Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 21

Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 21

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Translated By                    : Kronos

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Original Page Title           : 中古第21話


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[Page 01]

Panel 02

!There’s no need for Heroine in the Real World!


!Meeting in the Weekend…


Panel 03



Panel 04

@She stole my sight in a moment… I can’t believe 3-D girl can be this beautiful

!Pin Pon


[Page 02]

Panel 01

What is it, Hatsushiba?

Didn’t we make a promise the other day?


Panel 02


I told you to leave your Sunday open, Didn’t I?

I would like you to meet me half past 12 in front of the fountain!


Panel 03

!Summary until now – Aramiya Seiichi was confessed by Used Girl – Ayame Kotoko. After that, he earns the ire of Songou, and got kidnapped. Luckily, they were saved by hair’s breadth when the police bust in. Thinking there might be some peace after a while, Ayame shows up in her casual clothes…

Eh, Why?

Anyway, please!!

@I’m begging you


Panel 04

I promise you won’t regret it!!



Panel 05

Hatsushiba’s doing, huh…


Panel 06

That’s… If it’s inconvenient for you, let’s go back immediately…


[Page 03]

Panel 01


If both of us can go out together, then…


Panel 03

Saying that line, with that kind of dress…

*TL Note: That kind of dress is written Virgin-Killer Cloth in Kanji

For a moment, I think she stole that from a game’s event…


Panel 04

… I understand.


Panel 05

We’ve come all this way, so let’s go

The, Then…!!


[Page 04]

Panel 01

It’s Ok,

Once in a while…

@If it’s with you, we could go anywhere…

!Original Story: Tao Noritaka Manga:Mikumo George Character Design: ReDrop

!Latest volume 2 are on sale!

!There’s no need for Heroine in the Real World! Episode 21


[Page 05]

Panel 02

Isn’t that girl kinda cute?


Panel 04

Looks she is in a good mood…

Is it that fun?


Panel 05

Even if it’s Ayame…


Panel 06

I really don’t know what to do when it comes to escorting girls,

@Hey, take this

It isn’t just for bring her stuff around like my sister, right?


[Page 06]

Panel 01

If it’s Eroge, the most common theme is to bring her to the park…

Do you want to go somewhere?


Panel 02

I have an idea, but…

We might have some stuff to carry after that, so it would be better to get it later.


Panel 03

@In this case, where should we…


Panel 04


!How about lunch?


Panel 06

!Did you think I’m watching?

!I didn’t


[Page 07]

Panel 01

…Aramiya, is there something wrong?

…N, No…

Now, it’s time to ask her…


Panel 02

For starters, should we go to a cafe?

I see,

I haven’t eaten my lunch anyway


Panel 03

It’s here, huh


Panel 04


You know fancy places like this, huh…


Panel 05

Ah, I’ve come here by accident before…

How cute~

@Places I know are really different than this…


[Page 08]

Panel 01

Sorry for waiting


Panel 02

Let’s eat

Let’s eat


Panel 03

!Ayame Kotoko – School’s First Class Used Goods. She fell in love with Seiichi


This Hayashi Rice is really good,

Omelette Rice is also delicious


Panel 04

But, this would be better if it was put into Bento,

@I haven’t thought of that


Panel 05

!Aramiya Seiichi – He absolutely has no interest in 3D girls. A closet Otaku who likes Virgin Girls

? Isn’t it fun eating out?

Well, however…


Panel 06

Doesn’t it happen often in the game?

Spreading out the sheets in the park, then…

@She thought the same as me,

Well, there’s that.


[Page 09]

Panel 01

Speaking of Bento, I suddenly remembered that game-

!More Azure than Dawn

Ah, More Azure than Dawn, I see


Panel 02

He’s quite horrible to throw out her Bento even after she went to the effort of bringing it…

The heroine should have told him first, huh

I see.


Panel 03

Because both of them got too concerned with each other, they stressed out…


Panel 05

What is it?


Panel 06

I can finally get along with this kind of conversation just fine…


[Page 10]

Panel 01

Is it OK to let the conversation continue like this?

You can get addicted


Panel 02

If it’s fun, then fine

More than that,


Panel 03

I wouldn’t have thought before that I could be made to cry with a picture, line, and soundtrack,

To me, it’s a good experience.


Panel 05

I think so too


[Page 11]

Panel 01

@Playing it casually,

@And before I realized, I already cried.


Panel 02

!Adults Only

!You can’t purchase it under 18

@Of course I know I broke the law,


!Hatsushiba Yuuka – Aramiya’s Classmate. A stylish beginner seiyuu.


Panel 03

@Because of that,

@I can relate to her

@At least, I think so


Panel 04

Well, it’ll be bad if my mom and sister found out, though


Panel 05

As I thought, there’s that huh,

@My family is all adults

Leaving mom aside, there’s my sister too,


[Page 12]

Panel 01

Because she loves cleanness, I don’t know what she would do…

One time, I took a Porn Magazine by mistake, and she destroyed it on the spot

@Well, she gave my money back, though

…That’s bad


Panel 02

…Well then, thanks for the meal

@It’s good

Thanks for telling me this place


Panel 03

Isn’t it fine if you took your sister here, once in a while?

I see…



Panel 04





[Page 13]

Panel 01



Panel 02

Wha…t are you doing?

I want to try this once


Panel 03

This is common in the game, no?



Panel 04

You know…



Panel 05

You’re way too addicted to Eroge!

Let’s go!



[Page 14]

Panel 01

!Limited edition E-Books! H Scene will be in full color! Volume 1 and 2 are selling!!


[Page 15]

Panel 01

Well, then


Panel 02

Should we go to the place you mentioned earlier?



Panel 03

That… That place is where I wanted to go with you for a long time…

Is it OK?

What is it? Anywhere is fine…


Panel 04

It’s not a place where it’ll be awkward for me as a male to get in, right?

@Like an underwear shop, for example

Of course not!


Panel 05



[Page 16]

Panel 01



Panel 02

Isn’t this an Eroge shop!!


Panel 03

It’s fine, right!

I want to pick it together!

!Wild date, continue!

!Next Issue (19 Jan) will be on break, it will continue in Issue No 4 (2 Feb)!

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