Bozebeats Chapter 7

Bozebeats Chapter 7

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: I’ll definitely find you and drag you out from your hiding hole!!

B2: And I’m going to smash your coward ass!

H: Battle Declaration!!

H: Chapter 7 – You are not worth praying for
Hirano Ryouji

B3: For sure!!

H: He actually thinks he can find me among this crowd..!?

H: Is he out of his mind or just a plain idiot!?

B4: You shitty brat..!!
I’ll teach you who is the one that does the hunting here!!

B5: !


Sfx: Swing

Sfx: Closing in

Sfx: Get up

B1: A pathetic coward who won’t even show up and fight by himself…

B2: Can’t be called strong!!

Sfx: Slide

Sfx: Lunge

Sfx: Murmur murmur

B3: Hey, what are they doing? Are they fighting?

B4: Meh, I bet it’s just a film shoot…


B1: Hey!

B2: !

B3: Look at this!

B4: Pathetic…

B5: Shut up!!

H: So Hagakure-senpai had to endure this while he fought by himself..?

B6:  Strong…


B1: Kukuku… Hyahyahyahyahya!!

B2: Have you realized it now!?

B3: You have no way to win this, you little fucker!!

Sfx: Shudder

B4: …!?

H: What the hell..!?

Sfx: Bash Smack Bam Thud Bash!
(note to editor the whole bottom middle picture)

B5: !?


B1: When I still lived in the forest with my mom and Zaji…

B2: All the cowardly creatures…
Always watched us from a safe place…
While laughing…

B3: And now in this crossing…

B4: The only one that is watching me while laughing…

B5: Is only you, the pathetic person over there!

H: Found you!!


Sfx: Bang

H: Are you shitting me..!?

Sfx: Shudder

H: Monk Arms Unleashed

B1: Let me borrow this for a bit, Senpai!!


H: 11.5mm Prayer Beads Rounds

External Spirit Pressure Mode

Personal Defense Weapon

Sfx: Ratatatatatata

Sfx: Crack Crack Crack Crack

B1: Shit..!

H: This is bad!! I need to leave, fast!!

(note to editor: double page with p9 please merge)

Sfx: Crash

Sfx: Swiish

Sfx: Land

B1: Found you…


B1: What an absurd brat…

H: I thought I was the one pushing him into a corner…

H: But with that, my body understands it in a no time…

H: I am the one…

H: Being hunted this time..!!

Sfx: Dash


Sfx: Crash

B1: Hiiie!!

B2: Answer me

B3: Do you remember anything after looking at my face?

B4: Huh..?

H: !!

H: That’s right… This little piece of shit was…

H: The very same boy at that time..!?

H: Really!? Why did it come to this..?

B5: I don’t!!
Even if I do, I won’t tell it to you! Go die!!


B1: I see…

B2: !!

Sfx: Twitch

B3: Wait!! Just wait a moment!

B4: I’m sorry I targeted BOZE members!!

B5: Okay okay! I’m going to get purified properly after this..!

B6: So please let me go!!

B7: Sorry

B8: But I’m not a BOZE

B9: So I don’t know how to purify your soul…

B10: And in the first place…


B1: You are not worth praying for

Sfx: Smash!!


B1: Go…

B2: Goddamnit…

Sfx: Shine

B3: Hmph

B4: What’s with that “Hmph”, you prick!
Do you realize how much destruction you have brought!?

Sfx: Oraoraora

H: Avoid

B5: Oh, Sumimin

B6: You know that we are a member of a SECRET Organization, right!?

H: Ora

B7: Do you realize how terrible it will be if we don’t clean your mess up right away!?

B8: Sorry

B9: Well, no matter. But we still have an important job left


B1: This is a piece of an Evil Spirit’s soul that has dispersed and floats aimlessly…

B2: Our real job is to send them all to heaven properly

B3: Good bye

B4: May we meet again in the path of reincarnation

Sfx: Disappear

B5: You don’t need any special ritual, just pray so that they may rest in peace…
That’s enough to purify their souls…

B6: Even holy sutra and butsugu* are only tools that help us to prepare our heart before sending them to heaven
*TLN: Buddhist altar equipment, like candlesticks, incense burners, bells


B1: I know what you think. “Why would we even pray to a scum like that,” right?

B2: I believe it’s not like he wanted to be an Evil Spirit like that himself…

B3: He was just trapped in the dirt of this world and incapable to escape

B4: So, you are wrong to resent or be angry at him to begin with

B5: If Senpai was here right now…

B6: …

B7: I bet he will clasp his hands for him without question

B8: Because we are BOZE

B9: Hee…

Sfx: Touch


Sfx: Flash

H: What’s this..?

H: It’s like scenes are being played inside my head…

H: It’s missing pieces here and there, but…

H: Is this…

H: That Evil Spirit’s…

H: Memories..!?


B1: Tamaki!!

B2: Tamaki!!

B3: Tamaki!!

H: They are calling my name…

B4: What are you waiting for!? Hurry up and bring him along, Tegusu!!

H: Who’s this..?

B5: Come on, let’s go!!

H: Who is this kid..?


B1: And bring Madoka with you!!

B2: Tamaki?

B3: !

B4: Why are you spacing out all of a sudden?

H: What happened just now?

B5: …

H: Why did I appear inside his memories..?

H: And why am I calling my own name in that vision..?

B6: Phew, what a surprise…
Who knew that Tegusu would be beaten so easily…

H: A threat is approaching..!
Next week, The girl that Tamaki met is..?

H: Chapter 7


B1: And by that “Bestowed Child” from back then no less…

B2: What do we do now? Report it to the boss?

B3: Too troublesome…

B4: Just eat him ourselves before the boss knows

H: A mysterious girl, Bestowed Child, and this guys…
The mystery keeps getting deeper

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