book”

P5B2: A complete muscle-brain



PAGE 10:

Title: Admiration

P1B1: But in the end, I think knights are the best


P2B1a: I admire it

P2B1b: That hefty body and unyielding spirit


P3B1: Looking at it like this, I am jealous of Alicia

P3B2: ?


P4B1: A hefty body


P5B1: That unyielding spirit!!

P5floating text1: It won’t close but it’s probably fine


P6B1: The epitome of a knight!

P6B2: That’s pretty rude



PAGE 11:

Title: Level

P1B1a: At one point, to learn how to get fatter

P1B1b: I became her apprentice

P1B2: Please Alicia, I want to become like you!!

P1B3: What the hell are you doing!?


P2B1: A priestess like me…!?


P4B1: Alright, then follow…

P4box1: Hook


P5B1: Kyaa~

P5floatingtext1: She’s on an entirely different level…

P5B2: My spirit was broken instantly

P5B3: Her mental power is so weak!!



PAGE 12:

Title: Fatten with a curse

P1B1a: To have excellent combat prowess and to help the weak

P1B1b: That is chivalry…

P1B2: But to be the weaker one makes me a disgrace of a knight…


P2B1: Kuh… Kill me!

P2B2: You just wanted to say that line didn’t you!


P3righttext: But this isn’t good… Our party’s balance…

P3alicia text: (Healing) Support

P3ryan text: Main force

P3sarah text: Main force

P3circle text: Weak

P3lefttext: We’ll need her to get fat* as soon as possible

*Note: Read “Return to normal”


P4B1: Now that I think about it, Alicia was talking about how the potion that fixes curses is high in calories…

P4B2: That’s it!!


P5B1: You should equip a cursed item!!

P5cycle(from 2 o’clock position):

Box: Cursed

Floating: Can’t remove equipment


Box: Potion to remove curse


Spiky bubble: Get fat

P5B2: With this cycle you’ll definitely be able to get fat!



PAGE 13:

P1B1: If it’s a cursed item, I have one right here


P2B1: What do you think?

P2box1: Cursed armour

P2scream: Gyaaaaaa

P2B2: Why have you been carrying that around…


P3B1: And she didn’t even hesitate to equip it!!


P4B1: Now give me the potion!!

P4scream: Gyaaaaaa

P4B2: It looks horrible!!


P5B1: Guh!!

P5B2: Are you alright!?


P6B1: It’s too heavy for me to move…

P6box1: She was just feeble


PAGE 14:

P1B1: Here, now stand…


P2B1a: Woah!!

P2B1b: Why are you…

P2box1: Abnormal status: Confused

P2B2: Wait, this is the confusion type of armour!!


P3B1: Quick, the potion!!


P4B1: I’m too full…

P4floatingtext1: Ugh… Because of the curry…

P4B2: What!?


P5B1: My bad, is it alright if I’m a little cursed…?

P5B2: Like hell it’s alright!!



PAGE 15:

Title: Sleeping Alicia

P1box1: Somehow fixed itself

P1B2: I wonder if there was something else that is small and had a lot of calories…


P2B1: Come to think of it, a little while ago

P2B2: Alicia had a ton of pork cutlets and fried chicken


P3B1: It’s an emergency situation, I’ll take some for now and tell her tomorrow

P3box1: Alicia’s belongings


P4B1: Huh? It’s not here…

P4B1a: It’s not in this bag either…

P4B1b: Does she not have them…?


P5B1: She’s eating them while sleeping!?

P5B1handwritten: Amazing!!

P5B2: Just watching is making me full

P5B3: It had the opposite effect!!



PAGE 16:

Title: Nice idea

P1B1: That was the last resort too…

P1floatingtext: What do I do


P2B1: Ryan, this is…!!


P3B1: Alicia has a chart of calories (Self written)

P3paper (from top to bottom): Medicinal herb, curse lifting potion, orange, holy water, antidote

P3B2: Nothing less from Alicia!


P4B1: But how did she figure out the calories…

P4B2: I can’t tell her that there’s a spell that does something as stupid as that…


P5B1: I see, according to this the item with the most calories is…

P5box1: Elixir

P5box2: Restores HP and MP to full

P5B2: Elixir!! 500kcal


P6B1: But… it’s another drink… I don’t think I’d be able to drink any more

P6B2: I have a good idea



PAGE 17:

P1B1: Let’s boil it down

P1B2: What is that oversized pot?

P1box1: Alicia’s pot


P2B1a: We boil off the water and make the total volume smaller

P2B1b: If we do that then you could take in a lot of calories with just a small amount of liquid

P2box1: Evaporate

P2floatingtext1: Water

P2B2: I see!!


P3B1a: Let’s put in 10

P3B1b: That’s 5000kcal

P3floatingtext1: Tears of blood

P3B2: To think the rare items I was saving up for the fight with the demon king would be used like this…

P3B3: Sorry about this…


P4B1: It looks like it’s working…

P4B2: Alright!!


P5box1: The pot has started shining

P5B1: !?



PAGE 18:

P1box1: Ultimate Elixir

P1B1: It made something crazy…!!


P2B1: It looks more like pure energy rather than calories…

P2B2: This isn’t food anymore!!


P3B1: Who knows what’ll happen if you eat this

P3B2: Let’s just throw…


P4B1: Woah!?


P5B1: No, let me eat it

P5B2: Are you crazy?

P5B3: Someone who aims to be a knight can’t be intimidated by something like this, and besides



PAGE 19:

P1B1: You’ve put in effort to try and help me

P1B2: I don’t want to let that go to waste


P2B1a: Don’t misunderstand

P2B1b: This is just what it means to be a knight

P2B2: Sarah…


P3B1: With this I’ll graduate from this feeble body!!


P4B1: Ugh

P4B2: It’s already taking effect!?


P5B1: My stomach…

P5B2: It’s just indigestion!?


P6B1: !!



PAGE 20:

P1floatingtext: My stomach…

P1B2: Your HP increased!!


P2B1: You worked hard Sarah…

P2B1handwritten: Congrats


P3B1: My HP has increased now that I’ve put on a little weight…

P3B2: I’m incredibly happy… Ryan…


P4B1: Did something happen?

P4B2: Alicia, look…


P5B1: She’s a priest but her HP is so high!!

P5bottomtext: Next issue starts with special full color pages!!


Vertical text: Agility was decreased.

Bottom text: Next time -> Ryan leaves the party!? “I quit being a hero”—.