BACK TO THE Kaasan Chapter 21

BACK TO THE Kaasan Chapter 21

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Page 1
P1 T1 The comic volume 1 is still mom-derfullly selling ♡
P1 BOX1 21th Leap | Santa Claus of Love
P1 O.LEFT Family love + Time Slip + Comedy! Rapid Development!!
Page 2
P3 T1 “I would like your help in making Touko-san understand what love is!” Hearing what Yuu said, Hana-chan slaps him and is now…!!
P6 B1 Why… Did I do that back there…?
Page 3
P1 B1 Kasumi-chan!!
P2 B1 What’s the matter, Mama?
P2 B2 Just now, there’s a call from your papa in hospital and…
P4 B1 Yuu!?
Page 4
P1 B1 Oh, it’s you, young Hanada…
P2 B1 Yuu, what… What happened to you!?
P2 B2A I don’t know, my body felt sluggish all over…
P2 B2B The next thing I know, I was already here…
P3 B1A You shouldn’t have forced yourself then!
P3 B1B You have to rest properly, Yuu!!
P4 B1 I don’t have much time left…!!
P4 B2 Christmas eve is almost over, you know…?
P5 B1 If it’s not today, then it will be useless…!!
Page 5
P1 B1 Today, I have to somehow get Touko-san to experience ‘Love’..!!
P3 B1A I…
P3 B1B I get it, leave it to me!!
P4 B1 So you should act like any sick person and rest here!!
P5 B1A B…
P5 B1B But, you… Before…
P5 B2 If I let a sick person go outside, I will be scolded by Papa!!
Page 6
P1 B1 Besides, today is Christmas Eve, right?
P1 B2 Just think of this as my present to you.
P2 B1 Alright, rest well now!
P2 SFX1 Dash
P2 B2 I promise I will find Touko-san for you!!
P3 T1 He would always put his gaze towards Touko…
P3 T2 He would always try his best if it was for Touko, too…
P4 T1 Then, what can I do right now is obviously…!!
P4 B1 Kasumi-san!
Page 7
P1 B1 Asobi-san!
P1 B2 Good Evening.
P2 B1A Terrific.
P2 B1B To think I would somehow meet you here.
P2 B2 Eh?
P3 B1 Today is Christmas Eve.
P3 B2 I felt that, I have to meet you today, and nothing could stop me.
P4 B1A Kasumi-san.
P4 B1B Please, I want you to be my bride.
P5 B1 I am serious. I really want to be together with you forever. I promise to make you happy.
P5 B2 That’s why…
P6 B1 I am truly sorry!!
Page 8
P1 B1A I…
P1 B1B I have someone else that I like!!
P2 B1A Although, everytime we met, he always did perverted things to me…
P2 B1B Appearing suddenly and asking what date, what month, what year that day was…
P2 B1C He also doesn’t have any delicacy at all…
P2 B2 When you calmly think about it, he’s a really awful person…
P3 B1A Not to mention, that guy already has someone he likes…
P3 B1B So, I know that my love will not be reciprocated…
P3 B1C I know but…
P3 B2A Th…
P3 B2B Then, isn’t choosing me…!?
P4 B1 But!!
Page 9
P1 B1 To get him to ask me what date, what month, what year today is…
P1 B2 After appearing suddenly in front of me…
P2 B1 For me, that’s…
P2 B2 That is already more than enough…
Page 10
P1 B1 That’s why, I am sorry.
P1 B2 I can’t return your feeling for me.
P2 B1 Okay,
P2 B2 I have to go now, bye!!
P3 SFX1 Dash
Page 11
P1 B1 I am so envious…
P2 B1 I really want to meet the person who is giving you so much happiness…
P3 BOX1 Besides, today is Christmas Eve, right?
P4 B1A Uhm…
P4 B1B Excuse me!!
P4 B2 Is Touko still here?
P5 B1A What’s up, Hana-chan?
P5 B1B If you are talking about Touko-chan, she’s going to Shinohama-san studio right now.
P5 B2 Thank you very much!
Page 12
P2 B1 Touko-chan?
P2 B2 After the photoshoot ended, she immediately went to another place, right?
P4 B1 If it’s Touko-chan, she is going to the next location for shooting with Hotta-san.
P5 BOX1 It will be sad if no one got a present from Santa, right?
Page 13
P1 BOX1 That’s why…!!
P1 B1 Touko!!
P2 B1 Finally, I met you…
P2 B2A I-Is something wrong, Hanada-san!!
P2 B2B Are you alright!?
P3 B1A ―lapsed…
P3 B1B Yuu just collapsed!!
P4 B1 You have to go…
P4 B2 He’s at Hanada Memorial Hospital…
P5 B1 He needs you at his side, right now!!
Page 14
P1 SFX1 Vrrmmm
P2 B1 Truly…
P2 B2 That was really tiring.
P3 BOX1 Today, I am Santa.
P4 B1 A… Shrine…?
P4 B2 Fufu… It really got through.
P5 B1A There will be an interest.
P5 B1B Tell this to him.
Page 15
P2 B1 I… I really did my best…
P2 B2 So you better be grateful for it, Yuu!!
Page 16
P1 B1 Still a nope…
P2 B1 The poster still shows Young Hanada as the main…
Heart text P2 T1 Love Time Machine
P3 B1A So, mother and father still haven’t met each other.
P3 B1B History can no longer return to as it was before…
P3 B2 No, I still have to keep trying something…
P4 B1 Damnit… My body feels so heavy…
P4 B2 Just what is happening to…
Page 17
P2 B1 Me…?
Page 18
P1 SFX1 Kla-tak
P2 T1 Yuu dissapears!? Don’t miss out the next chapter!!
P2 O.LEFT 21th Leap | END