BACK TO THE Kaasan Chapter 18

BACK TO THE Kaasan Chapter 18

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Page 1
P1 B1 Nee~
P1 B2 Let’s slide down together? ♡
Page 2
P1 B1 “The winter you and I skied”
P1 BOX1 18th Leap | Mother love-SKII-
P1 B2 Japan Railway 1995, “SKII― Love it-”
P2 B1 My ears are melting
P2 BOX1 Headmuffs for the best experience
P2 B2 This is the beeeeessstt
P3 T1 This is the first commercial that made my mother’s popularity skyrocket,
P3 T2 Even now, this series is still aimed at young actresses that want to make a big hit.
P4 B1A Even I…
P4 B1B Even I want to melt by sliding down together with mother!!
P4 T1 Yuu-kun!!
P6 B1 It’s a timeslip!!
P6 SFX1 Bzzllaaapp!!
P6 B2 Shut up, fool.
Page 3
P1 B1 Yanno-sensei, is violence your new way of greeting…?
P1 B2A It’s all your fault shouting with that hideous tone,
P1 B2B So, naturally I… did that.
P2 B1 Anyway, be quiet now.
P2 B1 Touko is doing her important commercial shoot.
P3 T1 Eeeeehh!!
P3 T2 By commercial, you mean…
P4 B1 You mean, the Japan Railway one…?
P4 B2 Yeah. It seemed like their first ever commercial. As expected of Touko, she’s amazing.
P5 B2 By the way…
P6 B1 How long have you been calling Touko-san with her first name only?
Page 4
P1 B1 W… Why should I tell you, geez…
P1 B2 Not like you have to know it, right?
P2 B1 H-hehhh, fine then…
P2 B2 Let’s just focus on mother’s shooting, shall we…
P3 B1A Ok! Crank it up!
P3 B1B Touko-chan, you did amazingly spectacular, as always. Great job!!
P3 B2 Everyone, great job!!
P4 B1 This commercial without fail will be the greatest commercial because of you, Touko-chan!
P4 B2 Thank you very much!!
Page 5
P1 B1 I-it… Ended?
P1 B2 Stop shaking whatsoever, you’re annoying.
P2 B1 Ah!
P3 B1 Shizuka-chan! So you came!
P3 SFX1 Step step
P3 B2 And even Yuu-kun came!
P4 B1 I’m really glad you two came!
P4 B2 You don’t know how nervous I was back there~
P5 B1 That was really great, though, I am sure it will be a great commercial.
P5 T1 Shizuka-chan…?
P5 B2 Ehehe, thanks a ton, Shizuka-chan ♡
Page 6
P1 B1 Yuu-kun, too. Did you watch me?
P2 B1 Eh.. Ah, well, yes, of course! It was a very stunning performance!
P2 SFX1 Thumbs up
P2 B2 A great one for sure, yup!!
P3 B1 You’re lying.
P3 B2 Your face really spouts out the word lying all over.
P4 B1 You’re not the usual Yuu-kun.
P4 B2 If you didn’t see it, then just say so from the beginning.
P5 B1 You’re the worst at lying huh, glasses?
P6 B1 But… But in the future, I watched the commercial more than any other person in the world, mother!!
P6 SFX1 Roll Roll
P6 B2 Please move out of the way!!
Page 7
P1 B1 Hn?
P1 SFX1 Roll roll roll roll
P2 B1 Gyaaaargh!!
P3 B1 W-what just happened…!!
P4 B1 Do pardon me…!!
P4 B2A Young Hanada!!
P4 B2B What are you even doing…?
P5 B1 I know how to ski but somehow I can’t really ski that well…
P5 B2 If you are copying the early gag of the manga then… You did perform it well.
Page 8
P1 B1 Amazing!!
P2 B1 Hanada-san, amazing!! How can you make this snowman ball perfectly!?
P2 T1 So cute!
Circle, not box P2 BOX1 Hana
P3 B1 Fufun… Touko, you are still too early to be able to do this.
P3 SFX1 Smug
P3 B2 Even I spent 5 years to do this, got it!?
P4 B1 Hey, how about we ski? Since we are here and all?
P4 B2 Un! Let’s do it!!
P4 B3 That’s right, mother!
P4 SFX1 Agape
Page 9
P1 B1 Oh, and…
P1 B2 Though I did the commercial… I’ve never skied before…
P1 B3 If you could, could you guys teach me?
P2 B1 Of cou-!
P2 B2 Leave it to me, Touko.
P3 B1 Let’s go, Touko.
P3 B2 We’ll go up first, okay!
P4 B1 Curse that Yanno… How dare she…
P4 BOX1 Ski set rental
P4 T1 Here it is
P4 B2 To make me miss my chance of lift time with mother…
P5 T1 Let’s be fast and enjoy the real “The Winter You and I Skied”!!
Page 10
P2 B1 … Why are you sitting here?
P2 B2 I… Isn’t that fine!?
P3 B1 I have acrophobia, okay!! I can’t stand the lift, geez!!
P3 B2 Now do you get it!?
P4 B1 Uhh, like I care…?
P4 B2 And I can’t even close my eyes since it’s dangerous!!
P4 B3 Then, don’t use the lift…
P5 B1 That means I shouldn’t ski at all, right?!
P5 B2 You really…
P6 SFX1 Crank
P7 SFX1 Shake
P7 B1 Kyaaa!!
Page 11
P2 B1 Pardon me!?
P2 SFX1 Let go
P3 SFX1 Shiver shiver
P5 B1 You can hold on to me.
P5 B2 Eh…?
P6 B1 It will be a problem if you ended up falling here.
P6 B2 Not to mention, I still have some debt left.
Page 12
P1 B1 T-then I will take you up on your offer…
P1 B2 Sure. Just hold on tight.
P2 SFX1 Peek
P3 T1 Geez…
Page 13
Page 14
P2 B1 Touko-san, you really are enjoying this, aren’t you?
P3 B1 … Yup. Ever since I became an idol, I never had time that I could spend playing around this much without any care. That’s why…
P3 SFX1 Roll roll
P3 B2 I see…
P4 B1 Right now, I’m really blessed.
P5 B1 And I am sure that’s because of Yuu-kun and the girls.
Page 15
P1 B1 Let’s go and play again together in the future, okay?
P2 B1 Please move out of the way!!
P3 B1 Gyaaaargh!!
P4 B1A A…
P4 B1B Are you alright?
P4 B2A Y…
P4 B2B You again, huh, Young Hanada…?
P4 B3A I…
P4 B3B It’s not my fault, okay! Yano just…!!
P5 B1 Aaaa! I am tired of rolling Hanada around!!
P5 SFX1 Pomf
Page 16
Page 17
Page 18
P2 B1 Hotta-kun, as expected… “The Winter You and I Skied” commercial just now…
P2 B2 If we take another shoot into “The Winter Spent Skiing with Friends”, wouldn’t it be better?
P3 B1 Just look, the expression Touko-chan is expressing right now is so adorable it’s out of this world… Make the preparations, will you?
P3 B2 Roger that, Director.
P4 B1A Fufu, friends…
P4 B1B Is it…?
P5 B1 Excuse me, President. This is Hotta.
P6 T1 Next chapter, A shocking development!!
P6 B1 Regarding the decision on putting Minayoshi Touko as a main in the idol group… Yes, yes, I have some sudden discussion and ideas I want to be considered…
P6 BOX1 18th Leap | END