Bozebeats Chapter 10

Bozebeats Chapter 10

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


Sfx: Rumble rumble

B1: Bring out the weapons!!

B2: Do everything you can to stop them, damned boys!!

B3: Why the hell could the Evil Spirits get inside our base..!?

H: Bozebeats
Chapter 10 The Evil Spirit Raid② Hirano Ryouji

Sfx: Rumble

Sfx: Vroooom

Sfx: Crunch


Sfx: Crash

Sfx: Screeech

B1: Whoa..! Is it really okay, ignoring enemies like that!?

B2: If it’s those guys, it’s going to be okay!

B3: Meeting up with Master and Tamaki is our top priority now!

B4: Uooooh!! Sumimin is riding my bike!!

B5: I don’t really understand what happened here but, we still have to do what we can!
Grab tight, Sumimin!

B6: Yeah..!

B7: Squeeze

B8: Uoooh, let’s get this baby flying!!

Sfx: Kyaaaaaa!

B9: Aaaaaaahh!! But why!?


Sfx: Crash!

B1: Ugh…

B2: Dendeden♪ Bambam♫

H: Even if it’s an ambush, to be able to corner us, the field officers like this…

H: They are very skilled..!

H: These guys…  Are really accustomed to battle!!

B3: Just by not letting them to use their weapons, even the great BOZE is just trash now, eh…

B4: Well, grit your teeth

Sfx: Whooosh


Sfx: Thud

B1: Ryu…

B2: Ryudaiji-san…


B1: Send an emergency message to the whole area of this branch
Immediately evacuate all non-battle personnel

B2: And request for reinforcements from the other branches

B3: You’re doing well, holding up until this point

B4: Leave the rest to me

B5: ..!

Sfx: Dash

B6: The one who sealed the Yellow Dragon, Ryudaiji…

B7: Because of you, a lot of our friends got purified 8 years ago…

B8: However, I bet it’s impossible to beat us all, even for you…


Sfx: Tada

B1: Dendeden Bambam♪
After we crush all of your bones and kill you…

B2: Tokyo will be ours from today on!

B3: Haha, what’s wrong, Ryudaiji?
Cat got your tongue?

B4: I guess, I’m really getting weaker…

B5: With this many of Evil Spirits…

B6: I’m worried that I won’t even have time to pray for each of you


Sfx: Wham!!

B1: I never thought the day I fight together with you will come this fast, Master!

B2: ..!

Sfx: Clack


Sfx: Jrasssh!

B1: Gho!

B2: O!?

Sfx: Ratatatatat

Sfx: Wheeeeeee

B3: Slid

Sfx: Bam!


Sfx: Thud!

B1: Guhaaaa! You… Damn bastard!!

B2: I’ll kil…

Sfx: Whooosh

Sfx: Crash!

Sfx: Pow

B3: Guhe..!

Sfx: Jump


Sfx: Bham!!

B1: Nice move

B2: Hehehe


B1: But why are you here?
Do you want to fight that badly?

B2: To attack the branch at this time…
Is their target me? Or maybe…

H: No, I’m thinking too much…

B3: Don’t touch it!

B4: !

B5: It’s better to not look at the vague memories right now
Because if you see a harsh memory, I’m afraid it will affect your fighting spirit

B6: Never use that power except to the guys that definitely know who you are

B7: Eeh, cheapskate!

B8: It’s not about being a cheapskate or not

Sfx: Crash


B1: !!

H: If I’m not wrong… Isn’t he the strong swordsman guy who I met when I came to Tokyo!?

H: To be completely defeated like this…

B2: Asuma..!

B3: So even the famous “Shibuya’s Samurai” is nothing in front of me, huh…

Sfx: Pull

B4: You’re not hard enough. Go drink some calcium buddy

Sfx: Thud

B5: Oh..?

B6: How convenient…

B7: Our 2 targets are here together…


B1: I’m Yaniuma

B2: It has been 8 years, hasn’t it, Ryudaiji?

B3: Who the hell are you…

B4: Wait up

B5: Kuhahahaha!
It doesn’t sound like a joke when you’re the one saying it!

B6: Inside our base is no smoking area

B7: Do you know that skeleton bastard, Master?

B8: More or less…

SFx: Crack


B1: Cyborgization, eh…

B2: As always, you guys are never discriminating in choosing your ways, huh…

B3: You already had enough fight, haven’t you?

B4: What are you wishing upon this point forward?

Sfx: Swish

Sfx: Crack!

B5: ..!


B1: Blow

B2: Tamaki

B3: I got information that Hagakure and Misumiko are heading this way
Meet up with them, and purify the other Evil Spirits together
I’ll handle this guy alone

B4: !

B5: But why!? I mean all of them are just weaklings right?
Even if I’m alone is enough for beating them all!!

Sfx: Twitch


SFx: Boom!!

Sfx: Psssh!

H: Wha… What just happened..!?

H: Did he do all of that..!?

B1: Hey…

B2: What did you say, brat..?

B3: Weakling..?

SFx: Rumble Rumble

B4: Is it me? Did you talk about me?
Did you put me together with those wussies?


H: I’ll kill you

Sfx: Crack

Sfx: Pull

B1: !

B2: Do you understand now?
He’s different from the Evil Spirits you beat just now

B3: I know it’s in your nature…
You hate to turn your back on the enemy, right?

B4: ..!

B5: Hey, Skeleton Bastard!

B6: Remember this!


B1: My name is Tamaki!!

Sfx: Bam!

B2: And I’m not running away from you!!

B3: After I get my weapon, I’ll make sure to crush you, you hear me!? Just wait for me until then!!

B4: Stuuupid!

B5: You skinny loner!

B6: What a weird boy you are raising there…
It’s your disciple, right? Can’t you do something about him?

B7: Judging from how you speak… I believe your target is not me alone, right?

B8: Kuhahaha, it got nothing to do with you

B9: Well, it can’t be helped. I’ll let the other guys have that brat…


Sfx: Thud!!

H: BOZEBEATS Chapter 10            An Evil Spirit blocked his way!!
/End                                                    A decisive battle on the tower, starts now!!

H: That mask covered appearance… A beast emerges!?

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