Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 9

Alicias Diet Quest Chapter 9

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Alicia’s Diet Quest

Chapter 9



Top text: Fantasy diet comedy!

Title: Pyramid

P1box1: Today, we have come looking for an ancient weapon

P1box2: Rumoured to be sealed in the pyramid


P2B1: Even so, it is hot…


P3B1: It’s hot…

P3B2: We’re getting steamed inside of the armour


P4B1: It must be nice to be lightly dressed like Alicia


Left text: This month has an actual battle!? A dungeon exploration chapter!!



P1B1: She is sweating the most


P2B1: it’s really hot…

P2B2: I’ll do something about it with my magic


P3Box: Cold

P3B1: Phew~ This is the perfect temperature!

P3B2: cold!

P3B3: so cold!

P3B4: stop the magic Alicia!





Top text: Volume 1 on sale now!!

Floatingtext1: There should be some larger equipment at the end of this map!?




Title: Trap

P1B1: So this is the inside of the pyramid

P1B2: It’s emptier than I thought


P2B1a: Please be careful

P2B1b: I’ve heard there are all sorts of traps set around here

P2floatingtext1: Arrows

P2floatingtext2: Pit fall

P2floatingtext3: Spiked floor

P2B2: If we don’t move carefully we’ll take some serious damage…


P3B1: Heeey, there’s nothing here

P3B2: You’re not even listening to me!?


P4B1: Ryan-san’s such a worrywart…


P5B1: Wait for me Sarah-saaan




P2box1: Arrow

P2B1: Kyaaa!!


P3B1: But when Sarah passed nothing happened, so why…


P4B1: …… These are…

P5B1: Weight triggered traps

P5B2: Don’t say the cruel truth out loud!




Title: Arrow (1)

P1B1: Alicia, it’s dangerous so retrace your steps to get back over here

P1B2: Understood!


P2B1: Yep, yep, keep it up…


P3B1: Whoops

P3sfx: Slide


P4B1: Alicia-saaan!?


P5B1: Could she have been… hit with a poison arrow and…


P6B1: I was saved because I was holding a grimoire…

P6box1: Diet book

P6B2: A miraculous save!!




Title: Arrow (2)

P1B1: I’ll go

P1B2: !?


P2B1: If I run through here faster than the arrows can get me, all the traps will go off

P2B2: After that Alicia-san can pass


P3B1: Leave it to me!

P3B2: Ryan-san


P4B1: As the leader I need to show them that I’m reliable!


P6B1: How about we use this!?

P6box1: Angel feather

P6box2: Floating item

P6B2: My bravery was wasted!




Title: Spiked floor

P1floatingtext: Sigh… I’m tired…


P2box1: Poison spiked floor

P2B1: Another trap…!


P3B1: Now we can use this!

P3box1: Angel feather


P4B1: This time we’ll be able to avoid any injuries…

P4sfx: Float…


P5B1: Owowowowowow

P5box1: Ceiling

P5B2: She’s floating too high and hitting her head!!




P1B1: I need to be careful not to hit my head as well!


P2B1: Here’s your share Alicia

P2B2: Why are you giving me two!?


P3B1: Just in case

P3B2a: I’m not that heavy

P3B2b: I’ll be fine with just 1!


P4B1: Please give me another one



PAGE 10:

Title: Undead monsters

P1B1: We managed to get through the traps…

P1B2: !


P2box: Zombies have appeared!

P2B1: Enemies…!


P3B1: Alright, leave this to…


P4B1: Gah!!

P4box: Poisoned

P4B2: She got hit straight away!! And it’s poison!!


P5B1: Here!

P5box1: Anti-poison Herb

P5sfx: Ugh…


P6B1: I feel sick, I can’t eat it…

P6B2: Her usual lack of appetite is being made worse with the poison!!



PAGE 11:

Title: Marbled

P1box: The poison was cured

P1B1: Thanks Alicia!


P2B1: Now come at me zombies!


P3B1: ?


P4B1: I was ignored!?

P4B2a: Kyaa

P4B2b: Why me…

P4B3: The zombies went for the one with the most meat!!



PAGE 12:

Title: Job Abandonment

P1B1: I’ve had it

P1B2: For an undead monster I’ll just…


P2B1: (Holy Magic)

P2box: The monsters were purified


P3B1: As expected of the genius priestess!


P4B1a: With holy magic this dungeon should be easy

P4B1b: We’ll be counting on you

P4B2: That’s a bit…

P4B3: Huh?


P5B1a: I don’t want to drink mana recovery potions

P5B1b: So I’d rather not cast magic…

P5B2: Why are you a priestess!?



PAGE 13:

Title: Mummy

P1B1: Even if you’re on a diet, that’s not allowed!

P1B2: Hauuu…


P2box: Mummies have appeared!


P3B1: If that’s the case Alicia, leave it to me!

P3B1: My attack power’s risen thanks to my anti-diet!!


P4B1: 2 damage

P4B2: She’s still weak!


P5B1: Yes! It’s better than before

P5floatingtext: Is she really okay as a knight…



PAGE 14:

Title: Last Boss

P2B1: So that’s the monster that guards the treasure…

P2box1: Pyramid Boss

P2box2: Sphynx

P2B2: It looks quite tough


P3B1: Let’s think of a strategy before fighting it

P3B2: The best strategy would be for Alicia to boost my attack power with magic…


P4B1: I don’t want to use magic okay!

P4B2: Why is this person even here…


P5B1: Alright…

P5B2: Then what about this strategy?



PAGE 15:

P1B1: First, Alicia has a lot of HP so she goes out front and acts as a shield…

P1B2: That’s a bad idea!

P1B3: Then a knight such as myself should be the shield…

P1B4: Then change of plans


P2B1: I’ll be the bait so Alicia with a high attack power keeps hitting it with her staff

P2B2: Absolutely not!

P2B3: A knight such as myself can attack…

P2B4: Then change of plans


P3B1: Alicia-san continuously body slams it

P3B2: What do you think I am!

P3B3: A knight such as myself should

P3B4: Then change of plans


P4B1: A knight such as myself…

P4B2: Hmm, then Alicia-san


P5B1: A knight will face a boss by themselves!

P5B2: Wait! I’m sorry Sarah!

P5B2handwritten: I didn’t have any bad intentions!



PAGE 16:

P1B1: Wait Sarah!


P2box1: Wind Burst

P2B1: An attack of this level won’t…!


P3bottomSFX: Slide~


P4B1: ……


P5floatingtext: An awkward situation…!!



PAGE 17:

P1B1: We’ve been seen by the enemy so we’ll just fight like we normally do!


P3B1: Hurry up Alicia-san!


P4B1a: Please don’t say anything selfish and just use your magic

P4B1b: This is a boss after all


P5B1: Got it

P5B2: She was so against it before but now…


P6floatingtext: I guess I have no choice, 300 kcal…

P6B1: She still against it



PAGE 18:

P1B1: I’ve drunk it now so I’ll do my best!

P1B2: We’re counting on you Alicia!


P2B1: Boost our attacks with magic please!

P2B2: Okay


P3B1: Alicia-san, recovery please!

P3B2: Okay


P4B1: Alicia, magic sword!

P4B2: Okay


P5box1: 10 minutes later

P5box2: Destroyed

P5B1: We did it!


P6B1: It’s all thanks to you Alicia-san!


P7B1: You’re welc…



PAGE 19:

P1B1: ome.

P1sfx: Zzzz…

P1B2: Alicia’s obesity is at a dangerous high level!


P3B1: Let’s work on your diet again

P3B2: Please take responsibility


P4B1: Oh

P4box: Treasure chest drop


P5B1: Do you want to do some step-ups?

P5B2: Don’t try and distract me


P6B1: Maybe we’ll find a bigger set of clothes in here



PAGE 20:

P1box1: Ancient rapier

P1box2: Equipped by knights


P2B1: If I equip this I should be able to become a strong knight…


P3B1: It’s heavy…

P3B2: Weak


P4B1: Sarah, use this!!

P4B2: !?

P4box: Angel feather


P5B1: The sword isn’t going to get any lighter with that!!

P5box1: Ryan, tired of playing the straight man.


Bottom text: Next time -> Alicia has a feast despite not having exercise!? The banquet that awaits the party!!

Vertical text: All they gained was the MP recovery potion’s calories and an unusable weapon.