BACK TO THE Kaasan Chapter 19

BACK TO THE Kaasan Chapter 19

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Page 1
P1 BOX1 19th Leap | As long as Back to Sisters Exist…
Middle right P1 T1 The impactful development starts now!!
left text P1 T2 From this moment, a brand new story is beginning!!
below P1 T3 The long sought Comic Volume 1 is Mom-derfully selling like pancakes ♡
Page 2
P1 B1 Uuuu, so cold… So cooolldd…
P2 B1A Kotatsu…
P2 B1B Where is it…?
P2 SFX1 Shiver shiver
P3 T1 In a cold season, Mother can transform into her warm mode.
P4 SFX1 Pull
P4 B2 Let me give you a proper heating, okay!
P5 B1 That’s right! How about we watch the video record of the RECO grand prix with the idol group,
P5 T1 “Back to Sisters” | RECO First Prize | Dec 1997 | Broadcast Record
P5 B2 “Back to Sisters” where Mother was the main idol, when winning it!!
Page 3
P1 B1A She had reached 1 million hits in only one year!!
P1 B1B This time the RECO grand prix winner falls toooo…
P1 SFX1 Kyaa Kyaa
P1 B2 Yamuro Nami – Neesan!
P1 BOX1 RECO 38th Grand Prix “FALL SEASON”
P2 B1 Ha…?
P3 B1A What…?
P3 B1B Strange… I am sure that this video…
P3 B2 Showed that Back to Sisters was the winner, though…
P4 B1 I wonder if it was because the disk is faulty…
P4 SFX1 Rummage
P4 B2 Although that was supposed to be impossible…
P5 B1 Nn…?
P6 T1 Eh…?
P6 T2 *
Page 4
P1 B1 This cover too… I am certain this magazine cover was showing mother’s face…
P1 B2 What is this…?
P2 B1 This, too!!
P3 B1 And this!!
P4 T1 The changed covers only affecting Back to Sisters one…!?
P4 T2 Just… What is going on here…!!
P4 SFX1 Zwiiiiinngg!!
Page 5
P1 T1 A timeslip!?
P1 T2 With this timing!?
P2 B1 Just where…
P2 T1 Back to Sisters Initial Formation Meeting!!
P3 B1 This is…?
P3 B2 That’s what I’ve been saying all these times. I’m not going to be an idol, period!!
P4 B2 Yanno-sensei!?
P5 B1 Can you somehow re-think your decision? In this group…
P5 B2 Your presence is vital.
P6 T1 Whaaa!? You mean, Yanno-sensei was a member!?
Page 6
P1 T1 Ah… Now that you mention it, Otonashi Shizuka was a member of Back to Sisters…
P1 T2 And Otonashi Shizuka…is that Yanno-sensei too… How come I never made the connection until now!!
P2 B1 I am just a fan of Touko. Sides, I’m not suited for this, okay?
P3 T1 Haha… I get it now!! It’s because Yanno-sensei here was being all persistent in not becoming an idol,
P3 T2 That the group formation never formed resulting in the change in the future records!!
P4 T1 I have to do something!!
P5 B1A If we are really forming a group…
P5 B1B I want to try it with you, Shizuka-chan!
P6 B1 Touko…!!
Page 7
P1 B1 I am sure it will be very fun if it’s the three of us! And…
P1 B2 I just know that we can bust through any troubles together, I am sure of it!
P2 B1A What…
P2 B1B Do you think?
P3 B1A Not that… but…
P3 B1B I am not cute like you, Touko…
P3 B1C And the clothes won’t suit me as well…
P3 B2 Gee, you said it perfectly.
P4 B1 Yuu-kun!?
P4 B2 Since when were you here!?
P5 B1 Not only wouldn’t you suit any idol uniforms… Your character is also inadequate.
P5 B2 I am afraid that the term ‘idol’ would go bad if you became an idol.
Page 8
P1 B1 And why should I listen to your preaching, huhh, glasses?!
P1 SFX1 Zap Zap
P1 B2 Gyaaaaghh!!
P2 B1A S-see… Look at this!
P2 B1B Everytime always resorting to violence, this girl!
P2 B2 How can you imagine this as an idol!!
P3 B1 If it’s an idol, you should be silent and take it with a smile!!
P3 B2 What make you think I can do that!!
P4 B1A How? Have you ever tried it before?
P4 B1B To reply it with such vigor…
P5 B1 Hmhmmm? Are you possibly just scared of wearing the idol uniforms?
P5 B2 If so, what kind of coward you turned out to be. I am surpriseeed
P6 B1 Don’t you ever dare to call me a coward!!
Page 9
P2 B1 L…
P2 B2 Laugh at me if you want!
P3 B1 What is this?
P3 B2 Turns out your look can be idolish, it seems.
P4 B1 Eh…?
Page 10
P1 B1A You look plenty cute for an idol, Yanno-sensei.
P1 B1B Well, of course, not to the level of majesty Mother is showing, though.
P2 B1 So adorable! Let’s do it together, as expected, Shizuka-chan!!
P4 B1 It settled now, okay?
P4 B2 Greaaattt!!
Page 11
P1 B1 And now, let’s start discussing this group’s future…
P1 B2 Yes!
P2 T1 Yosh! With this, the group is safe, and the formation will be back!!
P2 SFX1 rummage
P2 T2 You’re too easy, Yanno-sensei. Fuhahhahaha!
P3 T1 **
P3 T2 Good! The cover is also changing back to Back to Sisters!
P3 SFX1 Sweeeeep
P4 T1 All ends well…
P4 B1A Next January, you three will produce a new song.
P4 B1B The group name will be “Back to Sisters”
P5 T1 Wait…?
P5 B1 And the person who will be the main of the group…
Page 12
P1 B1 Will be Hanada Kasumi!
Page 13
P1 T1 ***
P3 B1 I…
P3 B2 Me!?
P4 SFX1 drop
P5 B1 Harry Hottaaaaa!! *
P5 BOX1 In Performance
P5 B2 Tell me your reason on denying my dream!!
Page 14
P2 B1A I know what you want to hear.
P2 B1B It’s regarding about Touko-chan, right?
P2 B2A Good, you know!!
P2 B2B Back to Sisters main should be Touko-san and that will never change!!
P3 B1 Indeed. If we are talking mainly on idol capabilities, then Touko-chan is the obvious choice
P3 B2 Then, why?!
P4 B1 Until recently, I also always thought that Touko-chan should be the main, you see…
P5 B1 But for this group song, what I want to produce is a “love” song.
P5 B2 It can only be done with girls that have experienced the feeling of falling in love…nothing else matters.
P6 B1 And yeah, I know that Hanada-chan still has a long way to go as an Idol…
P6 B2 Her singing, and her dancing are still immature.
Page 15
P1 B1 However, recently, she has become more attractive. And I am certain that was because she has fallen in love.
P2 B1 Compared to that, I am afraid that Touko-chan has never fallen in love even once.
P2 B2 That makes her a no no.
P3 B1A A clumsy girl who works hard,
P3 B1B Struggling desperately with love as her purpose.
P3 B2 That is the main concept for Back to Sisters!
P4 B1 And the idol that can fit that image perfectly,
P4 B2 Is none other than Hanada-chan here.
P5 B1 I am sorry, but I won’t change my decision.
P5 B2 I am betting on her true potential.
Page 16
P1 T1 What… happened…!!
P1 T2 Where did the history go wrong…!?
P2 T1 Love…!?
P3 SFX1 Open
P3 T1 Touko’s Diary
P4 T1 Don’t tell me…!!
P4 T2 I was helped by a glasses boy. That was scary!!
P5 T1 That guy who helped me came for my audition too! His name is Yuu-kun. That name suits him so well
P5 SFX1 Flip
P6 T1 Yuu-kun also came to my first photo shooting session! He brought me corn soup! I wish I ate more back then
P6 SFX1 Flip
Page 17
P1 T1 The diary where mother originally wrote about her encounters with dad…
P1 T2 Is all gone…!!
P2 T1 That incident where a truck was off-tracked and the place where the two of them first met…
P2 T2 I shouldn’t have interfered that time and things would have been fine right now!
P3 B1 But…!!
P3 T1 The SF club that Yuu-kun created made me new friends! I’m so happy! I hope we become great friends!
P4 T1 The fact where mother should have experienced love by meeting him on that fateful day…
P4 T2 Because I interfered, mother doesn’t know what love is now!
P5 T1 And that is… To mother… She became unqualified for the main!
Page 18
P1 T1 If this is really happening… It will be all my fault…
P1 T2 That mother will never become the top national idol ever!
P2 B1 A love… Song…
P3 T1 And the girl that will be the loved one is… Next time, still an unexpected turn!
P3 O.DOWN 19th Leap | END