Bozebeats Chapter 14.5

Bozebeats Chapter 14.5

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Specially drawn extra

Sfx: Nod

B1: What’s wrong?

B2: …Nothing, just had a dream about the past

B3: The past?

B4: Yeah, when you were still with us*
TLN: Refer to BOZE oneshot

B5: What’s this? Now you speak politely with me!?
You’ve become a bit more of an adult now, eh, Takkun? ♪
BC: Bwahahahaha!

B6: Tch… I’m already tired because those guys from R&D worked me to the bone. So shut up or I’ll hang up

B7: Now, now, don’t talk like that! You know that I don’t have that many people I can joke with at my age… Just think of it as a way to care your elder, alright?

Sfx: Ping

B8: Oh, right right! Have you found anything about those children?

B9: No… Unfortunately, not yet

B10: Reincarnation Cycle and Past Life’s Memory

B11: So you’re researching the relationship between memory and soul, huh..? That’s pretty interesting!
Alright! I’ll try to ask some of my old friends too. I’m pretty sure I won’t lose to anyone when it comes to my number of friends

B12: Thanks. And sorry, I can’t really move freely these days


B1: Anyways, your superiors sure are conspicuous, aren’t they?
To think that they transferred you to the countryside the very moment they realized the danger of the “Yellow Dragon of the Tower” is no more…

B2: But Shibuya has Asuma protecting it now… And I’m sure everything is going to be okay with him there

B3: Aah, that useless lass, huh? I’ll be sure to tease her next time

B4: Just don’t

B5: The big shots don’t really like me that much from the start… Now with the Yellow Dragon matter gone…
And because I opposed that particular project, now they’ve turned on me completely

B6: Ah, you mean that Buddha-Bot, huh…
TLN: Kanji reads Automatic Nirvana Bringer Special Mechanism

B7: That “The plan to deploy Drones that automatically identify and attack Evil Spirits in all 23 districts” or something,  right?

B8: Biki-san, the food is ready!

B9: Sure, they may looks capable to attack and purify Evil Spirits, but in fact, they only break and disperse the souls…
It’s really obvious that the souls that have been dispersed in the air will be absorbed by other Evil Spirits. Why can’t they see that?

B10: Well, this is you we’re talking about here, so you must have said the same exact thing to your superiors and they were mad at you, right?
Well, if it involves the government, I’m sure your superiors couldn’t back down even if they want to

B11: Even if the device and weapons might be able to protect people, they can’t save them…
Why can’t they understand that being able to purify Evil Spirits doesn’t make you a BOZE member…

B12: It’s about the feeling of wanting to save others that is important


B1: Eeeh!? The spirits are gathering inside the hall!?

B2: But why!?

B3: Who knows… Perhaps there’s something special about this area…?

B4: I don’t think there are any victims yet, but… what do you think? Should we stop the concert?

B5: What I think? Of course the show must go on!!
Everyone has worked really hard for this day after all!

Sfx: Fwip

B6: Besides, the idol and beautiful BOZE member Abeno Sumimiko…
Never discriminates her fans!!

B7: Fans are fans, even if they are just spirits!!

B8: I’ll just have to make them enjoy it so much that they’ll go to the heaven because of it, right?

Sfx: Whooooooaaaaaa!!!

B9: I’m here for you too, Sumimiiiiin!!!!
BC: Uooooh!!!

B10: Wait, why are you there too, you stupid!!


B1: It doesn’t whether they take up arms or not…

B2: They’ll be fine as long as they never forget that feeling…

Sfx: Clack Clack

Sfx: Step

B3: Well, anyways, Hokkaido is not that bad, you know?

B4: Because I can bring Tamaki to visit his old home thanks to that

B5: Sorry for making you accompany me…

B6: It’s okay; I’m really glad being able to see the place where you were raised
It’s so pretty… and a really peaceful place….

B7: By the way, how long are you planning to wear that thing?

B8: Uh, yeah, I’ll remove it…

B9: Did you get a chance to meet your brother?

B10: He should be aware of my presence now
If he won’t show himself in front of me…

B11: Then it probably means that I’m not a wolf anymore, I guess


B1: This is bad, Tamaki..!!
Her soul capacity and memory is too much for us to seal!!

B2: Then… I’ll just have to absorb the excess!!
Because I promised, that I will definitely save her..!!

B3: Here

B4: The Cleaner guys secretly gave it to me

B5: A picture with us and mom we made before

B6: Do you remember anything..?

B7: …

B8: …I’m sorry…
I… just can’t remember anything yet…

B9: What I did before… or who you really are to me…

B10: However…

B11: Being able to be near a person that holds me dear like this…

B12: Is more than enough for me…

Sfx: Awooooo!!


B1: Ahahaha

B2: “Of course, I still remember” he said!

B3: When I came to Tokyo and searched for you, Madoka…

B4: Don’t ever forget me, Tamaki…
I know that we certainly will meet again someday…

B5: I’m sure the feelings… And the names that Mom gave us…
Are the very things that lead to our reunion…

B6: …Yeah

B7: Yeah

B8: Just take it step by step
Because I have a lot of things to tell you
About this forest, about Tokyo…

H: The End

B9: About Mom and everyone I met along the way