Argate online Chapter 14

Argate online Chapter 14

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Athena13 TL
Argate Online 14
page 1
p1b1a Alright!! Such nice weather!
p1b1b Let’s walk today!
p1b2a Yes, Master.
p1b2b Let’s go!
p1 sfx1 *Excited*
p1 sfx2 *Chatter* *Chatter*
p2b1 We should be there by noon!
p2b2 Let’s give it our best!!
p2b3 Woof!
p2bx1 ???
p3b1a Is it that person,
p3b1b Mr. Coachman?
p3b2a Y…yes.
p3b2b I certainly had the Silver Wolf Squad on my carriage.
p3bx1 Merchant Guild

Rental Coach Coachman

p4b1a Adventurer Rikio, huh…
p4b1b I see…
p5b1a Don’t tell anyone about this.
p5b1b Now, be gone.
p5b2 Ah… Sure.
p5bx1 Money.
page 2
p1bx1a We left Yushuuto village by carriage.
p1bx1b Then, after passing through Westbar village and Sabara village…
p1bx2a We spent a night in Dorton village, which is near our destination.
p1bx2b And then, we decided to continue our journey walking.
p1 title Ch 14 Home Sweet Home
p2b1 Woof!!
p3bx1 It seems that Hayate is much happier traveling like this.
p3b1a Hayate-san!
p3b1b Wait!
p3 sfx *Daash*
p4b1 So…fast…
p4b2 Ahaha, he’s really something, isn’t it?
P4 sfx *Haah* *Haah*
p5b1a Even though Hayate already has the skill «Dash»
p5b1b Still, it is as expected of a magic beast.
p5b1b small letters That Hayate.
p5b2a Magic beast…
p5b2b Hayate-san is a Scar wolf, right?
p6b1a I wonder how big he is going to get.
p6b1b He’s getting bigger each day.
p6b2 Let’s see…
page 3
p1b1 He’ll grow big enough for you to ride on him, Anette.
P1b1 small ltr I think.
p1b2 Oh my…
p1 ltr (Imagination)
p1 sfx *Fluffy*
p2b1a By the way, let me know if you get tired, Anette.
P2b1 small ltr Ah.
p2b1b We can take a break anytime you want.
p2b3 Anette are you listening?
p2 sfx *Warm*
p3b1a Ah, yes, I’m alright.
p3b1b We’re in the forest, after all.
P3b2a small ltr Uhm…
p3b2a And elves are native inhabitants of the forest.
p3b2b So, we get more energetic inside a forest!
p4b1a Ohh…
p4b1b …Hm?
p4b2 Woof!!
p4b3 Woof!!
page 4
p1b1a Woof!
p1b1b Woof!!
p1b2 !!
p2b1a Bandits, huh?
p2b1b Seems like it’s a noble’s carriage that got attacked…
p2b2a Master,
p2b2b This girl is still breathing.
p3b1a Alright, Anette heal that girl.
p3b1b Hayate, protect Anette!
p3b2 I’ll leave this place to both you.
p3b3 Woof!
p3b4 Y…Yes, uhm… What about you, master?
p3bx1 Heal
p5b1 I might
p5b2 be able to catch up to them.
page 5
p1b1 *Rustle*
p1b2a Haah.
p1b2b Haah.
p1b3 *Rustle*
p1b4 Haah
p1 sfx *Bomf*
p2b1a Wh…Why are you…
p2b1b Doing such a cruel thing…?
p2b2 Well, sorry about this little girl.
p2bx1 Noble’s daughter.
p2 sfx *Rustle*
p3b1 But you see, someone offered us a huge sum for killing you.
p3b2 It isn’t easy being noble, is it?
p4 sfx *Teary*
p5b1 If you’re going to curse someone, then don’t curse us…
p5b2 Curse your fate for being born a noble…!!
p5 sfx *Flutter* *Flutter*
page 6
p1b1 *Clank*
p2b1 ?!!
p3b1 *Clink*
page 7
p1bx1 Round Slash
P1b1 *Clank!!*
P1 sfx *Swoosh*
P2 sfx *Split*
page 8
P1b1 Fuuh
p1b2 Guhaakk!!
P2b1 *Swish*
P2b2 Ugh.
P2 sfx *Bomf*
P3b1 *Kaclank*
P4b1 It seems…
P4b2 I made it just in time!!
page 9
p1b1 Where is our Lady?!
p2b1a We…we don’t know.
p2b1b We were just passing through…
p2b2 Answer honestly!! Otherwise…!
p2b3a Woof!
p2b3b Woof!
p3b1 What’s the problem here, Anette?!
p3b2 Master!
p3b3 !!!
P3 sfx *Ooh*
p4b1 M…my Lady?!
p4bx1 ???
p5b1 Hm?
p6b1a Lady Helena!!
p6b1b Get your dirty hands off our Lady…!!
p6b2 You bandit!!
p6 sfx *Swoosh*
p7b1b Excuse me?
P7 sfx *Irritated*
page 10
p1b1a I see… She’s the daughter of a landlord, huh…
p1b1b It seems that the ambush was not a coincidence then.
p2b1a Ugh…
p2b1b I knew I should have escorted her!!
p2b2a It’s alright.
p2b2b She is just unconscious.
p2bx1 Helmut.

The knight commander of the Guard Knights in Istobar for the House Egmont’s landlord.

p2bx2 Heal.
p3b1a She’ll wake up eventually.
p3b1b So, no need to worry!
p3b2 I… I see…
p3bx1 Helena Egmont

Daughter of the Egmont House.

p4b1a Her maid has also survived somehow.
p4b1b But her bodyguard is…
p4b2a All is well so long as my Lady is safe!!
p4b2b Thank you, for your hard work.
p4 sfx Hm.
page 11
p1b1 Helmut-sama!!
p1b2 Hm?
p1b3 That person is telling the truth.
p1b4a We found 2 unconscious bandits inside the forest!!
p1b4b And there’s blood on their swords that we believe to be the maid’s blood…
p1bx1 Gunther

Guard Knight Officer.

p2b1 I see…
p2 sfx Hmm…
p3b1a Hey,
p3b1b Can you believe us now?!
p3b2 We weren’t involved in the ambush!
p4b1a Hmmm…
p4b1b But still…
p4b2a We of The Silver Wolf Squad are adventurers who are in the middle of a journey.
p4b2b And we want to continue our journey as soon as possible…
p4 sfx *Irritated* *Irritated*
p5b1a I am still not convinced.
p5b1b I do not like you!!
p5b2 That’s my line!!!
p5 ltr1 Like your face and manner.
p5 ltr2 Also, your appearance, too suspicious!!
p5 sfx *Snap*
page 12
p1b1a Are you picking a fight with me?
p1b1b I saved your Lady, you know?!
p1b2 M…Master.
p1b3a Hmm?! Are you planning to extort us now?!
p1b3b This is exactly why you cannot trust adventurers!
p1b4 Helmut-sama!!
p2b1a This was your responsibility in the first place, wasn’t it?!
p2b1b So, stop complaining when you can’t even protect a single girl!!
p2b2 What did you say?!
p2b3 Had it not been for that other duty I had to attend to
p2b4b I see.
p2 sfx1 *Grrrrrrr*
p2 sfx2 *Rustle*
p3b1a The Silver Wolf Squad…” The adventurer, Rikio.
p3b1b Investigating them was worth it.
p3bx1 Camille.

Member of The Royal Guard Knight Order.

p4b1 So that is the guard knight of the Egmont House, huh…
p4b2 I guess, I’ll try using them.
page 13
p1bx1 (Main Destination)

Lake City.

p1bx2 Istobar.
p1bx3 Silver Wolf Squad
p1 sfx *Chatter* *Chatter*
p2b1 We have been expecting you.
p2b2 Rikio-sama.
p2bx1 Touve

Merchant Guild (Istobar Branch).


page 14
p1b1a We stumbled upon some weird people on our way.
p1b1b So we arrived late.
p1b2a It is perfectly alright.
p1b2b I’ll guide you to the Lake Shore.
p1 sfx1 Well…
p1 sfx2 *Graceful* *Graceful*
p2 sfx *Peek*
p3 sfx *Chatter* *Chatter*
p4b1a Master,
p4b1b this city is really lively.
p4b2a It’s so convenient with so many shops around, isn’t it?
p4b2b Oh?
page 15
p1b1a This! What is this?
p1b1b It looks like a soy sauce.
p1b2a It’s a condiment made from fermented fishes.
p1b2b How about giving it a taste?
p2b1 !!
p3b1a Fish sauce!!
p3b1b I’ll take some!!
p3b2 Fish sauce? What’s that?
p3b3a There was a similar condiment like this back in my hometown, you see…
p3b3b Thank you so much!!
p3b3a small ltr Ah!
p3 ltr1 I’ll take 3, no, 4 bottles!
p3 sfx *Sniff* *Sniff*
p4b1 Master looks so happy…
p4b2 *Turn*
p4 sfx *Turn*
p5b1 …Hm?
p5bx1 A beautiful elf.

(1) Cute

(2) Rare

-> Garners a lot of attention.

p5 big ltr Crowd.
p5 ltr1 top left & top right *Chatter*
p5 ltr2 right of p5b1 It’s an elf!
p5 ltr3 left of p5b1 I’ve never seen one.
p5 ltr4 top of small kids It’s an elf <3
p5 ltr5 right of small kids An elf <3
p5 ltr6 left of small kids So cute <3
p5 ltr7 An elf!
p5 ltr8 She’s so beautiful.
p5 ltr9 It’s an elf!
p6b1a Uhmm… Sorry for the wait!
p6b1b Let’s go!
p6b2 Yes.
p6 ltr1 Ahh!
p6 ltr2 There she goes.
Page 16
p2b1a That market we just passed through is the centre of this city.
p2b1b From there until this point is the commercial district…
p2b2 Then starting over there, is the residential district.
p4b1 This is the recommended place for your new home.
page 17
p2bx1 Fel Lake
page 18
p1b1 Nice to meet you.
p1b2a Welcome to Istobar.
p1b2b I’ve heard quite a lot about you, Rikio-sama!
p1bx1 Stevan

Merchant Guild

Istobar Branch

Branch Head

p2b1 Come in, come in.
p2b2a Well, about this mansion, you see… It was used by the wife of a merchant family, which suddenly disappeared.
p2b2b And this place was actually some sort of secret house.
p2bx1 Front Entrance.
p3b1 This side of the house, which is facing the country, is surrounded by a high wall that keeps this place hidden from the rest of the land.
P3b1 small ltr Yes.
p3bx1 Courtyard
p4b1a And the main feature of this house,
p4b1b is this place…
p4b1b small ltr Yes.
p4b2 !
page 19
p1bx1 Living room directly facing the lake.
p1bx2 Wood Deck
page 20
p1b1a This scenery!
p1b1b This is just perfect!! Right, Anette?!
p1b2 Woof!
p1b3a It’s decided then!
p1b3b I’ll take this house!
p1b4 Of course!! Thank you very much.
p1 sfx near Anette *Nod* *Nod*
P1 sfx near Hayate *Run*Run*Run*
p2b1 The rent will be five gold coins a month, is that alright…?
p2b2 Okay, okay.
p2b3 As expected of Rikio-sama.
p2bx1 Has surplus money from unearned income.
p3b1a I really want to make an open-air bath immediately.
p3b1b Where do you think the best place for it is, Stevan-san?
p3b2a Not wasting any time at all I see.
p3b2b How about adding one on the wood deck?
p3 sfx *Sparkle*
p4b1a Eh? Ah… Now that you mention it.
p4b1b What about the countermeasures for the water monsters here?!
p5b1 Won’t they come up here?
p5b2 There is no need to worry.
page 21
p1b1 The monsters around this area are not all aggressive.
p1b2 ?
p1b3 After all, inside Fel Lake…
p2b1 There lives…
p2b2 The Blue Dragon-sama.
P2b2 small ltr Yes
p4b1a Bl… Blue Dragon?
p4b1b A real dragon?!
p4b2a It’s the guardian deity of this lake, you know.
p4b2b Didn’t you know about this?
p4b2b small ltr Oh my.
p5b1 I see!! It’s rare to find it even in the game, you know?!!
p5b2 Game?
p5b3a We came to a really amazing place, didn’t we?
p5b3b Right, Anette…?!
page 22
p1b1 Anette?
P1b1 small ltr Hellooo…
p1b2a It seems that…
p1b2b She likes this place too.
p1b2b small ltr Mufufufu.
p1bx1 Kitchen.
p2bx1 2nd Floor Terrace.
p3b1 It’s so beautiful.
p3b2a Indeed, it really is beautiful.
page 23
p1b1 *Lean*
p2b1 A… Anette?
p2b2 Somehow…
p2b3 I still can’t believe this.
p3b1b I’m so happy, it’s as if I’m in a dream.
p3b1b Originally, I was going to be sold as a slave a few months ago…
p3b2 To think that I can sit here and enjoy the evening sun like this…
page 24
p1b1 It’s all thanks to you.
p1b2 Master.
p2b1a W…well, it’s only natural.
p2b1b We’re the silver wolf squad, after all!
p2b2 And you’re my precious partner—
p3b1 Yes…
p4b1 *Thump*
p4b2 *Thump*
p4b3 *Thump*
p4b4 Th…
p4b5 This mood…
p4 sfx *Gulp*
p5b1a It’s…it’s getting dark here.
p5b1b So, let’s get inside…
p5b2 Yes.
p6 sfx1 *Clack*
p6 sfx2 *Ah!*
page 25
p1b1a Ah!! Uhmm!! What can I say… It was my mistake.
p1b1b It seems that Stevan-san is misunderstanding something here…
p1b2 So, we only have this one bed here.
p1b3a Anette, you can use this bed, okay?!
p1b3a small ltr Ah, I mean.
p1b3b I’ll sleep on a sofa somewhere.
p2b1 I’ll go look in the other room then…
p2b2 Master.
p3b1a I…
p3b1b Don’t mind.
p4b1 Eh?
page 26
p2b1 If it’s with master.
p2b2 I don’t mind…sleeping together.
p3b1 *Gulp*
p3 sfx *Thump*
page 27
p1b1a Do…does that mean…
p1b1b Anette…
p1 sfx *Thump* *Thump*
p3b1a Ah… I shouldn’t…
p3b1b Anette is my precious partner you know?!
p3b2 When I invited her to join my party…
p3b3 I didn’t mean it for this…
p3 sfx *Thump*
page 28
p1b1 *Twitch*
p1 sfx *Staaare*
p2 sfx1 *Wagging* *Wagging* *Wagging*
p2 sfx2 *Smile* *Smile*
p2 sfx3 *Heh* *Heh* *Heh*
page 29
p1b1a Ah!! That’s right, there’s this one big sofa
p1b1b in the living room!!
p1 sfx1 *Ah!*
p1 sfx2 *Swish*
p2b1a We had an exhausting day today, after all!!
p2b1b So, get a good rest! Okay, Anette?
p2b2 Yep, yep, that’s right.
p2 sfx *Sit*
p3b2a I’ll go make a simple bath then!!
p3b2b I’ll use livelihood magic to dig a hole and fill it with water…
p3 sfx *Flustered* *Flustered*
p4 bx1 “What the hell?” face.
p4 sfx1 *Blush*
p4 sfx2 Uhmmm.
p4 sfx3 *Ka clack*
p5 sfx *Thump* *Thump* *Thump*
p6b1a …Master…
p6b1b You big idiot!!
p6 sfx *Auuunnnn*
page 30
p1bx1 Next morning.
p2b1a Alright!! What nice weather!
p2b1b It’s a nice day to go on an adventure!!
p2b2 Let’s go to the adventurer guild today!!
p2b3 I’m really looking forward to this!!
p3b1a Right, Anette?
p3b1b Heeeeyy.
p3b2 Woof.
p3 sfx1 *Awkward*
p3 sfx2 *Fuuun*
p4b1 Please cheer up, okay?
p4b2 Silver Wolf Squad!
p4b3 We’ve been looking for you!!
p6b1 In the name of the Egmont guard knights,
p6b2 You’re under arrest!!
p6 sfx *mob*