Bozebeats Chapter 6

Bozebeats Chapter 6

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: The reason that I joined BOZE was…
Because Evil Spirits took my precious person in front of my eyes…

B2: It turned out that there were a lot of people similar to me in BOZE

B3: To be honest, I didn’t think I was really fit for this line of work…

B4: I mean, everyone was brawnier than me…

B5: And I’m just a weakling, scaredy cat, always letting my guard down…

B6: Well. I don’t blame you for thinking like that…

B7: We armed our weak selves with Monk Arms to battle Evil Spirits that have strange powers…
However, It still depends on the BOZE member’s natural potential

B8: I personally think you are really suited to be a BOZE member, Hikoichi…

B9: Haa… So that’s what you think, Master…


H: Chapter 6 The Strength of the Heart
Hirano Ryoji

H: How could this happen..!?

B1: He’s… Still breathing..!!

B2: Please hold on, Senpai! I already called the Medic Squad!
No, I will make you hold on until they come!!


H: Holy Sutra Art “Life Force Enforcing – Recovery mode”

B1: Don’t you dare die on me after a super idol took her time to heal you!!

Sfx: Shine

H: I know it… We have already received an attack from that Evil Spirit…

H: However, must they hurt Senpai this far..?

H: And why would He lose in the first place…

B2: Rustle

B3: !!

Sfx: Turn

B4: Hiee!?


B1: B-b-both of us were attacked by some young’uns, and…

B2: ..!?

B3: That monk over there protected us until the end…

B4: Even after he became tattered like this… He still protected us with his body..!

B5: Sob sob…

B6: That person… Is a really strong person…

B7: Kukuku
You can’t do any f-ing thing, can you!?

B8: No, more like, you DON’T want to do it, right?


B1: Because like you guessed, these guys are no more than…

B2: Normal humans being controlled by this Tegusu-sama’s ability!

B3: “Castrate”*!!
*TLN: Kanji write Expression Drawing Hand

B4: The mighty me can one-sidedly attack you easily from a safety place…
Because the real winner is the one who can fight like this

B5: I’m so unlucky…

H: If I can stop their movement somehow…

B6: Oops!

Sfx: Creak

B7: Twist

B8: Will the kind BOZE member injure the harmless civilians after all..?

B9: Ugh..!!

H: Just how low will this bastard go..!?


Sfx: Bam!

B1: Hii!?

B2: Hyahahaha, I guess you are right!
There’s no way a BOZE member that’s responsible for protecting humans can do something like that!!

B3: What a cheeky bastard!!
A weakling shouldn’t talk about justice, you mole* bastard!!
*TLN: Because he hit him like whack-a-mole game I guess

Sfx: Bam!

Sfx: Thump!

Sfx: Wham!

B4: It hurts, right!? It hurts like hell right now, right!?

B5: Just leave that old hag alone and run, you weakling!!

Sfx: Grab

B6: !!

Sfx: Silent

B7: It doesn’t… Hurt…


H: I am weak…

H: And because I’m weak, I know…

B1: It hurts a thousand times more…
When I.. can’t protect anything..!!

B2: ..!?

B3: Now! Run!!

B4: !

Sfx: Dash

B5: Pant…

B6: Do you think I’ll let…

Sfx: Grab


B1: You persistent fucker!!

Sfx: Crash

Sfx: Bam! Bam! Wham! Bam!! Wham!!

H: What the hell is this guy…

H: Why does he keep standing…

H: Even though he’s just a weakling..!?


Sfx: Pull

B1: Even though he’s just a small fry..!

B2: Hagakure-Senpai!

B3: !

B4: Tch..! Time to retreat, huh…

B5: If a weakling like you hadn’t persisted, maybe you wouldn’t have ended up like this…

B6: I’ll kill all of them…

Sfx: Turn

B7: Wait, where are you…

Sfx: Grab


B1: Senpai…

B2: Sumimin… What about that grandma and the kid..?

B3: Eh..?

B4: Are they safe..?

B5: Don’t worry…
I made them sleep with my Holy Sutra Art for now

B6: And the Medic Squad will take care of them


B1: I see…

B2: Thank… The Buddha…

B3: Oh right… Cough!
There are still people that are under his control..!!

B4: Please… Cough!! Save them in my stead…

H: True strength is something that shouldn’t be measured with a number…

B5: …

B6: Senpai is a weakling…

B7: What..!?

B8: But you are definitely not weak…


B1: You sure are strong, Senpai…

B2: Strong enough to make me want to know about you…
So tell me more…

B3: And don’t you dare to die before finishing it!


Sfx: Dash

B1: Sumimin, chase him… He won’t be able to do anything alone…

B2: Haa!?

B3: I can’t possibly leave you alone here, Senpai…

B4: The Medic Squad… Will be here soon…

B5: And I’m… Alright now…

B6: Ku..! You refused my first aid healing…

B7: So make sure you hold on until they come, you hear me!!

H: But how can we beat an enemy that we don’t even know where he is..?

H: I hope you have a plan readied…

H: Tamaki..!!


B1: Damn… What’s with that one-eyed monk anyway..!?
I shouldn’t have targeted someone like that in the first place…

B2-B4: Bite

B5: Only a dumb faced brat and a Holy Sutra Art user girl left…

B6: Yeah, I should target that girl first…
She must be using Holy Sutra Art because she’s weak…

B7: I’ll crush her prideful face and make her beg for her life, yeah…

Sfx: Grab

B8: [Shrink to normal]!!

Sfx: Pull


Sfx: Jump

Sfx: Swoosh

Sfx: Bam Bam Bam Bam

Sfx: Zoom


Sfx: Wham!!

B1: W-what happened..!?

Sfx: Oooh!

B2: Someone just fell from the sky..!!

B3: ..!?


B1: You are not…

B2: Strong at all!!

B3: You just watched from a safe place, don’t you!?
Then there’s no way for you to be strong!!

B4: Are you an idiot!?

B5: I bet you are just a coward that’s afraid of getting hurt, aren’t you!?

B6: You are just some trash that can’t even stand in the battleground yourself!!

B7: Haa..?


B1: That Senpai is way stronger than the coward you are, you weakling!!

B2: Way way stronger than you!!

B3: You sure are strong, Senpai…

H: Sigh…

H: Even if you say it now…

H: I always thought that…

H: I’m not someone that cries like this so easily…

B4: If you think what I said is wrong..!!

B5: Fight me!!
Fight me and prove me wrong!!


B1: I’ll definitely find you and drag you out from your hiding hole!!

B2: And I’m going to smash your coward ass for sure!!

H: I won’t let you anymore..!!

B3: You shitty brat..!!

H: Bozebeats Chapter 6

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