Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 27

Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 27

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+Page 1

I want to be the only female protagonist in your game!

+Page 2

No way that’s true.

What the hell!? They said Yuuka got seduced by Cotton!?

And people are actually buying that ridiculous story!!?

Y-yeah, it’s so unbelievable, am I right….?

Yeah, obviously!! Jeez!


Just as I guessed, Hatsushiba found out about the rumors….

+Page 3

It’s somewhat reasonable that people believes these kinds of stories.

No matter how unbelievable they are, such as the rumor about you sleeping with other men, the moment that it is spread, there will always be someone who buys it….

*sigh… Spreading, you say….

*That’s so mean…

Could you figure the roots of those rumors?


Honestly…. I’ve only heard these stuffs  this junk from my classmates….

And they were also the ones that I mostly gather information from.

…I’m sorry, Cotton.

If I hadn’t spread those false rumors when we were in junior high school, you wouldn’t have to suffer from this….

Don’t worry about that.

You were also forced to do it, weren’t you?

+Page 4

Besides, we’ve already gone through that.

So stop bringing back sad things from the past, okay!?


This kind of atmosphere will seriously strengthen the rumors if someone else see it….

Setting aside those erotic rumors of yours.

The ones about your violent lifestyle are also turning popular recently, so….

How about I rearrange all the details for you?

Ah… Sure.

+Page 5

Ayame tends to go out a lot…..

…..and she often gets involved with suspicious groups, am I right?

I guess so…. Sometimes I do get into a fight with one or two with of those guys…..

*suspicious groups…?

I knew that already….

What about that girl who is said to be unable to recover…?

I wasn’t the one responsible for that, you know.

I see!

But it’s true that when I was little, I had a quarrel with one of my female classmates, I was so angry that I pushed her too hard and she fell down….

And her hand was bandaged the day after…..

Yuuka remembers it too.

+Page 6

That one girl from our junior class,

I forget what her name was.

That bandaged hand of her could still move around normally.

But personally, I still think that it’s a bit much.

….I wouldn’t expect that those things from their past might get involved with these current problems if they didn’t mention it to me.

So is it the main reason for all of Ayame’s rumors about violence….?

…Then finally.

They said you’re having a close relationship with the street thugs.

Something like constantly visiting the gangs’ office, care to explain?


You mean the Yakuza….?

I didn’t do anything that involves those kinds of place.

+Page 7



Did you think of something…?


It’s just my dad…..

He’s the director of the “Tanaka construction company”…..

So i…. did come to visit him from time to time.

+Page 8


This place…..

Looks surprisingly similar to an operation office of a yakuza clan….

….Your father doesn’t do anything wrong here, but….

I guess your reputation is somewhat affected because of this….


The rumors are still growing, both old and new ones.

It seems like eliminating them all will be quite a difficult task….

+Page 9

But first, let’s just begin with talking normally to our classmates.

And I’m sure it’ll eventually change the way they look about you.

You’re right…



+Page 10


Hi guys.

What’s with all the long faces…?

Well, it’s nothing much…..

Is it because of those rumors about Ayame?

I’m also curious to find out if that is true or not!

+Page 11




You wouldn’t get mad at her in this situation, would you Ayame?

Don’t worry!

The rumors are all wrong!

I wonder who was the one that kept spreading those to everybody, huh?

+Page 12

Ibu-san seems to know a lot about them, don’t you?

Eh? Why’re you saying that?

I’m still a newcomer here, so I wouldn’t know that much about it.

Really? You think you can fool me with those words?

Jeez, I already told you that I don’t know anything about this.

Hatsushiba is angry all over again…!!

+Page 13

I see.

Then I’ll trust you for now.

But if you’re planning to use any of your old tricks to hurt Cotton.

You won’t get away with it.

Did she just threaten her…..?

Hmm, you’re quite annoying, you know…

+Page 14

I said I didn’t do anything….

I even got scared when Ayamecchi stared at me in class.

Hey, Seichi, pyon!


You know that I’m clean, right?

So how about I give you a hand in wiping these rumors out?

What do you mean “clean”?

You’re helping?


Yes!! How about it?

+Page 15

It’s true that Ibu is loved by everyone is class, if she agrees to help it will be way easier for us…..


There’s no way this girl would become that kind!!

…What’s the condition?


It’s really simple!

+Page 17

My condition is….

You have to listen to me while we’re in school, pyon.


Don’t treat it like it’s some kind of suffering, will ya?

I’ll make sure that you’re happy in the meantime…..

+Page 18

Let go of him!!

….Don’t you dare mess with me!!

I don’t care about those rumors, it’s still better than letting Aramiya becomes your slave!

I won’t accept such condition!!

Wh-what are you doing so suddenly!?

+Page 19

Who gives you the right to make the decision for him!?

You’re not even his girlfriend!!

Tch… Even if that’s true….

Aren’t we both the same!?

Like hell I am!!

I’m not even in that normal girlfriend level.

We’ve advanced way further!!


+Page 20

Wait no, there’s no such thing as advancing or anything like that!!

We were both in elementary school, so what kind of “advance” are you talking about!?

I don’t understand a single word you said!!

Ah, something’s so strange about this….

You’re the strange one here!!

But regardless of this….



+Page 21

Don’t you dare come close to Aramiya!!

You’re bothering him!!

Hey, that’s rude….

I was trying to help you…..

From now on, I wouldn’t bat an eye if the rumors get worse!!

Or maybe those are true all along!!

That you are actually a bitch…!!

What did you say!?

+Page 22

Calm down, Ayame?

I appreciate that you stood up for me.

Let’s go home, Cotton.

Why don’t we grab something to eat on the way back?



+Page 23

They’re gone….



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