Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 21.5

Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 21.5

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Original Page Title           : 中古第21.5話


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[Page 01]

Panel 01

!The day before their date-



Panel 02

My, Yuuka?


Panel 03

What is it?


Panel 04

!Hatsushiba, with a cunning smile

!There’s no need for Heroine in the Real World!

Cotton, let’s go on a date


Panel 06



[Page 02]

Panel 01


!Original Story: Tao Noritaka Manga:Mikumo George Character Design: ReDrop

!Hidden lesson for the Heroine, Start!

!Comic Volume 1 and 2 are on sale!

!There’s no need for Heroine in the Real World! Episode 21.5


[Page 03]

Panel 01

…What is it all of a sudden


Panel 02

Is this for your date with Aramiya to apologize the other day…

Then it’s a done deal already,


Panel 03

I have to apologize to both Cotton and Aramiya,

Let me make my amends


Panel 04

Well, if it can calm Yuuka’s heart…

I’m glad!


Panel 05

Then, let’s make some preparations!



[Page 04]

Panel 01



Panel 02



[Page 05]

Panel 01



Panel 02

I’ll be embarrassed if I wear cute clothes like this!!

Even if it’s for Aramiya?



Panel 03

In the game, all heroine wear clothes like this, right?

I’m sure Aramiya-kun will like it!


Panel 04

I see…



Panel 05

It’s OK! It’ll be a perfect match for Cotton!

There’s no need to mind the price either!


Panel 06

I will be borrowing the dressing room!



[Page 06]

Panel 01




Panel 02

As I thought, I can’t get used to it…


Panel 03

Cotton is cute!


Really Really!


Panel 04

Hey, try this one too!!


[Page 08]

Panel 01

Hmm- Yosh!

[Missed Line: As I thought, this combination is the best, isn’t it?


Panel 02

This is without a doubt, a Heroine!!

Is that so…

Then, I’ll take this…


Panel 04

!One Piece (M)


[Page 09]

Panel 01

Yu… No good Yuuka, this is so expensive!!

What are you thinking!!



It’s fine, it’s fine

!Ayame Kotoko – School’s first-class Used Goods. She fell in love with Seiichi.


Panel 02

This is also a request from father

We deeply apologize for the other day, he said,

This much is nothing…

!Hatsushiba Yuuka – Aramiya’s classmate. A stylish aspiring Seiyuu.


Panel 03

That’s why, Yuuka did it for papa’s sake too

I would like you to accept it…


Panel 04

I see…


Panel 05

I understand.


[Page 10]

Panel 01

I gratefully accept this.



Panel 03

Well then, I’ll bring Aramiya-kun tomorrow!

A… Ah…


Panel 04

I don’t know how to say thanks…

It’s OK, it’s OK,

Yuuka is also having fun!


[Page 11]

Panel 01



Panel 04

Well, then-


[Page 12]

Panel 01

What’ll happen tomorrow-

Maybe I’ll tail both of them…

!Along with gifts, her ‘feeling’s’ were wrapped up in them.

!Continue in Issue No 5 2018, on sale 16 Feb!!

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