Argate online Chapter 10

Argate online Chapter 10

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TLN : First, let me apologize. I changed the skill name from [One Hit Kill Sword Slash] to [One Hit Kill Sword Technique XXX Move], I know that I’ve been using the former for the sake of consistency but it turns out that the change is necessary from this chapter onwards. For example, The kanji for skill [Gust] starts with [刀技必殺之壱] that is made from [刀技] = sword technique, [必殺之] = Finisher/ One hit kill move, and [壱] = 1 which from now on will be translated as [One Hit Kill Sword Technique First Move]


Argate Online Ch 10


page 1

p1bx1 :

Angura LV:75

p1bx2 :

Success!! <Part Destroyed>

Target’s [tail] has been cut off

Target loses skill [Deviousness]

p1bx3 :

Level up!

[26 -> 27]

p2b1a : …

p2b1b : He did it…

p2b2a : He really did it

p2b2b : It’s just like what that samurai said!

p3b1a : We can do this

p3b1b : We can actually…

p3bx1 :

Target has been weakened

-> Defence 80% down

-> Attack 80% down

-> Speed 80% down

p3b2 : Win this!!


page 2

p1b1 : We can beat that Angura!!

p1b2 : Yeaaaah

p1 title top left : # 09 Clown’s commandment (Pt 2)

p2b1 : Alright everyone!!

p2b2 : Let’s goooooo!!


page 3

p1b1 : Let’s finish that monster!!

p1b2 : GO!!!

p1bx1 : Dazed

p1 sfx : *gugugu*

p2b1 : Leave it to me!!

p2b2 : I’ll stop its attack!!

p3bx1 :

Leader of the [Hawk Squad]

Havel LV:29 Swordsman

p3bx2 : Crushing Blow

p3b1 : Gopu


page 4

p1b1a : I’ve stopped it!!

p1b1b : Alright!!

p1b2 : *Clank*

p2b1 : Go Alex!!

p3b1 : Okay!

p3bx1 :


LV:29 Heavy Fighter

p3bx2 :


Attack 10% up

For 10 seconds


page 5

p1bx1 : Angura

p1bx2 : Relentless Spin

p1bx3 : Stun (20 seconds)

p2b1a : Ahah… ahahaha

p2b1b : It would be a waste not to join the party ~nyaa

p2bx1 :


LV:27 Dual Swordsman


page 6

p1b1 : Right?

p1b2 : Brothers!!

p1bx1 : Angura

p1bx2 : Crimson Twin Fangs

p2b1 : *splatt*


page 7

p1 small bubbles : *crackle*

p1 sfx : *bam*

p2b1a : Such

p2b1b : A

p2b2a : Bliss

p2b2b : ~nyaa <3

p2 small bubbles : *crackle*

p2 sfx : *thump*

p3b1a : Hey Mr Samurai! It’s just like you said

p3b1b : The base of its thighs are soft…

p3b2 : Whoa!!

p3b3 : [Earth Guard]!!

p3bx1 : [Saliva Bomb]

p4b1a : Don’t drop your guard just because I’m here to support you!!

p4b1b : Unless you are planning to die!!

p4b2a : My bad!! I’ll be counting on you

p4b2b : For the next one too!

p4 sfx right : *clank*

p4 sfx left : *ahahaha*

p5b1a : …These guys are good

p5b1b : Although this is a real battle

p5b2 : They are all relaxed


page 8

p1b1 : [Earth Guard]!!

p2b1 : [Impact]!!

p3b1a : Our healing is barely keeping up

p3b1b : Enemy’s HP is about 1/3 left…

p3b2a : It’s all going well!!

p3b2b : If we keep this up

p4b1 : We can win th-


page 9

p2 bubbles : *crackle*

p2 sfx : *sizzling*


page 10

p1b1 : Woof!

p1 sfx : *hah*

p2b1 : …fool

p2b2a : Why are you here!?

p2b2b : And now of all times!!

p2 sfx : *sizzling*

p3bx1a :  [Berserk Phenomenon]

p3bx1b : For some of the boss class monsters

p3 small bubbles : *hah*

p4bx1a : When they receive enough damage up to a certain point, there is a very small chance

p4bx1b : That they will go berserk

p4bx2 : Their attack power will increase and they will keep spewing out their special attacks without telegramming at all, thus turning the battle into a carnage

p4 letters right : The reason why I didn’t tell The Hawk Squad about this

p4 letters left : is because the possibility for it to happen is just around 3%


page 11

p1b1 : Good lord, We hit

p1b2 : That 3%

p1 small bubble (bottom right): *thump*

p2bx1a : …What to do now?

p2bx1b : What should I do?

p2bx2 : In this condition


page 12

p1b1 : *thump*

p1bx1a : If I am to lose here, then it’s game over

p1bx1b : Then I’ll be resurrected back to the guild

p1 letter right : …Is that possible?

p1 letters left : [Resurrect back]

p2 letters right : Even if this is real?

p2 letters left : Even if this isn’t a game?

p2bx1a : …Wait, this is a game right?

p2bx1b : Since this is that [Argate Online]…

p3bx1a : If I lose here, I might wake up

p3bx1b : Back to my previous world

p3 letters right : Even if there is no log out here?

p3bx2 : Back to 2nd year high schooler Izu Takashi

p3 letters left : And what if I can’t go back?

p3b1 : *thump*

p4 letters top : How about Hayate?

p4 letters bottom : How about that elf?

p5bx1 : Everyone

p5bx2 : Will die here


page 13

p1bx1 : DANGER! Reinforcement monsters appeared

p1bx2 : Sod Lizard LV:30

p1bx3 : Sod Lizard LV:29

p1bx4 : Sod Lizard LV:27

p1bx5 : Sod Lizard LV:28

p1bx6 : Target is preparing to use [Berserk]

p1bx7 : Target has called for reinforcements!

p2b1a : Tch!! Buying time hah!!

p2b1b : That bastard has called more monsters!?

p2b2a:  Ughh… It will be hard to fight them all

p2b2b : Oii!! Mister client, What now?


page 14

p1b1 : Ahahahah!!!

p1b2 : !?

p2b1a : …What the hell man!!

p2b1b : Is this some demon’s doing…

p2b2 : Or is it just a joke from god…!?

p2 sfx : *slap*

p3 bubbles : *thump*

p3 sfx1 : *trembling*

p3 sfx2 : *haaah*

p4b1 : Oii!! You [Hawk Squad] guys!!

p4b2 : Yeah?

p4b3 : I’ll leave Angura to you!


page 15

p1b1 : I’ll handle

p1bx1 : A serene mind

p1bx2 :

Effect :

Sharpen one’s mind

p2 sfx : *inhale*

p3b1 : The small fry

p3bx1 :

-> Agility UP!

-> Evasion UP!

-> Accuracy UP!


page 16

p1bx1 : Sheath Bash

p1bx2 : Quick slash

p1b1 : One down…

p1bx3 : Nice!


page 17

p1b1 : 2 down…

p1 small bubble : *Clank*

p2bx1 : [One Hit Kill Sword Technique First Move]

p3b1 : 3 down…

p3bx1 :  [Gust]

p4bx1a : This is

p4bx1b : Good

p4b1 : 4 down…

p5bx1 : It’s the best!!!

p5bx2 : Level Up!

p5b1a : I’ll be taking it…

p5b1b : The experience!!


page 18

p1bx1 : [Level 30]

p1bx2 :


Job [Samurai] rank up!

p1bx3 :

Max HP increased

Max MP increased

Status has been updated

p1bx4 :

New [Sword Technique]

Has been added!

p1bx5 :

New [Skill]

Has been added

p1bx6 :

Do you wish to spend

All your skill points

On the new skills?

p1bx7 :

-> Yes


p2bx1 : New skill has been acquired

p2b1 : [Meditation]!!


page 19

p1bx1 :


Max MP increased (For 120 seconds)

+100 MP every 3 seconds

p2b1 : !!?

p3bx1 : MP+100

p3b1a: And next

p3b1b : [Hassou]*

*TLN : A battle stance,

p4bx1 : MP+100

p4b1 : !!!

p4bx2 : Hassou

p4bx3 : Effect range : all party members

p4bx4 : All statuses 25% up (For 120 seconds)

p5b1 : Wh..Mister client, what is this?

p5bx1 : MP+100

p5b2 : What are you doing!!?


page 20

p1bx1 : Weapon skill

p1bx2 :

Do you wish to learn

The new sword technique?

p2bx1 :

-> Yes


p2 background box : New sword technique has been acquired

p3b1 : [One Hit Kill Sword Technique Fourth Move]

p3 sfx : *grin*


page 21

p1b1 : [Scatter Strike]

p1bx1 :

[One Hit Kill Sword Technique Fourth Move-Scatter Strike]

Attribute : Electric

Send out a shockwave from the blade

Can be used as long range attack (Max range : 10 Meter)

p2b1 : Next!

p2 small bubble : *clank*


page 22

p1b1a : [One Hit Kill Sword Technique]

p1b1b : [Third Move]!!


page 23

p1b1a : [Water Spear]!!!

p1b1b : And then

p1bx1 : ComboX1

p1bx2 :

[One Hit Kill Sword Technique Third Move-Water Spear]

Attribute : Water (Electric->Combo damage +15%)

Thrust the sword and shoot out crystallized

water to split enemy in half

p2b1 : *swing*

p2b2 : [One Hit Kill Sword Technique]


page 24

p1b1a : [Second Move]!!!

p1b1b : [Fire Blast]!!!

p1bx1 : ComboX2

p1bx2 :

[One Hit Kill Sword Technique Second Move-Fire Blast]

Attribute : Fire (Electric->Water->Combo damage+25%)

By slashing down from the sky and back up making a V shaped slash

Create a raging pillar of fire from the contact point with the ground


page 25

p2b1a : Last one!!

p2b1b : Special version

p2bx1 : [Star prayer]

p2bx2 :

Higher level of [Mind’s eye]

Can create up to 10 shadow clones

Moreover >>

p2bx3 :

>> All shadow clones

are moving in sync with each other

To deliver multiple attacks

p4b1 : [One Hit Kill Sword Technique Second Move]


page 26

p1b1 : [Fire]

p1bx1 : ComboX3

p1bx2 :

Electric->Water->Fire->Fire->Combo damage +35%

[Star prayer] Multiple attack bonus 1000%!!


page 27

p1b1 : [Blast]


page 28

p1bx1 : Angura LV:75

p2b1 : Sword Technique Combo…

p2b2 : [Dance of the snowflakes]

p2b3 : *clank*

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