BACK TO THE Kaasan Chapter 17

BACK TO THE Kaasan Chapter 17

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Page 1
Top Left P1 BOX1 Adult Mother
Top Right P1 BOX2 Elementary Mother
Below BOX1 P1 BOX3 Junior High Mother
Bottom Left P1 BOX4 Present Mother
P1 O.DOWN 17th Leap | Mother’s Triathlon
Page 2
P1 BOX1 In the middle of December
P1 BOX2 A certain event occurred on that cool winter day
P2 B1 How I miss mother’s love in winter…
P2 T1 Be it a cold day or hot day, here’s Yuu with his usual antics!
P2 B2 Haa… I want to return home soon and spoil myself with mother.
P3 B1 Because there is such a strong wind approaching,
P3 B2 All operations will be stopped and resume after one hour.
P4 T1 This happened just when I wanted to return home…
P4 T2 Mother…!!
P4 SFX1 Tighten
Page 3
P1 B1 How long is it going to stop for…?
P1 SFX1 tremble tremble
P2 B1 The train operations will resume in another 30 minutes.
P2 T1 Strong wind approaching, halting operations
P2 SFX1 tremble tremble
P3 T1 30 minutes…!? That’s long…!?
P3 T2 Wind… Just how strong are you…!? To make me suffer like this… Is there any Wind God!?
P4 T1 Even though my desire to meet my mother is this big… Even though my feelings are making me tremble to meet her!?
P4 T2 I want to spoil… I want to return home fast and spoil mother…!!
P5 B1 Mother…!!
P5 SFX1 Hug…
P5 touch touch
Page 4
P2 T1 Elementary Mother…!!
P3 B1 Are!? When did I time slip!?
P3 BOX1 Timeslip: Year 1989
P3 SFX1 Jolt
P6 T1 Is… Is mother…
P6 T2 Worried about… me…?
Page 5
P1 B1 Eh, more like… Do you still remember me?
P1 SFX1 Nod
P2 T1 Truly an angel…!!
P3 T1 Even though it was once…!! We went together,
P3 T2 And played around at the zoo…!!
P4 B1 Thank you, but I am fine, Touko-chan.
P4 T1 Good girl…
P4 SFX1 Rub rub
P4 B2 I was only crying a little bit remembering something sad…
P6 SFX1 Shuffle
Page 6
P1 SFX1 Tap tap
P2 T1 Eh…?
P3 T1 Is this… Is she giving me…
P3 T2 The okay for a lap pillow!? She is, right, Mother?
P4 T1 Just because I said I was sad!?
P4 T2 How… What… How kind…
Page 7
P1 B1 Don’t mind meee!!
P1 SFX1 Jump
P1 T1 * Please don’t copy this behaviour in public.
P1 B2 Touko-chaaaaann!!
P2 BOX1 Year 2017
P3 B1 Hm…? What the hell’s with these disgusting legs…?
P5 B1 Old Hanada… So pitiful…
P5 B2 What is your problem!!
P6 T1 Curses… Just when I almost managed to get a lap pillow from elementary mother…!!
P6 BOX1 Disinfecting
P6 SFX1 Psshh
P6 Irritated
Inside bottle P6 T2 Alcohol
Page 8
P1 B1 Finally got off the train. Time for the bus.
P1 B2 I have to spoil mother quickly…
P3 B1 What the hell, there is no bus here?
P3 B2 Here is here, it will be another 50 minutes for the next one.
P4 SFX1 Slump
P5 T1 What an arduous journey this is…
P5 T2 Painful… So painful…
P6 T1 If only I had feathers, I would not be stuck here and could fly straight to home…!!
P6 T2 I want to meet…
P6 T3 I want to meet with you again, Mother!!
P6 SFX1 Zwiiinngg!!
P7 B1 Yuu-kun?
Page 9
P1 B1 Ah,
P1 B2 It really is you, Yuu-kun!!
P1 BOX1 Timeslip: Year 1995
P2 B1 Touko-san!?
P2 B2 Hello there. Today is pretty chilly, too, right?
P3 T1 Eh!? Another timeslip!? This is one rare pattern of events…
P3 T2 Nonetheless, I am happy!!
P4 B1 By the way, Yuu-kun. Why are you sitting at this kind of place?
P4 B2 Moreover, your face looks a little bit blue. Are you okay?
P5 B1A Ah… Yeah.
P5 B1B I just experienced a strange occurrence, and it seems like it’s worsen my health…
Page 10
P1 B1A Yuu-kun.
P1 B1B Follow me!
P1 SFX1 Step step
P1 B2 Eh!? Why?
P2 B1 Found it!
P2 B1 There we go.
P2 SFX1 Pomf
P3 B1 It’s been a while but you know you want it, right?
Page 11
P1 B1 Eeehh!!
P2 T1 Fufu
P2 B1 Before you looked all energetic after I did this, am I right?
P3 B1 Ah, but my leg might be pretty cold so…
P3 SFX1 Shuffle shuffle
P4 B1A With this…
P4 SFX1 Smile!
P4 B1B Hup, done.
P5 B1 Good… Now come.
P5 B2 You should not feel cold with this on.
Page 12
P1 T1 Even though just offering her lap pillow was already too extravagant for me…!!
P1 T2 On top of that, she even put a special cover on it…!?
P2 SFX1 Smile
P2 B1 Come now, Yuu-kun.
P3 SFX1 Jump
P3 B1 Yes, Ma’am!
P4 T1 With this, finally…
P4 T2 Mother’s lap pillow…!!
Page 13
P1 BOX1 Year 2017
P2 B1 Nn…?
P2 B2 What’s with these slut like legs?
P4 B1 Good timing.
P4 SFX1 Raise
P4 B2 By chance, I brought a new punishment tool, y’see…
P5 B1 Sen… Sei?
P5 SFX1 Bzzt bzzt bzzzt
P5 B2 Since today is cold, I think this will help warm you up.
P6 B1 Agyaaaaa!!
Page 14
P1 SFX1 Zwiiinngg!!
P2 T1 What a horrible day…
P2 SFX1 Fssshhh
P3 T1 To be offered mother’s lap pillow from one generation…
P3 SFX1 Gununu
P3 T2 And to be returned exactly before succeeding to enjoy it…!!
P4 B1 Excuse me, sir.
P5 BOX1 Timeslip: 2005
P5 B1 Are you alright?
Page 15
P1 B1 Eh…?
P2 T1 Mother!?
P2 B1 Your complexion looks awful…
P3 B1A Ah.. Well I just got beaten up by a delinquent like person, ahaha…
P3 B1B That’s why my complexion looks like that, ahaha…!!
P3 SFX1 Ha Ha Ha
P4 B2A Fufufu, a fight?
P4 B2B So manly… But don’t force yourself, okay?
P5 B1 You somehow really looked like my 5 year old son…
P5 B2 So that is why I called on you. Is it troublesome for you?
P6 T1 Mother!!
P6 T2 Such a smooth way of talking!!
P7 B1 Can you stand?
P7 B2 J-j-just need a little bit of rest and I can. I will, N… No, don’t mind me!
P8 B1 Okay, then!!
Page 16
P1 B1 If you’d like, would you like to rest here?
P1 SFX1 Tap tap
P2 B1 My son really likes this you know!
P2 B2 He always said, “Nothing can’t be healed with your lap pillow!!”
P3 B1A Ah, but if my son saw what I was doing now, he would be angry…
P3 B1B So… Let’s make this a secret, okay?
Page 17
P1 B1 Or… Am I bothering you?
P1 B2 No…! Not at all!!
P2 T1 This time…
P2 T2 This time, for sure… Mother’s lap pillow!!
P2 SFX1 sparkle sparkle
P3 B1 Motheeeeerrrr!!
P3 SFX1 Jump
P4 SFX1 Zwiiinngg!!
P5 B1 What is this!? Minayoshi boy? You want to be spoiled by me!?
P6 B1 Very well, Minayoshi boy! I will spoil you as much as you want!!
Page 18
P1 B1 Lap pillow!!!
P2 B1 Mother!! I’m home!!
P2 B2 Please give me a lap pillow!!
P4 T1 There is no leg!
Left P4 T2 There won’t be a chapter next week. The next one will be on the 7 series, on 15th Jan, 2018!
P4 BOX1 17th Leap | END
P4 T3 And also no arm!