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Page 1
P1 T1 Kerolian activated! Hanada in Time Slip! Her destination turns out to be…!!
P1 SFX1 Fsshh…
P2 B1 … Uh?
P2 SFX1 Fsshh…
P3 B1 Wha…
P3 B2 What was that…? That light just now…
P3 BOX1 26th Leap | Farewell
P4 B1 … Eh!?
Page 2
P1 B1 … This place,
P1 B2 Where is this…?
P2 B1 Why am I here…?
P2 B2 I was just at Okatani High School…
P3 B1 A-anyway, I have to tell Shizuka!
P3 B2 … Eeehh!? My phone’s died!?
P4 B1A Geez!!
P4 B1B What a very cliché problem…!!
P6 B1A Excuse me!! Can I perhaps borrow a phone charger!?
P6 B1B I really need to call someone as soon as possible!!
P6 B2 Of course!! May I inquire what the model for it is?
Page 3
P1 B1 Oh! This one is quite an old one, miss.
P1 B2 Eh?
P2 B1A How rude.
P2 B1B This was the latest model which just came out last week, you know!!
P2 B2 Latest model?
P3 B1A Hahaha, what are you saying?
P3 B1B These days, it’s the smartphone which is on the rage, miss!!
P3 B2 It’s the era of Smafo, you can say!
P3 B3 Smafo?
P4 B1 It’s this kind of phone.
P4 B2 What? Is this a phone?
P6 B1 Eh…?
P6 T1 May 5th
Page 4
P1 T1 Don’t tell me…!!
P1 B1 M-miss customer!?
P2 B1 I still haven’t finished that smafo installment!!
P2 B2 Hey… Wasn’t that Hanada Kasumi!?
P3 B1A Eh?
P3 B1B How can that be.
P3 B2 No, she was mentioned a lot on TV, right!?
P4 B1 The news where she suddenly went missing 10 years ago…
P4 T1 *
P4 B2 That nationally-acclaimed Idol, you know!!
Page 5
P2 B1 This is a lie, right…?
P3 B1 I…
P4 B1 To the future…
P4 B2 I came to the future…?
Page 6
P2 B1 To think that in the span of 10 years,
P2 B2 how different this city was from before…
P3 B1 Anyway, for now I have to find Shizuka!
P3 B2 I am sure she will know something about that car…
P4 B1 Ah…
P5 B1 This is… That shrine, right…?
Page 7
P1 B1A This is great…
P1 B1B This place doesn’t change at all…
P1 B2 Somehow, I feel really happy…
P2 B1 Oh well,
P2 B2A Since I am here and all,
P2 B2B Let’s go in and pray so I can return back safely.
Page 8
P1 B1 Hello, there.
P3 B1 I see you are praying earnestly.
P3 B2 Who did you pray for?
P4 B1 I am praying for my mother!
Page 9
P2 B1 That is…?
P3 B1 W… What a very intriguing pet you have there…
P3 B2 N-no, you’re wrong! This is a claywork of mother!
P4 B1 And mother, you mean your mother?
P4 B2A Yes!
P4 B2B Today, I made it in the drawing class at school.
P5 B1 Is that so?
P5 B2 I am thinking of giving this as a present to mother.
Page 10
P1 B1 Today is the day mother gave birth to me so…
P1 B2 I want to say thank you for everything to her.
P2 B1 And I hope that this claywork can protect her from anything is my wish!
P3 B1 I see…
P3 B2 You sure do really love your mother, don’t you?
P4 B1 Yup!!
Page 11
P1 T1 Ah…
P2 B1 The name of this boy is ‘Yuu’!
P3 B1 Hanada Kasumi!
P3 B2 What year, what month, what date is today!?
P4 T1 Aah, I get it now…
P4 T2 This boy…
Page 12
P1 B1 … You really haven’t changed at all…
P1 B2 Ever since you were a baby…
P2 SFX1 rustle
P3 B1A I am sure your wish,
P3 B1B will be heard by God.
P4 B1 Because, right now…
P4 B2 My long standing wish has finally come true.
Page 13
P1 SFX1 drip
P2 B1A Hey…
P2 B1B Auntie, why are you crying…?
Page 14
P1 BOX1 Hey, Yuu.
P1 BOX2 After all this time, I think I finally can imagine what were going to say to me.
P2 B1 Yuu-kuunn!!
P3 BOX1 And also the meaning why I am here in this era…
P3 B1A Oh, I’m going first, okay?
P3 B1B See you later, auntie!
P4 B1 Listen here! How can you call me auntie!?
P4 B2 Call me Big Sis!!
P6 B1 With this, finally…
P6 B2 I can start walking again.
Page 15
P1 B1 Farewell
P1 B2 Yuu.
P2 BOX1 In all my life, I really am happy…
Page 16
P1 B1 YUUU!!!
Page 17
P3 BOX1 Having met you…
Page 18
P3 BOX1 Having ever loved you…
P3 T1 Next, the third final chapter!
P3 O.LEFT 26th Leap | END