Bozebeats Chapter 12

Bozebeats Chapter 12

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: You know…
Something like Old Man Ryudaiji’s thingy that goes bangabangbangbang!

Sfx: Excited!

H: Ordering personal weapon!!

Sfx: Swish Swish

Sfx: Fwip Fwip

B2: And it has to be able to go Wham but also can be like bwooosh!!
I want a weapon that can do all that!!

B3: Hmm, in other words…

B4: You want the same Gatling gun like your master as your weapon, but you don’t want it to be heavy…
And you also want it to be able to make the best of your strong points, right?

B5: How could you possibly understand it from all that gibberish!?

B6: Well, the two of us are friends, and we did go out together some times…

B7: Yeah

B8: Hmm…
It’s not like it is impossible, but…

B9: Really?

B10: In short…

B11: It’s good as long as you don’t need to carry it, right?


H: Chapter 12 The Evil Spirit Raid④    Hirano Ryouji

B1: Then I just need to insert Holy Sutra Art inside the mechanism to make it float

B2: You’re already familiar with adjusting the output of your spiritual energy by using Binding Beads, right?

H: Enter the Monk Arms!!

H: 15mm Prayer Beads Rounds
Spirit Pressure Type Built-in Variable Mechanism
Gatling Gun

B3: I’ll make it so it will literally show your unbelievably enormous spiritual energy, even from far away…


Sfx: Slowly moves

H: It moved together with my hand…

H: And it activated just by imagining it…

Sfx: Wheeee

H: So this is my personal weapon..!

H: If I have this, then..!

Sfx: Screech

B1: We can reach there if it’s from here…

B2: Hey, Sumimin, can your Optical Camouflage…

B3: It will be impossible to hide all three of us, you know?

B4: Can it still be called teamwork if all of us disappeared?

SFx: Brrrrm

B5: You look so happy…

B6: !
That voice… So you really are…

B7: Alright! I finished cross-examining the data!

B8: I already found out who she is!

B9: Be careful, Tamaki!!


B1: Her codename is Kamaitachi*!
*TLN: Demon weasel that can use wind to cut through anything like a sickle

B2: Fwip

B3: Her ability is that she can cut anything with her Vacuum Blades!

B4: And several high ranked BOZE members have already died in her hands!!

B5: Anyway, just get here for a… Wait…

B6: Are you listening to me!?
Don’t you dare ignore me!! Hey, Tamaki!!

B7: Sumimin, come here for a sec

B8: Haaa!!?

B9: I-I just wanna say I have a plan…

B10: When I dodged your attacks just now…
I could sniff a weird smoke smell coming from you…

B11: I thought it was just my imagination…

B12: But that voice…

B13: So it’s really you…


B1: Kirie-san…

B2: So you already knew who I was from the start, huh..?

B3: So you already know…
I thought with the form I have now…
I didn’t really need to use a disguise as you wouldn’t recognize me

B4: If you really planned to kill me from the start…
Why didn’t you kill me back then? There were plenty of chances for you to did it

H: Tamaki…

H: Madoka…


B1: What’s wrong..?

B2: Why are you crying..?

B3: Kirie…

B4: Aah, I see, I see…
So it was really your doing eh, Kirie?

B5: So you’ve already been like this for a long time now, huh..?


H: So the one that’s getting close to humans…

H: Is not only your body…

H: But also your heart, eh..?

B1: What a hard situation we have here

H: How pitiful

H: If it is like this, then no matter who would win…

H: You still won’t be saved in the end

B2: You said something like this before…
“Sometimes it’s better to not remember about the past at all,” right?

B3: Madoka…

B4: Even if that should be the name of someone very precious to me…

B5: I can’t remember anything about her at all!

H: So he already saw Tegusu’s memories….

B6: For me, not having any single fucking memory like this…
It’s just the same as not being alive at all!!


B1: I will decide it myself whether my past memories are good for me or not!!

Sfx: Vooom

H: Even though he’s facing an opponent who is far stronger than him…

H: And even after getting hit by my killing intent which made him shake in fear…

H: But the light in his eyes is still shining brightly

H: It’s really different from when he was just recklessly attacking me headlong like before

H: If you keep living from now on, then I’m sure you’ll keep chasing after your memories too

B2: Damn it!!

H: But that’s also why…

H: You must not remember it at all


SFx: Whoosh

H: Because I’m perfectly sure that…

H: You won’t be able to cope with your own past memories after all!!

Sfx: Wheeeee


SFx: Ratatatatatatatata!!

Sfx: Pack!

Sfx: Bam Bambambambam!


H: I can do this..!

H: And if I’m able to see her Vacuum Blades, then I will be able to get close to her too!

B1: Tamaki!

Sfx: Vrooooom!!

B2: Senpai

B3: Sumimin, please do it!

B4: Tamaki, get on this
Well, it will not be the most comfortable ride though…

Sfx: Shine

B5: Oooh!

H: Barrier Type Holy Sutra Art “Airspace Severing Shield”

Sfx: Jump

B6: She’s coming!

B7: Let’s go!

B8: Alright!!

B9: Yeah!!

(Note to editor: double page with p13 please merge)

Sfx: Ratatataatatatata!

Sfx: Slash

Sfx: Crumble Crumble

B1: Sumimin!

B2: I know!

H: What a slave driver!

B3: How… about this..!!

Sfx: Swiish


Sfx: Crack Crack Crack

H: The fragments of the broken shields tell me where the Vacuum Blades will come!

B1: Thanks, Sumimin!

H: With this, even if I can’t see them…

SFx: Ratatatatata!

H: I’m still able to destroy them!!


H: I see…

H: Making a large amount of shields while disregarding their hardness…

Sfx: Vooom

H: And then tracking the trajectory of my blades from the shield fragments…

H: However their line of fire won’t be able to reach me either…

H: And I sure don’t plan to accompany them with their time stalling

SFx: Wham!!


Sfx: Rumble Rumble

B1: Make the best of our individual abilities, huh…

H: He’s not there..!?

B2: Uuhh…

B3: It’s okay to cancel your art now, Sumimin…

H: So those shields were also used to distract me..!

H: Then it means..!?

B4: There you go

SFx: Vooom

(Double page with p17 please merge)

SFx: Crash!!


H: Gatling Gun
Built-in Variable Mechanism

H: Gauntlet Mode

B1: Ughh…

Sfx: Screech


B1: Stop it…

Sfx: Shudder

B2: Stop it!! You must not see it!!

Sfx: Throb


B1: Those kids are different normal humans

B2: They are my masterpiece, The Bestowed Children who can devour unlimited souls at once
(Note to pr and editor: Most bottom right)

B3: I’m entrusting you to take care of these 2 Bestowed Children

H: Because the children of man can only be raised by someone who still has their heart…
(Note to pr and editor: Below b3)

H: So I can only entrust them to you, as you are the only one who has your memories while you’re still alive…

H: Chapter 12

H: Now, let’s introduce you to the both of them
(Note to pr and editor: most top left)

H: Kids, from today on, she will be your new mom

H: The door of memories is starting to open..!!

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