Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 7

Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 7

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Alicia’s Diet Quest

Chapter 7



Title: Orc Den


P1box1a: Orcs

P1box1b: Pig-like monsters with an unsightly appearance

P1box2a: They have a brutal side to them where they kidnap and attack women and children.  They are…

P1box2b: Pigs.


P2B1: …And so apparently there’s an orc den around here

P2B2: Please be careful that you don’t get taken away


P3B1: Especially you Alicia


P4B1: Don’t get tempted by the smell of food and wander into their den

P4B2a: You must not,

P4B2b: Absolutely must not go in!


P5B1: Surely she wouldn’t be that stupid




P1B1: That idiot!!


P2B1: Have some self control!!

P2B2: I’m off to go save her!!

P2B3: He has a lot of work…




Top text: Volume 1 out now!!

Middle text: These are tears of “I’m so hungry I’m going to die…”




Title: Meat

P1B1: Now where is she being held…


P2B1: There

P2B2: And she’s super surrounded!!


P3B1: But I’m glad she’s safe…


P4B1: Please stop!!

P4B2: !?

P4B3: Don’t bring that thing near me!!


P5floating1: Could it be…

P5B1: Assault!?


P6B1: How horrid… They’re scum like the rumours…



P1B1: Please don’t

P1box1: Meat (Marbled)

P1B2a: You’ll make me want to eat it!

P1B2b: It has so much fat!


P2B1: She’s just being fed!?

P2B2: Nooo~


P3B1: But we need to get out of here!!

P3B2: Ryan-san!


P4B1: Please wait!!


P5B1: I’ll take it after all

P5B2: What are you doing!?




Title: Door

P1B1: Damnit, they’re chasing after us


P2B1: Let’s go over there!!


P3bigSfx: Slam


P4B1: They’re forcing the door down!!


P5B1: Woah!!

P5B2: Ryan-san!!


P6B1: Damnit… When they put all their weight into it their attacks are strong…


P7B1: Are you okay?

P7B2: They’re on equal footing…!?




Title: Air vent

P1B1: What are we supposed to…


P2B1: What about that air vent!?


P3B1a: It’s small so the orcs won’t be able to chase after us

P3B1b: I will go and scout ahead

P3B2: I don’t think you’ll be able to fit in a hole of that size


P4B1: I’m sure I can, I’ve lose a little weight recently!!

P4B2: Have you really?


P5B1: ……

P5B2: …Please help me

P5B3: ……




Title: Cart

P1B1: We’ll have to find a different way to escape!!


P3B1: There…

P3B2: A super convenient cart!!


P4B1: Let’s escape on that

P4B2: I refuse

P4B3: !?


P5B1: Because I lose more weight if I run!!

P5B2: Consider the situation!!


P6B1a: Generally a cart like this moves faster the heavier it is…

P6B1b: If Alicia rode it, it would…


P7B1: Wait

P7B2: I said it out loud…


P8B1: What’s that meant to mean!!

P8B2a: Cute…

P8B2b: But she’s actually kinda strong…

P8B2handwritten: Ow…




Title: Cart 2

P1box1: Was forced in

P1B1: I’ll hop in when we pick up some speed, so please hold on


P2B1: Alright, I should get…


P3B1: An unexpected dive!!


P4B1: I’ll be left behind at this rate!!

P4B2: I need to run…


P5B1: It’s not fair that you’re the only one losing weight!!

P5B2: Like hell I am!!



PAGE 10:

Title: Trap

P1B1: Damnit… I can’t tell which way the orcs are coming from…

P1B2: Alicia, watch over that side


P2B1: Ryan, over there!!

P2B2: Is there an orc!?


P3B1: !?

P3B2: That…


P4B1: What in the world could…


P5box1: Fried Chicken

P5box2: Trapping net

P5B1: It’s an obvious trap!!



PAGE 11:

P1B1a: Alicia, you can’t

P1B1b: That’s a…


P2B1: And she’s already caught in it!!

P2B2: Nooo~


P3B1: I need to rescue her quick or the orcs…

P3B2: Help~


P4middleSfx: Snap


P5B1: I didn’t have to do anything…



PAGE 12:

Title: Bread

P1B1: We’ve started to get close to the entrance

P1B2: Damnit, there’s an orc coming from the front!!


P2B1: If it’s just one we could probably take it down… But if it calls for help…

P2B2: Hm?


P3B1: Why would you eat at a time like this!?


P4B1a: It’s snack time

P4B1b: Also this is bran bread which is low in carbohydrates

P4text: Low sugar, low GI, Bran bread

P4B2: Don’t eat snacks right now!!


P5B1: Wait a minute… If we use this as bait

P5B2: We might be able to lead the orc away…


P6sfx: Throw



PAGE 13:

P1B1a: Alright

P1B1b: As expected, it’s a pig so you can lure it away with food!!

P1B2: Isn’t this great Alicia, with this…


P2B1: My snack!!

P2B2: Why would you show yourself!!

P2B2handwritten: Your priorities are backwards


P3B1: Give it back

P3B2: I have no choice, I don’t know if I can beat it but I’ll have to go and save…


P4B1: She won!!



PAGE 14:

Title: MP is precious

P1B1: Alright, we’ve managed to make it to the entrance… It took so long…

P1B2: Now we can go back


P2B1: They have guards!!


P3B1: Now what do we do…

P3B2: Alicia, can you make them go to sleep with your magic?


P4B1: I’m sorry, but I can’t do that

P4B2a: !?

P4B2b: Why!?


P5B1a: A snack wasn’t enough

P5B1b: So I kept casting the full stomach spell on myself and now

P5rightfloatingtext: I’m so full

P5leftfloatingtext: Fua~

P5B2: My MP is 0…

P5B3: Why did you do that!?



PAGE 15:

Title: Self-suggestion

P1B1: They’re doing something!!


P2B1: They’ve started eating!!

P2box1: Junk food

P2B2: And it’s junk food!!


P3B1: But right now their guards should be down…

P3B2a: She started chanting something…?

P3B2b: Could there be a spell that she can cast with zero MP…!?


P4B1: I don’t want to eat that

P4B2: I don’t want to eat that at all…

P4B3: I’m not even interested…

P4B4: It’s self suggestion!!


P5B1: Ahhhhhh!! I want to eat that too!!

P5B2: And it didn’t work!!



PAGE 16:

Title: Kind

P1B1: We’ll just have to force our way through!!

P1B2: You might not like it but please run until we get away!!


P2B1: Orcs are fat and slow

P2B2: It’s a piece of cake!!


P3floatingtext1: But she’s the same speed as them…


P5floatingtext: What even… is this anymore…


P6B1: I can’t… catch my breath…

P6B2: Alicia-san!!



PAGE 17:

P1B1: Eek


P2B1: Wha…What are you…


P4box1: Oxygen spray

P4B1: Wha…

P4B2: So kind!!


P5B1: Please be at ease, we have no intention of harming you

P5box1: A polite clan of orcs

P5B2a: It spoke!!

P5B2b: And it’s so polite!!


P6B1a: Incidentally, is the lady there

P6B1b: a human?

P6B2: She’s human no matter how you look at her


P7B1: Ah, it seems we’ve had a bit of a misunderstanding…

P7B2: ?



PAGE 18:

P1B1: She had the scent of our kind

P1box1: Petrification

P1B2a: A lost female orc

P1B2b: Is what we thought she was so we were sheltering her…


P2B1: I’m glad you’re safe!!

P2B2: But why have you turned to stone…?

P2B3: Please give her some time alone

P2B4: ……



PAGE 19:

Title: Encouragement

P1box1: Drank a potion to fix the petrification

P1sfx: Sniff

P1B1: …..


P2B1a: Don’t worry about it Alicia

P2B1b: You’re skinny


P3B1: Among orcs you could be a model!!

P3B1handwritten: I’m jealous!

P3B2: You’re right!

P3B2handwritten: What a relief!

P3B3: I think that’s pretty rude…


P4B1: But that’s not the reason I’m depressed


P5B1: I had to drink this potion so I gained more calories!!

P5box1: All-cure

P5B2: That’s why!?



PAGE 20:

Title: Enemies

P1B1: But to think this is how we would meet orcs…

P1B1handwritten: I was surprised…


P2B1: Haven’t we been running into a lot of fat enemies recently?

P2box1: Troll

P2box2: Ogre

P2box3: Behemoth

P2B2: Now that you mention it…


P3B1: Could it be…


P4floatingtext1: They think she’s one of their kind…

P4B1: …….

P4B2: …….

P4floatingtext2: I’ll do my best, tomorrow!!

P4B3: Let’s keep quiet about this from the person herself


Bottom text: Next time -> Alicia gives up on her diet!?  The priest that chugs elixirs!

Vertical text: Among trolls, she is a super model.