Bozebeats Chapter 11

Bozebeats Chapter 11

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


Sfx: Fwoooosh

H: Chapter 11 The Evil Spirit Raid③
Hirano Ryouji

H: Confrontation on top of the tower..!?


Sfx: Fwooosh

H: So it’s a beastman, eh…

H: She seems so strong…

H: Can I win against her..?

H: Damn it, what am I afraid of..!?

H: There’s no way I would show my back…

H: And run away from my enemies…

Sfx: Swish

H: Once again!!


Sfx: Swip

H: Eh..?


H: What…

H: What did just happen to me..?

H: Illusion..?

H: No, it’s something else…

H: It was a hit by her killing intent!!

H: It was so strong that made me think about the future where I died from her attacks..!

H: Damn it!! There’s something inside me that keeps shouting to run away from her…

B1-2: Pant…

H: But her glare makes my body unable to move..!

Sfx: Swish

H: It feels like it’s not my body at all..!!


H: Wait…

B1: Uuu…

B2: Uooo…

H: Wait…

B3: Uooooooooooh!!

Sfx: Dash

H: Stop!

H: Stop it, my body!!


Sfx: Crack

Sfx: Bwooosh

H: The beads are…


Sfx: Clang!

B1: Do you know?

B2: The reason why lots of humanoids love to smoke?

B3: I mean, our hearts don’t beat and we don’t need to eat food…

B4: Heck, we don’t even need to breathe

B5: But you see, we really stand out if we don’t breathe in human society

Sfx: Clack

B6: Maybe because they feel there’s something wrong with us…

Sfx: Inhale

B7: And so, we smoke to deceive the others around us…

B8: Or so I thought…

B9: But you see, the truth is far from that


Sfx: Phew

B1: It’s just because, if we see the smoke we blow like this…

B2: It gives us this feeling… That I am also alive in this moment…

B3: …

B4: I will definitely purify you…
So be a good boy and go reincarnate so you can live in this world as a human again

B5: But who guarantees us that we will return to this world?


Sfx: Crack

B1: There’s no way I’m going to believe about a God I can’t see

B2: All I believe is the wounds that are carved by my bone only

B3: Wound will turn into resentment…

B4: Resentment will turn into anger…

B5: Anger will turn into dispute…

B6: And dispute will give birth into a new wound

B7: That carved resentment will keep going around and will never disappear

B8: The deep hatred will keep connecting and continue to exist

B9: So I’m here to collect yours, Ryudaiji…
And don’t you dare to say you forgot about that…

B10: Your hatred against me that’s rooted inside that scar I gave you..!


B1: Whoa… It’s so big…

B2: I have never seen an Evil Spirit like that…

B3: The area around us is also surrounded by Evil Spirits too!

B4: Don’t you dare give up! There’s still a hope!

B5: Because Ryudaiji-san is here!

B6: And I’m perfectly sure that if it’s him, he can seal that Evil Spirit alright!!

B7: I’m going to make this Tokyo Tower as a sacred object and seal him within it…
However, I will be defenseless at that time

B8: Yes, we understand

B9: We will do all we can to protect you, Master

B10: Forgive me…

B11: What are you talking about?


B1: Please believe in our powers, Master!

B2: He’s right

B3: Let’s go back home safely together, definitely!

B4: ..!
Yeah, that’s right..!

B5: Definitely..!!

Sfx: Groowl!!

B6: So strong…

B7: You are really strong, Master…

B8: I… I’m really glad that I am your disciple…
It’s really making me happy


B1: So please… Don’t blame yourself…

B2: Please forgive me…

B3: I’ll go first…

B4: We missed our chance to kill that monk, you know?

B5: It’s alright

B6: I already gave him nice scars in exchange

H: I wonder when will those scars appear again in front of me…

B7: His face when I killed all of his disciples in front of him…
Was just too perfect


B1: I made your poker face better with those scars, didn’t I?

B2: So how do you see me through that right eye of yours?

B3: Do you see me as a hateful creature who you really want to kill with all your might?


Sfx: Clang

B1: Hurt each other in conflict and leave nothing but corpses

Sfx: Fwooosh

B2: As I can only feel alive from these conflicts

B3: So did the wounds I left live inside you!?

Sfx: Rumble

B4: Ryudaiji!!


Sfx: Slash

Sfx: Dash Dash Dash

B1-2: Pant…

H: I was saved because I twisted my body by reflex!!

H: Slashing attack…

H: She launched slashing attacks with that blade on her arms..!!

H: And the Binding Beads were already slashed in two… How do I get near her..!?

H: No wait…


H: In the first place, can I avoid another of her attacks..!?

H: Won’t the next time she launches another attack…
(Note to pr and edit: bottom right)

H: Be the time I die..!?

B1-2: Pant…

H: I should kill her before she attacks!!

H: I don’t care how, but I have to kill her!!

H: Plunge forward!!

H: It will be easier if I just plunge forward!!

H: Kill her!!

H: I don’t have to face this fear again if I do that!!

H: Kill Her!!

H: Kill Her!!

Sfx: Ha!

H: You have this bad habit to plunge in front of the Evil Spirits…

B3: …


Sfx: Inhale

H: whenever you feel that your emotions are about to explode from now on, be sure to take a long deep breath

Sfx: Exhale

H: Do it calmly for as long as you can. With breathing, you can regain your mind’s composure…

H: Be conscious of your breathing while in the middle of a fight…

B1: Come to think of it…

H: And then you will see, about your surroundings, yourself, and your opponent…

B2: If I just watch her arms, then I should know when the slashing attack will come…
All that left is just how I should get close to her…

Sfx: Vrooooom!!

H: But it’s not like…

Sfx: Vrooom!!

H: I have to fight alone after all…


Sfx: Vrrrom!!

B1: Tamaki!!

Sfx: Throw

Sfx: Clack

H: Monk Arms Unleashed!

Sfx: Bwoooosh


Sfx: Ta-da

Sfx: Bwoooosh

H: Chapter 11                    Tamaki got a new Monk Arms after overcoming his weakness!
/End                                     Next Chapter, we’ll see how powerful it is!!

H: Win, with the new Monk Arms you got!!

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