Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 8

Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 8

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Alicia’s Diet Quest

Chapter 8



Title: Powerful enemy

P1B1: Impossible… That’s…

P1box1: A powerful enemy has appeared!

Vertical text Left of P1: AN ALLY HAS


P3B1: I’m going to quit my diet


P4B1: Am I even fat in the first place?


Vertical text left of P4: BECOME AN ENEMY!?




P1floating text: Relaxed~

P1box1: A slime priestess has appeared!


P2box1: The beginning of this incident

P2box2: Takes place 1 hour before




Floatingtext1: The bouncy feeling

Floatingtext2: Is the best!


Small floating text (middle left, above small image): People are talking about this squishy heroine!!!

Floatingtext (below small image): Volume 1 on sale now!!!!!




Title: Ring

P1box1a: This happened

P1box1b: When we heard rumours of a strong weapon

P1box2: We were looking all over an ancient ruin for treasure chests


P2B1: There aren’t many good items here…

P2floatingtext1: I guess the rumour was just made up

P2B2: Ryan-san, look…!


P3B1: I just found it

P3B2: So you found the powerful item!!


P4B1: A ring I could use for my diet

P4box1: Ring of agility

P4box2: Agility +10 Willpower -10

P4B2: What are you looking for!?




P1B1a: If I raise my agility with this, I should be able to run faster and farther

P1B1b: I should be able to burn more calories and lose weight!

P1B2: She does run out of breath quickly…


P2B1: Without further ado…

P2B2: Wait Alicia, isn’t that ring…

P2sfx: Slide


P3B1: Cursed…?

P3box1: Curse

P3box2: Curse ··· Unable to remove equipment

P3B2: Wait… You’re right!!


P4B1: You were too careless…

P4B2: Hurry and drink the potion to lift the curse

P4B3: No… That’s…


P5B1: Are you going to say it has too many calories…

P5B2: It’s just…




P1B1: Those are tasty so I drank them all a while ago…

P1B1handwritten: It just sorta happened…

P1floatingtext1: Sorry!!

P1B2: You have no intention of losing weight!


P2B1: Seriously… Please don’t eat items in place of snacks!

P2B2a: There are stories of parties

P2B2b: being wiped out from a lack of items

P2floatingtext1: That’s right

P2B3: I’m sorry…


P4B1: Please just be careful next time


P5floatingtext1: *sigh*

P5B1: She’s already drinking something after being told off!?




P1B1a: Wait

P1B1b: Even worse, that’s…


P2B1: An elixir, a super rare healing item!

P2B2: The ones I’ve been saving up…


P3B1: And that’s got a ton of calories!

P3box1: Elixir

P3B2: What happened to your diet!?


P4B1: I can’t help it…

P4B2: !?


P5B1: I just wanted to drink it…

P5B2: Why are you trying to drink another one!?




Title: Self Control

P1B1a: I mean

P1B1b: These are just so good

P1B2: There’s no way I could hold back

P1B3: There’s something wrong with Alicia!


P2B1a: What’s wrong with you

P2B1b: Alicia-san

P2box1: Item Bag

P2B2a: Maybe I can find something

P2B2b: tasty in here…


P4B1: Could it be because of the ring…?

P4B2: Huh!?


P5B1a: That ring raises your agility

P5B1b: But it had the effect of lowering your willpower

P5B2: Her willpower decreased and she can’t hold back her appetite!

P5B3: Her self control is so weak!!




Title: Escape

P1B1a: !

P1B1b: This is bad, really bad

P1B2: !?


P2B1a: The elixirs that I’ve been saving up

P2B1b: Are all going to be drunk!


  • Seed of strength x 2
  • Elixir x 20
  • Medical Herb x 30
  • Diet
  • Chia seed
  • Mandragora

P2box1: Stingy


P3B1: Give the bag back Alicia!

P3B2: You’ll get fat!!


P4B1: I’m going to eat, don’t get in my way!!



PAGE 10:

P1B1: Wait Alicia!


P2box1: Alicia’s body slam does 1000 damage

P2B1: The power of her physical attacks is incredible…


P3B1: I’ll handle…


P4box1: Ring of Agility equipped

P4sfx: Stomp Stomp Stomp

P4B1: Her speed doesn’t match the sounds she’s making…



PAGE 11:

Title: Contents of the bag

P1B1a: There are 20 elixirs inside that bag … That’s at least 10 thousand calories…

P1B1b: At this rate Alicia’s going to get even fatter…

P1box1: Resurrected

P1B2a: Don’t worry Ryan

P1B2b: There are no elixirs in there

P1B3: What!?


P2B1: I drank most them trying to gain weight!

P2floatingtext: To get fat…

P2B2: My elixirs!


P3B1: But I’m glad, with this there shouldn’t be anything in that bag…

P3B2: Not exactly


P4B1: In its place I put in some super high calorie cookies for getting fat

P4B2: What have you done!?



PAGE 12:

Title: Big Slime

P1B1: We need to stop Alicia from gaining weight!

P1B1sfx: Boing


P2box1: A big slime appeared!

P2box2: Level 90

P2B1: Why would a strong enemy come at a time like this…


P3floatingtext: That shadow…


P5B1: Alicia-san!!

P5floatingtext: Yum

P5B2: A slime that makes people useless…



PAGE 13:

P2B1: She’s become human garbage!!


P3B1: Alicia-san, going to sleep while eating…

P3B2: What happened to your diet!!


P4B1: You’ll get fat

P4B2a: No…

P4B2b: That’s…


P5B1: My body doesn’t get fat

P5B2: What…?



PAGE 14:

Title: Time for excuses

P1B1: That’s not true no matter how you look at it!

P1B2: That’s right Alicia


P2B1: I mean, am I even fat in the first place…?

P2B2: Aren’t I barely in the normal range…


P3B1: Really, really just barely!

P3B2: That’s right Alicia


P4B1: Those are just your opinions anyway…

P4B2: And they say chubby is popular in the capital…


P5B1: Chubby basically means you’re fat!

P5B2: He’s saying some mean things…


P6B1: Tomorrow… I’ll start tomorrow…



PAGE 15:

Title: Things that are hard to say

P1B1: What does it even matter if I get fat!?

P1B2: It’s not a problem at all!


P2B1: It’s a problem, a big problem!

P2B2: !!


P3B1a: You’re too slow

P3B1b: At running away


Fight Strategise


P3B2: You’ve hurt her enough Ryan…


P4B1: And since I have the chance I’ll say it now


P5B1: Your coffin is super heavy

P5B2: I said that was enough!



PAGE 16:

Title: Hypothetical (1)

P1B1: And if you keep being fat there’s plenty of problems that could happen in the future

P1floatingtext: Keep being fat…

P1B2: He plans to keep going!?


P2B1: Let’s say we went into an ancient temple


P3B1a: So this is the equipment needed to defeat the demon king

P3B1b: The ultimate priestess’s clothes!!


P4B1a: Alicia-san can’t wear it

P4B1b: We can’t go and defeat the demon lord!

P4floatingtext: It won’t zip up!

P4B2: Would that ever happen!?



PAGE 17:

Title: Hypothetical (2)

P1B1: And let’s say we defeated the demon king


P2B1: After that we would be admired by people all around the world

P2floatingtext1: With this, the world is at peace

P2floatingtext2: Hero-sama~

P2B2: And after that


P3B1: It’ll be built

P3B2: A statue of you being fat

P3B3: She’s become super fat…


P4B1: And children of the future generations will say this

P4B2: One of them is fat

P4box1: That fatty that is talked about by future generations

P4B3: Maybe you plan to embarrass yourself for eternity

P4B4: Noooooo



PAGE 18:

Title: Selfishness

P1B1: I don’t want that!!

P1B2: But I want to eat!


P2B1: If you’re going to be that selfish I’m going to have to force you


P3B1: Does he plan to use magic to force her away!?


P4box1: Spell

P4box2: Search

P4B1: Noooooo!

P4box3: Weight 5 kg

P4B2: Don’t look at my weight!!

P4B3: It’s heavier than I thought…



PAGE 19:

Title: Reform

P1B1: This is reality

P1B2: Can you still say you’re not fat?


P2B1: ……….


P3B1: I didn’t see anything, I don’t care!

P3B2: She ran from reality!!


P4B1: So tasty~

P4B2: …….


P5B1: Eating is bliss~

P5sfx1: Squeak

P5sfx2: Squeak



PAGE 20:

P1sfx: Bang


P2box1: The big slime was defeated!


Alicia Leveled Up

HP + 5

Power + 3

Weight + 3


P3B1: ……


P4B1: I’m definitely fat

P4box1: Alicia has been reformed!


Bottom text: Next time -> Alicia in a boss fight!! Will it drop some bigger sized clothes!?

Vertical text: Realizing it is the first step in a diet.