B Group no Shounen X Chapter 21

B Group no Shounen X Chapter 21

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Athena13 TL
B Group no Shounen X Ch 21


page 1

p1b1 : Finally, the day that we destroy them has come!!

p2b1 : Good lord! what happened…

p2b2 : That “Silver” gang!!

p2 sfx : *rustle*

p4b1a : The gang group has been crushed by someone

p4b1b : And they were found already restrained!!

p4b2 : …

p5b1 : Thank god you’re alright…!

p6b1 :  The girls are saved!

p6b2 : Thank goodness…!


page 2

p1 sfx : *hah*

p2 sfx : *tap*

p3b1 : !

p3b2 : Stop…

p3b3 : Hide…

p4 sfx : *fuh*


page 3

p1b1 : What…

p1b2 : Were you chasing me?

p3b1 : Nope…

p3b2 : I just wanted to take a  breath of outside air

p4b1 : Is it bad if we just pop out from here ?

p4b2 : You can’t!

p4b3 : If we are there, maybe that person will-


page 4

p1 sfx : *clench*

p2b1 : Don’t play fool!

p2b2 : You’re the star of tonight’s show…

p4b1 : Forget it…

p4b2 : There’s no point in dragging this out

p6b1 : I’ll ask you directly!


page 5

p1b1a : You are

p1b1b : The “Gold Crusher”

p1b2 : Right?

p3b1 : …Now

p3b2a : The strongest team in this city

p3b2b: is “Rex”

p4b1 : Even the strongest gang “Silver” is not a match against them

p4b2a : And the leader of Rex, “Touma”

p4b2b : …He’s currently the strongest person in this city


page 6

p1b1a : If we look at the time when Silver was crushed

p1b1b : He would have been still in junior high, so

p1b1c : At that time

p1b2 : I thought that Touma is the “Gold Crusher”

p2b1 : But as I investigated further I found that…

p2b2 : He always loves to fight alone

p2b3a : But only when his opponent team brings too many people

p2b3b : He’ll be joined by “a helper” from outside “Rex”

p3b1 : …And you think that the helper is me?

p5b1a : And not to mention that either

p5b1b : That declaration from “Touma”

p5b2 : Ryou is the only one that I see as my equal

p5b3 : There are also other evidence if you look at this situation

p5b4 : …


page 7

p1b1 : This is pointless

p1 sfx : *irritated*

p2b1 : …

p2b2 : …

p3b1 : You’re right

p3b2 : It doesn’t matter who he really is

p4b1 : But I have to meet that person

p5b1 :  There’s something I have to say  to him

p7b1 : …

p7b2 : …I said too much

p8b1 : You may feign ignorance if you want…

p8b2 : I just don’t want to see your face ever again…


page 8

p1b1 : I’ll just leave his identity aside for now…

p1b2 : But I can give him your message

p2b1 : !

p3b1 : I’ll convey all your feelings together with the content of your message

p3b2 : To that Gold Crusher guy

p3b3 : …

p4b1 : Does that mean… That you’re admitting it?


page 9

p1b1a : Well, I don’t care anymore…

p1b1b : If I tell you my message, you’ll give it to him right?

p1b2 : I promise

p3b1a : You’re really something

p3b1b : So strong

p3 sfx : *wobble*

p4b1 : And very commendable

p4 sfx : *clench*

p5b1a : But

p5b1b : If you did that

p5b2 : If you could actually do that

p5 sfx : *tremble*

p6b1 : Why!

p6b2 : Why!


page 10-11

p1b1 : Why!

p2b1 : Why didn’t you…

p2b2 : come sooner

p2b3 : And save me too!

p7b1 : Iwasaki-senpai, so you…

p7b2 : yes…


page 12

p1b1 : I’m the first victim of that “Silver” incident

p3b1 : …I

p4b1 : I knew about that incident

p4b2 : From when I saw it reported on TV a few times

p6b1a : I did feel sympathy… but at that time

p6b1b : I only hoped that police would solve it soon


page 13

p1 letters : The reason I got involved was because…

p1b1 : Ryou !!

p2b1 : —san got kidnapped !

p2 sfx : *clench*

p3b1a : …As I thought

p3b1b : It was you all along

p3b1b small letters : Finally you admit it

p3b2 : …

p4b1a : …

p4b1b : When I

p5b1 : Was hospitalized

p5b2 : I had decided you see

p6b1 : That if I get healthy again


page 14

p1 letters right : I’ll have my revenge

p1 letters left : On all of them

p2 small letters right : Today too

p2 small letters left : Is no success…

p3 small letters right : Onee-chan

p3 sfx : *squeeze*

p4b1 : Those people who happily talk about it and are saying that a hero saved the day

p4b2 : Those other victims who talk lightly about it just because they got through the incident unharmed

p4b3 : And those families that are happy about it as if it was nothing

p5b1 :I’ll never forgive them


page 15

p3b1 : Ughk

p4b1a : My

p4b1b : last goal…

p4 sfx : *haah*

p5b1a : Those guys from “Silver”

p5b1b : When they get out from prison

p5b2 : I’ll find them and make them not able to do “that” anymore…

p6b1 : I’ll cut off their “things”

p6b2 : One by one…!

p6b3 : You just see Gold Crus-


page 16

p1b1 : AH!


page 17

p1b1 : …

p1b2 : Sher…

p1 small letters left : Wait!! Erika!!

p1 sfx :  *rustle*

p2b1 : …What?

p3b1 : Uhmm…

p3b2 : What do you mean by that?

p3 sfx1 : *wobble*

p3 sfx2 : *tap* *tap*

p4b1a : I apologize

p4b1b : For a high class and innocent girl like you

p4b2 : Are you bad with this kind of talk ?

p6b1 : No…

p6b2 : It’s just…!


page 19

p2b1a : Do you mean…

p2b1b : “That” is done?

p2 small letters : That is why “Gold Crusher”?

p3 sfx : *nod* *nod*

p6b1 : Buha


page 20

p1b1 : ahahahaha

p1b2 : ahaha…

p1b3 : ahahaha

p2b1 : Haaahh

p2b2 : I see

p2b3a : So it’s already done

p2b3b : The thing that I wanted to do the most

p3b1 : To think that you’re the one to tell me that

p5b1a : Just let me

p5b1b : Say this one thing


page 21

p1b1 : It might be strange for me to say this but…

p1b2 : Thank you for staying strong

p2b1a : After facing that incident

p2b1b : You kept on living without being broken…

p2b2a : I feel grateful to be able to meet the you who lives like that

p2b2b : Thank you

p2b3 : …Although

p3b1 : You became a bit twisted because of that

p3b2 :  That last sentence wasn’t needed

p3 sfx : *twitch*

p5b1 : Fuuh…

p5 sfx : *smack*


page 22

p1b1a : I’m going now

p1b1b : I’ve said what I wanted to say after all

p2b1 : Bye

p2 sfx : *wave*

p3b1 : Until next time…

p3b2 : I’ll say hello if I see you around

p4b1 : …

p5 sfx : *running*


page 23

p1b1 : Ah you guys!

p1b2 : You were here all along ?

p1b3 : Ne…Nee-san looked very angry so…

p2b1 : …

p3b1 : Please tell me the details about “Silver” incident next time!!

p3 sfx : *whisper*

p5 sfx : *Uaaaaa*


page 24

p1 sfx : *swish*

p2 sfx : *swish*

p3 sfx : *Oooohhh*

p4b1 : …Touma isn’t here yet?!

p4b2 :  He’s taking his sweet time in the bathroom

p4b2 small letters : (Lie)

p4 sfx : *breaths heavily*

p5b1 : Oh crap

p5 sfx : *running*



Here is a hint for those who still don’t understand the name “Gold Crusher”. In Japanese, slang word for scrotum is 金玉 with 金 for gold and 玉 for ball thus 金玉 for golden ball, and also look closely at the beaten thugs back at page 18

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