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BACK TO THE Kaasan Chapter 6

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Page 1 NOTE
dòng màu tím ở trên P1 T1 A mother-con time leaping adventure!
hình tròn màu vàng P1 T2 Big Hit! Center Color!!
chữ nhỏ đen P1 T3 The SF research club advisor, Sano-sensei is a unmotivated cool beauty in the eyes of her pupils…
chữ trắng, tím P1 T4 Speaking of which, who is exactly this very energetic yankee high school girl?
Chapter title P1 T5 6th Leap: Haha, a yankee. Puberty is very scary…
Page 2 NOTE
P1 BOX1 The summary until now… For the third time, I returned to 1995 again. And damn, Mother’s lap pillow is still the best!!
P2 B1 A yankee Sano-sensei!?
P2 B2 Meaning, Yanno-sensei!!
P3 BOX1 Seeing the young Sano-sensei arrive, I couldn’t resist my urge to record this.
P3 SFX1 Shock
P3 B1 Sensei’s dark history…!! This is a big scoop!!
P3 B2 Let’s create a time machine together, Yanno-sensei!!
P3 SFX2 Snap snap
P4 BOX1 I have no recollection of what happened after that.
P4 lề bên dưới Previously | In order to let his Mother experience club activities, Yuu returned back to 1995, dragging Touko into the SF club. Sadly, the SF club hadn’t been established in that year. Moreover, the aforementioned place turned out to be a secret hideout for a gang of yankee girls which was led by Sano-sensei…?
Page 3 NOTE
P1 BOX1 *                         [see page 20]
P1 B1 Yuu-kun!
P2 B1 T-touko-san!? Just… Where is this place exactly…?
P2 B2 The infirmary. I am glad…
P2 B3 You bled so much, you know.
P3 B1 I don’t know why Sano-san became so enraged for…
P3 B2 Time machine!? Don’t mess with me…!!
P4 B1 Get out!!!
P4 T1 Uooooooooo
P4 SFX1 Splat
P4 B2 After that, she dragged you around with her bike for 30 round trips…
P4 B3 That cursed…
Page 4 NOTE
P1 B1 But, I am more surprised with you. Even though you were bruised all over, your body glowed and your bruises suddenly healed itself after I laid you down on my lap.
P1 SFX1 Gloooww
P1 B2 But of course!! Touko-san’s lap pillow… No matter what or how many injuries there are, it will be healed!!
P2 B1 Then, if you got injured again, I will give you another lap pillow, okay…?
P2 B2 Yes!!
P3 B1 This is troubling… We got kicked out of the clubroom now…
P3 B2 Don’t worry! I already have a plan in my mind!!
P4 B1 I will absolutely let you enjoy a meaningful club life! Believe me!!
P4 SFX1 Glint
Page 5 NOTE
P1 B1 Lesse now… Great.
P2 B1 With all of these, I’m sure Anego will be happy, right!! T/N: Anego = a “gang” like title for big sister
P2 B2 You’re right. I hope her mood will also…
P2 B3 Wait up, you two young ladies.
P3 B1 You are!?
P4 B1 Didn’t you get dragged around by Anego!? How come you are not…!!
P5 B1 Kanenari Arisu-san
Page 6 NOTE
P1 B1A In this town, I have heard of a lady within the famous Kinsei Group…
P1 B1B Is your hair… A wig?
P2 B1 Oh, and I see that the ringing sound I’ve been hearing is coming from your pocket…
P2 B2 Could it be… Is this your father calling you, hmm?
P3 B1A Alas, a middle school girl who has lots of money…
P3 B1B Will always be the target of the bullies in their tier. Following that, to protect herself, the girl descends into the path of yankees.
P3 B1C However, the girl still does not want her father to know or worry about what had transpired around her.
P3 B1D That is why, the girl takes off her wig, and becomes the gentle black-haired lady in her house. What a good girl, indeed.
P3 B2A H-how…!!
P3 B2B How can you know!!?
P4 B1 If your father sees this appearance, I bet he will be sad…
Picture P4 T1 T/N: “Ai Ra Bu Yu”, technically “I love you” written with Kanji
P4 SFX1 Pull…
P5 B1 If you are willing to help me build the time machine, I will be more than willing to return this picture to you.
P6 B1 I get it, I will help, so…!!
P6 B2 1 Person, get!!
Lower Right P6 T1 Damn you!!
P6 SFX1 Smirk
Page 7 NOTE
P1 B1A Machikouba Tetsuko-san.
P1 B1B I have a secret skill that will help your first date with Takashi-kun from the Basketball club be successful. Do you want it?
P2 B1 Fine, I’ll do as you say!!
P2 T1 I-I want to know so…!!
P2 B2 And now 2 people…
P3 T1 All that’s left is Yanno-sensei and it will be…
white text on bg P3 T2 Thank you!!
P3 B1 Because of Yuu-kun, I’m enjoying the club a lot!!
P3 SFX1 Warm
P3 T3 Perfect.
P5 BOX1 **                              [see page 20]
P5 SFX1 Slideee
P5 B1 Hey, smartass…
Page 8 NOTE
P1 B1A What are you doing, forcing my comrades to do stupid things…
P1 B1B I’ve told you before, building time machine is just plain stupid, didn’t I, huh!!?
P1 SFX1 Vroom vroom
P1 B2A This tire feeling on my cheek…
P1 B2B You are Yanno-sensei!!
P2 B1 Arisu, Tetsuko, are you hurt?
P2 B2 We’re fine! But… The umaibos* are destroyed though… T/N: Japanese snack, refer to if you want
P2 T1 Limp
P3 B1 How dare you…!!
P3 B2 I believe that is my line.
P4 B1 To be violent towards a student… You are a failure of a teacher, you know?
P4 B2 Hmph, well… I think I can let this be under the bridge as long as…
P4 SFX1 Vroom vroom
P5 B1 You will help me make the time machine… Yes.
Page 9 NOTE
P1 B1 Imbecile!!
lower part P1 SFX1 Smirk
P1 T1 Hehe… Come, Yanno…
P2 B1 Take a look at this now!!
P3 T1 I brought this from the future.
white text on bg P3 T2 Kerorin
P3 T3 This is the very limited rare 20th Anniversary Kerorin figure!!
P4 T1 Sano-sensei is a very big fan of the original anime “Slippery!! Kerorin”
P4 T2 Meaning seeing this figure which should not yet exist, she will…
P5 T1 Stop and spread her arms to
P5 T2 Beg it from me!!
Page 10 NOTE
P1 B1 I don’t know that frog!!
Upper left P1 BOX1 “Slippery!! Kerorin” 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Figure
P1 B2 I forgot!! It is still two years before the anime started airing in 1997!!
P2 B1 Beat it!!
P4 T1 Eh!?
Page 11 NOTE
P1 B1 I already said it’s okay, geez!
P2 B1 But… Because of the holes in my strategy, I put Mother in danger… I am a failure…
Inside B1 P2 T1 How could I…?
P2 B2 Luckily, the police came!!
P2 T2 I’m reflecting…
P2 BOX1 Slow motion
P2 SFX1 Fwip
P2 B3 Oh you… You’re just exaggerating it! After all, Yuu-kun ended up protecting me, didn’t you?
P3 B1 Let’s just leave her be!! I am sure with the four of us, we can make the time machine!!
P3 B2 Y… Yeah.
P4 B1 While we’re on the subject, do you know how to build the time machine?
P4 B2 As expected of Mother! Your question is admirable!!
P5 B1 90% of the time machine will be built by a certain genius girl! And that girl will appear in 1997…?
P6 B1 This is still 2 years early though…
P6 BOX1 Presently, 1995.
Page 12 NOTE
P1 B1A Please hold on for a moment, Mother!!
P1 B1B I am going to find that genius girl!!
P2 B1 And there he goes…
P2 T1 Hello…!!
P2 B2 Oi!! This, let us go!!
P3 B1A A-ah.. You’re right, sorry!
P3 B1B I will let you go now!
P3 T1 Umm…
P3 B2 Are there any sharp objects that can be used…
Notebook P4 T1 Time Machine Research Notes   | Sano Sei
P4 B2 Eh!? This is…
P5 B1 Sano-san… I thought she hated time machines?
P5 B2 How can that be!!
Page 13 NOTE
P1 B1 Machikouba-san…
P1 B2 Time machine… We have to start from when Anego was still a child…
P2 B1 Even she looks like that now, Anego… Even when she was a child, she was a very smart girl, and she recieved titles like “A child prodigy that comes once every 100 years”
Banner P2 T1 Time Research Project Boot Up    | Middle School Science Club *type setter: Don’t force all “Middle School Science Club” in, the raw even are not completed
P2 B2 Many people put a lot of expectations for her future, calling her “Edison Number 2” or “Loli Edison”…
P3 B1 And when she entered middle school, Anego started to build her long-held dream, the time machine.
P3 B2 We, who liked SF, also got invited. And afterschool, us three would always do activities together.
P4 B1A But on the third winter of middle school, A principal of a renowned high school came over to check on the time machine experimental run and instead got run over by it…
P4 B1B Because of that, her invitation to the school was also taken back.
P4 B2 Even her relations with her parents deteriorated and she lost heart…
Page 14 NOTE
P1 B1 And it goes on until now…
P1 B2 We followed Anego to support her… Together, grieving about it.
P1 T1 Gununu…
P1 B3 I… I see…
P2 B1 I’m sure Anego deep down still wants to create that time machine…
P2 B2A She may be in a slump right now, but the day she bounces back, I am sure…
P2-P3 B2B All of us… We will spend time together laughing together like the ol’ times.
Page 15 NOTE
P1 B1 This is bad!!
P2 SFX1 Fight Fight Fight
P2 B1A I can’t even find any info on that genius girl!!
P2 B1B If this goes on, Mother enjoying club life is just a pipe dream… What should I do…
P2 B2 … Hm!!
P3 B1 Young Hanada!!
P3 BOX1 ***                        [see page 20]
P4 B1 Ah, you!! Back then, you are just…
P4 B2 Here.
P5 B1 I am giving this to you. Drink it.
P5 B2 Wha… What is wrong with you…?
P5 B3 More like, stop pushing this unto me!!
P5 SFX1 Squish
Page 16 NOTE
P1 B1 I don’t care, just drink!!
P1 T1 UOOO!!
P1 B2 F-fine, geez…
P2 B1 Now that you say it… It’s already open, isn’t it…!!
P2 B2 Well. That’s because I drank from it just now.
P3 B1A Wha…
P3 B1B What!? T-then I will…
P3 B2 What? Don’t like it?
P4 B1 It’s not like that but…
P5 B1 M-m-my first-ever…
P5 B2 First kiss…!?
P6 B1 Fine!! I will drink it! I just need to drink this right!!?
P6 B2 That’s good. From the start, you just need to accept someone’s gift obediently.
P7 SFX1 Gulp gulp
Page 17 NOTE
P1 B1 I… I drank it, okay…
P1 T1 I spilled some, though…
P1 B2 Are… Are you satisfied now?
Page 18 NOTE
P1 B1 Good, you drank it!? Now, you will have to help me without any debate!!
P1 SFX1 Verdict
P2 B1 From now on, we will aim together for… The Dance Koshien*!! *Koshien = Japanese Highschool Baseball Dream Stadium
P2 B2 Haa!?
P3 T1 Yes… This is also,
P3 T2 for the sake of Mother enjoying her club memories!!
Page 19 NOTE
P1 B1 Do you want to build it from your deepest heart!?
P1 B2 E… Ehh….
P1 B3 Your voice is too damn small!!
P1 B4 O-Ohhhh…!!
P1 B5 Somehow, it’s so noisy outside…
P2 B1 Kanenari-san, Machikouba-san.
P3 B1 I also want to challenge this together, can I?
P3 B2 Eh?
Notebook P4 T1 Time Machine Research Notes   | Sano Sei *to typesetter: The raw got cut a bit by the right panel, can you do the same?
Lower Right P4 T2 The son is aiming for Dance Koshien and The mother is challenging the time machine…!? See you next chapter!!
P4 B1 Time machine!
P4 BOX1 6th Leap | END
Page 20 NOTE
* Minayoshi Touko
Yuu’s mother. A former famous national idol. Presently, transformed into a uniquely charming figure.
** Sano-Sensei
SF research club advisor. A yankee in senior high!
*** Hanada Kasumi
Once Touko’s (Protagonist’s mother) Idol rival. Presently, a famous actress.

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