Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 6

Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 6

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Alicia’s Diet Quest

Chapter 6

The first page is skipped since it’s just promoting the manga and has no new content



Title: Understand Alicia’s Diet Quest in one page

P1box1: The Hero.  Someone that travels the world to defeat the demon king.

P1box2: However that journey is filled with hardships…


P2B1: I drank too much ether and got fat, so I can’t equip my clothes properly!

P2B1handwritten: I’m sorry!

P2floatingtext: And I’m a support class so I don’t move that much…

P2B2: Companions getting too fat!


P3B1: I got too thin and my attack power went down

P3B1handwritten: Sorry!

P3floatingtext: The knight class moves a lot…

P3B2: 0 Damage

P3B3: Companions getting too thin!


P4B1: Geez…


P5B1: If I abandon my companions here I would be a disgrace of a hero

P5B2: I’ll help you two lose weight and gain weight!

P5box1: The hero is a very earnest person


Vertical text on right: Commemorating the release of volume 1 with special color pages!

Bottom text: The chapter starts on the next page!




Title: Resolution

P1box1a: The Hero

P1box1b: Someone who travels the world to defeat the demon king and save those in need

P1box2: I looked up to heroes for such a long time


P2B1: Please hold my legs properly

P2B2: …..


P3B1: Ryan, I’d like something that’s less greasy

P3B2: …..


P4B1top: I can’t

P4B1right: lose weight

P4B1left: gain weight


P5B1: …..


P6B1: I have something important to tell you two

P6B2: Did you think of a good diet method!?

P6floatingtext: What is it




P1B1: I’m going to quit being a hero


P2B1: What!!


P3B1: I’m sorry!!

P3box1: The hero has left

P3B2: Wait!




Text in black circles: Fantasy diet comedy

Title: Sit-ups

Bottom right floating text: Even for a skilled priestess, sit-ups are still at level 1 ♡

Bottom text: The long awaited volume 1, now on sale!




Title: The reason for leaving

P1B1a: What a heartless guy!!

P1B1b: I’ve misjudged him

P1B2: Don’t you think so Alicia!?


P2sfx: nom nom

P2B1: And she’s eating something…


P3B1: Sorry, I got hungry

P3box: Seed of stamina

P3B2: You really move at your own pace don’t you!!


P4B1a: …..

P4B1b: I’m sure there has to be a reason…

P4B2: A reason…?


P5B1: Maybe he felt like going off to eat something tasty

P5B2: That’s just you want to do!!




Title: Tinkering Ryan

P1B1: Anyway, let’s find him and bring him back!!

P1B2: He shouldn’t be that far away yet

P1B3: Yes


P3B1: He was super nearby…


P4B1: Ryan-sa…

P4B2: Wait


P5B1: He’s doing something

P5B2a: If I stick a wind crystal on here…

P5B2b: And it’s done…




P1B1: It’s perfect!!

P1box1: Wind crystal

P1B2: He’s made some mysterious object!!


P2B1: That’s… Could it be

P2B2: Alicia, you recognise it!? You know what it is?


P3B1: It’s famous at the capital…

P3B2: Look out! Ryan


P4B1: He fell!!


P5floatingtext: Get abs just by leaning backwards, Wonder C⚫re

P5B1: It’s a machine that can get you abs

P5B2: It’s a diet product!?




Title: Ryan’s aim

P1B1: But he said he would quit being a hero and now he’s making something like this…

P1B2: !?


P2B1: I see now, I know why he quit being a hero…

P2B2: Wh… What is it!?


P3B1: He plans to change jobs to merchant!!

P3floatingtext1: Slime Ball

P3floatingtext2: I’ve started business and I’m making a killing

P3floatingtext3: Slime Tube

P3floatingtext4: Wind Wonder C⚫re

P3B2a: He’ll develop diet products

P3B2b: Then he’s planning to sell them all over the place to make a fortune!!


P4B1a: In the end it’s all for money…

P4B1b: I had thought he was a better man that this… It’s a shame…

P4B2: Right, Alici…


P5B1: Do you think he’d sell me some straight away!?

P5B2: You’re fully intent on buying them!?




Title: Money usage

P1B1a: Come to think of it

P1B1b: I’ve always felt he was stingy when it came to money

P1B2: !?


P2B1: When I tried to buy a sword

P2floatingtext1: This is strong

P2B2: We have a tight budget this month, so no

P2B3: He never lets me buy it


P3B1: Come to think of it, just a little while ago I was told off for going shopping…

P3B2: I knew it!!


P4B1: I bought a few boxes of holy water!!

P4B2: I thought it was a good idea since they have no calories


P5floatingtext: So she’s the reason we have no money…



PAGE 10:

Title: Forgotten

P1B1: We need to persuade him somehow…

P1B2: I have a good idea!!


P2B1: Tell him that I’ll give him my precious healthy red meat

P2box1: Red meat

P2B2: What do you think he is…


P3B1: Wait, he’s started doing something again!!


P4B1: He’s stretching the slime!?

P4B2: What is he…

P4B3: That’s!


P5B1a: An exercise where you put pressure on your muscles by stretching some rubber

P5B1b: A tube diet!!

P5floatingtext: Popular in the capital!

P5B2: She started explaining it all out of nowhere!!


P6B1: To be making such a popular product…

P6B2: The fact that he’s serious about making money puts me off



PAGE 11:

P1B1: I will go with him

P1B2: Waaaait!!


P2B1: What happened to defeating the demon king!!


P4B1: Of course I plan to

P4B2: You definitely forgot about it just now



PAGE 12:

Title: A shop that can help people

P1B1: Still, why would he start trying to earn money now…?


P2B1: Thinking back… A little while ago…


P3B1: Alicia-san


P4B1: I… When I defeat the demon king and peace returns to the world

P4B2: I want to open a shop that can help people and just take it easy


P5B1: A shop that can help people… Help people…

P5B2: Maybe he…


P6B1: He’s planning to create a diet hall

P6B2: A diet hall…!?



PAGE 13:

P1B1: So what exactly is that?

P1B2: A dojo that’s popular at the capital


P2B1: It’s a place where people who want to diet gather for the sole purpose of losing weight

P2B2a: It has dieting products that use magic

P2B2b: They monitor your meals for you…

P2B3: You know quite a lot about this


P3B1: I’m a platinum member after all

P3B2: How often do you go…


P4B1: But this is strange, it doesn’t seem to be having any effect on her… Is this…


P5B1: A so-called SCAM!?


P6B1: To think Ryan would be trying to start something so evil

P6B2: ?



PAGE 14:

Title: Internal conflict

P1B1: I’ll chop you to bits!

P1B2: What’s wrong Sarah-san!?


P2B1: You shouldn’t use violence!

P2B2: Let me go Alicia, I need to stop him!!


P3B1: Please wait!

P3B2: Guha

P3B3: So heavy…


P4B1: Hurting each other even though we’re all a party…


P5B1: Let’s solve this peacefully

P5B2: I’m going to die from Alicia’s weight…



PAGE 15:

Title: Capture method

P1B1a: Look!

P1B1b: He’s making something again

P1smallfloatingtext: My pot…

P1B2: He’s mixing recovery potions


P2B1: Could it be a diet potion made by mixing those!?


P3B1: And he put in sugar!!

P3B2: Why would you do that!?


P4B1: You’d 100% get fat if you drank that


P5B1: Maybe it’s a sweet diet potion…

P5B2: Don’t just interpret it in the most convenient way!!



PAGE 16:

P1B1: Does he plan to sell that at the diet hall!?

P1B2: There’s no way that you could lose weight with a tasty drink!!


P2B1a: There’s no way

P2B1b: There’s no…


P3B1a: If there is a way

P3B1b: I’ll sign up straight away

P3leftfloatingtext: I can lose weight easily!

P3B2: Wait waitwait!!



PAGE 17:

Title: Misunderstanding

P1B1: You’ll get fat if you drink that Alicia…

P1B2: But why have something like that…


P2B1: !?


P3B1: This is terrible… He’s planning to make money using such a horrible criminal technique…

P3B2: Criminal!?


P4B1: First he sells the diet products

P4floatingtext1: I have good products

P4floatingtext2: I’ll buy them


P5B1: And when they lose weight and drop their guard

P5floatingtext1: This is super tasty, a little bit is fine

P5floatingtext2: I lost weight!

P5B2: He’ll deceive them with a high calorie food


P6B1: And when they rebound

P6floatingtext1: I have good products

P6floatingtext2: I’ll buy them…

P6B2: He’ll sell them diet products…



PAGE 18:

P1B1: He plans to squeeze the cash from all of humanity that diets!

P1toptext: Hahaha, Give me all your money

P1cycle(Clockwise from top): Buy diet product,                     lose weight,                 lower guard and rebound

P1box1: Fatty’s infinite payment loop

P1B2: A brutal act!!


P2B1a: Oh no…

P2B1b: We need to stop him!!

P2B2: *sigh*


P3B1: This isn’t good enough!!

P3B2: He’s still scheming something!


P4B1: Is he thinking of an even worse…

P4B2: At this rate



PAGE 19:

P1B1: Alicia will remain FAT forever!!

P1B2: She got insulted out of nowhere!!


P2B1: Get a grip Alicia!

P2box1: Instant death

P2B2a: You’re still in the chubby range!!

P2B2b: The chubby range!


P3B1: Sarah is useless too…

P3sfx: *stab*

P3B2: His monologuing is merciless…


P4B1a: These aren’t good enough…

P4B1b: I’m a failure as a hero…



PAGE 20:

P1B1a: If I can’t even help my companions

P1B1b: What sort of hero am I!!


P3B1: As long as I am unable to help those two with their bodies then I have no right to be a hero!!

P3B2a: Is this the reason he left!?

P3B2b: He’s so earnest that it’s annoying!!


P4floatingtext: …How stupid


P5floatingtext: And I joined this party because of that personality didn’t I…


P6floatingtext: It’s not the same without Ryan

P6B1: I’ve thought of a good idea



PAGE 21:
P1B1: Ryan!


P2B1: Look at these results!

P2B2: You two!?

P2B3: It’s thanks to you Ryan!


P3B1: Alicia is slimmer


P4B1: Sarah is more glamourous!


P5B1: So come back to us…

P5B2: I… was able to help


P6B1: I’m going to continue being a hero!

P6box1: Staff of transformation

P6box2a: That fact that they just changed their physique for a bit with the staff of transformation

P6box2b: Is a secret.


Vertical text: They did not make any progress towards defeating the demon king this time either.

Bottom text: Alicia gets kidnapped and imprisoned! Orc vs Alicia weight showdown