BACK TO THE Kaasan Chapter 20

BACK TO THE Kaasan Chapter 20

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Page 1
P1 O.UP 20th Leap | Back to the Father
P1 B1 Th…
P1 T1 The past that has been changed by Yuu-kun… Now, the present ought to pay the price!
P1 O.LEFT The long sought Comic Volume 1 is Mom-derfully selling like pancakes ♡
Inside Heart P1 T2 Love Time Machine
P1 B2 This is a lie…!!
Page 2
P1 B1 It…
P1 B2 It really is her… Young Hanada did become the main…!!
P2 BOX1 On the previous timeslip, I tried to prevent Back to Sisters from disappearing from the present.
P2 BOX2 And there, though I managed to prevent it, the main idol has been changed because of the intervention.
P3 BOX1 The first truck accident on the school entrance ceremony on 10th April, 1995.
P3 T1 Father
P3 BOX2 On that day, father and mother should have met and their love story should start to unfold.
P4 BOX1 However, because in that event I intervened carelessly,
P4 BOX2 The result of that is…
P5 B1 Touko-chan still doesn’t understand love.
P5 B2 We’ll go with Hana-chan as the main.
Page 3
P1 T1 Why did I do that…!!
P2 B1 Mother…
P3 B1 For her size to shrink this much…
P3 B2 This must be the effect of being changed from her main position…
P4 B1 Mother, here’s your breakfast!
P4 B2 At the very least, let’s cheer up a bit!
P5 T1 Thank God… Looks like she did cheer up a bit,
P5 T2 After she was surrounded with her favorite corns…
Page 4
P1 T1 Forgive your son, Mother!
P1 T2 This mistake… I will definitely fix it!
P2 T1 I will return the main position of Back to Sisters to you…
P2 T2 Because there is no one else who can be the national top idol other than you, mother!!
P3 B1 It has to be mother!!
P4 B1 … Huh?
P4 B2A Is this a hospital…?
P4 B2B Why am I here, though…?
Page 5
P1 T1 Year 1995 | April
P1 B1 That’s…!!
P2 T1 It’s 11th April, 1995!!
P2 T2 It’s the date after the entrance ceremony…
P3 T1 Hm? Wait… Don’t tell me, is this hospital…
P4 T1 No…
P4 T2 It can’t be…
P5 T1 Asobi Taizou
P6 T1 This… This name that looks familiar on the plate is…!!
Page 6
P1 T1 Father!!
P2 T1 It… It’s true!! When I saved mother from that truck accident,
P2 T2 The one I used as a shield was none other than father!! So, he got a big injury and was brought to hospital…!!
P2 BOX1 Reference to Chapter 1
P3 B1 W-well… At least he looked fine, right…?
P4 T1 And this is my big chance!!
P4 T2 As long as I can make the “love story” between mother and father happen, then…!!
P5 B1A E-
P5 B1B Excuse me!!
P5 SFX1 Pop
P5 B2 Yes?
Page 7
P1 B1 You are?
P1 B2A Pleased to meet you.
P1 B2B I am one of the witnesses of your accident yesterday, and I am also the one who called the ambulance.
P2 B1 And after the call, I left you behind without checking, so I felt relieved.
P2 T1 Eh!
P2 B2A Oh, so that was you!
P2 B2B Thank you for your kindness!
P3 B1 I have to say, that was one heck of a disaster.
P3 T1 Hahaha
P3 B2A Oh, that was nothing at all.
P3 B2B I only broke a few bones.
P4 B1 And also, I think I have to say thanks to the accident, you know?
P4 B2 Eh?
P5 B1 Please pardon myself!
Page 8
P1 B1 Y-young Hanada!!
P2 B1 Y-you!! You are the pervert from the enrollment yesterday!
P3 B1 What are you doing here, young Hanada?
P3 B2A What is with that ‘Young’ part!?
P3 B2B Same to you! What are you doing here!?
P4 B1 Kasumi-san, good morning to you. Today is another fine day, isn’t it?
P5 B1 Eh…!? Did you two know each other…?
P5 B2 Well…
P6 B1 Yesterday, after I got into that truck accident, the one who brought me to this hospital,
P6 B2 And kept nursing me until now is this girl.
Page 9
P1 T1 And when I woke up in the hospital room,
P1 T2 The one in front of me was…
P2 T1 A very lovely nightingale.
P2 B1 Are you alright?
P3 T1 At that moment, I understood it all. That accident was fate.
P3 B1 Papa!
P3 B2 He woke up all because of you!
P3 T2 In order to meet my destined one, God has played a little bit prank on me first…
Page 10
P1 B1 You are my savior. Please, would you marry me?
P2 B1 Oi, what! Just what did you utter back there!!
P2 SFX1 grip
P2 B2A There’s already Touko-san for you, Peon!!
P2 B2B You really want to deny my existence that badly, huh!?
P3 B1A To…
P3 B1B Touko-san…?
P3 B2 Which… Person are you talking about?
P4 T1 Now he’s said it!! He was supposed to save Touko-san in that accident…
P4 T2 But instead he got saved by young Hanada in this timeline!!
Page 11
P1 B1 What an easy guy!!
P1 B2 I can’t believe this guy is my father!!
P3 B1 A multiple timeslip!?
P3 B2 And this place!? This is the Star Discovery Audition venue…
P4 B1 Kasumi-san, that was an amazing audition. You’re the one that shines the most, did you know?
P5 B1 That’s why, would you please marry me?
Page 12
P1 BOX1 And then the timeslip continues…
P1 B1A Kasumi-san, that was a very brilliant photobook for maniacs.
P1 B1B And that’s why, please marry me?
P2 B1A Kasumi-san, that was a very marvelous cheering dance. I really wanted to get cheered by you.
P2 B1B Meaning really, would you please marry me?
P3 B1A Kasumi-san, that was a very superb performance in your acting.
P3 B1B And for that reason, please marry me.
P4 T1 Even though I have to somehow restore the “love” between mother and father…
P5 T1 He ended up always proposing to Young Hanada!!!
Page 13
P1 B1A A…
P1 B1B Another timeslip…
P2 T1 Is that…!!
P3 B1 Y-young Hanada!!
P3 B2 Yesss!?
P4 B1 Oh, thank God! This time you’re alone!!
P4 B2 Yuu!? Wait, what are you talking about!?
P5 B1 Young Hanada!! You… With Dad, no, Asobi Taizou…
P5 B2 You’re not going out or intend to marry him at all, right!?
P6 B1 Wh-what is this so suddenly…!?
P6 B2 It’s okay… It’s just important to me!!
Page 14
P1 B1A He… He has proposed to me many times but…
P1 B1B It doesn’t mean we’re going out, okay…?
P1 B2 So, why would you want to hear about all of these, geez…!!
P2 B1 NICE, GJ, Young Hanada!!
P3 B1 Oh, by the way, what date, what month, what year is today?
P3 B2 It’s the 24th of December and the year is 1995, though…
P4 T1 The christmas eve on 1995…!! According to mother’s diary before things messed up, this is the day father confessed to her!!
P4 T2 I have to somehow let them meet each other so their ‘love story’ can start… By any means necessary!!
P5 B1 I know this is rude but, are you free tonight, Young Hanada?
P5 B2 Eh!?
P6 B1 Truth be told, I have an important mission to be done tonight and…
Page 15
P1 B1 For that, can you come with me tonight?
P2 B1 No…!
P2 SFX1 Pull
P2 B2 You should come with me first!
P3 B1 Let’s go, young Hanada!
P3 B2 Wha…!!
P4 B1 Auuuu… Even highschoolers spend their eve’s night as a couple… On the other hand, I… I…
Plank board P4 T1 Cake on Sale
P4 B2 Santa-san, good luck with your job.
P6 B1A H-hey…
P6 B1B That… When you mentioned an important mission…
P6 B2 We’ve arrived!!
P7 B1 It’s here.
P7 B2 Eh?
Page 16
P2 B1 As I thought, for a confession, the top choice is this place…
P3 B1 Young Hanada…
P3 B2 Please listen to what I’m about to say, okay?
P4 B1 Ye…
P4 B2 Yesshh…
Page 17
P1 B1A This night,
P1 B1B I would like you to help in making Touko-san understand what love is!
P2 B1 First of all, I’d like for you to…
P4 SFX1 Grip…
P4 T1 Wha…!?
P4 B1 Why…? Why you say that to me now…?
Page 18
P1 B1B O-oi, young Hanada!?
P3 T1 Young Hanada…?
P3 T2 Next chapter is still another shocking development! Don’t miss it!
P3 O.LEFT 20th Leap | END