Bozebeats Chapter 9

Bozebeats Chapter 9

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: No other Evil Spirit reaction detected

H: At Shibuya Branch…

B2: Then is it safe?

B3: Alright, put it down slowly!
We’re going to move it into the safe now

B4: What in the world is that..?
Huh? Oh, it’s something the field officers brought back as a souvenir…

Sfx: Wheee

B5: It won’t move, and it seems it can’t be purified either…
I know we’ve already bound it, but… It’s really creepy…

B6: Eh? But that IS an Evil Spirit, right..?

B7: …


H: Chapter 9
The Evil Spirit Raid

H: Simple and Innocent
(Note to Pr and Editor: That text behind Tamaki and the bike)

H: Hirano Ryouji


B1: BOZE Shibuya Branch – Weapon R&D Laboratory

T: Enlightenment from the far past*
*TLN: Buddha lingo. It was told that Buddha had reached enlightenment even far before he was born, and his body just a way to convey that teaching.

B2: Finally I have time to make this baby clean again…

B3: Sorry to make you wait, my partner…

B4: Let’s go for a ride after your wounds are healed, okay..?

H: Good girl

B5: What are you doing, Senpai?

B6: It’s ok! You are way cuter than this baby, Sumimin!!

B7: The Lab Chief was looking for you…

B8: He said Tamaki’s weapon is ready so he wanted you to deliver it to him…


B1: Weapon R&D Laboratory Chief

B2: So you finally came!!

B3: Now, take a look at my masterpiece!!  Look at it!!

B4: Oooooh!!

B5: What do you think!? I made it perfectly as the request right!?

B6: What a beautiful work..!! This fine article would perfectly make the best of Tamaki’s Soul Capacity and his physical ability!!
But the most important is… This beautiful form..!!

B7: It’s really tickles my male instinct..!!
It’s making me so jealous!! I want one to, damn it!!

B8: Right!? Right!!?

B9: It’s really tickling the instinct inside you right!?


B1: By the way, are you sure you are alright enough to move around, Senpai?

B2: Well, I got several days to recover after all… And I’ll also be back to training soon…

B3: Now that I mentioned it, what about your own training, Sumimin?

B4: He said it’s ok for just Tamaki alone today

B5: But as the one in the back, I am still thinking of increasing what I can do…

B6: So I can support everyone better…

H: Sumimimi..*
*TLN: This probably a unique sound she let out when thinking, I think…

B7: You are the same too, right Senpai?

B8: To be honest, when I heard I have to be in a team with Senpai, I honestly hated it from the bottom of my heart…

H: *In Training

B9: Eh!?

B10: I mean, I knew from the start that you are weak and incompetent…
So I thought, is this team gonna be really okay..?


B1: But with the way you are now… I believe I can support you, talk casually with you and entrust my safety with you

B2: I’m counting on you, ok? Senpai..!

B3: Buho!!!

B4: Huh, Why!??

B5: Sorry… But you were so cute…
And sorry, I need to shout now…
Aaaaaaaah, Sumimin is so cuuuute!!!!

B6: I told you to stop doing embarrassing things like that, didn’t I!?

B7: Hagakure-shi*… Aren’t you got too close with Sumimin these days..?
*TLN: Honorific for comrades, usually used by otaku or idol fans

B8: Looks like he needs a lecture next time we meet him…

B9: Branch – Inside Temple


B1: This is called “Chousoku”. The important point is, to be aware of your own breathing…

B2: Do it as calm as you can in a long time. With breathing, you can regain the composure of you mind…

B3: In controlling your soul, you will need…

B4: Ah

Sfx: Jump

B5: I’m not suited with a training like this!! A training like before which I had to move my body will definitely make me stronger than something like this!!

B6: Well, just listen


B1: You have this bad habit to plunge in front of the Evil Spirits…

B2: In a team fight, this habit of yours is really fatal

B3: Fa… tal..?

B4: It means it’s not good

B5: Let out a silent breath…

B6: Then take another breath…

B7: And hold it down…

B8: For living beings, breathing is an important thing that can never be separated

B9: Be conscious of your breathing while in the middle of a fight…
And then you will see, about your surroundings, yourself, and your opponent…

B10: Even if you said that…

B11: When you lived in the forest, you were able to run side by side with Mother Wolf, right?

B12: !

B13: By watching at your mother, copying how she used her legs, and repeating that, you were able to leap in that mountain, didn’t you?

B14: And not only with running… When you hunted or trained with me, you were already unconsciously doing that…


B1: Watch me carefully. Then copy what I do to feel the true essence of it…

B2: Then whenever you feel that your emotions are about to explode from now on, be sure to take a long deep breath…

B3: And pay attention to your back, it wasn’t straight…

B4: …

H: Your power to absorb any knowledge that comes from your frank personality… That is also one of your strengths, Tamaki…

B5: !!

Sfx: Stand


B1: What’s wrong?

B2: …

H: This presence…

B3: Evil Spirit is here..!!

B4: What’s wrong!?
(Note to pr and edit: bottom right panel)

B5: I… I’m not sure either…

B6: But something just leaped out from that thing…

B7: What do you mean by something..!?

Sfx: Wheeeeee

B8: Hey, what is that thing..!?


Sfx: Float

Sfx: Rustle

B1: !?

Sfx: Swirl Swirl


B1: So this is BOZE’s base…

Sfx: Swirl Swirl

B2: It’s unexpectedly easier to breach than I thought…

Sfx: Ta Da

Sfx: Swirl Swirl


B1: Oh, Good day gentlemen…

B2: I am one of the leader of the Evil Spirits Alliance, “Mogari”*…
*TLN: Kanji wrote Unburied Coffin

B3: Mark Milan the “Ittan-Momen”*
*TLN: A cloth demon that looks like flying toilet paper. Been told to kill people by wrapping their body to human face, thus making them unable to breath

B4: Nice to meet you

B5: Mogari..?

B6: That’s right

B7: The main members of the great disaster 8 years ago, “Hundreds Demon Pandemonium”


Sfx: Slash

B1: !!

B2: Whooops

Sfx: Step

B3: I thought it was strange that the sensor didn’t react…
This thing is not an Evil Spirit, right?

B4: Hey hey hey

B5: Is there any normal people that ask a question after slashing first..?


B1: But well, you’re correct…

B2: It was a living being’s corpse that we modified as a cover to be accurate

B3: Because it’s not an evil spirit, of course it won’t cause any reaction

B4: Our Boss is really genius when making something like this, you see?

B5: And why we didn’t detect your presence either?

B6: Well that’s because of my ability

B7: I can turn my body into a normal cloth, as you see…

B8: Does your Evil Spirit sensor react to a normal cloth too?

B9: Tch..! What is your objective on breaching our base!?

B10: …

B11: Ryudaiji-san, no..?

B12: The one who sealed the “Yellow Dragon of the Tower”, Ryudaiji…
If I can kill him, then He will be released in Tokyo once again…


H: The second coming of the “Hundreds Demon Pandemonium”

H: We’ll rule Tokyo, and turn it into the country of Evil Spirits

H: For that reason, we need the “Yellow Dragon of the Tower” to be revived…

H: In other words…

B1: My purpose of coming today is to kill Ryudaiji

H: Lie is something you mix inside the truth…
Killing Ryudaiji can wait…

H: What’s more important now is eating that “Bestowed Child”…

H: And doing that without the boss or the others knowing..!!

B2: Don’t make me laugh

B3: Where do you think you are now?

B4: No matter how strong you are, charging here alone will…


Sfx: Blast!

B1: !?

Sfx: Swoosh

B2: Ah, sorry…

B3: I forgot to mention that my ability…

Sfx: Swirl Swirl

B4: Is able to turn others into cloth too…

(Note to editor: Double page with 19 please merge)

H: Chapter 9


H: The members are the survivors from the “Hundreds Demon Pandemonium”

H: Now let the battle begin…

H: Let’s enjoy this, together..!

H: Next Chapter, Bloody Brawl..!!

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