Argate online Chapter 1

Argate online Chapter 1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 1
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Page 1:
ugh-…                                                no…

u-                                            ugh~

page 2:

Sorry everyone                                 I

Fell asleep!!!

Page 3:
I guess pulling off 3 sleepless night is too much…

Huh?                                                   where are my party members?


Page 4+5:
cheat samurai make his appearance

The samurai goes to a different world!
The start of a new refreshing battle fantasy series!

Page 6:
confirming status

Let’s see what was I doing…

I                                               Izu Takashi (17)


Just a normal student in my 2nd year of high school

Page 7:
Level 1!!!                                                      How can I be just level 1!!

A server error!?                                            Maybe a bug!?                                              What’s going on?

I’ve already gotten used to playing this game                                         so

What are the GMs doing…?

…I know it like my backyard

Let’s just try re-logging in                                                  log out, log out

So annoying


Page 8:

…it’s not there?

The log out button

Page 9:

Please…                                             someone

Save me…!!

Page 10:

What’s wrong…                                           woah

Ah…swordsman-sama!                                           Please save me!

Villager Illya

I beg you!!
A pretty solid event~


I’ll leave logging out for later                                            now…

Page 11:
Time to test out                                                         what I can do…at lv 1!!

Page 12:

Wild dog


Equipment: school uniform and                                        samurai armor-                                 wait I don’t have a chest plate

But                                          it all fits exclusively to my job so I do gain a boost…

Page 13:
Ok                                                       “Body enhancement”

Page 14:
if I don’t get hit                                 then these wild dogs are nothing…



You have leveled up!

Page 15:
I’m so good!!!


“Masamune” rareness X, a sword exclusively for samurai

Feeling fulfillment

Now that’s my “Masamune”!!                                           Having this at lv 1 just feels like cheating~

So is this a bug?

I should try to log out again

May…I ask

Who are you?


This NPC is asking something really strange

Isn’t it clear that I’m…

One of this game’s

Heavy users

Page 16:
A company in Japan has released a game that is now famous worldwide

Argate Online

This is a game using virtual reality                                               the players will get to dive in a virtual world with their senses connected to their character-

Page 17:
the weight of an armor                                                        swinging of a sword, casting magic on an enemy

Those refreshing feelings

It feels like you’re actually there                                                  it just feels so real

Using the most advanced technology

They’ve made a VRMMO

Page 18:

Yes, this is a game

And it’s a game that my childhood friend                                                had exhausted his/her effort on (TLN: I don’t know his childhood friend’s gender so…)

I won despite being lv 1!                                                     With knowledge and X leveled rare equipment

This feels just like my backyard

I don’t really understand but

Swordsman-sama is really strong!


I’m not really

That much

Page 19:
Wild wolf

A wild wolf…!!

Oh                                           a superior monster has appeared

Page 20:
lv 2 vs a wild wolf…                                               this is gonna be tough

In AO (Argate Online) there is a function called pain absorber

Even if your blood is spilled you’ll feel no pain from it                                                even if you’re close to dying, you just need to win

But still with this difference in lv I’ll die in one hit…

All of its attack, defense, and evasion rate                                              surpass mine!

And with my equipment right now

I don’t have any head gear or chest plate                                     so of course

Page 21:

It will target                                       my


It’s lucky I have my sleeve plate

Page 22:
but I have a plan!!


Put all my bonus point                                            into attack!!

Next                                                    Skill window

Use the skill point I got from leveling up…

To learn

A new skill!!!

Page 23:
Do you wish to learn this skill?



Skill active                                                    “Quick Slash”

Page 24:
Quick Slash

Page 26:
you have leveled up!

Page 27:




Where is the pain absorber?                                               Could it be turned off?

Can that even happen?

* dripping*

I’m glad that you’re still fine


* dripping*                                                    * dripping*

Eh?                                                     This is a VR game right?

Then what is this pain and blood spilling?                                              This is not just almost real

Page 28:

This is real…!!?

What’s even happening?

I was almost eaten!!!

Swordsman-sama                                                     what is your name?

Eh                                           name?

My name is…