Argate online Chapter 9

Argate online Chapter 9

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Argate Online 9


Page 1

p1bx1a : Unique Monster

p1bx1b : A word which spells nightmare….

p2bx1a : In order to stand against it, A fighting spirit equal to that of an army is needed

p2bx1b : And if someone defeats it

p2bx2 : Then he will obtain fame and reward enough to feed him for a lifetime

p2b1a : We… have no choice but to fight…

p2b1b : Against this beast!


page 2

p1bx1 :

Angura Lv: 75

National calamity level monster-XX rarity

p1b1 : That… freaking monster!

p1 letters bottom right :

# 09 Clown’s commandment (Pt 1)

Author : Kirino Boso Manga: Reiki


page 3

bottom left box :

Forced Event Quest

Condition of success : Defeat Angura (Unique Monster)

Condition of failure : All the participants dead or unable to continue fighting

Deadline : None


page 4

p1b1 : *Neiigghh*

p1b2a : What… Wait!!

p1b2b : What’s wrong!?

p1 sfx : *brrrrr*

p2b1 : Oii!! Clam down!!

p2b2 : Aaah, the horse….

p2b3 : Ri… Rikio-sama

p2b4 : ….

p2 sfx : *crash*

p3b1 : Do we… even stand a chance?

p3b2 : It’s too strong, even for us

p3bx1 :


Ingvar (Youngest son)

Lv : 25

p4bx1 :

Heavy Fighter


(Second Son) LV : 29

p4b1 : ….

p5b1a : What to do now brother?

p5b1b : Run?

p5bx1 :

Dual Swordsman


(The only sister) LV : 27

p6b1 : We won’t be able to outrun it…

p6b2a : We have no choice but…

p6b2b : to fight for out lives

p6bx1 :


Havel (Eldest Son) LV : 29

p7b1 : I’m sorry but, I’ll need you to help too

p7b2 : Mister Client!!


page 5

p1b1a : What the hell!

p1b1b : It’s only green!

p1b2 : That surprised me for nothing

p1 sfx : *beaming*

p2b1 : Eh?


page 6

p1b1a : Well, if it was red, we’d definatly die

p1b1b : But it’s green, see- thank goodness!

p1b2a : If that’s so, we can somehow work it out

p1b2b : Since I’ve done in greens a few times before…

p1 small letters : Aahh, that surprised me

p1 sfx1 : Ahahaha

p1 sfx2 : *dumb founded*

p2b1a : G… green? Red!?

p2b1b : What are you talking about…

p2b2 : And what do you mean by you’ve done it multiple times before!?

p3b1 : Stop talking nonsense!! There’s no way you….

p3b2a : Well, but as expected

p3b2b : It seems that I won’t be able to do it alone…

p4b1a : Hey

p4b1b : hawk squad

p4b2 : You guys are strong, right?

p4 sfx : *smile*


page 7

p1b1 : we can win this

p1b2 : as long as you follow my strategy!!

p1bx1 :


Rikio LV : 26

Age : 17 (2nd year high school student)


page 8

p1bx1a : Unique monsters are divided into Red and Green

p1bx1b : Red type monsters are dangerous opponents even if you fight them with a party of counter-stop players

* TLN : counter-stop means that their status won’t go up anymore, i.e. max level

p1bx2a :  But Green type monsters are weaker

p1bx2b : If we fight them skilfully, It’s not impossible to defeat them

p1b1a : Although it would be helpful if we had a level 30

p1b1b : In my current condition now(Lv26), my skills and abilities haven’t matured yet

p1b2a : Even my [One Hit Kill Sword Slash] doesn’t have enough power to finish Angura…

p1b2b : I can’t lose my cool now

p1bx3 : OK then

p2b1a : Russ-san, can you take some distance from us?

p2b1b : Hayate, you too

p2b2 : Ye.. Yes !

p2b3: Be careful!!

P2 small bubbles : Arf

p2bx1a : This will be a full out battle until that monster reaches 0 HP!

p2bx1b : basically, if we do this poorly and make a mistake, then it will be game over…


page 9

p1 bubbles : *thump*

p1 sfx : *gulp*

p2bx1a : But if it’s me…

p2bx1b : I can do it… and the reason for that is…

p2bx2a : I have the information…. and the equipment

p2bx2b : I know every nook and cranny of this place, My “garden”… That’s right, this place is…

p2 small bubble bottom right : *pull*

p2 other small bubbles : *thump*

p3b1 : *clank*


page 10

right letters : Argate

left letters : Online!!


page 11

p2b1a : All right then guys

p2b1b : Listen carefully!


page 12

p1b1 : Gopu

p1b2 : Gopu

p1b3 : *crackle*

p1b4 : *crackle*

p1 sfx : *looming*

p2 sfx : *crack*

p3b1a : when monster stiffen its legs and curves its back, get away immediately

p3b1b : It will be too late once it’s already opened its mouth


page 13

p1b1 : [Crushing Blow]

p1b2a : It will cause lots of damage, even if it only scrapes you

p1b2b : And if you take that tongue head on, it will crush your bones

p1 small bubbles : *rattle*

p2b1 : and when closes its eyes and whips its tail

p2 small bubbles : *clank*


page 14

p1 sfx : *splash*

p2b1a : [Saliva Bomb]

p2b1b : It’s saliva is made of very strong acid

p2b2 : It will melt your body if it hits you

p3b1a : Normally, That monster will alternate between these 2 kinds of attack

p3b1b : Keep spamming [Healing]! Otherwise we won’t stand for even a minute

p3b2 : But the real problem is when it folds back its tongue

p3 boxes : Healing


page 15

p1b1a : And raises its tail

p1b1b : Be on guard!

p1b2 : Because the next thing that will come is….

p1 sfx : *crackle*

p2b1 : [Pestilence]!!!

p3b1a : It inflicts negative statuses for 20 seconds

p3b1b : [Slow] [Paralysis] [Silence] [Petrify]

p3b2a : It’s a nasty attack

p3b2b : It’s because of this attack that challengers, and even an armys are defeated one after another

p3b2c : Be sure not to get hit by that

p4b1a : But the bright side is that it can only use [Pestilence] once every 10 minutes

p4b1b : So in short

p4b2 : After that [Pestilence] is our chance to strike back


page 16

p1b1a : Behind these monsters

p1b1b : There is always some “Deviousness” hiding behind their bodies

p1bx1 : Archery

p1bx2 : *Kabura arrow

*TLN: A type of Japanese arrow

p1bx3 :

Monster Bow

Specialized for Samurai X rarity

Effect(s) against monster:

Increased Damage

b1bx3 black box : Sub weapon

p2b1a : This “Deviousness” is intended to crush the will of any challengers….

p2b1b : It is both their weapon and armor


page 17

p1bx1 : Evil Piercing Shot

*TLN : “Evil” and “Devious” are from the same kanji

p1b1a : The source of the “Deviousness” is in its tail

p1b1b : So I’ll shoot it down!

p1b2a : watch closely now

p1b2b : I’ll strip off all your armor!!

p2b1 : Come now… show me your true form…


page 18

p1b1 : Angura!!!

p1 sfx : *Roaarrr*


page 19

p1bx1 :


Target’s “Deviousness” has been broken!

p1bx2 :


Defense down 20%

p1bx3 : Time left: 30 seconds

p2b1a : But this bow generates a lot of *“hate”

*TLN: “hate” as in attention from foes

PRN: I would use “Agro”, but “Hate” has been used so much that it would be awkward to change now

p2b1b : So the monster will gofor me

p2 sfx : *crack*

p2bx1 : Time left: 20 seconds

p3b1a : !?

p3b1b : He’s approaching it face on!?

p3b2 : There’s no room to evade there!!

p4b1a : No need to worry

p4b1b : Like I said before, If we work together…

p4b2 : We can surely win this

p4 small bubbles : Gopu

p5b1 : Oi!!

p5b2a : It’s using [Crushing Blow]!! run…

p5b2b : You’ll die!!?

p6bx1 : Time left : 10 seconds


page 20

p1bx1 : [Mind’s Eye]

p1bx2 :


By ridding oneself of needless thoughts

Only Once

Completely evade any single enemy attack

p2b1 : swish


page 21

p1b1 : Body Replacement Technique!!?

p2b1 : [One Hit Kill Sword Slash]…


page 22

p1bx1 : Time left : 1 second

p2b1 : [Gust]

p2b2 : *clack*

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