Bozebeats Chapter 8

Bozebeats Chapter 8

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Chapter 8 Foster Parent

Sfx: Cry

H: Hirano Ryouji

B1: Sigh… Why are you crying now…

Sfx: Peel Peel      Peel Peel

H: Be quiet in the Sick bay!
(Note to editor: Text on the side)

B2: Ahahaha… Because never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be nursed like this..!

H: Ahahahah..!

B3: Aaaah!! The casual Sumimin with glasses is so mooooe..!!

B4: Wha..! I already told you to stop saying embarrassing things like that, didn’t I!?

B5: Come one, Tamaki, talk some sense into him too!

B6: I respect you Hagakure-senpai now, so don’t show me your pathetic side any more than this

Sfx: Rattle

B7: Eh..? Respect..? You respect me now..?

B8: Eww, gross!


Sfx: Door slide

B1: How are you doing, Hagakure?

B2: ..!

B2: Here, souvenirs from Rusia.
BC: Share them with those guys too

B3: Hmm? What are you being surprised about, Sumimin?

B4: That’s just a hologram, you know?

B5: That’s why it’s okay to even do something like this, see?

Sfx: Pull

B6: Tamaki!?

B7: See? See?

Sfx: Shove

Sfx: Shove

B8: Hm..?

Sfx: Shove

B9: Hmm..?

B10: I saw your report…
Seems like the three of you successfully purified a humanoid Evil Spirit, eh?


B1: But to be honest, I can’t really praise the contents of you report…

B2: Because if you guys fight another Evil Spirit who can disrupt your teamwork like this time…
You will probably die.

B3: Individual strength…

B4: Is not the same as team strength…

B5: When you can make the best of your individual abilities, is when you can truly be considered as a team

B6: …

B7: But don’t be reckless…

B8: Because it’s really painful to lose another of my disciples

B9: Master…

B10: …

B11: And that’s why… Your team will get another member for the next mission forward

B12: Hmm? And who will it be?


B1: Me

B2: !?

B3: We’re going with a 4 men team for now on

B4: And of course, I will also privately train all of you in the meantime

B5: I’ll make sure to retrain each of you, thoroughly from the basics

Sfx: Sharp Glare

B6: So prepare yourselves


B1: Master

B2: Can I talk to you for a bit?

B3: You saw his memories when you touched his soul..?

B4: Yeah, it’s like something playing inside my head…
Well, there were missing pieces here and there though

B5: But when I asked Sumimin, she said “There’s no way something like that can happen! Ahahaha!”

B6: If I remember correctly… I heard before that…

B7: People with high sensitivity can sometimes read the emotions left in the soul…

B8: So doesn’t this means that, without even beating the one that sealed my memories…

B9: If I read the memories of all the guys who knew me…

B10: I can find about my past self?


B1: In his memories, I saw myself and a girl I don’t know…

B2: That girl called me Tamaki…

B3: And I called that girl…

B4: Madoka

B5: And the name that’s carved on this tag is actually, mine and hers names…

B6: That’s why, tell me the truth!

B7: Why were that girl and I together with a bunch of Evil Spirits!?

B8: …

B9: What? Are you afraid of learning who you really are after coming this far?

B10: !?

B11: O-of course not..!!

B12: …

B13: I heard that you were sheltering a boy with Soul Predation ability, Ryudaiji…

B14: So why didn’t you report it to the Headquarter first?


B1: There are too many unknown factors inside that boy…
I had planned to report it after we thoroughly examined his body first

B2: Why not just leave him to the Sumida Branch then, as they specialized in the Evil Spirit research?
Do you really understand your position here, Ryudaiji?

B3: Or do I need to remind you that you are the one who sealed that “Yellow Dragon of the Tower”?

B4: If something happens to you, that thin icy layer of peace in Tokyo will surely crumble. Make sure to deal with him before that happens.

B5: Don’t worry

B6: It doesn’t matter what you were before

B7: And I’m sure there’s no one in this Shibuya Branch that will despise you after knowing who you really are

B8: Instead of believing something you don’t know, believe something that WILL NOT change

B9: Don’t ever forget…

B10: That 6 months’ worth of strict training and the faces of the people you met here in Tokyo

B11: And most of all…


B1: Believe in your master here who trained you up till now

B2: Because I will never abandon my disciple as long as I live

B3: That’s why… Let’s take back your memories from them!

B4: …

B5: Yeah..!

B6: Ah right! Master, please tell me the way to the aboveground!

B7: Hmm? Are you planning to go out by yourself?

B8: Yeah, because Sumimin is still cleaning up the mess I made in the Shibuya crossing…

B9: And Senpai seems busy thinking about something else…


B1: A time like this calls for, what was it, “refreshments”? Right?
Both of them seem so busy after all

B2: Just like what you did back there, Master! Something like that!

B3: I don’t really understand, but it’s something teammates do, right..?

B4: What’s with your face?  You have something to say?

B5: Ah no… Just go straight ahead along this way and you’ll get to the aboveground

B6: Oh, Tamaki!

B7: !

B8: We can’t have you fight only with the Binding Beads all the time, so…

B9: !

B10: The research department is making a personal weapon for you right now

B11: Personal… Weapon..!!

B12: Ahh… I think it will be VERY different from the one that you imagined just now…

H: Yahhooo!

B13: Hmph…

H: You changed, Tamaki…

H: No…


H: Maybe that was just your true personality from the start…

B1: It looks so good…
This! Give me this!

B2: Thank you very much! That will be 2800 yen!
TLN: Around 25.6 USD

B3: Two, Thous..?

B4: 2800 Yen!

B5: Ah…

Sfx: Dragging feet sound

B6: Sigh, I don’t know that…

B7: So I must have “money” first to get something here?

B8: Let’s ask some from Old Man Ryudaiji…
Wait… It will lose the meaning if I do that…

B9: Come on, just a bit is okay! Let’s go to a fun place with us, okay?
Just a bit is okay? Come on!

B10: !


B1: Huh? Are you ignoring me? I’m the boss of the gangs that rule in this parts, you know?

B2: Or maybe…

B3: You want to feel some pain first? Huh!?
I can always devour your honey right here right now, you see?

Sfx: Bam

B4: Guhe!

B5: Did he hurt you?

B6: Not really…

B7: Oh ok then, see you!

B8: …


B1: Wait!
Wait a sec!

B2: Grab

B3: Guhe!

B4: Ugh… What is it..?

B5: …

B6: Ah…

B7: Uhm, err… I want to invite you to my place…
To say my thanks…

Sfx: Tada!

Sfx: Uooooh!

B8: What do you think?
It’s homemade, so I hope it fits your taste


B1: So good!! This is really good..!!

B2: Thank you very much, Miss!

B3: Don’t, it’s my thanks after all

B4: This place is mine, and I have no plan to open it today. So enjoy as long as you want

B5: My name is Sanae…

B6: And you are?

B7: Munch munch… Tamaki…

B8: Is this really okay? To give me this much?

B9: Yeah, I don’t eat that after all

B10: I see… So you had amnesia, huh…

B11: Hmm, not quite right, but something like that

B12: But at any rate, I want to take back my lost memories for now…

B13: …

B14: You see, Tamaki, This store…


B1: Is the place for a lot of people to grumble about their problems…

B2: Click
(note to pr and edit: little bubble)

B3: And every one of them seems to be tormented and saddened by their past…

B4: Phew
(note to pr and edit: little bubble)

B5: It even made me think, “Maybe it’s better if only they can forget about everything”…

B6: I mean, even if the lost memories won’t come back…
Sometimes it’s better to not remember about the past at all…

B7: …
Does Kirie-san have a past you don’t want to remember either?

B8: …

B9: Dunno…

B10: Already forgot about it…

B11: Thank you for the cake, Kirie-san!

B12: You even gave me something to bring home

B13: Yeah

B14: Today was so fun!

B15: I’ll surely come again!


Sfx: Rattle

Sfx: Thud thud

B1: Can’t even read the word “Closed” hanged outside?

B2: Hihihi

B3: Do you remember me?
After we’re done with you, we’re going to kill that brat too

B4: Foolish human…


B1: That kid did not save me from you back there…

B2: Pssh

B3: The one that kid saved was you…

B4: ..?

B5: And sorry…

B6: I have already forgotten…

B7: Everything about you…


Sfx: Slash

Sfx: Thud Thud Drip Drip

Sfx: Shine


Sfx: Float

B1: Phew, it must be hard to clean that mess

B2: Gashahara…

B3: Remember what I told you before?

B4: About the “Bestowed Child” that survived…
Can you believe he entered BOZE? Funny, right?


B1: We are going to raid the Shibuya Branch in 3 days

B2: The target is this brat

B3: Nostalgic isn’t it? But I’ll definitely eat that kid who made you feel nostalgic if we meet him there

B4: What do you think, “Mom”?

B5: Let’s see…

B6: He will definitely suffer if he keeps living, so at least with my hands…

B7: With his own parent’s hands, I’ll end his suffering for him..!

H: “Mom”..!?
Next chapter, a raid!!

H: Chapter 8

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