Argate online Chapter 11

Argate online Chapter 11

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Argate Online 11


page 1

p1bx1 : Capital City Rindobar

p1bx2 : City’s Main Street

p1 small bubble1 : I wanna see them

p1 small bubble2 : Real heroes, huh…

p1 sfx : *chatter* *murmur*

p2b1 : Ah, they’re coming!!

p2b2 : They’re here?!

p2 sfx : *murmur*


page 2

p1b1a : The heroes!!

p1b1b : All hail the heroes!!

p3b1 : Welcome to the capital city Rindobar!!


page 3

p1bx1 : Congratulation on the unique monster extermination!!

p1bx2 : All hail the [Hawk Squad]!!

p2b1a : I always thought that you were a strange character…

p2b1b : But this one really surprised me…

p2b2 : I can’t believe you gave all the credit to the [Hawk Squad]

p2bx1 :


Merchant Guild

Head of Yushuto Branch

p2 sfx : *Waaa*


page 4

p1b1a : Rikio-sama

p1b1b : What exactly is going on in your mind…

p2b1 : Whoaa!! This is delicious

p2b2 :  It’s rice! it’s rather long and thin, but it’s rice!!!

p2b3 : delicious as always!!

p2b4 : …

p2 small bubble : Woof

p2 sfx : *munch* *munch*

p3b1 : Hm?

p3b2 : Did you say something?

p3 sfx : *munch*

p4b1a : Like I said before

p4b1b : About that parade!!

p4b2a : Ahhh, that thing huh…

p4b2b : haah, rice is indeed the best!!

p4b2c : Thanks for the food

p4 sfx : *Waaa*

p5b1a : Isn’t this coffee?!!

p5b1b : This is real coffee!! where did you get this!?

p5b2 : It’s been so long since I last drank coffee after a meal… this is soo good

p5b3 : …

p5 letter right : Uoohh

p5 letters above Rikio’s head : Deeply Moved

p6b1 : Ohom!!


page 5

p1b1a : Rikio-sama

p1b1b : To tell you the truth, I don’t get it at all!

p1b2a : From what I understand about adventurers…

p1b2b : I thought you guys prefer fame and achievements over thrill and money…

p1bx1 : High Class Hotel [Sherazad]

p2b1a : So basically, isn’t what you gave to the [Hawk Squad]

p2b1b : everything that an adventurer would want?!

p2bx1 : Special Top Floor Room Suite (only 1 room available)

p2 sfx : *rattle*

p3b1a : Well

p3b1b : It depends on the person

p3bx1a : That’s right, I Rikio

p3bx1b : Worked together with the escort group, the [Hawk Squad]

p3 sfx : *slurp*

p4bx1 : And we completed a super difficult quest


page 6

p1 letters : Unique Monster Eliminated!!

p1bx1a : We finished the quest with only 5 people

p1bx1b : And what made that possible…

p2bx1 : Is knowledge

p2b1 : Tactics and Strategy of [Argate Online]

p3 letters right : it would be troublesome if my name goes out to the public as there are people who would pursue the secret which let us win that fight after all

p3 letters left : So I credited everything to the [Hawk Squad]

p3bx1 : Including all the fame, glory, and troubles

p4b1 : Well… isn’t that alright?

p4b2a : The one who delivered the finishing blow was the [Hawk Squad] after all

p4b2b : Right?

p4 small bubble : *sniff*

p4 sfx : *stand*


page 7

p1b1 : That may be true, but still…

p1b2 : To be honest, I wouldn’t be able to handle it by myself

p1b3 : But…

p1bx1 : Right after Ch 10

p1 small letters left : I leave the rest to you guys

p1 sfx : *Drop dead*

p2b1 : Give it up already will you!!

p2b2 : If you keep complaining

p3b1 : I won’t go to that meeting with people from the central branch!!

p3b2a : That will be a big problem!!

p3b2b : I understand, I’ll stop complaining!!

p3sfx : *panicking*

p4b1 : Remember that the meeting will be held in 3 days, okay!?

p4b2 : Yeah yeah

p5bx1 :

Rikio Lv : 33

(Exploring The Capital – Casual Mode)

p5bx2 : Triumphal Parade

p5b1a : Until the meeting…

p5b1b : You can do whatever you want

p5b2a : Let’s see now…

p5b2b : Oh, a weapon shop!

p6b1 : Good Afternoon

p6b2 : Welcome


page 8

p1b1a : … Ohhh

p1b1b : What do we have here…

p1b2 : What an exquisite arrow!!

p1bx1 : *Kabura Arrow

*TLN : A type of Japanese arrow

p2b1a : Can I buy the same kind of arrow?

P2b1b : … Or at least can you make it yourself?

p2b2 : Unfortunately… that will be very difficult for me

p3b1a : This is a magic item

p3b1b : And only the country where it came from possesses the knowledge on how to make it

p3b2a : I can make an exact imitation of its outward appearance, but the properties will be different

p3b2b : If you want to get the same arrow, then you should go to where it was made

p4b1a : I never knew

p4b1b : That these arrows were such unique items

p4b1b small letters : Where the hell were these arrows made?

p4b2a : I only have 15 arrows left…

p4b2b : I need to use them carefully from now on…

p4 sfx : *rattle*


page 9

p1bx1 :

Elven Armour (6 Items Set)

Price : 10 Silver Coins

p2bx1a : … that’s right…

p2bx1b : I wonder if she got away safely

p2bx2 : That girl…

p3bx1a : When I woke up after I fainted because of my 0 MP

p3bx1b : The battle was already over…

p4bx1 : And I couldn’t find her at all

p4bx2 : She had vanished just like a ghost

p5b1a : …

p5b1b : Elf huh…

p5b2 : Hmmm

p5bx1 : Map

p5 small letters left : I think I’ll go investigate a bit…

p5 sfx : *peek*


page 10

p1b1 : Welcome…

p1 sfx bottom right guy : *Fuuuh*

p1 sfx left guy : *peek*

p1 other sfx : *clutter*

p2bx1 :

Back street alley

In the basement of a deteriorated building

p2bx2 :


Black Market

p2 small letters right : Whoops…

p2 small letters left : I came on a whim…


page 11

p1b1a : Hello there mister…

p1b1b : How did you know about this place?

p1b2a : You got the money, right…?

p1b2b : So what are looking for?

p1b2b small letters : Hmm?

p1b3a : Uhmmm…

p1b3b : Actually

p1 small bubble1 : Let me out!!

p1 small bubble2 : Buhggkk

p1 sfx right : *stare*

p1 sfx left : *rattle*

p2b1a : El… Elf

p2b1b : Do you have any elves?

p2b2a : Oohh… an Elf huh..

p2b2b : Elves are quite popular after all…

p3b1a : So we prepared some of them here

p3b1b : You can pick anyone

p4b1 : *gulp*

p4b2 : …

p4 sfx : *thump*


page 12

p1b1 : … She’s not here

p1b2 : Thank god

p1 sfx : *Hoh*

p2b1a : So… Have you decided on one?

p2b1b : Mister?

p2b2 : …hm?

p2 sfx right : *grin*

p2 sfx middle : *stare*

p2 sfx left : *Grrr*

p2 small bubbles : *Doki*

p3b1a : Wait!?

p3b1b : These aren’t elves!?

p3b2 : They’re all just humans

p3 small bubbles : *Woof*

p3bx1 : Search

p3bx2 : Humans (Male) X 4

p3 lower boxes from right to left :

Fake ear



Breast Pad


p4b1a : Oy, shopkeeper, these people

p4b1b : Are humans…

p4b2 : …

p4 sfx : *menacing*


page 13

p1b1a : … You didn’t see anything here

p1b1b : Okay, mister?

P1b2 : … Yes

p1b2 small letters : sorry for intruding

p1bx1 : Black Market

p2b1a : haah

p2b1b : So that’s the dark side of the black market huh…

p2b2 : Not only fake, those people are old men

p2bx1 : A forest just outside of the city

p3b1a : Welp, that aside

p3b1b : I’m sure that girl got back safely to her own country

p3b2 : Right Hayate?

p3b3 : Woof

p3 sfx : *rub*

p4b1 : Alright then, let’s change gear and get more training

p4b2 : Woof!!

p4 sfx : *rustle*

p5b1a : Ah…

p5b1b : Uhm…

p6b1 : Alright!!

p6b1 : Here I go!!

p6bx1 : Throwing

p6bx2 : Stick

p6 sfx : *flap*


page 14

p1b1 : Go catch!!

p1bx1 : Flip Throw


page 15

p1bx1 top right bubble : X rare

p1bx1 :

Elf Panchira

Effect : Luck + 3 (300 seconds)

Abnormal status : Cheerful (1 Hour)

* TLN : in case you don’t know,


page 16

p1b1a : … Eh?

p1b1b : You’re…

p1 small bubble : *Woof*

p1bx1 : Stick

p1 sfx dog : *chomp*

p1 sfx right : *Swish*

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