Argate online Chapter 2

Argate online Chapter 1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 1
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Page 1:
in a different world

(cứ 3 dòng là cùng trong 1 khung, dòng đầu trong 3 dòng là khung vuông nhỏ ở bên cạnh:

Upper arm

Saotome shoulder armor

Bonus for samurai class


School uniform shirt

Defence +0

Both legs

School uniform pants

Defence +0


Saotome forearm armor

Bonus for samurai class


Saotome thigh armor

Bonus for samurai class

Main weapon

Masamune                                         (X rare)

Bonus for samurai class

Page 2:
Grass Rabbit


You’ve leveled up!


Page 3:
Ingredient                                          “Grass Rabbit’s tooth”                                            very hard and sharp, can be used to make arrows

This thing really comes in handy



A rock

This is like an invisible bag and

You don’t even need to waste any strength carrying it around

Well of course that is normal for a game


Page 4:

This is…?


Izu Takashi(17)

Sfx: footstep

Sfx: footstep

Just an ordinary high school sophomore





Page 5:
Argate online

A world-famous VRMMO

I don’t know why but right now

I’m really in this AO world

This body is not a CG…

It’s a real body with blood and meat


You’re also doing sword practice today?

Yeah, and Illya was herb collecting right?

I would have been your guard if you’ve just called

No!! It’s fine!

But you’ve helped me with a place to stay…

Because Rikio-san saved my life!

Ok                                                       I’m sorry


This is reality

Sfx: wooden gate opens

Page 6:
Satela village

Welcome back Illya

You’re with Rikio again? You guys are really close

Maiya-san please stop

Page 7:
including today it’s the seventh day

I’ve stayed at Illya’s house

Rikio-oniichan hi!


I’m back-

I’ll call you when the food is ready

You can just rest until then

Thank you

“Release equipment”


Honestly this place is really comfortable

But also…

Page 8:

Lacking something

I’m so free right now~

Ah that’s right I’m level 10 now

Let’s check my skills!!

Let’s see the new ones are

“Hawk Eyes” and “Vigilance” and…

“A mind as serene as still water or a polished mirror” are available!

Let’s get them all

I’ve stored up a lot of items-

Woah I’ve picked up too many rocks!                                         Just like a beginner~ ahaha

Trash can

This and that should be thrown away-

Meat and grass should be here and here…

Page 9:
The food is ready-

Ah that surprised me

Did she see the window? Or am I the only one who can see it

I’m already seeing other people’s status, is this okay?

Tooru                                     Illya’s elder brother                                     LV:3 Lumberjack

So how is it Rikio

Have you gotten used to this village?

Page 10:

Yes, thanks to you guys


Please continue your story

From yesterday…

The one about your country!



Every day I am asked to tell about

My small island country

About the four seasons

About the snow that Illya’s never seen before

About how white and how cold it is

But of course

The fact that it’s in a different world is kept a secret

Page 11:
But to be honest

I prefer the way things are here


My city is really safe

There is no way it’ll get attacked by wild wolf-

I don’t know why

But I just don’t want to go home at all

This is the truth

Even I’m surprised that I don’t miss the current Japan at all

The peaceful days… a stable future

I might have been getting tired of those things

Page 12:
This world can give me excitement

To me

That is the most important

Page 13:
Please take me there someday!

To Rikio-san’s hometown!


That’s probably impossible…                                           physically

Sorry, this girl has never left the village

She’s been this excited ever since Rikio came

My country has bugs you know?

What… what is that!?

Somehow this world

Doesn’t have any bugs

Oh that’s right


Oh- such a fine magical stone!!

This can be sold at a pretty high price!
Illya, introduce him to Eidora-san will you?

This is an item that was not in the game…

Ok nii-san

Page 14:

Oh~ Illya, how are you?

You’re bringing more herbs today?

Of course

And I also want to buy something else today


Is that a caravan!!

Page 15:
Caravan                                                         a group of merchants using horse carriages to transport their goods


Let’s see~

This is a real magical stone~

Does this belong to that guy?


Is that the truth~



Page 16:

What did you kill?

EH!? Wild dogs and a wild wolf…


Grass Rabbits




I used a sword with wild dogs and the wild wolf…

While with the grass rabbits, I used small rocks to throw at them…


Rikio-san is a swordsman

He is really strong!!!


With these weird clothes?

Ah the school uniform

Page 17:
I hid behind the shadow to put it on

See Eidora-san

Now you understand right!?

Such a strange armor (chữ nhỏ)


Then one last question

We’re still continuing?

Even though we have such a good sword

Why did you choose to throw rocks at the rabbits?


That is…

Because I wanted to practice my “throwing” skill

Beside they’re pretty fast on their feet                                         somehow it just works


Page 18:

You passed!!!

Passed what….?

Wild dogs and wild wolves are fierce, but they’re just beasts

While the grass rabbits are special monsters…

They run really fast

So it’s really hard to strike them down with a sword!!

If you said you killed them with that sword

Then I wouldn’t have trusted your words…


Page 19:
also this magical stone

A magical stone can only be found

Inside a monster’s body

Because magical stones are not easy to acquire, so a merchant would suspect

That “did you really hunt to get it?”

Here is (chữ nhỏ)

The money (chữ nhỏ)

We don’t really want to get involved with thieves or bandits…

Forgive me for testing you

It seems Rikio-san

Is a splendid adventurer!!
Page 20:

This is it…

This excitement


I’m sorry…

It seems I’ve done something unnecessary-




Hire me

As the caravan’s guard!!



Page 22:

Sfx: horse’s step

You’re leaving Rikio?

It’s gonna feel lonely

Stay healthy


Page 23:
Illya! Tooru-san!!

Thank you for everything

It’s pretty sad we have to part ways

It was fun living with you Rikio


Please stay healthy…


Illya too

Don’t worry

I will treat your herbs with great care until we reach the next town-

I’ll definitely protect them!!


Sfx: crying

Page 24:

I want you to protect me with great care~

Not the herbs~

You should have said it earlier…

Can’t hear her

This is how I began my travels in this world

The next location is “Yushuto village”!!